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Abella Anderson

I’d been very busy with business for the previous 6 months and hadn’t had any chance of a holiday, when a number of meetings got cancelled which freed up a week in my calendar. I took the opportunity for some spring sun and booked a small villa in Tenerife.

I’d decided on a small villa as I could really chill out and not be bothered by anyone, get up when I want, eat when and what I want etc..

My flight was arriving late and I arranged with the agency that they leave the keys and information at the car hire office and I would pick up from there.

When I arrived everything was in order and I easily found the villa which was as stated.

As usual, I arose early the following day and checked out the villa properly. The pool was great and surrounded by a lot of flowering bushes, the sun was already up and I decided to have a lazy day by the pool. Even though I’m nearly 70 I still love being in the sun and pool.

I went back inside and changed into a pair of fairly tight swimming shorts I also picked up my camera and books, it was a habit always to have my camera with me when I was somewhere new, sometimes there were some beautiful unusual birds etc., that you never ever saw in the UK.

I was engrossed in my book when the gate at the bottom of the pool garden opened and an attractive woman entered.

I guessed that she was from the villa rental company as she approached me.

I stood up and she introduced herself as Pam, I offered her a seat at the poolside table and she asked if everything was to my liking etc. and gave various bits of information re local amenities and the like.

Pam looked about 40, she had long dark hair, and from what I could see a good figure, she was wearing a black dress that was very short but had a bit of a vail attached which made it seem longer, she was wearing a really nice pair of black platform shoes which really showed off her legs, lastly she had the most beautiful emerald green eyes. To say she looked hot was an understatement! Luckily, when the gate opened I had put in a pair of sport shorts, so I looked decent and wasn’t going to embarrass her or myself!

She was a very easy person to talk with and I enjoyed the conversation, before she left she asked if it was ok to show some people around the pool area, as it was early season she had some overseas tour operators’ she wanted to do business with, of course I said yes no problem.

As she left I got the opportunity to get a real good look at her from behind, wow her legs looked fantastic!

The next day I was again by the pool when Pam arrived with a man, she waived and I acknowledged her as she came over to me by the pool, she introduced the guy as Hans her husband .

She was wearing a white blouse and tight grey skirt, copper coloured stockings( I knew as could see the outline of her garter belt through the skirt) and wine coloured heels. She looked as sexy as hell and the skirt showed the outline of her thighs and arse which looked divine. The bell at the gate rang and Hans went to open it and a couple appeared, Pam went to greet them and then started to show them round the garden.

I picked up my camera and pretended to take pictures and the flowering bushes, really, I was taking pics of Pam, Jesus, did I want to get into her knickers. I got the feeling that Pam was aware of what I was doing as she started to point things out to the couple and was bending and stretching a lot.

After they left I went indoors and uploaded the photos on to my laptop, when I blew them up, they looked excellent, I wasn’t mistaken, this woman had beautiful legs and arse.

The weather was excellent and the following morning I was by the pool again when around 11.30 Pam arrived alone with a different couple. Again, like the previous day she walked over to me with the couple and introductions were made, I wasn’t sure why Pam did that, but I wasn’t complaining. She was wearing a light green tight fitting dress and matching heels, the dress was slit at the sides to the top of her thighs! I could barely take my eyes off her legs as well all spoke, I took the opportunity to appear very kind and offered them all the use of the pool, they declined and Pam said maybe another day as they were very busy. As Pam started to show them round I picked up my camera again, and pretended again to photograph the foliage, Pam was again pointing and stretching, it appeared that at every opportunity her legs were on show and I got as many pics as possible, on a couple of occasions I was sure Pam was looking at me as she did this, almost posing!

As soon as they left I went back into the villa and uploaded them into my laptop, I had some fantastic photos of Pam’s legs, but the most intriguing thing when I looked closely was that she was sneakily looking in my direction, she wanted me to see her legs. My cock was hard and I really needed a fuck!

I spent the rest of the day in the local town and didn’t return till late, I had probably drunk too much bursa escort wine with dinner as well.

I slept late next morning and was only wakened when I heard the garden gate opening, my bedroom overlooked the pool, I looked out of the window and Pam was walking up to the pool alone. She was wearing a robe which was blue and some white high heels, they must have been about 15cm!

She put her bag down and looked around to see if I was there, then took off her robe, wow! She had on the tiniest white micro bikini, the top barely covered her nipples and the bottom, well it was a thong and it just encased her pussy lips! I grabbed my camera and started to take pics as she kicked off her shoes and dived in the pool.

I continued to take pics as she swam, although I had a raging boner which was making it difficult!

When she got out of the pool the bikini had become transparent, I could see her tits and pussy lips. Again she looked around and also gave a passing glance at my window, am sure she couldn’t see me.

She put on her shoes which made her look like a goddess and then walked to where she’d left her bag and robe, all the time I was taking pics. She bent to pick her bag and robe, but she bent from the waist, her arse was in the air, the thong was that tight I could see the rosebud of her arse, and the material had slipped inside her crack, her pussy lips were on full display!

She seemed to spend an age like that, I wasn’t complaining as I was getting loads of pics. She then stood upon, put on her robe and left.

I immediately uploaded the photos, god, this woman was sex on legs, i couldn’t help myself, I lay back on my bed and had a slow wank as I put all the pics on a slide show.

I spent the rest of the day swimming and reading, Pam didn’t come by with any clients that day.

I decided to cook that evening and after eating to watch some tv, very boring, but I just wanted to chill out. Like everyone today my laptop is always on and the familiar ping of an email arriving rang out. As normal I had a quick look, it was from an anonymous sender and had no message, it should have gone to spam but didn’t there was no message, just a link with a small picture. I was about to delete the mail when the woman in the picture caught my attention, I clicked on the picture and up came a photo of Pam from the villa company, dressed only in lingerie!

I clicked on the link and wow, there was Pam!

There were lots of photos of her in various stages of undress and most wearing stockings.

I spent the rest of the night trawling through hundreds of pics and of Pam in various states of undress and activities, I hardly got any sleep and my cock was perpetually hard!

Next day I went for a swim and then relaxed by the pool, I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I remembered was hearing voices and then seeing Pam and another woman in front of me.

I looked up and Pam was with a dark haired lady who she introduced as Amanda, they both sat down at the table next to my sun lounger and were talking and laughing together in German.

Pam had on a yellow dress and stockings, Amanda was all in green.

Amanda was much bigger than Pam and her face seemed familiar, then I realised that I’d seen a photo set of her with Pam licking each other’s pussies the night before.

Luckily , my book was over my lap as my knob started to come alive . Both were sitting crossed legged and showing a lot of leg, I only had on some tight shorts and I was getting a hard on very quickly.

Am sure that they both knew of my discomfort as they engaged me in conversation, Pam was explaining that Amanda was an old friend who had dropped by before going to another part of the island, but was thinking of renting a villa later in the year.

The pictures from last night flooded my mind, Pam

on her back with her legs spread as Amanda licked her cunt whilst Pam was fingering her hole.

Thank god for the book, my knob was rock hard and making a tent in the front of my shorts.

Both kept crossing and uncrossing their legs showing more and more leg, twice Amanda did it slowly so that I got a really good view of her knickers pulled tight over her twat.

I was aching, god I wanted to fuck them both!

They said that they needed to go, Amanda stood up and whilst she was doing that Pam just let her legs fall apart, she was looking toward Amanda and talking, I was getting a perfect view up her skirt. My eyes must have been in stalks, she was wearing a pair of open crotch knickers and her pussy was in view. As Pam stood up and they turned to leave, Pam gave me a big smile and wink, my knob was throbbing I was so turned on.

I spent that evening going through her website, what a sexy women and she wasn’t backward at coming forward, you name it, at one stage it had been in her pussy!

The following day was to be my last full day as I was to leave in the morning of the following day.

I spent the day bursa escort bayan lazing by the pool with my mind conjuring up all sorts of thoughts in respect to Pam, she didn’t appear in the morning and I became a bit disappointed.

I had a light lunch and then a swim and lay back in the sun lounger to soak up the sun. As usual, think I dozed off and only awoke when I heard someone cough.

I looked up and Pam was sitting at the table next to me, I nearly choked when I saw the way she was dressed. She had on a tight red skirt, black blouse, black stockings and dark red shoes, the same clothes that she was wearing in the pictures I’d Seen the night before were she masturbated with a massive cucumber.

My camera was in the table next to her, well Roger she said, how have you enjoyed your stay?

In all honesty Pam, it’s been very relaxing and entertaining I said.

Then the bombshell came, did you enjoy photographing me Roger? she said. I see you have a lot of photos of me here on your camera and you told me that you were photographing wild birds she said!

I went red and I noticed that my book was also on the table, I had no were to hide. All became clear with the next question, did you like my link Roger?

First I was shocked, then I said you?

Pam laughed, yes Roger, it was me who sent you the link, I knew after the first day that you were here that you were trying to photograph me and thought I’d send you the link to see what you did.

You watched me? I said, no Roger, just noted how long you were logged on, and since you joined it’s been continuous, you obviously like what you saw.

I felt embarrassed and then Pam picked up the camera, she pointed it at me and said, do you like being photographed Roger? Before I could answer she was snapping away, as I said, I only had some tight swimming trunks on and I was getting hard rapidly.

Pam was asking all the questions, which pictures did you like best, did you like to see me masturbate? Which was your favourite picture set?

I was now hard and my cock was making tent pole in the front of my trunks, I moved my arm so I could cover myself, but immediately Pam said no, let me see you Roger, I want to see how much I turn you on.

Pam had now uncrossed her legs and her skirt had ridden up to her stocking tops, Christ, she was wearing black stockings with red tops, my favourite!

Pam moved herself forward on the chair in a way so that her body came forward and the skirt stayed in position I.e. It was almost round her waist.

Wank your cock for me Roger, she said, let me see you wank as you look at my pussy, her legs were apart and she was wearing some red see through knickers, her pussy lips were clearly visible as was the wet spot between them!

I pulled my trunks down and my cock sprung out and stood to attention, Pam was snapping like crazy and was saying , wank it Roger, do it slowly for me, slowly, I could have shot my load instantly I was so turned on, but I didn’t.

I was looking at Pam as I started to wank my knob, I was pointing it in her direction as my foreskin was right back and she could see pre-cum oozing from the end. Show me your tits Pam I said, without a blink her blouse was unbuttoned and her lovely big tits came into view, I was in heaven!

As I continued to slowly pull on my cock, Pam got off the chair and still photographing me put one foot on the sun lounger by my head, her knickers were that tight I had the perfect view!!

Rub my fanny Roger she said, I didn’t need to be asked again and I rubbed the inside of her thigh as my hand worked its way up, as I started to pull her knickers to one side, she stopped me and said no, rub it through my panties.

My fingers were between her lips, her panties were soaking wet, within a minute I had two fingers right up her hole and was fingering her through her panties.

Although this sounds mad, it was an unbelievably erotic experience!

Pam was teasing me, how does it feel to be photographed? she said, what do you think? I answered, my cock is rock hard, I’ve two fingers in your pussy and your tits are on view!!

Pam laughed and moved so she was standing to the side of me, I licked her pussy juice off my fingers as Pam squatted and started to take close up pics of the end of my cock. She made no attempt to pull her skirt down and the way she was positioned gave me the most beautiful view of her stocking clad legs.

Suddenly she gave me the camera and grabbed my cock, she moved forward so her face was almost touching my cock, she looked at me and said well?

I took the message and took a picture immediately, she then put my cock right in front of her mouth, she was driving me crazy , all the time looking directly at the camera. She opened her mouth wide and the end of my cock was between her lips but not touching, then she had her tongue out and it was literally only a millimetre from the tip of my cock, she had such a tight bursa bayan escort grip on my cock I couldn’t do anything, in fact she was squeezing the base so tight my bell end was totally swollen.

Then she did it, still looking at me and the camera, she started to lick the end of my cock. The feeling has her tongue passed over my cock was awesome, how I managed to keep the camera steady I don’t know. Pam was asking me if I liked her licking my cock and smiled, the woman was not only teasing me but driving me wild. She wrapped her lips round the end and looked at me, the sight of her beautiful move sucking the end of my knob was almost too much, I took as many pics as possible until she slid her lips all the way down.

Suck it Pam, suck my fucking cock I said, there was no posing for the camera now, Pam was sliding up and down my cock like a dream, my cock was almost down her throat and my balls were banging against her chin as I fucked her mouth. I wanted till cum, but I didn’t want this to stop.

Come here Pam I said, I need to eat your pussy, she stood up and moved towards my face, when she drew level she straddled the sun lounger so her cunt was about 2 inches from my face I could smell her sex, it was intoxicating!

She pulled her panties to one side, her legs were widely parted and her pussy lips were apart. I got my hands on her arse and pulled her into my face, I got my tongue right inside her as she grinded herself further into my face. I fucked her with my tongue, sucked her clit till it stuck out of its hood all hard, fingered her arse and swallowed as much as her juice as possible, she was also pulling my head right into her. This seemed to last for ages, all the time Eve was urging me on to go faster, or deeper or just don’t stop, I had no intention of stopping, her pussy tasted great. Suddenly I felt her legs start to tremble as she started to cum,I grabbed her arse tighter as she bucked and grounded herself all over my face, she was soaking and I swallowed as much of her cum as I could. I carried on sucking her clit until she was totally weak and eventually almost collapsed on top of me.

I put my hands to her head and lifter her face, even though I had her cum on my face we started to kiss, I couldn’t believe that this was happening!

As we kissed I managed to get her blouse and bra off, her tits were pressed into my chest -wow!

My cock was like an iron bar and I was dying to fuck her, I put my hand on her hips and pushed her down my body, it was a fantastic feeling as her wet fanny slid over my stomach!

I wanted to ram my cock in her, but her teasing mode had come back. Just as the end of my cock was about to reach her pussy she lifted herself and then dropped down so that her pussy was on top of my shaft!

She started to rub herself up and down my cock, her pussy lips were wrapped around it and each time she would pull back just before she got to the end of my cock, pre- cum was literally dribbling from the end, all the time Eve was teasing me, asking me if I liked it etc. All I could do was relish it, oh and seriously squeeze and pull on her nipples.

As if possible things got even better, she stood up quickly and took her skirt and panties off, all she had on was red topped black stockings, heels and a red garter belt, to say she looked stunning was an understatement!

She turned to face away from me and again straddled the sun lounger showing off her gorgeous arse and thighs, she started to squat , my knob was sticking up in the air waiting to enter her sopping wet hole, when she looked over her shoulder and said get the camera.

The end of my cock was just touching her pussy lips when I took the first picture, still looking over her shoulder, she said this is something you’ll never forget Roger as she lowered herself down on my cock. She leaned slightly forward so I had a clear view of my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I put the camera on continuous, so god only knows just how many pics there were of my cock glistening with her juice sliding in and out, but enough to wank over later for the rest of my life!!

Even after I put the camera down and Eve was bouncing up and down on me as I was rising up to meet her. I pushed her further forward and told her to get on her hands and knees and started fucking her doggy style. I held Eve’s hips as I pounded her as hard as possible, it’s was like having my cock in a jar of honey, warm, wet and soft!

Pam’s cunt was squelching as my balls were banging her clit, I was shoving my cock in up to the hilt as I banged her as hard as I could.

I realised I couldn’t hold on much longer and told her to turn over, as soon as she was in her back I was ploughing into her again.

She wrapped her legs around my back and I could feel her heels digging into me, we were kissing each other, not just mouths, but we were all over each other’s faces kissing and licking each other like two animals.

I couldn’t hold back and said I’m cumming, Pam’s reaction was to tighten the grip that her legs had around my waist, her cunt tightened as she said , fill me, shoot you load up me, I want all your cum.

My balls tightened and I exploded in her, Christ, there must have been at least 5 loads, I couldn’t stop cumming.

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