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Cliff was your typical dweeb in school. A lean, pale and awkward youth of eighteen, he was not making much headway with the ladies. Actually, he only really thought of females late at night when it was quiet and he could not sleep. During the day there was lots to keep his mind occupied and it was never too quiet.

Living in such a musical world and having the capacity to absorb a majority of the audible sounds allowed Cliff to flourish with the Piano Forte. Day after day Cliff would sit in the practice rooms at University and play for leisure, study and release. It really was the one sanctuary that he felt he had.

“I guess I never really had friends. I have always been a loner and I guess that I always will be.” He was again writing his thoughts down in his loyal journal, a practice that would with time offer less and less in the way of stress relief.

“Dear Journal, I just cannot take this shit anymore. I feel that if my plight continues I will do something irreversible. I guess maybe I just need a shoulder to cry on.” The entries were testimony to Cliff’s growing depression. Suicide was a thought that crept into his mind but that was warded off by piano and the power of Cliff’s escape from life in musical release.

During one of Cliff’s sessions in the practice room his life changed forever. He sat down and began to play in staccato rhythms that enticed a few girls outside of the square room. They were hippies and Cliff was beginning to despise them in his being ostracized from anything that was happening. “Smelly freaks,” he thought as he moved to his chamber of isolation. The three of them were laughing and dressed in moccasins and loose clothes in accordance with current trends. Cliff did not really get a good look at the girls but he knew them all right. Patuli wearing- feminists that always preached for an end to inevitable human acts like war and violence. They were into “free love,” a concept that entailed sex and therefore was alien to Cliff. He often saw his neighbor Sandy undress and he recalled the way her big breasts looked as she stood at her dressing mirror.

Sandy was another “free lover,” and Cliff saw a multitude of cars coming and going from her driveway in a testimonial to the facts of promiscuity. But wouldn’t he like to be the one emerging from such a vehicle? Was not his loneliness the source of all his anger? Inside the piano room Cliff’s thoughts and the music were one. His right hand played a jazzy scale to fit the patterns that were his thoughts. “Wow, that is so far out,” one of the college girls was saying.

“Yeah it’s like so different from the scene.”

The three girls must have picked up on the feelings that were inside of Cliff’s movements. Hazel, who agreed thoroughly with her girlfriends about the groovy-ness of the piano, was actually getting hot by listening to the rapid changes.

“Oh, Hazel, you look like you are on another planet the way you are moving to the notes girl.”

“It is just so good,” replied Hazel in agreement.

“Do you imagine that certain trips might enhance the sound?”

“Oh, I think it would tune him into more than just music.” Hazel’s friends were looking through the saucers that their eyes had become under the influence of acid.

“What do you say we show that boy how we dance?” Hazel looked beautiful in her flower dress, with her long curly brown hair, her weighty breasts pushing against the material of her clothes.

“I think that is an excellent idea,” replied Beth. Her hands were moving to her shoulders to remove the straps of her blue dress as the girls peered around to see if the hall was truly empty. They did not seem nervous as if they had stripped on many occasions and in about three minutes the girls had produced a pile of clothes and were fully naked. Hazel had the largest breasts; her friends possessed pert globes although all of them had hard nipples from their spontaneity. Hazel was voluptuous and had a nice big ass. The girls to her side were a bit thinner with smaller bums; both had hairy casino şirketleri pussies, as did Hazel, but of lighter colored hair than her dark forest.

“Hazel, you are so beautiful,” blurted the friends in unison and for a second they all embraced as their trip continued. Their breasts pressed together and Hazel felt a rush of joy in the heat of her friends’ bodies and in their zaniness. They made for the entrance of the practice room and Hazel made a sign for silence as she opened the door. The piano was now a collection of major arpeggios that increased in volume as the door silently opened. The acid freaks loved the change from the cold tile hallway to the rugged cubicle floor underneath their feet and shared smiles all around with Hazel leading the way into the small room and throwing back her thick hair in a sexy motion.

The room was a windowless cube with a piano at the far side. Cliff hunched at his thrown in charge of his thoughts and the sounds that perforated the air around them all. The girls followed Hazel’s lead and began to dance behind the back of their unknowing pianist. Hazel spun and let her breasts raise and fall as she smoothly navigated the small space. Her one friend was staring lovingly at the motions that followed the music so well as if in a trance.

“Oh Hazel,” she thought. “I love you so much.”

Now all three goddesses were dancing with hands intertwined and their forms gyrating. The song seemed to go on forever and they were dancing nymphs in their daring feet. A crescendo was upon them and each goddess surveyed the other’s rippling breasts and limber legs as they twirled to the speed of their song.

Suddenly Hazel was surprised as Beth first squeezed her hand intensely and then mouthed some words that surely could not have been “I love you,” as the playing continued.

As if it had never been played at all the song ended and the footfalls on the rugged room came to life in an intense way to the minds of the girls who were peeking on their journey. The beads of sweat had spread like a wild growth to cover their bodies and the dampness made their bodies glisten from head to toe. The daring of the episode kept their nipples hard and each woman was incredibly aroused.

The sounds of the feet on the rug awoke Cliff from his reverie and he turned and opened his eyes to a dream in front of him. Sandy was looking at him along with two other sweaty and now very shocked females.

“What in the world,” he thought as he recoiled and then shot out of his seat and ran to the door. It only took a second and then he was gone before the women could react. The hallucinogenic pull on the minds of the three occupants of the room did not prompt any panic but rather there was an unspoken desire to return to the timeless dance. Sandy strode seductively to the piano bench in a climax brought about by the drug and the past moments. She was driven by a desire to fill the quiet room with sound and to please herself in turn. She began to play with a confidence that is desire itself and the chords that leaped from her nimble fingers were triggering her mind in the form of colors that painted her climax and drove her on. Hazel took Beth’s hand and spun her once around, studying her shapely figure and still contemplating the possibility that her friend was feeling the same love that she in fact felt for Beth. Those curves were heaven and Beth’s ass was nirvana; two firm cheeks that you could bounce a quarter off. Her body was angelic and her perfectly formed breasts came again into Hazel’s view as Beth again faced the object of her affection. Beth looked into Hazel’s eyes as the piano rang out in C major. The two girls backed away while holding each other’s hands and then came together in an embrace. The acid strengthened their tactile sensation and they felt joined as they created miniature breezes that caressed their bodies as they parted and then eddied around their curvy shapes when they came together. The touch of their bodies together was warm and the two ladies finally abandoned casino firmaları any restraint and let their hands fall all over each other. Sandy was peeking in a different way and was inside the music as the acid began creeping into her eyes. The music was seen as a spattering of colors but she was mostly seeing this in her head and when she left that place the visual world was changed. She never had played like this and it felt like she was being pushed by intuition to run her hands like she was running them. The keys pressed with insistence and she was one with this strange and sensual instrument.

She watched as her hands worked the keys but they looked so strange. She thought of her friends in her mind and their hot nakedness and then of her own nakedness, followed by the imagined cock of the man that fled. The idea made her feel naughty and she was running her right hand along the black keys so that her palm made contact, highlighting the rigidity of the piano keys. Somehow she could do this while still playing beautiful chords that spurred on the newfound lovers of this private space.

Hazel moved in toward Beth in slow motion and held her hand to the beauty’s face. She moved in for a kiss and when their lips touched she felt weak in the knees with lust and excitement. When Beth’s lips parted and their tongues met it was as if they left the earth in flight. Their wet tongues danced as they moved together and their deep eyes found each other’s soul in absolution.

The room was on fire and Sandy ran her hands along the cool keys.

“They are cool and hot,” she was saying. She spread her legs slightly and teased the hard sustaining pedal with her toe. Her mind was blown and she saw the piano keys blurring as the sounds of her music became dissident. Her mind was running so fast and the image of nudity and lust kept resurfacing until it was projected outward and showed in her instrument; the piano keys mutating into phallic objects. She always heard that black cocks were larger then white cocks and here they were shorter and thinner. She figured that the rumors were just that and watched as the blunt black cocks wiggled and thickened under her moving right hand. The white cocks were growing under the F chord that she pressed with her rhythm hand and the motion of all the cocks made her wet and wild.

Sandy’s crotch felt hot and her nipples were burning to be touched as she fingered the girths of so many rock hard cocks. Her friends were motioning toward her music but the sound had become less melodic and their dance was one of lustful rough groping and feeling. Hazel still had that wild look in her green eyes as she satisfied the need Beth had for fingers to tweak her hard burning nipples. Beth returned the favor and their hands pulled and fondled as they kissed again and again, both forcefully and then gently in time. Beth was witnessing some visual trailing from the lights in the room but the quickening pace of the piano music prompted her to fulfill her fantasy and she was soon down on her knees between Hazel’s legs, her hands touching Hazel’s body and providing mutual tactile gratification.

Sandy was getting tactilely stimulated as well but her brain was more confused as her visual cortex picked up the mass of hard dicks that pointed at her and yearned for her hand’s caresses. She was so wet between her legs and let her feeling that the situation was real consume her. She was horny and had had as many cocks outside the room but not at once, and now she had the chance.

The cocks were speaking out their will to her and Sandy could only obey. “Oh, that’s it, jerk us off Sandy.” She was now wrapping her hands around all of the penises and jerking them with her one hand in time with the rhythms she still half managed to play.

To Beth and Hazel the music had morphed into a more staccato half melodic half banging and chaotic mess that went perfectly with Beth’s asphyxiation at the hands of Hazel and her humping, thrusting pelvis. The lovely smell of that cunt perforated Beth’s being güvenilir casino and she wanted to eat her love out eternally among other things. She worked her tongue inside and rubbed her face in the scent of Hazel’s pink pussy to further capture the scent. She licked the clit rapidly and held that firm ass in between caressing Hazel’s slender thighs. Hazel was involved in the changing music and the chaotic changes of Sandy’s right hand grope job went perfectly with her own face humping. She loved that tongue inside her and on her swollen clit and grinded her pelvis and offered up her cunt feast.

“Oh that’s it Beth, right there, right there.” Her puffy labia opened fully to provide her cunt to her lapping subservient bitch. She was buried in her mind’s fantasy and still supremely fixed in her now approaching orgasm as her bottom began to shiver and quake. Meanwhile, the piano was missing the effect derived from two hands as Sandy pleased herself while groping at the endless dick. Her index finger disappeared into her vaj as she let her fingers please the phantom rods before her. The others were wrapping themselves around her and speaking as she played the best she could. The melody of sheer strokes formed a dissident few notes and an occasional loud note as she let her foot pump the pedal, which the enlarging cocks enjoyed.

“The pedal is our cum pedal Sandy. You have to pump it so that we can cover you in our creamy jizz.”

“Oh yes, I like cream all over me,” she found herself repeating like a mantra to her rigid tools. She pumped the instrument’s procreate pedal, hoping that she would be showered in jizz and forgetting about her friends as she manually stimulated her love button faster and faster.

The congregation of phallic cocks was growing longer and longer in a swirl of entangled flesh as she felt her own body turn to jelly with her heat and approaching orgasm. Hazel and Beth were now on the floor in a 69 and Hazel was mimicking Beth’s tongue-work in a way that unified them in their chemically enhanced brains. They were writhing like mad and it was obvious they were cumming as they moaned and clutched at each other in ecstasy.

Their moans had entered Sandy’s mind and her spread vagina was allowing for the penetration of two and then three fingers as her pumping foot rhythm sparked the first releases of jizz that she could feel coating her body. The dicks of all over the world were pouring their loads over her face, hands and breasts as she flooded her hand with her orgasm. She was cumming like never before and the liquid poured out, making noise with her fucking motions. Cliff meanwhile was stiff from recalling the vision of those naked babes and somehow got up the gall to wander back close to the room. He could not believe that he got to see such hotness before his eyes. The blonde and brunette bushes had concealed the route to sanctuary. And Sandy, god she was hotter then he ever imagined in his fantasies. He walked back to the hall and saw the clothes and heard the noise. He knew the volume of the piano would conceal his entry and he cracked the door.

Sandy was crouched like a wild animal on the piano bench with a hand massaging her clit and plunging inside her sweet vaj as Hazel and Beth made love in abandonment of the real world. Sandy loved the feel of the dick heads rubbing against her smooth skin and welcomed all the sperm in her belly and over her body. She let the rods guide her playing and the stabs at the keys were applied in connection with the jerking and spurting cocks that were flooding the room and probably were going to drown them all. It was this thought that finally slowed the playing and hence the spurting cock juice in its path to Sandy’s body. She had her hand on her sweet mound and lowered herself to rest, lying on the piano bench.

Her light hair hung nearly to the floor as she closed her eyes and took in the soft moaning of her friends in their feast. I am so glad they finally followed their hearts and voiced their love for each other, she thought. Sandy could still see the vision of hard cock meat in her eyelids and the gourds joined their respective bodies in her mind. She let her nails run along the length of her body and sighed with the sexy sounds and feeling of the room as Cliff spied its ambience…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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