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Everybody’s 18, blah blah blah



I slipped quietly in the back door of my house, old habits. My car sat in the driveway, next to Molly’s, my twin sister’s cooling after the hour drive from college. This will be my first trip home. Molly goes to college in the opposite direction, we had planned to make the trip home at the same time. The booger got home first.

After years of practice, I silently slipped in the back door. I could hear the three of them in the den.

I took my clothes off. We’re nudists, well, we weren’t always, up until a couple years ago. My bare feet make no noise as I pad to the den and pause at the entrance.

In the middle of the room is this huge ottoman, dad got it on sale as a demo. Mom’s lying on it, on her back. Mollys lying on top of her, with her face full of mom’s pubic hair. Dads standing behind Molly, holding her skinny legs open and slowly sliding his cock in an out of her as Mom licks my sister’s clit and gets a mouthful of dad’s balls. A minute of watching this and I’m hard. I move over to my sister’s head, open mom’s thighs a bit and rub my boner along Molly’s face. She looks up, her face covered in mom’s spend. “Booger! You’re home!” Our nickname for each other, I’ll explain later. Then she swallows my cock, right down to the base, moaning while dad keeps fucking her and moms still working her clit.

I gently disengage my cock from my twin sister’s mouth, lift mom’s legs to my shoulders and slide into the vagina I emerged from nineteen years ago. Mom moves her head from my sister’s pussy and groans, “Oh John!”

Dad high-fives me over the sweating, writhing women, “Good to be back home?” “Nothing better,” I reply as I feel mom tighten her kegals around my cock.

How the hell did a very average family end up like this? Well, it began when dad got us all new phones.

The beginning

My father is a fireman, well he’s a Lieutenant now. If you know any, you’ll know that they don’t make much and usually are looking for ways to make or save money. Dad is an expert. If there’s a dollar to be saved or made on the side, he’s got it.

We live in a big colonial. Nice huh? Well, not exactly. The place was a foreclosure and a mess. He’s been working on it ever since and that was five years ago. But, it’s got an in-ground pool and it’s secluded.

So, Molly and I get home from high-school one Friday and there are four brand-new identical phones on the kitchen counter. Dad explained that he got some kind of deal. This is usually done with him saying, “I know a guy.” We assume there was some kind of shady goings-on and never ask questions. I was happy since my current phone had no screen anymore and was held together with packing tape. We all took one and spent the evening transferring and updating, leaving them all on the counter, which had always been our habit.

Saturday morning I had practice, so I got up and put on my soccer gear, minus the cleats. I walk in the kitchen, mom and dad are all in white shorts and tees, Molly’s in her nightwear of a long tee. Mom and dad were going boating with their new crew of friends, actually old friends, but they had re-bonded at an alumni event a month or so ago, I’ll tell more about that as I go along.

Molly looks up from her cereal, “Mornin Booger.” “Mornin Booger,” I reply back. Mom gives us that exasperated look. Molly and I are twins, not identical, and best friends. She’s smart, funny and sassy. When we were younger we got ataşehir escort in a fight one day and she called me a booger. I called her booger back. Then we just kept yelling ‘booger’ at each other till mom made us stop then we laughed like crazy. We’ve kept it up because it’s funny and it bugs mom.

I had the spare car for practice, a beater that dad got,(He knew a guy, sigh) so Molly was going to be home or down the road at Sarah’s, her best friend, and daughter of one of mom and dads, ‘crew’.

On the field, the coach is arguing with one of the school’s grounds guys. They had spread some shit on the grass and we couldn’t practice. Coach had us do laps on the track and go in after a half-an-hour.

Not home alone

I parked the car and went around the back of the house. I slipped in the door and closed it. I slid off my shoes and tucked them on the mat. It’s kinda a game with me, being as quiet as I can. I’ve gotten damn good at it. Molly calls it creepy, Mom says it’s disturbing. Dad laughs and just says to be careful, being a sneaky fucker may get me more than I expected. It helps that I don’t particularly stand out. Just your average High School student.

I put my bag of gear in the laundry room. I didn’t know if Molly was home so I slowly and stealthily moved through the house, looking to scare Booger. Empty, she must be over at Sally’s.

Well, since nobody was home I went to plan B. I went up to my room, stripped down to my white briefs and crashed on my bed.

I picked up my phone, opened the browser and clicked on my favorite porn site.

I’m watching a bunch of college students having an orgy in their dorm room. If this is college, I cannot wait. My cock is hard, of course, and I’m rubbing it through the white cotton briefs. I check, door shut, good. I shove my briefs down and, as I hold my phone with one hand I stroke my cock with the other. I can’t wait to fuck. I’ve had two girlfriends and got as far as touching their pussy. But it was nothing like this. We were nervous, she wasn’t very wet, I came in my pants, it was awful. I know everybody starts like this, but I want what I’m watching.

I hear footsteps and a door closing. Molly’s home. I freeze. The folks don’t get home for another hour. She’s on her bed, it squeaks, just a little. Normally, I don’t care, but today, I’m curious. I pull up my briefs and move to my closet. Molly’s real room is at the other end of the house, it’s the biggest, after Mom and dad’s. She wanted it and I didn’t care. But now she’s right next door in the guest room while dad fixes hers.

There had been some kind of shoe rack built into the wall and dad had ripped it out, another ‘in progress’ project. He had bashed a hole clear through to my room in the process. Not a big hole, maybe two inches or so, in the back wall of my closet. I slid the clothes back and knelt on my laundry to have a look.

Molly is a younger version of mom. She’s only five feet more or less, skinny, but curvy, like mom, brown and brown, you know, average.

My sister was getting ready to shower. As she stood at her dresser drawer, a pair of panties flipped over her head and landed on the bed, next to a bra, followed by a top and a pair of shorts. Then my life began to change.

Molly grabbed the hem of her top and flipped it off. I’ve seen her in her two-piece and, up until now, never had a thought about it. Her white bra held her smallish tits in place as she unbuttoned her shorts. kadıköy escort bayan There is something, something about watching a girl take her clothes off, even if it’s your sister. I couldn’t help it, my cock got hard. She unzipped and pushed the shorts down, kicking them into the closet, briefly covering the hole, to my great distress. They fell away, Molly, in just a white bra and cotton panties. I’d never thought of her as a girl, you know what I mean, but, I sure did now. She came to the closet, I moved sideways, fearing I’d been discovered. She moved back, holding her robe, dropping it on the bed.

The next fifteen seconds passed like lightning. Molly reached behind her back and her bra went slack on her shoulders. She let it fall into her hands. Breasts, tits, boobs. The first real ones I’d ever seen. Not big, but beautiful, round, with little brown nipples. I just stared. She tossed the bra into the closet, her little tits jiggling as she did. My cock was so hard. Then, hands on her hips, she shoved her panties down. A quick flash of brown fur between her legs as she slipped the robe on. Then, it was over. Wrapped in a pink robe, my sister opened the door and headed for the shower in our shared bathroom.

I sat on my closet floor panting, then looked in my hand. You asshole, I had my phone. Well, she was going to return, so I had a second chance.

Do you have any idea how long a girl can take in a shower? I sat on that closet floor for like an hour before I heard the water shut off. That’s when it got real interesting.

Molly stepped out of the bathroom in her robe and headed for her door. I heard her go downstairs, walk around and come back up. Then, my door opened. Shit, I’m caught. She didn’t see me in the closet and shut the door. Now I’m real curious. She’s checking to see if anybody else is home. I’ve done the same thing, I wondered if she was doing it for the same reason. My sister closed her door and then locked it. Oh yeah.

I had rearranged the laundry to make a nice place to lie, my face level with the ragged hole, my phone ready, my briefs gone. As my sister dropped her robe, I hit record. My phone was fully charged and the card had tons of room.

Molly stood in front of her mirror and ran her hands over her body. Her eyes closed, she caressed herself, probably imagining someone else doing that. Her nipples got hard, pointing out. As she moved I could see every part of my sister. It was early spring. Her pussy was furry. I’d never noticed it in the summer, so she must trim or something. Her hands moved to her breasts, pinching her nipples, she sighed. My cock was so hard. I couldn’t help it, I slowly humped the soft clothes under me. Molly watched herself in the mirror as she toyed with her firm tits. She rubbed her thighs together as she pinched her nipples. I held my phone steady.

She turned towards the closet, I held fast. If I’m gonna get caught, I’m gonna make it worth it. She passed the front of the closet. Then I caught the scent. Musky, warm. I’d read about it and now I knew what an excited girl smelled like. Molly got something from her dresser, then jumped up on her bed. It was her hairbrush. She’d just gotten it. I was with her, what a pain in the ass, we went to three stores before she found it. I had no idea what the big deal was, now I knew.

I was looking at the corner of her bed. She put a thick towel on the bed then sat on it and arranged her pillows, giving me a peek at her pussy, escort maltepe pink, shiny lips, tucked in auburn pubic hair. I rubbed my cock on the laundry.

Molly leaned against her pillows, she was angled on the bed, towards me, her legs spread. My first look at a woman’s excited pussy. It was my sister, I shouldn’t be so turned on, but I was and I didn’t care. Then, she started talking.

She pinched her nipples, “Oh yeah, pinch them. That feels so good. Now, Suck them, please.”

She stuck two fingers in her mouth and covered them with her drool, rubbing it all over her nips.

“Oh, fuck that’s good, yeah lick them.”

Molly does not swear and hates it when I do. This was not my sister, ha ha.

She trailed her wet fingers down her firm belly.

“Oh yes, lower, please. You know what I want.”

She stuck her fingers back in her mouth, re-soaking them in saliva. From her cute little belly button, she trailed one finger down, through her pubic patch, “yes, oh yes, do it. Please, lick my pussy.”

I couldn’t help it. I was rubbing my cock on the laundry and when she said that, I came. But I kept that phone steady and stifled my moans.

My sister laid her hand flat on her pussy and slowly drew it up. She groaned, loudly. Now I know why she checked the house.

“Oh fuck! Yes lick my pussy, taste me, I’m so wet for you.”

My cock was still hard and I was rubbing it in the warm wet mess under me. My sister palmed her pussy with her hand, now shiny with her own wetness, rubbing her flat hand up and down, like a big fat tongue, her middle finger plowing a groove in her drenched pussy. Her other hand pinched a nipple. I could hear her clearly. She enjoyed being vocal.

“Oh yeah, pinch it while you lick my pussy. I want to cum for you. Lick my clit and finger me. I’ll cum all over your face.”

Her left hand gleamed with her natural fluid. Molly brought her right down and started rubbing at the top of her pussy.

“Oh yes, oh yes, lick my clit, please. Oh fuck, fingers, give me fingers.”

She slid two fingers from her left hand into her pussy. I could hear the slosh. I was close to cumming again.

“Ahhhh!” She gasped, rolled on her side and quivered. I had just seen my first female orgasm. I unloaded on the laundry under me, stifling a moan.

Molly just lay there for a minute, catching her breath. She rolled on her back and splayed her legs wide. Wow, her thighs, her pussy, and her pubic mound were drenched. I’d seen that in videos, but I assumed it was fake. She reached for her hair brush and looked up, as if talking to an imaginary lover, on top of her. She placed the big, fat, round, ribbed handle of that brush at the lips of her pussy.

“Now fuck me. Fuck me really hard. I want your cock ramming me.”

Molly was on her back, her legs pulled into her chest. One hand ramming her pussy with the brush handle, the other rubbing her clit. Her mouth gaped open in kinda of an ‘O’ shape and she made a woofing noise every time that brush went in. I was fucking that pile of clothes under me, trying to hold my phone still.

I came for the third time and watched as my sister climaxed right after me. As juice gushed out of her pussy she yelled a bunch of stuff. I was so shocked, I dropped my phone. Now I know why she had the towel.

I rearranged the laundry and, using my well-practiced stealth tactics, slipped back out to my buddy Matt’s house. His mom is Laura, one of mom and dad’s friends. I had no intention of sharing my video.

Back home. I couldn’t help looking at Molly differently now, more as a woman, and not just a sister.

Sunday was unremarkable. Each night I went to bed, played that vid and masturbated, it was incredibly exciting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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