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Authors’ Notes: I have been in touch, via e-mail, with Peggy Sanford. I was honored and flattered when she wrote that she had read and enjoyed my stories. I was excited when she invited me to continue writing about her and her naughty adventures. She was especially interested in having me write about her early life as a newlywed, her time as a flight attendant and her life now as traveling insurance adjuster and all around “naughty” woman. She seemed especially interested in having me write about her adventures as a newlywed. Shortly after she was married, her husband began setting her up on dates, sex dates with other men.

This story will be about another first in Peggy’s early life of naughty adventures. These stories will be part of a series but I try to add enough information in each one that they could be read alone. As always I hope you enjoy this and appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have.


Early Sunday morning I stood outside my front door, lost in thought. Had I irrevocably damaged my marriage or was this the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our lives together. My husband, Don, who I married only six weeks ago, had this fantasy. It was a fantasy I had never heard of but would learn that many men have. He wanted me to “date” other men. By “date” he meant he wanted me to meet random men, go off with them and fuck and suck their brains out. Then he wanted me to come home with a “well-used,” cum filled pussy and tell him all about it.

Before I get too involved in my story let me tell you a little about me and my situation. My name is Peggy Sanford and on that morning I was 22 years old. As I said earlier Don and I had been married for only six weeks. He was the first and only man I had ever slept with. He was a few years older than me and way more sexually experienced. Right after our honeymoon he brought up the idea of me fulfilling his fantasy. He was constantly telling me that I was beautiful and that plenty of men would be dying to sleep with me. At the time I was 5’3″ tall, and had a 103 pound, tone 35C-23-34 figure that I’m proud to say is still the same today, over 25 years later. I have long brown hair and green eyes. I had been raised in a conservative southern family so I resisted at first but to be honest I have to admit, I was a little bit intrigued. After a few weeks of Don’s coercion, I relented and he placed the following ad in local swinger’s magazine.

“Husband offers exceptionally pretty wife, a recent bride, as a seducible “date” to men who would like to help in breaking her in for a life of hot swinging and sexy naughtiness. She is easily seduced. Pick her up for a hot “date” or sexy overnight. Just bring her back well used. She will dress and undress to please and excite.”

The ad was accompanied by a picture of me in a sexy blue dress.

On this Sunday morning I was returning home from my first such “date.” Ron, my “date” was a traveling businessman who had answered my husband’s ad. Ron told me later that he had answered many such ads. It was an easy way for him to enjoy casual sexual experiences in new towns and cities as he traveled around the country. He had picked me up from my home the night before and took me to his hotel. I think I was lucky having Ron for my first experience. He was a virile, passionate and highly skilled lover who introduced me to many new sexual positions and techniques. I had surprised myself by really enjoying the experience and I was actually looking forward to many new ones.

Now as I stood at our front door, pondering the effect of this adventure on my marriage, I was actually nervous. I opened the door and stepped inside. Don was sitting in his lounge chair watching the morning news. He stood up and looked me over. My makeup and lipstick were a mess, my hair was disheveled, my hair, face, and dress were covered with drying cum. I was the picture of a “well-used “woman. Don smiled approvingly, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Yes, I thought to myself, the adventure is about to begin.

Don and I spent the rest of day in bed. In between my recollections of my night with Ron, we fucked and sucked each other’s brains out. Don told me that he had already been contacted by several other men who were interested in “dating” me. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing Ron again, my husband didn’t want me seeing the same man twice, but I was definitely looking forward to some new adventures.

Over the course of the next few years I went on plenty of dates, usually two or three times a week. Our mailbox always seemed to be full with responses to our ads. The men always came to our house where they would meet with Don so he could check them out in person beforehand. He would signal if it was OK for me to come out of the bedroom and meet my dates. In the beginning, I would wear hot, little mini-dresses that showed off my body, a pair of sexy high heels and nothing else. Later on as I became more self-assured, my husband would pick certain guys and have me walk casino şirketleri out of the master bedroom wearing only my high heels. He liked to see their reactions to me being naked. He would also let them fondle me, knowing it was just a preview of what would happen on our date. I thought a couple of the younger less experienced guys were going to pass out when Don told them to touch me, right there in front of him. My husband would always send us off, encouraging us to “have a really good time” and encouraging my dates to “bring her back well-used.” After my dates, when I arrived home, Don would inspect my pussy, and if I didn’t show signs of having been “well-fucked,” he would become really upset so I learned to make sure I was well-used.

I was young and fairly innocent newlywed when all this stared but I was quickly becoming consumed with a desire for more and varied experiences. Sometimes we’d go for a quick fuck or a blow job in the car on Key Biscayne, and sometimes I’d stay out over-night with a man or men who would fuck me endlessly. I came to really enjoyed the overnight dates, to have as much pleasure as possible. Most women will cum a few times and they’re done, some can have multiple orgasms and they’re done but not me. I can cum numerous times, have multiple orgasms and still want to fuck. I just love to fuck and cum all night long. This may explain why I am like I am today, a married woman in her 40’s who loves to get naked, loves casual sex and loves wild orgasms with as many different lovers as possible.

It wasn’t until many years later that I learned that there is actually a name for the sexual condition I have. I’m not just multi-orgasmic, I’m Poly-orgasmic. I can have continuous orgasms that last longer and longer and become more intense. It also means that I can’t seem to go a day without at least one orgasm. As the old saying goes, the more I get, the more I want. It was a lover named Bill who explained it to me. He was very dominate and he liked to tie me up and make me orgasm, over and over.

Most of the dates I went on were good. I learned a lot about pleasuring a man and also a lot about making sure I was pleasured too. The men would take me to hotels or their own homes where we’d pleasure each other for hours or even better the whole night. A few took me to parties, actually orgies and sex clubs before they returned me home loaded with and covered with cum. I also found that I was becoming a bit of an exhibitionist. Returning from a date I would have my date stop a few houses down the block so I could experience the “walk of shame” like I did that first morning when Ron dropped me off. I started getting a thrill from seeing the looks on my neighbors faces. That led to me dressing bolder, short tight dresses, no bra or panties, even when I wasn’t on a date, something I still love to do.

Only a few of my dates were disappointing. A couple of the men were not imaginative lovers and one was a complete disaster. When we left the house, he asked me to jerk him off in the car. We had barely driven around the corner when he groaned that he was cumming. I bent over and took him in my mouth as he ejaculated. Then he drove me back home, told me to get out and drove away. Don was very disappointed and I really didn’t like to disappoint him.

One of the better dates was with a man named Jim. Don and Jim had corresponded back and forth before they spoke on the phone. He told my husband about himself. He was former military and had served all over the world. Like the Billy Joel song, he never had time for a wife and like Ron he would get together with married couples who liked to share their wives for casual sex.

Jim came to our house one Saturday evening a few months after my first date with Ron. I waited in the bedroom while Jim and Don talked in the living room. When Don signaled for me to come out, I was naked, wearing only my heels. It was the first time we had ever done that. I was nervous, more nervous than any other night, even that first night. I had always been apprehensive when meeting the other men in front of my husband, especially considering that I was going to go off and sleep with them, but being naked as I met them, while my husband was standing there, was doubly unsettling.

“Nice, very nice,” Jim said to my husband as he stood up and turned to face me.

Jim put out his hand and I hesitated a few seconds before I walk over by him. He had a confident, almost intimidating and commanding presence, obviously from his military background. He was a little older than most of the other men, in his early fifties but he was tall, handsome and very physically fit. I took his hand and he pulled me close.

“Well hello Peggy, it’s pleasure to meet you. You are a very beautiful woman, even more beautiful than your husband let on. I can see this is going to be a very good evening,” Jim said.

As he spoke Jim cupped one of my breasts in his hand and brushed his thumb across the nipple. It was like an electric shock to my body. casino firmaları Instantly I felt the nub grow and stiffen as a warm, moist sensation began spreading between my legs.

“Mmmm, she’s very responsive to the touch, that’s nice,” Jim turned and commented to my husband.

“Yes, yes she is, she’s very responsive, go on touch her some more, you’ll see how responsive she really is,” Don replied.

Jim slid his hand down to my belly to between my legs. I moaned and rotated my hips as his fingers glided across my pussy. He lifted his hand and rubbed his fingers. They were glistening with my juices.

“Outstanding, she’s wet already, does she cum easily?” Jim asked.

“Yeah she does and the other amazing thing is that she’s insatiable, once she starts fucking, she won’t stop til she wears you out,” Don countered.

It was demeaning and humiliating… and wickedly erotic to stand there, naked while a couple of fully dressed men casually discussed my sexual proclivities as if I was merely a sexual commodity. If I wasn’t so turned on, I may have been insulted.

Jim slid his hand back down to my pussy. He pushed the hairs of my bush aside and massaged the swollen, blood engorged outer lips of my pussy. He used his fingers to squeeze, stroke, and tug on the delicate skin. He seemed to sense when I couldn’t bear it any longer and he stopped. Then he put his middle finger against the bottom of my already wet slippery folds, slowly letting the tip sink inside. I let out a gasp as the digit penetrated me. He began to slide the tip slowly and methodically upwards until he stopped at the very base of my clit. He stopped sliding up and began pushing the digit into my body. I moaned and my hips began to unconsciously rock in response.

“Oh yeah, very nice response, Peggy,” Jim said as he was staring at me, watching and gauging my building excitement.

“Yeah, I told you she was good,” My husband replied.

I could only moan as Jim’s finger reached its fullest extent inside me. He positioned his ring and pointer fingers down either side of my slit, holding the lips back while his thumb gently grazed over my clit. Slowly he moved his middle finger around the front wall, the belly button side, of my vagina, until he located that special spot that always increased my pleasure. My body shook and I moaned in pleasure.

“That’s your G-Spot Peggy, many women say rubbing it makes their orgasms stronger, let’s see” Jim said as rubbed the nub.

I knew about the spot but didn’t know it had a name. Remember this was quite a few years ago, no internet and people weren’t as sexually open as they are now. I was a virgin until I was married but I did date in high school and college. Many of the dates involved heavy petting, kissing and fondling. I’d come home frustrated and while relieving the stress one night I found my spot quite by accident. It had become one of my go-to stress reliever spots.

Jim tickled his middle finger on my G-Spot. My previous moans became powerful groans of pleasure as my body began to quiver. My breathing became stunted and labored. Jim gauged my building passion and then began strumming his thumb across my clit. It was the push that sent me over the edge.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” I groaned as Jim masturbated me to a standing, legs shaking orgasm right there in front of my husband.

Juices splashed from my pussy, soaking Jim’s hand and running down my legs. He kept his finger inside me and masturbated me to a second, even more intense, standing orgasm.

“Very good Peggy very good, tell me are you ready for more?” Jim asked.

Ummm, yes,” I managed to weakly groan.

“If you think that was good, just wait til she sucks your dick. She’s good at that too,” My husband said.

“Ah, so she really loves to suck dick, is that so Peggy?” Jim asked me.

“Ummm, yes,” I hesitantly answered.

“Good, very good, why don’t you get dressed Peggy and we can go find out about that,” Jim said.

I looked over at Don and received an approving nod. My step back to the bedroom was stilled and slow. I wiped my legs and pussy with a washcloth, put on my dress, the only thing I would wear tonight, and quickly repaired my minimal makeup. As Jim and I headed out the door Don’s only comment was “Remember bring her back well-used.”

During the ride to his house, Jim told me an interesting thing about his life on military bases. He said that many wives assumed their husbands would have casual sex when they were away on deployments, so it wasn’t uncommon for the wives to have casual sex with some of the service men left on base. It was a way for everyone to relieve their sexual frustrations without the problems of romantic affairs affecting the marriage. Thinking about it made sense to me, considering Don’s and mine lifestyles. I was getting all the sex I wanted, no make that all the sex I now needed, without it affecting my marriage. I was beginning to crave all the pleasure and attention I received on güvenilir casino these dates, I think I would have gone crazy without it, I don’t know if I would have been able to give it up.

Jim’s house was located on the twelfth hole of a course in a local golf community. He give me quick tour that ended with us in the backyard on large patio. The backyard was totally private with a Jacuzzi tucked into a charming lanai and an outside bar. We stood by the bar, with Jim leaning against it and me in front of him, facing the back of his yard. Jim pointed out that most of his neighbors were snowbirds so we pretty much by ourselves.

“Oh that’s nice… nice and private” I said.

“Well, the real nice thing about it being private is you don’t need this,” Jim replied as he pulled the zipper of my dress down.

We both knew the reason why we had come to Jim’s house so I let the dress slip off my shoulders and drop to the ground. I then turned around and looked up at Jim’s face.

“Well then, I guess you don’t need these either,” I said as I started to pull Jim’s tucked in polo shirt out of his pants.

No, I guess I don’t,” Jim replied with a chuckle as he took over pulling the shirt off.

I took hold of Jim’s belt and began to unbuckle it. Once the belt was open I slid his pants to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock sprang free and stood at attention. We both took a step to get out of the clothes gathering at our ankles. I reached out and stroked a hand up and down his cock. He wasn’t overly thick and my long slender fingers easily wrapped around it, what he lacked in thickness, he more than made up in length. His cock was long, long enough that I could wrap both hands around it and still not touch the head.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” I asked as I looked into Jim’s eyes.

“Yeah, let’s see if your husband is right. Let’s see if you’re as good of a cock sucker as your husband says you are,” Jim challenged.

Was this a challenge, I love a challenge. Jim may have thought his mention of my husband would throw me off my game but it didn’t, it actually was a turn on for me. Going out, sucking and fucking other men at Don’s direction was the wildest, naughtiest, sexual thing I had ever done.

I squatted down so Jim’s cock was even with my face. I squeezed his cock in both hands and a drop of clear fluid, his pre-cum, leaked from the opening. I used my tongue to gather up his pre-cum, it had a sweet, less salty taste than regular cum. I stuck out my tongue, showing Jim the pool of pre-cum.

“Mmmm, that’s sweet, I hope you got more of that,” I purred.

“Don’t worry, I got plenty,” Jim replied.

I licked all around the head before working my way down the shaft to his big low hanging balls. Jim moaned and shivered as I sucked each testicle into my mouth. When I pushed his cock and balls up against his stomach and began licking the bottom of his ball sack, he cried out in pleasure, his legs trembling. I went back to stroking the length of his cock. More pre-cum leaked from the opening. I gathered up the sweet, slick liquid with my tongue and swirled it around the head. I took his cock in my mouth, savoring the sweet salty taste. Inch by inch, I slid about half of his long fat cock in my mouth. I pulled back and licked the head. I swallowed again and again taking more and more of his cock with each attempt. I had about three quarters of his dick in my mouth. I held him in until I couldn’t stand it. My eyes filled with tears and saliva drooled down my chin. I coughed and gasped for air as I pushed him away. I must have looked like a real slut; squatting in front of him, naked, my legs spread wide open, my hair tangled in his fingers, my lipstick smeared, saliva dripping off my chin, and his long cock resting on my lips.

“Pretty good Peggy, come on, try it again,” Jim said. “You look so natural with a cock in your mouth.”

I tried again, slowly inch by inch I took his cock back in my mouth. Once again I could only get about three quarters of his dick in my mouth before I started to tear up, coughed and gage. Jim pulled out for a few seconds before he put just the head back in. He put his hands on my head and held me still. Slowly he flexed his hips, back and forth, stroking his cock in and out, fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. I moaned around his cock and allowed him to use my mouth for his pleasure. Over and over he fucked my mouth. I cupped his balls in my hand, gently fondling them as I scratched my middle finger nail back and forth on his perineum. He shuddered and groaned loudly before he gasped and tensed up.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he cried out.

The first spurt of cum fired into the back of my throat. I struggled but managed to swallow it without gagging. Jim pulled his hips back and his cock slid from my mouth. The next rope of cum landed on my lips and chin. It ran down my chin and dropped onto my tits. I took the head back into my mouth as Jim fired another couple of spurts of his warm delicious seed down my throat. I sucked on his cock, tasting the sweet and sour saltiness as the final few drops were cajoled out of his balls and into my mouth. Jim moaned as I kept sucking him until his cock eventually began to soften between my lips.

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