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Pimpin’ My Mom… And Sister

By : DickThePimp

My mom is hot. Simple and to the point. Blonde bbw with a thick ass and massive F cups. All natural from head to toe. So curvy and luscious, I get a boner just talking about her. I’m jerking off right now thinking about earlier today. My cock’s throbbing and rock hard. My hand’s flying up and down my slightly bent upwards, seven incher. My breathing quickens as my excitement intensifies. Closing my blue eyes, thinking back to this morning in the car… ahhhhhhhh… those lush, succulent lips wrapped tight around my skull fucking rod. Oh yeahhhhhhh…. mmmmmmmmm. So wet and welcoming. Such a loving oral embrace. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk….

“Here it cums, mama. Uhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

Launching my sticky sperm down her throat, all seven inches buried deep inside her cock craving oral cavity. My hips shooting up off of my driver’s seat, pushing my cock even deeper down her cum greedy gullet. Mmmmmmm. Each creamy blast of semen sending waves of sweet tingling sensations throughout my loins. Oh fuck yeah!

My right hand squeezes her 38F right tit, hanging out of her huge pink bra cup. Her skin tight blue polo top pulled up over her mountainous melons. God… her tit feels so amazingly great in my fast squeezing hand. Her fat pink nipple throbbing and rubbing on my palm.

“My baby has the tastiest cum. Mmmmmmm. So good.” Mama licks all around my softening head, sucking it, chewing on it, deepthroating me repeatedly to make sure she devours every single drop of jizm in me. Such a sweetheart.

“I wanna pimp you, mama. I want you to be my ho.” I blurt out. It’s been a fantasy of mine forever. My slutty mom out there sucking and fucking to make me money. So fucking hot.

“Mmmmmmmmm… sounds delightful, baby. I love how you think, baby. You know I’ll do anything for you. Are you gonna pimp Gina too? That would be even hotter.” As mama continues softly sucking my now soft cock clean, I think about what she asked me. My sister Gina is married and has four kids. That definitely would be quite naughty. We used to fuck all the time, but she decided to stay faithful to her husband after they almost broke up a year ago. He found out about her extra marital sluttiness. I bet I could talk her into it though. I start smirking brightly, my hand on the top of mama’s wavy blonde haired head as she makes sweet oral love to my very happy dick.

I set my mom up with a neighbor. Steve is a contractor. Married. Three kids. Late 50’s. Hot wife too. I’ve fucked her a few times while he was at work. I fuck everybody’s wife. It’s a big time fetish for me. Anyway… Steve paid me $500. He has a big time crush on my mother… like everyone does. She’s the hottest milf in the neighborhood. Even hotter than his wife.

Mama’s always showing off those 38F jugs of hers in skimpy tops and always tight, low cut ones. They mesmerize every cock in their path with their extra bouncy awesomeness as she walks by. Mama just smirks and pays them no kind, teasing the fuck outta ’em. She’s so fucking awesome!

While mama is over at Steve’s… his wife Tracy and their kids are at her mom’s house… I call my busty sister and chit chat to break the ice. She tells me about her job… she’s a rehabilitation nurse. The male… and female… patients are always usually a little frisky with her. She knows I’m getting intrigued, so she tells me about one older patient she let feel her up in her scrubs a couple of days ago. I start grinning. ataşehir escort This is gonna be easier than I thought.

The old dude wanted a blowjob, but Gina didn’t do it. She jerked him a little.

“I felt real guilty afterwards. It did kinda turn me on though, but I promised Dave I wouldn’t mess around anymore. I still get those old feelings for new dick though. I can’t help it.”

As my sexy sister tells me her inner thoughts, I just grin my ass off. I’m gonna exploit her craving for new dick to my sexual… and financial… benefit. A little sexual blackmail of your sister sounds pretty fucking hot to me.

We chat for another hour, til mama comes home. I make a date with her for lunch tomorrow and hang up as my gorgeous mother walks through the front door. She mischievously grins at me, then comes over and motorboats me right here on the couch. God… those tits are superbly fantastic. So huge. So soft. So jiggly and mountainous. Fucking awesome through and through!

Mama pours herself a big glass of red wine and flops down in my lap, her right arm over my shoulder, to tell me all about her $500 fun with our neighbor.

“He was real horny from the get go. We didn’t even talk. He gave me the money, then he bent me over the couch and ate my pussy for a minute, then slammed up it for a few. He’s got a real thick dick so it felt really good.”

Mama takes a nice gulp of wine and grinds on my crotch, then continues…

“I rode him in his recliner while he mauled my breasts. I slapped him around and pulled his hair as I rode him hard and fast. My boobs were bouncing like crazy in his big hands.”

Another big sip of wine, a look of smirky confidence… and more crotch grinding on me… then she continues…

“Finally, he wanted to fuck me on his bed where his wife sleeps so we went in and he threw me on the bed, climbed on and fucked away. Missionary. He drove his fat dick in me for ten minutes, kissing my neck and howling. He was so damn excited. He came in me and kept screaming how happy he was. I just laughed. I went in the bathroom and pissed his cum out, using his wife’s douche to clean up. I came out, waved and walked out. I felt so sleazy and hot. I loved it… Here you go, my gorgeous son… my pimp. Mama thanks you so much for this.”

She kisses me deep, grinding even harder on my lap. We split the money. We’re gonna have so much fucking fun with this, it’s gonna be insane.

Mama and I fuck our brains out in her bed, all night long. I cum in her pussy and ass… and finally, all over those massive melons of hers. She licks ’em clean while I watch and film it. Fucking awesome night.

At lunch with my sister Gina, we chow down on Chick Fil A and talk sex… and money. I tell her all about my idea to pimp her. She’s not into it in the beginning, but she warms up to it a little after I tell her all about me pimpin’ mama.

“It sounds hot, but I don’t know, James. Dave would kill me if he found out. That would be it for us. I can’t. I mean…”

Gina’s still really nervous about her fucking marriage and shit. God… I’m so turned on. Incest and cheating are my two biggest fetishes and they’re staring me right in the face as I eat my nuggets and waffle fries.

My cock is so fucking hard under the table. I tell Gina about it and she giggles, giving me a naughty smirk. She takes off her shoe and sneaks a foot over to check for herself. She rubs my seven inches slowly, making kadıköy escort bayan me groan loud. A couple of other diners look over and wonder what’s up. Fuck ’em. Ha.

Gina stops foot massaging my rock hard cock, I assume not wanting to get me too excited. She’s still freaking nervous about cheating. Fucking marriage gotta ruin a good time.

When we’re done, Gina and I head out to my van and chill. I light up a blunt and we smoke. Damn… my sister looks so fucking sexy sucking on that blunt as she puffs. She passes back to me, smiling sweetly. She’s got on a tight, low cut dark blue short sleeve top and tight black jeans. Her cleavage is mesmerizing me real nice.

We move to the back seat/pullout bed to get more comfortable. That excites me. I turn on some music and we keep smoking and chit chatting. She relaxes… and I start back with my freaky idea.

“I think you’ll love it, baby. I mean… you’re hot. You’re always horny. You proved that inside. Why not make some money and have some fun? Makes perfect sense. Your stupid husband doesn’t have to know anything about it.”

I pass the blunt back to Gina, shaking my horny eyebrows at her. She laughs and puffs. My sister and I have always gotten along great. I’ve always been able to talk her into just about anything… and I’m determined to do it again.

I pull my cock out and let it breathe. She looks at it as it jumps and dances in the smokey breeze. She stick her tongue out at me. Gina’s turned on and we both know it. I start jerking off as we smoke and she watches closely, still not touching me, just watching.

After about five minutes of smoking, chit chatting… and my jackoff teasing, I finally break the ice. Gina and I start making out. I pull her dark blue top up and start orally molesting her 36Ds, sucking those gorgeous glbes as rough as humanly possible. I bite ’em and suck ’em for ten minutes straight, stuffing about three quarters of ’em in my mouth as I devour ’em, drinking down every drop of sweet milk that shoots out against my tonsils. God… I love her breast milk. I spend another five minutes licking and sucking her fat, light brown nips, pulling ’em with my mouth to keep that sweet milk flowing down my throat.

I finger her twat, my hand inside her skin tight jeans. My middle finger lunges in and out, tapping on her upper wall as it slide in, then out, tapping faster each time in. My thumb rubs on her throbbing clit as I finger her tag teaming her pussy in a very effective way. Her pussy gets super slick, super fast.

Gina sucks hard on my tongue, stroking my cock roughly as she goes. Our make out session concludes with her cumming all over my finger, her pussy spasming continually on my finger, her clit pumping against my thumb the entire, long, drawn out orgasm.

We fuck, missionary, on the pull out bed. Gina wraps her arms around my head as we kiss and my cock slams into her cummy twat harder and harder, my intense lust for my busty sister driving me crazy, making me lose control. Her legs are wrapped tight around my waist, her feet pushing into my butt cheeks to force in me even further into her cumming once again pussy.

I flip her over on her belly and move down to her ass, smirking secretively… you’ll find out why shortly… eating her ass. I spread those big cheeks and shove jy tongue as far up her tight butt as it can possibly go, rolling it side to side, lapping at her warm, thumping bowels. God… its tastes great. escort maltepe I eat her ass and finger her twat for five minutes straight.


My sister grinds her wide ass on my smiling face, her pussy squirting all over me. I start sucking her cumming twat, drinking down her delicious, milky cream. I suck it out so fucking hard, her tasty labia trembles, her twat shaking as it pumps my mouth full of her pussy jizz, while I thumb fuck her vice gripping anus.

I fuck my sister’s big ass, slamming up it, my crotch slapping those wide ass cheeks for fifteen minutes of sheer, ass pounding ecstasy. Gina screams and creams again, biting her glossy lips, her big jugs rubbing that brown leather as her ass gets roughly violated by her loving brother. My van’s a rockin’ and my dick’s a knockin’ all up on those battered bowels.

I pull out and straddle her chest, smacking my ready to pop cock all over those 36Ds. Gina laps at it, licking off the hanging precum with the sluttiest smile ever. I smile back, cumming right into her wide open, cum craving mouth. She sticks her tongue out, down her chin, letting me watch every spurt of creamy semen launch into her mouth and against the back of it. God… that’s hot. She sucks me dry, greedily gobbling up my sperm dripping dick, sucking out every last drop of cum in me with such loving, slutty delight.

Whew! Another hot fuck with my sister. It’s been awhile. But, that’s gonna change now.

“I’m surprised you didn’t want to take pictures.” Gina sucks me some more, softly licking under my twitching head in her mouth. She opens up as she licks me, letting me watch it all.

“No need, baby.” I show her the special camera I installed in the roof of the van. Yep… I’ve got her now. Blackmail time.

“You dirty pervert… That is hot though.” Gina kisses my cock as she lets it fall from her mouth.

“Yep… and so is pimpin’ you, my sweet. I already pimp mom so you’re up next.” I smirk so hard, rubbing my soft cock all over those big, soft breasts. God… I love my sister’s big tits.

“James… I can’t. I told you. This was fun, but I can’t be your whore.” Gina tries to reason with me. We both now how this is gonna end though. We all do. (Pimp wink)

“Sorry, babe. You have to now. Wouldn’t want your asshole hubby finding out about this, would you? That would be hot though.” Had to get that in.

Gina looks at me with a shocked, befuddled look. She thinks it over while I continue rubbing my dick across her perky nips and cone shaped tits. She’s stuck… and she knows it.

“You’re blackmailing your own sister? You dirty little pervert.” Gina shakes her head, laughing. I just smirk, nod, and smack my dick on those delicious jugs.

“Fine. But Dave better never find out… about any of this. I mean it.” Gina gives me a stern look. I lean down and lick her lips… then we fuck again to seal the deal. My kinda deal sealing.

After our second fuck, I take Gina back home, telling her about the client I already had for her. I’m always prepared. Gina takes the note, making sure to hide it so her nosey ass hubby won’t find out about our new business/sex partnership.

Everything works out great. I’ve pimped my sister five times already, my mom six. Gina’s even done a gangbang with mom. Ten horny dicks and my two extra horny sluts. They filmed it so we all could watch it when they got back home.

I fuck mom and Gina everyday. We’re all making money… real good money… and having fun doing it. It’s a perfect setup. Hey… pimpin’ actually is easy for me. And it’s fun as fun gets too. Especially… Pimpin’ My Mom… And Sister.

By : DickThePimp

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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