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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.

I delete the stories that don’t seem to get going. I saved this one with a bit of work. I like it. Hope you do too.


We live in a small house, in a small town. My husband and our daughter and myself. There’s a small porch at the front door with a put up hanging shade on the top, made of metal. When the wind blows it blows the rain in under it otherwise it keeps you dry.

The door opens right into the living room. A small room with two sofas facing each other with a 32 inch tv on the back wall next to the door to the dining room and the kitchen. We keep the kitchen light off when we’re watching tv so it’s not distracting.

There’s another door off to the right to a small square hallway with a door to our bedroom and another to our daughter’s bedroom. The door on the left goes to the dining room and the kitchen. The bathroom is off the dining room, in back.

We’re a quiet family. We do fine and we’re close and support each other. That’s the way it should be. I take care of the house and the family. My husband thinks he does but I do. Of course he makes it possible, he’s a good man.

My husband’s name is Roger, my name is Gail and our daughter’s name is Emily.

Emily is 19, graduated from high school, and works at a local dry goods distribution center. She very much loves her job. Nice people and they seem to like her. Andy works nearby, in the shopping center at one of the stores. He’s her boyfriend, from high school.

After supper Emily and I were in the kitchen. She’s usually reading in the living room. Emily was quiet which usually means she wants to talk. After a while she did. “Mom. I think it’s time Andy and I got started. I think I need some help.”

Well, I’ve been expecting something in this direction for some time. I was more or less prepared. “Ok, dear,” I said. “How far along are you? Any specific area you need help with?”

“We more or less talk about getting a place,” she said. “He’s talked about a ring. It doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I’m trying to find a way to jump start everything. I guess specifically I’ve tried a few times to be more intimate. He doesn’t seem to want to go there. I think he would like to but always seems timid or something like that.”

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I thought she would complain he was trying to get in her pants. A place and a ring is married stuff and here she was trying to get him in her pants. But yeaw, I get it. Trying to get him in her pants was to help the place and ring get done.

“Mom,” she said. “I think he may be super shy. Maybe not super but more than normal.”

“Emily,” I said. “A lot of men are shy. It’s not all girls. Depends on how you were raised and what you ran across growing up. Not at all unusual. He may be holding back on a place and a ring because he’s not ready for married life yet. I know lots of ways to help. How personal do you want me to be?”

“I thought about that before I mentioned this,” she said. “Don’t hold back. If you think of something let me know. If it’s too much I’ll whine and look downtrodden. I thought if I could give him a little of married life it would help but I’m stumped. I don’t even know how to get him going on me.”

We talked about another hour but just covered the same territory. I reassured her and she felt a lot better. Happier and some smiles. I think she was much more relieved that she let on. With the additional talk I narrowed down the situation and decided on a plan. Couldn’t hurt and might solve the problem. I would clear everything with Emily beforehand.

As soon as we had some privacy and time I sat down with Emily. After a few minutes of talk I said, “About you and Andy. As I see it you need to know how to seduce him, however far you want to go. You also need to know what you want him to do to you and whether or not you can handle it. You need to know how you might turn that into marriage plans. Does that sound right?”

Emily sat there blinking her eyes looking at me. She said, “Could you say all that again?”

I said, “Sure.” I said it all again, maybe a little slower.

“Yes, that’s it,” she said.

“Ok. If we can get the first two things done,” I said, “the marriage part should take care of itself. Would you be interested in some lessons? They’ll be quite personal and intimate, think erotic. If you learn that then you should know how to get him to seduce you, as much as you want him to anyways, and how it affects you so you can handle it. I mean you’ll be seducing him but he’ll see it as seducing you. It’s pretty good stuff to know in any case.”

“Uh, who would do that mom,” she said.

“Well, your dad and I could do that if it’s ok with you,” I said. She smiled and I could see her shoulders slump. She seemed quite relieved.

“That would be great,” she said. “I was getting worried a little. That solves my problems ataşehir escort about what to do. If I could learn some of that and can like it as much as you do that would be great. You can give me some hints, what I should do.”

“You’ll do fine,” I said. “I might slip out, or not. I might enjoy it as much as you do. It’ll be intimate but he’ll go slow. Do what you want. One more thing. Do you mind if I have a few conversations with Andy? It’ll be ok. I won’t cause any problems between you two.”

“Andy likes you a lot,” she said. “Sure, go ahead. Anything you want to do is fine with me.”

I had a talk with Roger and I think he saw a chance to get our daughter married off. He was onboard. He was also going to have a great deal of fun. I gave him marching instructions. Go slow, let her enjoy everything and let her absorb her feelings. Always give her an orgasm.

I think the problem is Emily is horny. She needs sex. She was trying to get it from Andy and it didn’t work out. She needed orgasms other than her own. If she didn’t get them from Andy she would go find some. Somewhere. That would probably separate her from Andy. Between Roger and me we could probably satisfy her sexual needs and get her going with Andy and let that morph into marriage.


That night Emily and I were in bed first. She was in the middle. I said, “Start out with arms around his neck and nice kisses. If you get really turned on don’t be embarrassed, he will be too. If you feel like doing something give it a try. Don’t be surprised if he takes your panties off. And your top. He loves doing that.”

The table light was on. It was dim, just a 25 watt bulb so it wasn’t too bright. It was a queen sized bed so it wasn’t too crowded. We were all three slimish. Roger and I were just over 40. We were all three within three inches in height. Roger got in his side, on his left side facing Emily. He smiled at her and lay on his pillow.

Earlier I suggested for Roger to get familiar then get her legs around his hips up high and let his penis push into her panties everywhere she liked it. I would spoon her and help pump her into him so she gets a rhythm. When he felt like it to let her hold his penis and put it where she wanted it and to do that a long time, even if she has an orgasm. He said, ‘what about me having an orgasm?’. I said, ‘don’t you dare.’.

Emily and I created a chart for her safe times so she could go ahead and not worry about getting pregnant but I hadn’t fully got it charted yet. They could play around quite a bit without that being a problem.

Roger leaned over and kissed her on the lips. I could see her flex her hips a little. I think she was turned on just waiting. Good for her. I was on my elbow watching. Roger kissed her again and moved his hips over lightly against hers and she got her arms around his neck and moved her chest against his.

Roger put one arm over her waist and down and up under her top on her bare back. Light lip kissing and he slid his hand down on the top of her buns and played with the top of her butt crack, then lower. I could hear her moan a little. No wonder she was trying to get intimate with Andy. They did this for about fifteen minutes. A long time for that. He was in the back of her panties playing with her butt crack. Way down in her butt crack. Their hips were a little active.

I leaned over and whispered, “Is it too soon to get erotic for a while?”

She said, “Go ahead. That would be wonderful.” She went back to kissing. I caught roger’s eye and nodded at him. He heard what I whispered. He took off his pj shorts. She had a nude man to play with. Roger’s penis was long, between eight and nine and fatish around. He could have sex from afar.

He lifted his middle and slid a hand down and pulled her leg under and up above his hip. Then he pulled her other leg over his hip and up. Except for wearing panties she was open for him. They were still kissing.

He slipped a hand down between and got himself right in and Emily just went totally passionate. It was probably her first time with a real penis. I didn’t know if he was against her panties or against her or in her.

I whispered to her, “Is that ok?”

She said, “Yes, yes.”

I got myself down in a spooning position and I wrapped her buns with my legs under and slowly started thrusting. I had my legs intertwined with Roger. Feeling her buns against my thighs was to die for. She picked it up almost immediately and after a moment or two was going the same speed I was. She was pushing up into his penis. Roger had his hands over and under her waist.

After about another five minutes Roger stuck his hand back down between them and moved himself. A few thrusts from all three of us and the moans got nicer. I wasn’t sure where his penis was. She was pretty open with her legs around his hips so it could be playing with her vagina or clit.

I whispered in her ear, “If you want to you can reach down and put his penis where you like it. It’s ok kadıköy escort bayan to do that.” She nodded ‘yes’ a couple of times.

It was another minute or two. I guess she was thinking about holding his penis. She reached down between and left her hand down there. Every now and then she would thrust forward harder and hold it for a count or two then continue on.

After about fifteen minutes Roger said, “Would you like to have an orgasm?” Emily pulled her head back and looked at her dad. We were still thrusting, all three of us. She nodded ‘yes’ a couple of times and her dad said, “Ok.”

He pulled her hand up and out and she put it around his neck again. Roger slipped his hand down inside her panties to her clit. I could feel her panties moving while he was giving her an orgasm and the back of his hand almost on my clit. I eased off my hips so I didn’t hinder his movement. I already stopped thrusting and Emily did too.

I was playing with her butt and got lower and lightly felt Roger’s penis against her panties. It had to be at her vagina because he was working her clit. I saw Roger bend to her nipples with his lips.

Emily let out an ‘Ohhhhhh’ and danced her hips against Roger’s hand for the longest time. She let her vocals out which were just wonderful. It took a long time to get her orgasm through her system and get her breath back. I thought she went to sleep but after a few moments she said, “Oh, that was the best orgasm I ever had. That was so good.”

The next day I had to ask. I said, “Where was his penis all that time?”

She smiled and said, “At first it was right up against the front of my clit. He moved it a little higher. I moved it down to my vagina. Right in. Against my panties but right in. It was pushing in a little, for the longest time. Every time we thrust against him it went in a little. I didn’t want to stop but I think he wanted to give me an orgasm.”

“Well, the first time with your dad was better than I thought it would be,” I said. Is it what you were thinking about? It wasn’t too much?”

“It was just what I needed,” she said. “If I got my legs around Andy like that he would really enjoy himself. I would never have thought of that way. As long as it’s ok with you and dad it’s great with me. I know dad needs his rest so however much you can I appreciate it.”

“We have to get your chart finished so we know when you’re safe, I said. “Also for Andy. After we do that dad might get a bit more amorous if you like. I mentioned to him he should give you orgasms because you were going to get really turned on.”

“What about dad,” she said. “Doesn’t it hurt him if he doesn’t?”

“Don’t worry about it too much, I said. “There’s always me after you go to bed. After we get your chart done and it’s safe you can let him if you want. It’s perfectly ok with me. I have great vaginal orgasms during intercourse. I hope you do too.” She smiled so now I knew how much she wanted to do.


I stopped in to see Andy the next morning to see when he was available. I wanted him to come over when we had some privacy. He said from 1:00 til 4:00 Monday through Thursday was good because sales were slow then. He’s coming over this afternoon about 1:30.

Andy was his smiling self. We sat at the kitchen table, it was more stark than the living room. Eventually I got around to it. “Andy, Emily seems a little shy when it comes to intimacy. I thought I might see what I could do and I thought you might could help. If we work together I think we can solve the problem. What do you think?”

“I guess I could try,” he said. “What do you want me to do? What does she want?”

“Well, that’s the thing Andy,” I said. “I don’t think she knows what she wants. I thought I could show you a few things to do. They would be intimate but that’s the point. You’ll probably have a lot of fun too. It’s old hat with us moms. Why don’t we go in the living room and get started.”

I started for the living room and Andy followed. I let him go in first and I closed the kitchen door. Less light. I said, “Why don’t you sit on the couch, near the end.” He did. I closed the curtains on all three windows and softly locked the front door on my way by. “There,” I said. “That’s more private and nobody will surprise us.” I already had the lights on low way over in the corner so it was reasonably dim on the sofa.

I had on a really loose silky blouse and no bra and pretty loose silky skirt with no panties on. I had been hiding my boobs so Andy wouldn’t notice. He was dressed normally for the store. I sat next to him and swiveled around and faced him, mostly up on his lap. My butt was on the sofa right at his hips. Our lips were within two or three inches of each other.

I said, “Think of me as Emily and what you would like to do. I’ll show you what I think Emily would like you to do. Always go slow so you can adjust to each other. Let’s try some really sexy kissing. That’s one where you go for the lips then open lips then tongues touching. escort maltepe Let’s do three or four, each one sexier than before.”

I got my arms around and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. I felt his arms touch me and then slide around a little. I held the kiss for a long count, moving our lips around so they were active. I already had my boobs into his chest but without a bra they squashed and he probably didn’t notice.

We broke and I smiled at him. He smiled a little back and we went again. I had wet my lips and opened up and we worked it again. Great success, he liked it. He held me a little tighter, even pulled me up some. That was progress. With that I got my tongue working and wet his lips then slowly found his tongue. That got a nice moan.

After we broke I said, “Oh Andy. You’re a natural at this. You’re great. Emily will love kissing you this sexy. The next two kisses try sliding your hand down on Emily’s buns and play around. She’ll really love it if you push down in her butt crack and go way on down a few times below her buns. If she likes it she’ll open her legs so you have more room. That’s natural.”

I gave him a quick peck on the lips to get him started and wet my lips and got into his. We got our tongues working nicely, twirling each other and I felt his hand on the top of my butt crack. He only paused a moment then he went on down and pressed in. I let him play around until he let his hand go way down and I slowly raised my knee up the back of the sofa, opening my legs.

His hand literally fell in towards my ridges. He took a deep breath and ran his fingers up and down as far as he could. My skirt was silky thin and no panties. He could feel everything. The kissing was to die for too. He circled my tongue with his very slowly and seductively. I almost started slipping my tongue in and out of his lips but I thought it was too soon.

We broke kissing and he started to pull his hand back from down in. I said, “Oh don’t stop. That feels so good. I just love it. You can rub a little harder if you want. If I move my hips a little just ignore it. They do that. You are going to make Emily so happy and satisfied.”

We were looking at each other and smiling. I said, “For this next kiss put your hand on my knee. The lower one. Then you can play up the inside of my thigh. Girls love that. You’ll probably get to the same place you were just rubbing. Please do the same thing. It feels wonderful, so sexy.”

We both started kissing at the same time. I felt his hand on my thigh almost immediately, working upward. By the time our tongues twirled he got past my tuff and down my clit and on my ridges. This wasn’t the time for instructions, it was time to let him play for a while. My clit could wait.

He felt me up and down and across. His fingers got down in a little and I could feel myself getting wetter here and there. He was really enjoying himself. I felt his finger playing with my vagina entrance and I softly stopped kissing and whispered in his ear, “Please don’t stop. Push your finger in as far as you can.”

He did and I pushed my hips against him then pulled back slowly. He pulled back and we went again. It only took two or three times and we were working together nicely. We kept it up and got into kissing again. That was absolutely thrilling. I whispered, “Try two fingers.”

Two fingers were in and we were sailing again. Much better. Andy had really long fingers and seemed like thick ones. Thinking of thick ones I wondered where his penis was. He must not be comfortable. We went on for a little while and I slowly wound us down and he pulled his hand out. We got our breath and got settled.

“Andy,” I said. “That was perfect. That is exactly what girls like to do. It’s a great turn on and very satisfying. Emily would love you giving her enjoyment like that. Now we have to think about you. You shouldn’t be trapped in your slacks. Emily couldn’t get to touch you there. When you’re touching her she would probably like to touch you.

“Let’s try something. Why don’t I go and change into something more comfortable and you can slip off your slacks and probably your shirt too. It’s ok. I’ll be back in a few moments. Be comfortable.”

I went into our bedroom and stripped and put on a short silky robe with a single waist tie. It went down to about mid-thigh. Sexy. I peeked to see if Andy was taking off his slacks and he already had them and his shirt off and was back on the sofa. It was working out great. He was a fun guy. With what Emily was learning and what he was learning they should be good together.

I went back in and we got back in the same position and got adjusted to each other. I said, “Let’s do about the same thing. Whenever you want to, undo my robe and open it up and enjoy yourself. Whenever you’re really excited let me know and I’ll slip back just a little so I can get to you. I’m looking forward to that.”

He didn’t talk much. It was a lot for him to absorb. He moaned now and then and his breathing got very ragged several times but he got through it. We melted into each other and his kisses were even better. More sexual and tender at the same time. He was between my legs with his hand and I had my leg up like before then I felt his hand undo my tie and he opened my robe, both sides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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