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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


This story was prompted by Penny who contacted me and asked me to write a story for/about her, after discussions this is what I arrived at. I hope you all like it.


As I approached the front door of my new neighbours home I could hear the music pounding from the patio area at the back, seems a bit loud and boisterous for this time of the day, even if I was going to a pool party.

It was boxing day and hence a nice summers day in Sydney, I was on my own and had been invited to the party by Suki, our husbands do business together and both of them along with a couple of other husbands had flown to Melbourne to watch the boxing day Ashes test between Australia and England. Apparently, it is a ritual for David, Suki’s husband to take a few friends on a corporate freebie, and this time Kevin had been invited along.

Kevin and I had moved into the area not long ago after Kevin got a promotion, but he and David went back a few years having done business on and off in the past. Kevin was delighted to get the invite as he is cricket mad and had played “Shield” cricket for New South Wales on a couple of occasions, but before had never been of a senior enough position to merit an invite.

This left the girls alone to play, and as I was to discover they did play and played hard. Suki had invited me to the pool party she hosts for the girls when the guys are away, but it would not be just the four wives whose husbands were on the trip she had intimated that there would be quite a few more women as well.

“Hi Penny, wow you look great, if a little overdressed, this is a pool party you know,” gushed Suki as she opened the door.

Overdressed? I was in a bright yellow, sexy little sundress that barely covered my five-foot eight-inch 40F-26-38 figure.

“Well, we’ll soon have you out of that and into a swimming costume, I’m dying to see you in one and I know a lot of the other girls are as well. Come on through and meet everyone.”

What was that about, wanting to see me in a swimming costume and the other girls as well?

Suki is a gorgeous, slim and willowy creature of Asiatic origin with that golden copper coloured skin and wide almond shaped eyes that have everyone captivated when they see her. Now I’m not into women, very much the opposite, but Suki could make anybody look at her in appreciation. She is five foot eight inches tall, with a 32C-19-29 body, that because of her size makes her boobs seem even bigger, she has a small slim face and long blonde hair that just falls down her back.

As I walked into her lounge I was met by a couple of other women I know and we exchanged air kisses and pleasantries. Soon a glass of Shiraz was pressed into my hand and Suki led me onto the patio where the party was in full swing, there were about a dozen women of all shapes and sizes, either lounging on recliners by the pool or splashing around, as I could see, I was overdressed even in a sundress, as everyone else was in swimwear and I was sure some of the girls were topless. Good job this house isn’t overlooked I thought.

I joined two other women with Suki, Anna, a big white girl similar in size and body shape to me, but a dress size smaller I think, she has bright violet coloured hair, cut in a geisha style. Chrissy was totally the opposite to Anna and I with an average 36B-23-35 figure with cropped black hair and legs that went on forever. We were sitting chatting about this and that when I spotted another girl and became captivated by her.

I discovered she was called Simone and was a big black girl, with ebony coloured skin that just seemed to glow with health and vitality, wide open deep brown eyes that seemed to suck you into her, she had an innocent smile that I was to find out was not the case of her personality and a body like Kerri Washington the American actress from Scandal, but with much bigger boobs. For a straight woman, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

“Looks like Simone has another potential conquest,” smirked Anna as she saw my look.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh nothing you’ll find out later, but Simone has that effect on everybody who sees her, they all want to bed her.”

“I do not,” I gasped, “I’m not into women.”

“We’ll see, that’s what they all say,” came from Chrissy.

That talk was getting me a little bit worried, what had these girls got in mind, just what sort of pool party was this? I must admit in some ways I am pretty naïve and innocent.

Changing the subject, conversation and the wine flowed until Suki said, “Penny, you are so overdressed, get that dress off, and show us some flesh.”

Taking that as a dare I stood up and pulled the sundress over my head to gasps of amazement from a few onlookers as my big bouncy breasts came into view, and they were bouncing around, even in my bikini top.

“That’s better,” laughed Anna, “now I’m not the only girl with big boobs on show here.”

“Oh I don’t casino şirketleri know there are a couple over there that could give you a run for your money,” joked Suki. I found I loved the friendly comfort and easy way these women talked and the way they had opened up and invited me into their company and party.

Suki leaned over to me and I couldn’t help notice the top of her swimsuit was coming undone and giving me a look at her boobs, tiny but nicely shaped and what looked like small tight nipples. “Penny, how open-minded are you, how liberal?” she whispered.


“Well things can get a bit wild at these parties and I just wanted to warn you, some of the girls go really wild and I don’t want you to be shocked when things heat up.”

“Oh God, you’re not telling me that you’ve got strippers coming later have you,” I gasped in shock.

A big laugh from Chrissy, “Anything but, no this is a cock free zone, it’s just that some of the girls get together; you do know what I mean?”

“What? You mean like in lesbians?”

“Well, bi, as we’re nearly all married or involved with men, but yes a lot of the girls get it on together, and at times there are no limits, if you’re willing so is everyone else. We’ve had some good times when the men are away, it’s our way of relaxing. They have their cricket, we…we have this.”

“Do the men know, what do they think?” I asked in shock.

“Some know, or at least have an idea, a few of us are involved in the South Sydney swinging scene, but not all, and it doesn’t mean you have to be involved, a lot of the girls don’t want to get the men involved, keep it, girls, only. Keep it simple. No dicks ergo no jealousy.”

“Wow, I’ve never been involved with anything like that, I’ve never even thought about going with a girl, never had any ideas like that. I mean Kevin and I are pretty vanilla in our sex lives.”

“Well, you don’t have to join in if you don’t want to. Just chill and relax, but stay this side of the pool.”

As I looked around the party seemed to have taken on another face as I could see quite a few of the girls were pairing up and kissing and at least four of them were fully naked and I could see hands going where they shouldn’t, well not from one woman on another.

Trying to make me feel easier Suki introduced me to lots of the other girls, at the same time telling them I was not into their scene, but was open-minded and was ok with them.

Then we bumped into Simone, “Hey, who is this sexy lady you’ve been keeping from me,” she purred in a deep sexy voice, captivating me at once, she gazed at me with undisguised interest, then said, “Penny, I love a bigger girl, if you want some fun, let me know,” licking her lips. She had that beautiful lilting Caribbean accent.

I couldn’t speak, I felt a tremor of, was it lust run through me, my nipples hardened instantly and I felt my pussy start to get wet. What the hell, I am not into women, never had an inkling of that thing, and here I was getting excited by a woman I had only just met.

Suki came to my rescue when she said, “Simone, Penny is not into girls, and if she was, you are not to be her first. Leave her alone, she’s just here for the party and to have some fun.”

“Oh, she’s a virgin then,” I butted in, “I’m not a virgin, I’m married.”

“Oh I think you are a virgin for what I mean, and Suki, I’m just here for the party and lots of fun. I’m sure Penny’s the same, I’m sure she will have lots of fun.” As she said this she ran her fingers over my arm, her touch was electric to me.

“Simone, I’m warning you, leave her alone. If she wants to join in she will and at her own pace, anyway she’s mine first, she needs breaking in easily”

“Spoilsport, I’ve not seduced a virgin for ages.” With this Simone moved off, she walked with the ease and grace of a panther, a panther on the prowl for prey.

I couldn’t believe the conversation that was going on around and about me, they were openly discussing me having sex with them, as though I wasn’t there and as though I didn’t have a say in the matter, they seemed to think I would have sex with a woman today.

“Suki, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that conversation and the way things are, I think I should leave.”

“Penny, please don’t go, ignore Simone, she just likes to push things, put people off balance, please don’t go, just hang around, I don’t think Chrissy is up for any fun today, go and join her and have a chat, she’ll help put you at ease, she’s not had many experiences so is still fresh.”

“Chrissy, I’m not sure about what is going on, all the girls are getting together, and I’m not into that sort of thing, and Simone has really come on heavily to me.”

“Penny, ignore Simone, she’s a predator and preys on the fresh and innocent and you give that vibe off, at least here, you’re positively shaking, and your eyes are all over the place, you don’t know where to look,” followed by a little giggle.

“The thing is for some reason, Simone intrigues casino firmaları me, but I am frightened of her.”

“Penny, don’t get involved with Simone to early, just hang out with me and Anna, for a bit. But are you saying that you’re interested in joining in?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never even thought about lesbian sex before, ever.”

Chrissy looked me in the eyes, cupped my face in her soft and gave me a soft gentle kiss full on the lips, then broke away, not pressing things. To my surprise, Anna turned me to her and did the same. The kisses were soft and full of love, but there was no doubt they were given in a sexual way.

My mind was in a whirl, I had just been kissed by two very attractive and sexy women, and to my surprise, I wasn’t repulsed as much as I expected. Even more of a surprise I felt a slight tingle of excitement run through me.

“Penny, don’t rush things, do what you want, but Suki would be great for you as a first timer, she’s kind and gentle, I know she fancies you but will not push things, it has to be your choice. Or, there’s always one of us two, I wasn’t feeling in the mood for any fun today but could change my mind for you.”

“Me too,” from Anna.

My God, I’d just been propositioned by two women and been told that a third wanted me, what had I let myself in for, I needed to think and get some air.

I was sitting by the pool watching what was going on, most of the girls were kissing heavily and at least one pair were actively and openly having sex, when I felt some soft fingers run along my shoulders, when I looked around it was Simone, she just seemed to purr as she did it and looked at me with pure unadulterated lust.

Just as she was about to speak Suki came over and said, “Simone, back off, you know the score, this side of the pool is a safe zone, no sex, no trying to pick up and seduce anyone.

Simone moved off but looked back at me, pushed her boobs together and mouthed, “Later,” and wiggled her fingers in a little wave.

Suki then went on to explain the idea of the different zones that they had, and as I looked I could see that the tables and things were arranged in three different colours, Red where we were, this was the “safe” zone, no sex, and no coming on to anyone. As Suki explained we are women and sometimes not in the mood. The Yellow or neutral zone was where you indicated that you may be up for some fun or just kissing and cuddles, or you may be persuaded to go a little bit further. The Green or “party” zone, was open to anything and you could be approached and propositioned by any and everyone. And that was the side of the pool where the fun happened, the “party” side and the side where it stayed.

Suki explained that they had come up with this idea after a couple of parties had got a bit out of hand and feelings were hurt after rejections, for what they were doing it seemed like a good idea, and as I took in more it seemed that a lot of the twenty or so girls who were now here in the yellow zone, but would then drift over into the green with a partner.

Suki took hold of my hand and pulled me up off the recliner I was lying on and led me into the cool of her house, as she did I saw Crissy and Anna look down at their phones, gasp, look at each other, and then laugh.

Suki led me through the house and suddenly I was in her bedroom and the door was closed, I started to move away when Suki, placed a hand around my back and gently pulled me to her and kissed me, a long lingering soft kiss directly on my mouth. My eyes shot wide open, and a jolt of electricity surged through me, but to my surprise, I didn’t pull away or break the kiss.

Suki’s lips were soft and sweet I could taste the wine she had been drinking on them. Responding to my acceptance of her first kiss, Suki kissed me again, this time with more force and pushed her tongue between my teeth and moved it around in my mouth, finding my own tongue and playing with it, chasing it around my mouth.

“Suki, please stop, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“There’s always a first time for everything,” she replied as she kissed me again, unable to help my self I half kissed her back. She smiled knowingly and moved her hand to caress my boobs.

I pulled away in shock, not trusting my bodies response as I felt my nipples harden instantly under her touch, but it was too late Suki had noticed my reaction, pulled me in closer to her again pushed her hand under my swimming costume top and kneaded my boobs, just as she bent to kiss me again I let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Suki, please be gentle, I don’t know what I’m doing here.”

Suki pulled away slightly, took hold of my hand and placed it on her tiny boob, guiding me in squeezing it, this time I kissed her, a long hot passionate kiss, all reluctance disappearing in the lust and desire I now felt in my body, surrendering myself completely to the moment and the things that were sure to come.

Suki pulled my swimsuit off me and pushed me onto my back on the bed, then güvenilir casino stripped her bikini off in a flash, she was beautiful so slim and tall, but her boobs seemed bigger than they were. Hard dark nipples sticking out. As she looked at me she murmured, “Oh I love big boobs, and Penny yours are nice and big, I’m going to love playing with them.”

I shivered at the comment and the fact that another woman found my boobs attractive, and play with them Suki did.

She joined me on the bed and sucked first on one nipple then the other, constantly changing from side to side, licking and sucking on them, every time she changed I got a shiver of anticipation of her next assault on my other boob. She was sucking hard and deep covering my boobs in saliva. I had started to moan now, it was pure instinct, I had no control, and I had no intention of fighting it.

I had started to play with Suki’s boobs and was delighted to feel her nipples were hard and erect, pushing into my palms as I squeezed her tits. Then suddenly I couldn’t reach them any more, Suki had moved and had slid down my body, leaving a trail of soft kisses as she did so until her face was opposite my pussy. Now was the time to stop things if I didn’t want to go any further, I didn’t make any effort to stop Suki as she bent her head down and kissed my pussy, her lips mashing onto mine. Her tongue pushed forward instantly when she made contact with my labia and pushed deep into me. I screamed out in shock and delight.

Suki continued to lick my pussy from top to bottom, alternating from pressing hard and deep into me, with soft almost none existent touches so light I was unsure if she was actually making contact at all, they were so ephemeral. Her ministrations were sending shivers of excitement through my body. I could sense my excitement building and my juices were starting to flow freely now. I never imagined I could be this turned on, and never expected it to be with a woman. My hips were pushing up off the bed forcing my pussy hard against Suki’s soft and talented mouth, I heard a soft low keening sound in the room and realised it was coming from my mouth.

I could feel a burning sensation building deep in my core and with a shock realised that an orgasm was growing and was soon about to burst forth and engulf me.

Suki slipped three fingers deep into my pussy and began to move them around inside me, rotating them in my pussy, then changing to finger fucking me hard and fast as my pussy clenched on them and she sensed my ever approaching orgasm build in me. Her mouth moved slightly higher on my pussy and she took my clit into her mouth, holding it in her teeth and rubbing them over it.

Bam! I screamed like a banshee as my orgasm burst, making my body shake and thrash on the bed, my hands had dropped lower and were now holding Suki hard against my pussy as hot sticky cum flowed out of my pussy, covering her face. My orgasm continued to rock through my body, like no other I had ever experienced in my life, I was screaming and shaking, thrusting my hips into Suki’s face time and time again as she released my clit but continued to finger and lick me, but gradually slowing down as she brought me down from the incredible high she had taken me to.

My body had tensed and arched as I came but now it relaxed and dropped back onto the bed as I began to shed soft tears, Suki kissed her way up my body and kissed the tears off my cheeks, knowing they were tears of pleasure not regret.

We relaxed on the bed for a short while, occasionally exchanging kisses, when Suki pulled me over and got me to kiss her boobs, I sucked each small but perfectly formed orb greedily into my mouth, suckling on her nipples. Then I felt a pressure on my shoulders and as I looked up realised that Suki was pushing me down, she wanted me to lick her out. I was struck by fear and apprehension, this was something very, very, new to me, something I never expected to do or experience, this took more commitment from me to give her oral sex than to receive it.

Hesitantly I did as she wanted but when I was looking directly at her pussy I looked up and said, “Suki, I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid.”

“Shush, it’s ok, just do what comes naturally and you’d be surprised it does come naturally after a few seconds.”

With that, she pushed her hand down and used her fingers to open her pussy wide so I was looking directly deep into her opening, the most sacred place of a woman, the entrance to the very core of her being. Taking a deep breath, both of resolve and of air I plunged my face deep onto Suki’s beautiful and sweet tasting pussy, there was a musky smell and taste but also a sweetness, almost like honey. I had tasted my own juices a few times but Suki tasted so very different.

I licked hard and long on her and to my surprise, I did find things came naturally, I suppose it was being a woman I knew what to do and where to do it to get the pleasure I wanted to give Suki. Suki had gone very vocal from the off, moaning and saying this like, “Oh yes, just like that, oh Penny, don’t stop, oh fuck that is so good, no stay there.” The words just kept flowing from her mouth and were getting louder and louder the more I ate her pussy.

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