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I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My thirty-five years-old, church going, PTA wife was standing in a convenience store, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and she held the t-shirt up at her neck, exposing her otherwise nude body to a stranger. Then she turned around and faced me and another stranger that stood between us. I was getting some priceless photos with my phone. She had drawn the attention of these two guys when she bent over to pick up a candy bar and exposed her ass and pussy. They had just walked into the aisle and surprised her. She had taken a look at the one guy, then pulled the t-shirt up and flashed her beautiful, nude body. Then she turned around.

After a few seconds, she walked to the checkout counter and paid for the candy bar and a drink. The clerk guy was taking his time scanning the item while he looked at her tits poking through the thin shirt. I got some more photos from behind the clerk. I quickly hustled out of the building and opened the truck door for my wife, who was close behind me. She was laughing as she said “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

There were six of us in the truck and all we had on among all of us were the t-shirt and two pairs of shorts. The t-shirt my wife wore was mine. All of our other clothes had been thrown into a river during a food fight an hour earlier.

It had all started out as an innocent picnic among friends. My wife Debby’s sister June, had her boy-friend, Kyle, visiting along with two of his friends, Jeff and Shamar. We hadn’t met any of these guys before. June suggested that we all go on a picnic at a spot by a river. She said it was a beautiful where we could relax with no one bothering us. We dumped the kids with Deb’s and June’s mom and off we went. It was a summer weekday afternoon and traffic was light, so we got there easily. The spot was secluded; we had to take a dirt road about half a mile to get to it. It was by the river and the river was flowing full from spring rains. We asked June how she knew of the place and she said she had been there with a previous boy-friend, which drew some knowing laughs. June was younger than Deb and was a real hot little number. She was wearing short shorts and a halter top. Deb was wearing something similar. She didn’t have a bra on at my request. I liked to see her tits jiggle under her top. Apparently the other three guys noticed too. I heard one of them say something about wanting “some of that”. They were constantly positioning themselves to get a view of her cleavage and were clearly admiring her titties poking through her top and they ogled her ass as she walked around.

The picnic was fun. We did some sightseeing and were relaxing in the sun when June asked for a cupcake. Deb picked up a cupcake and threw it across the grass we were sitting on. June didn’t catch it and it hit her chest, smearing icing over her top. ‘You bitch”, she laughed and then scooped up some cole-slaw with a spoon and flung at my wife. It hit her chest and face. Deb retaliated by throwing her cup of iced-tea at her sister. She missed güvenilir bahis and hit Kyle. He laughed and threw his tea at Deb. It sprayed and hit me and Jeff. The food fight was on. Soon, we were all throwing drinks and other leftovers at each other.

Kyle got another glass of tea and poured it right on my wife’s chest. It was like she was in a wet t-shirt contest. We could see her nipples and areolas and the shape of her breasts as if she didn’t have a top on at all. June just avoided the same treatment when she moved quickly. She took a glass of ice and pulled out Jeff’s shorts and dumped the ice into his crotch. He howled from the cold and grabbed June’s halter top over her back and pulled it up over her head. So now she was topless as she ran after Jeff to get her top. As she chased him, they went near the river bank and Jeff tossed her halter into the river. The current carried it away. June stood there, stunned, with her very nice tits exposed to the sunlight.

June went after Jeff and grabbed his shorts, trying to pull them down. Kyle held Jeff’s hands for a minute which was long enough for her to pull Jeff’s shorts and underwear off and throw them in the river after her top. Jeff was standing there with his dick starting to rise and he chased after June. Meanwhile, my wife got involved trying to help. They got Jeff’s t-shirt off. He was now naked. Then Shamar came to Jeff’s aid and pulled down my wife’s shorts. The shorts and Jeff’s shirt went into the river.

Shamar then pulled down my wife’s panties, exposing her nice brown bush. She screamed and ran after Shamar, but was grabbed by Jeff. Shamar, who was a nicely built black guy, began wrestling with Deb. I think she let him strip her. He got her top off, leaving my wife nude. Shamar let my wife strip him. He waved his cock at her and she slapped it. Shamar threw the last of my wife’s clothes into the river and she retaliated by throwing all of Shamar’s clothes in as well.

I hadn’t been just sitting there. I went after June. By now, Jeff who, was naked and had a hard-on, was grabbing her tits from behind. He lifted her off the ground and I pulled her shorts off of her. She wasn’t wearing underwear, so now she was nude. She was able to get my shirt off and then my darling wife came up behind me and pulled down my shorts and underwear, so now I was naked like most everyone else. Deb took my clothes over to the river when I yelled that the truck keys were in my pocket. So, she dropped the shorts over the bank, but not into the river. The rest of my stuff went into the current. I threw June’s shorts in as well.

Now everyone was nude except for Kyle. Soon, he was too as the two women jumped on him, but he offered only limited resistance. He saved his shorts from going in the river by using the car keys appeal that had worked for me.

Kyle was wrestling with my wife and got her to the ground. I pulled June off from helping my wife and soon we were also both on the ground. I was watching to see what would happen next. Kyle and Shamar rolled Deb onto her back güvenilir bahis siteleri and Kyle put his leg up between hers, making it nearly impossible for her to get away. He then kissed her. She resisted, but Kyle and Shamar pulled her legs apart and Kyle boldly poked his hard cock toward her pussy. As I turned to watch, his prick slid into my wife’s cunt.

Before I could object, June was all over me. She kissed me and then mounted me; sliding her wet little cunt over my cock. I had admired my sister-in-law’s body since I had first met her and my wife would playfully punch me when I looked too long. June’s cunt was warm, wet and tight. My cock immediately responded and I was distracted from my wife getting fucked a few feet away.

Deb saw me and her sister and thought “what-the-hell” and let Kyle fuck her. While he was doing that, Jeff put his dick by her face and got her to start sucking it. Now Deb was really going and began a series of orgasms. She knew she was being gang-banged in broad daylight with her husband a few feet away.

Kyle came after a few minutes and flooded my wife’s cunt with his semen. Then Jeff took his turn while Deb licked off Kyles’s cock and she then took Shamar’s impressive dick into her little mouth. Jeff was fucking Deb hard. He rolled her over and with her ass raised up stood behind her and pounded into her cunt. Deb responded to the rough treatment with another orgasm. When Jeff shot his load into her, she was exhausted, but she wasn’t done. I should mention that Kyle was taking pictures of all of this with his phone.

As I watched Jeff pull out his cock, wet with my wife’s juices and his come, I came into June’s sweet little cunt. As I sat back to relax, June licked my cock clean. Then, I had a view from three feet away as Shamar shoved his big black cock into my wife’s dripping white cunt. He fucked her from behind as well. He grunted and hammered away, using her for his pleasure. He said she was “sweet and tight”. Before long, he came too. He left my pretty wife lying face down in the grass with her legs spread. I could see her cunt hole was open and the sperm was dripping out of her. I’m sure Kyle got a picture of that.

I rolled Deb over and kissed her asking if she was alright. She said “Well, I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to be gang-banged and now I know.” I asked what she thought of it and she said “I’ve been there and done that so it’s off my bucket list.” She continued, “It was pretty intense. I came over and over while they used me.” I kissed her. I climbed between her legs, held her tight and slid into her very wet cunt. It was very different. The thought of fucking my wife with three other men’s come in her was indescribable. I tried to last for a while to enjoy it and give Deb pleasure, but I couldn’t keep myself from coming. My loving wife came too and laid there exhausted.

Meanwhile, the other guys had taken turns with June. Shamar was fucking her, finished and Kyle took over on his fiancé’s cunt. June was exquisite as she lay there naked. Her iddaa siteleri pussy was matted with cum, but her bush was nice and furry. I compared my wife’s and her sister’s cunts and tits and took a few photos with my phone, which fortunately had not gone in the river. I decided that Deb was the better-looking woman/piece-of-ass.

With all of that over, we started to get ready to leave only to find that there were only three items of clothing left. Kyle and I found our shorts by the river and my t-shirt could be retrieved from a snag a few feet down the river. I gave my t-shirt to Deb and we loaded into the truck, with me driving. We drove along, with Shamar and Jeff in the back seat with June. All three of them were naked. The two guys were feeling June up while she played with their cocks. In the front, Deb was riding in the middle seat, with her legs on either side of the gear shift, with her cunt on display.

Before long I noticed that the light on the fuel gauge was on, indicating that we were about to run out of gas. We surely didn’t have enough to get home. Deb said she had to pee and I did too. So, we pulled into a gas station with a mini-mart that would have bathrooms.

I paid for the gas and asked Kyle to pump it while Deb and I went in to the bathroom. As we walked in, Deb had to be careful how she walked to keep from showing her ass and pussy. I dared her to buy something in the store. She looked at me and grinned. I came out of the bathroom first and was waiting for her. She came out and said, “I’m hungry”.

I stood at the end of the aisle, acting like I didn’t know her, as she went and got a soda and then started to look at the chips and candy. That’s when she started to put on a show. First, she squatted down to look at something on a low shelf. Her legs were spread and her pink cunt was wide open. She was getting a bag of chips when the first guy came around behind me and saw what I saw. Deb saw him and stood up. Then she bent over to get something. Another man had come to the other end of the aisle and could see down her shirt to see her tits, while the first guy and I got a nice view of her ass and cunt. That’s when my darling, church going wife lifted the t-shirt to her neck and gave all three of us a full view, fantastic.

As I said, we all went out and jumped into the car. The others had changed seats. Deb had to jump in the back between Jeff and Shamar, while June sat between Kyle and me. She had her legs spread to straddle the gear shift and her tits were sticking out proudly. In the back seat, Deb was a bit embarrassed sitting between the two guys until she reflected that they had both fucked her thoroughly an hour earlier. So, she let them feel her up and even finger her on the way home. She got Shamar to come all over himself. He wanted her to clean it up, but she refused. The other interesting thing was when we went through the drive-thru window at Wendys with June sitting in the front seat nude.

Deb and I were okay with what happened, but it was a one-time thing that we never repeated. June and Kyle broke up soon after. Kyle couldn’t handle what had happened. We never saw him or the other two guys again. We both have memories of Deb getting fucked by three strangers in broad daylight. I, of course had some fond memories of her sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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