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Excerpts from the Diary of Peggy Douglas

In which Ron invites her to help with his cousin’s birthday party.

Eighteen year old, home schooled Peggy has been keeping a diary since she was 8. In the previous excerpts Ron took Peggy’s virginity at her request.

Oct 17

Back at Community College I saw Kate in English class and she asked me whether I was still a virgin and when I said I wasn’t she asked how it went with Ron. I told her it was at least as fabulous as she and the others had said. I transferred the video of his actual first penetration to my phone because I liked to watch it and I showed it to her.

I was really jealous that she was still going to be having sex with Ron. I want him to myself, but I tried to be pleasant and not show it. She didn’t seem to notice and hugged me, saying “see you tomorrow,” when she left. I was confused by that parting remark but after thinking about it, I’m sure she’s going to be waiting for Ron after Chem Lab.

Oct 18

I was right, Kate was waiting for Ron.

I went to Lab with some trepidation. I mean what do you say to a guy after he’s taken your virginity and given you a night of unbelievable pleasure and now two or three days later you’re going to see him again, and you know he’s going to be meeting some other girl for sex? And besides you’re in love with him and don’t want anyone else to be spending time with him? I’m beginning to understand why the girls think guys who take their virginity are “jerks”. But, diary, I know Ron isn’t a jerk. I was the one who asked and I knew he was having sex with lots of others, and I knew he’d continue to do that. For goodness sake, Diary, I don’t even know if he’ll have sex with me again. And I know I can’t tell him any of this. Mom was right to be concerned that I’d develop feelings for him. I’ll probably have to talk to her about it.

Anyway, I didn’t need to be concerned about Ron and Lab class. He came right up to me before class and kissed me! He said he had a good time Friday and Saturday and hoped I did too. I reminded him that I’d told him several times what a fabulous time I’d had. He said he just wanted to be sure I still felt that way. He whispered that he’d heard that some girls have regrets after giving up their virginity. “Not me!” Not at all!” I told him and he kissed me again, with tongue, right there in front of the class! Well, not the whole class since not everyone had arrived yet.

I felt so happy until I saw Kate waiting for him after class. I put on a happy face and she greeted me with a hug. I hugged back but inside thought I should strangle her. It was depressing watching her walk away with Ron, his arm around her.

Diary, I have to do something about these feelings!

Oct 19

Saw Kate in English class and we hugged and talked for a few minutes after. I asked her how her time with Ron went yesterday and she smiled broadly saying as great as ever. She said she never tires of him “fucking her”. Yep, Diary, that’s what she said, “fucking her.” I wonder if she thinks about me the same way I think about her and is just hiding it. But, Diary, I know he’s not just “fucking” me. I know it’s different with me.

Oct 20

Ron was real nice before Lab today. I told him I hoped we could do it again and he assured me we could. After lab that Hooters redhead, Eva, was waiting for him. What is this mid twenties woman doing with a kid like Ron anyway? She should leave him to us younger girls. And so what if she has great hair and a narrow waist and a flat tummy. So what if she has a nice face and big green eyes? She was nice, just like Kate and asked how the virginity thing went. I was nice back and told her it was great.

After school I got naked and checked myself out in the mirror. My face is round and I suppose many would say “cute” because I have big eyes and a small nose. I suppose it’s as attractive as Kate’s but hers has more of a thin, classical look. Of course Eva has that just plain stunning face, I doubt many girls are better. Maybe my hair could use some work. My breasts are at least as good as hers. I understand guys like the big, soft ones and mine are. I bet hers aren’t as big or as soft. My big problem is that my hips are too big and my tummy sticks out on front. Unfortunately my yard long tape measure doesn’t fit all the way around my breast or hips. I’m guessing 4 inches short around my breasts and 3 inches short around my hips, Is 40-32-39 too big for someone who’s 5’6″?

Oct 21

Guess what? Ron asked my out!!! He met me after English class since he knew I’d be there.

Anyway, a week from tomorrow his cousin, Kimberly, is having a party for her 13th birthday. Ron is helping his aunt and uncle and will be cleaning up after while his cousin and her friends are at a movie and some kind of young girls make-over place. He asked for my help and said we’d have at least three hours to spend before the family returned. And he said I could spend the night bursa escort if I want! Do I want? Are you kidding?

Oct 22

Well, I decided to talk to my mom abut my feelings for Ron. She never said anything like, “I told you so” but was understanding and supportive. Of course, I did begin by telling her I knew that’s what she had warned me about. But she didn’t have any answers for me other than to say something about such things “taking time”. She agreed when I told her that I knew the fact was that Ron probably didn’t care for me any more than the other girls, though I had hoped she’d side with my emotions instead of my intellect.

But she did say that Ron probably did care for me (as well as the others). And reflected that was possibly what made him good at sex. “Not many guys are like that,” she told me. The closest to an endorsement of Ron as she had ever made.

When I talked to her about the other girls and speculated that they might feel the same jealousy and just be acting nice, she said some things that got me thinking in a manner different than what she probably intended. During the conversation she asked if the other girls were only having sex with Ron. And thinking about it , I’m pretty sure they have other guys. Mom kind of implied that if they had other guys maybe that would keep them from being so jealous (anyway I implied that from what she said). That leads me to wonder if maybe the best way to get over this is to have sex with other guys. I’m pretty sure that’s not what mom wanted me to be thinking.

Oct 23

Mom’s general pick-you-up. At breakfast she told the family that I was going through some difficulties and everyone was to give me a hug and help me feel better. Imagine my surprise when Miles acted insolent and in his precocious 15 year old manner said something like, “Peggy lost her boyfriend and now can’t suck it up, boo-hoo-hoo.” Mom sent him to his room for the day. Miles and I have always been best friends so I knew something was wrong and went up to talk to him.

Well it turns out he has his own “romantic problem”. It seems he’s crushing on some girl at the climbing and obstacle course place mom takes them for activity and socializing. The girl doesn’t even acknowledge his existence. No surprise since he’s too shy to talk to her and cowers in the opposite corner of the facility watching her so he can move away when she moves toward where he is hiding. He was afraid to tell mom because, she’ll make him go up to the girl. I told him mom would certainly encourage him to do that but wouldn’t “make him” do it.

He said, “Or worse, she’ll tell the girl’s mother and the girl will come to me and I’ll look like a complete dork.”

That sounds like Mom alright. I told him that he should at ask the girl her name so he could refer to her by name instead of “the girl”.

I gave him an encouragement hug and told him he knew he should talk to mom about it and should try to talk to “the girl”. Then I told mom we had made up and asked her to let him “out of jail.”

Diary why should a 15 year old’s romantic issues seem so much simpler than mine. Does mine have a simple solution too? Telling Ron? Having sex with other guys?

Oct 24

I spent some time talking with Kate after English. I got up the nerve to ask if she had sex with guys besides Ron.

She told me that she only had sex with Ron, “Isn’t that enough?” were her exact words. She said she’d had sex only like three times before Ron and hadn’t found it very satisfying. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t jealous of the other women.

She did say that she understood why a girl might feel like I did toward Ron. She said she was sure he really cared about all those he had sex with, “just not an exclusive sort of caring.” She thinks only a guy who really cares could be “such a wizard with his cock.” Then she added, “and with his fingers and tongue. Well, you know, with everything.” That was kinda like what Mom said. But Mom was wrong about the other girls, or at least Kate, having sex.

She told me to enjoy what I was getting and not to think about the other girls. “Just because Ron has others doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you too, Just because he likes you doesn’t mean he can’t be giving others just as much pleasure.”

I don’t know if that helped but she did thank me for being so nice to her despite my jealousy and for talking to her about it. And that she hoped I’d work through it soon.

Oh, she also said I should possibly talk to Sally. Sally is like a mystical figure who frequently comes up in conversations about Ron. Kate called her “The Yoda of the sexual Jedi” because she was Ron’s mentor. She was the one who brought seemingly everyone (except me) together at “THE PARTY” a mythical event of epic sexual proportions.

Oct 29

As you must know, diary, I brought your thumb drive to Ron’s and I am typing this entry on his computer. He’s here watching me and reading what I’m writing. bursa escort bayan And here’s a secret: we are both naked. So there will be more to tell 🙂 I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Ron picked me up at home for his cousin’s party. I had my overnight duffle packed. My mom helped me pack but I snuck in my pink babydoll nighty and a kinda skimpy bikini I bought for the hot tub. Mom doesn’t know either of them even exist.

Dad didn’t know that I was having sex with Ron. He seemed happy that a boy came to pick me up but his expression changed when I left carrying the duffle and said “see you tomorrow” after kissing him goodbye. It was mostly surprise and maybe disappointment. Certainly not anger. Mom said she’d talk to him about the whole thing after I left. He looked sad standing in the doorway as we drove away.

I put my duffle in Ron’s basement bedroom and then helped with the setup. There were three rental tables to set up and then dress and set. Some guys came with one of those “bouncy” houses and inflated it for the party. It was a pink fairy tale castle and I thought maybe a bit juvenile for a 13 year old, but the girls sure seemed to like it once the party was underway.

Ron’s aunt had baked a cake and was going to frost it and stick some of those hard candy letters on it. My mom and I and my sister had taken a confectionery decorating class so I told Ron I’d decorate it. He bought all the needed ingredients including his cousin’s favorite flavors and I brought along my tools. So I worked on decorating as Kimberly watched and told me what she wanted. Kimberly was pleased and showed it to all her friends saying her “cousin” Peggy had made it. There was a real demand for pieces with the frosting once the girls found it had parts with strawberry and banana flavors rather than the sickening sweet, sugar only flavor. I felt really happy and a bit proifglmv

Sorry, diary, Ron kissed me suddenly. I’m leaving that misspelling of ‘proud’ as a reminder 🙂

Then the party moved on to the movie, leaving Ron and me to clean up and fold the tables for the rental company to pickup. The bouncy castle fan had been turned off and it lay sadly deflated in the middle of the yard. Ron turned it on and told me he wanted to try it. Well, so did I. so we took off our shoes and jumped in. I don’t know what got into me but it just seemed like the thing to do. I took off my blouse and then my bra. I could feel my breasts bouncing along with me. Ron smiled and tried to grab them but I bounced away. Then he took off his shirt, and I tried to get my jeans off but fell down. Ron fell next to me and began kissing me and caressing my breasts so instead of removing my jeans I managed to unzip his and tug them to his ankles. He kicked them off and, in retaliation, he pulled mine down. I was giggling like mad and felt really warm and sexually excited.

The tip of his penis was sticking out from the waistband of his Barman briefs (It always did that, his underwear was too small), I laugh to think of it. I gave it a kiss and licked of the yummy, salty droplet that had formed at the tip and pulled the briefs to his ankles. Then I sucked it into my mouth, released it with a loud , “Pop!” and bounced to my feet, laughing with joy and sexual feelings. I started jumping around the castle wildly. I laughed as he tried, unsuccessfully, to stand. Having his briefs encumbered his legs and my jumping kept bouncing Ron around so he couldn’t manage to pull his briefs off or up.

But it was an easy matter for me to slip my panties over my hips and let them slide to my feet. I kicked them off as I jumped and bounced. I loved jumping up and spreading my legs in a split, the cool air felt fabulous on my warm genitals. Ron stopped struggling to get to his feet and watched. My jumping bounced him to the side of the castle where he wasn’t being jostled around. He took off his briefs and got to his feet.

Oh, diary, you should have seen his penis and testicles bouncing and bobbing around as we jumped. Especially those big testicles he has. I kept trying to grab his penis but he kept slipping away. We were both laughing. Then when I missed a grab and bounced away from him, he suddenly bounced toward me and caught me in his arms. He gave me a huge, passionate, tongue filled kiss as we fell to the bouncy castle floor. “Fuck me,” I told him. Yes, diary that’s what I said, “Fuck me”. I NEVER use language like that but nothing else matched my urgency. I wanted his penis up my vagina and everything else that ran quickly through my mind was too long or not clear enough about my desire, so, “fuck me” it was. And Ron complied, his penis drokoipwrfb

That was Ron, diary, he kissed me like he did in the bouncy and carried me to the bed where he fucked me to another orgasm. He claimed that thinking about what we did in the castle got him so excited that he had to do it. 🙂 I don’t care about his reason, it’s always great. I’m bursa bayan escort gonna leave the random keystrokes in place as another reminder. 😀

Anyway, in the castle his penis quickly and easily penetrated me. I didn’t guide it in and I don’t think he did either (he says he didn’t). It just found my vagina entrance on it’s own and I felt the wonderful feeling of being filled and the exciting feeling of his penis sliding along my vagina. We laughed and kept trying to actually bounce off the floor with his thrusts. But all the movement was in our hips and we couldn’t get my shoulders (with him on top) or his shoulders (with me on top) to bounce up. It still felt great to have the extra bounce where the action was. Then he decided to try something and we stood but couldn’t keep him inside when we bounced together. He’s not real strong or much bigger than I am but he did something I’ve seen in a couple of porn videos. He picked me up and held my hips as I wrapped my legs around him and sat on his penis as we stood. He managed to bounce a couple of times but we were top heavy and he couldn’t keep his balance while jumping. We banged our heads together when we fell so we stopped trying that and resorted to just doing it on the bouncy floor. You know diary, I could go into graphic detail again, like I have before, but I’ll just say it was fabulous. I had two orgasms and his semen poured into me on the second reminding us that we had once again forgotten any condom in the heat of the moment. This time I felt the warmth of his semen as it entered me and the wet coolness as it dribbled out.

Well, we had to clean up the mess but the rubberized surface cleaned easily. Then we went to the hot tub and relaxed, naked, in the hot bubbling water. He fingered and caressed my genitals and I did the same to his. I guess I’m kind of insatiable when it comes to things like that. I had to have his penis inside and got up and sat on his lap, making sure his hard organ penetrated me.

I was bouncing up and down on him, his hands grasping my breasts when a slightly scruffy male face peered over the gate. I could tell he saw what we were doing and hesitated, unsure of what to do. But he had a job to do and yelled in, “I’ve come to pick up the bouncy.”

Ron said he’d take care of it so I slid off him, more than likely showing the guy at the gate some nipple and Ron got out, bare naked, his stiff penis and large testicles bobbing in the wind. He let the guy and a helper in and they went to the bouncy. To add to my embarrassment, Ron had to go inside and bring out our clothes, including my bra and panties. The guys made some remark and Ron came back to the hot tub. Ron told me they asked, “having fun?” and the helper said something like, “I wouldn’t mind having some of that.” Ron says he didn’t think anything useful would come of challenging him. I guess I agree.

Folding up one of those things is no quick task. They reversed the fan but still had to stand on the deflated castle and squeeze all the air out. I was getting too hot and told Ron I needed to get out. He brought some towels up from the basement so I could get out without exposing myself. But, you know what, diary, once I was out and wrapped in the towel, I saw they guys looking at me and couldn’t resist flashing them, breasts, genitals, the works. If you remember, diary, when I first showed myself to Ron I said I could understand why women might like stripping. Well I got that same feeling, standing there with my body exposed, and those guys looking lustfully at me sent a real sexual tingle through me. My lack of sexual experience when I showed off to Ron meant I didn’t understand the feeling, but now, I could recognize the tingle in my genitals and the flushing of my skin as a definite sexual feeling.

I’m ashamed to say, diary, that I found the sensation so overwhelming that I threw the towel to the side and helped them push out the air. Not just waking around but laying down and rolling over the rubber fabric. By the way, it was dirty. I had to shower and scrub after.

On the way to the basement Ron laughed about what I had done, “Did you see the way that younger guy looked at you? His eyes were coming out of their sockets.”

As I’ve told you before, there isn’t room for both of us in the tiny shower but I invited Ron into the bathroom while I washed the filth and grass off. He kept going on about how he couldn’t believe I did it. I mentioned that he had gotten out naked, but he pointed out they were guys. I laughed and accused him of wanting to show off his penis and got him to admit he might not have been so bold if he had a tiny one.

He wrapped a dry towel around me as I came out of the shower and gave me kiss before jumping in the shower himself. I stayed and watched him through the shower’s clear glass door. I admitted to him that I got a thrill out of exposing my body and said I could see how strippers like Sarah might enjoy it. He said he had always thought Sarah was a special case since he understood she had had sex with pretty much every guy on every athletic team in high school. After reflection, I think maybe a lot of girls would get a thrill but that most are too inhibited, shy, or embarrassed to do it. I wonder ….

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