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My best friend Louise was going away for several days with her new boyfriend to Vegas. At the last minute, the woman she was going to pay to dog and house sit cancelled on her. Her son, Shawn was also going out of town and couldn’t do it either.

So Louise asked me to do it and, of course, I agreed.

Rather than going back and forth to the house to check on things, I just figured it’d be easier to stay there. Besides, Lou was very successful and her place was awesome. She had a pool and everything. I would just have myself a little vacation while I was there. Lou’s housekeeper would arrive a full day before she got back just to make sure everything was in order, so why not?

Friday afternoon, I called a few friends to plan something for Saturday night. I was planning on about fifteen to twenty people coming.

On Saturday, once everyone arrived we began doing jell-o shots and playing drinking games. Before I knew it, we were all pissy drunk.

I’d invited my ex-boyfriend thinking I’d get myself a little cock after the party was over.

Boy was I in for a surprise.

During the party, I flirted with him, even letting my nipple slip out of my loose fitting halter top once. I was too drunk to notice that he wasn’t really paying that much attention to me.

About three hours into the party, I noticed that some of the guests were missing, so I went on a little hunt, titillated by where and in what positions I might find them in.

Out back by the pool, I saw Sherry, this cute red head riding an unidentified male. She saw me, giggled, waved and kept on bouncing. I watched her for a few minutes getting hornier as the seconds went by. She had an amazing set of nipples that she squeezed and twisted while she rode the mystery man. I finally turned my back and went looking for Kevin, my ex. I wanted to fuck.

Passing other rooms I walked in on people at various stages of sex. In Louise’s master bedroom, I found a disappointing shock. Kevin was reclined on the bench casino siteleri at the foot of Lou’s bed getting his cock swallowed by some woman that I didn’t even invite to the party.

I couldn’t believe it!

The fire that had been blazing in my pussy subsided and anger surged up. I kicked everyone out of the house, horrified by what I’d just seen.

After the house was empty, the throbbing in my crotch resurfaced. I thought about calling Kevin and asking him to come back, but pride wouldn’t let me. Instead I laid down on the bed and started to work my clit. Just as I was getting into it, I heard noises downstairs. Alarmed, I sat up and listened. I recognized Shawn, Louise’s 20 yr old son’s voice.

He was talking on his cell-phone, telling someone that he was just coming by to check the house and that he would be meeting them in ten minutes.

Shawn was a little nerdy. No doubt that the only people he was probably meeting were male. According to Louise, he’d never even had a girlfriend.

As he walked up the steps still chattering on his cell, naughty little ideas formed in my head. I threw myself down on Lou’s king sized bed with my face down and my ass exposed.

Shawn’s voice got to the entrance of the bedroom then paused. I heard him whisper something quietly into the phone then the soft snap of the cell phone being closed.

My legs were spread and of course I’d made sure to arch my back just enough to open my ass and pussy for him. I wanted to make sure he’d gotten a good look, and judging by how hard he was breathing, I would say that he did.

Come and touch it, I wanted to scream to him. But I knew that he was a nerd. If I spoke or even moved too suddenly, I’d probably scare him off.

Instead I feigned a sleepy little moan and brought one knee up under my stomach, which opened everything even more.

He inhaled sharply but didn’t make a move. I assumed that he was assessing the room, wondering if this was some sort of prank. I’m sure he slot oyna took in the half empty bottle of Jose Cuervo on the dresser (left there by Kevin) and guessed that I was drunk. Of course, I was more than happy to play the part. I made a few more sleepy noises and rotated my ass slowly.

“Oh my God!” he whispered.

I knew he was fighting with himself, wondering if he should take advantage of the drunken passed out woman. His head said no, but his dick was begging, pleading with him to do it.

I helped him make his decision. I gently humped my ass in the air, moaned.


The next thing I knew he was loosening his belt and breathing like he was having an asthma attack. That damn breathing was so loud, I was tempted to turn and look at him to make sure he wasn’t having a heart attack or worse; jerking off.

I heard shuffling as he walked slowly towards the bed. He reached out and shook the bed, checking to see if I would wake up.

“Hello,” he whispered.

Of course I didn’t reply. He tried again.

“Hello,” he said, louder and bolder this time.

No answer from me. He was all set to go.

Seconds later, I felt his hand between my legs. A thick finger slid inside my already wet hole. He waited a second, then he slid in another.

I wanted to pump my ass up against them, but didn’t want him to run. So I stayed still, mentally urging him to screw me with those fat fingers. He tentatively put his wet finger on my clit and rubbed slowly.




But I said nothing.

He rubbed around down there for a few minutes, making me crazy and wetter than I thought possible. Finally he climbed on the bed and situated himself behind me. A second later I felt his cock poking around near my hole. He couldn’t find it so I shifted my ass slightly and felt him slide in.

“Oh shit!” he whispered.

This kid had a nice piece of equipment!

I kept my ass still and enjoyed feeling his canlı casino siteleri cock inside me. He made slow jerky movements hissing and whimpering as he attempted to fuck me. I tried to come, squeezing his dick with my muscles, but before my pussy got that far, his cock started twitching. He grabbed a pillow and shoved it into his mouth as he dumped his load in me. When he was finished, he slid out of me and onto the bed.

Of course I was extremely annoyed but what could I do? Any movement by me would blow my cover.

Still horny as hell, I waited for him to get up and leave so I could go find a cucumber, hairbrush or something to satisfy my aching twat. To my surprise, Nerd-boy got it back up. He got behind me again and proceeded to wear my pussy out like he’d been fucking for years. He grabbed my hips and expertly shoved his rod in and out of my flesh, making sure he didn’t go off too quickly this time. I gritted my teeth while he tapped my sweet spot with firm steady strokes.

When my pussy erupted, it took him by surprise.

“Wow!” He exclaimed as my cunt shook and gripped his dick, squeezing and releasing it. He started to pound in and out of me quickly wanting to get his second nut. I couldn’t help it, the jig was up because my hands flew to my clit. When I came again, I wanted it to last. I found my lucky button and stroked it hard and fast till my body began to explode again.

He cursed when my second orgasm hit and it threw him over the top. He whined like a little boy while he came a second time.

When he was done he fell back onto his back alternating “oh shits” and “oh boys”. My back was beginning to hurt so I flattened myself out into a more comfortable position.

But I never opened my eyes.

Throughout the rest of the night Shawn fucked me two more times, and even flipped me over to teach himself how to eat pussy. It took him a minute to find it, but he finally worked his clumsy fat tongue around my clit and managed to make me come again.

And I still didn’t open my eyes.

To this day, we have never acknowledged what happened. But I’ve told Louise that I would house sit whenever she needed me to.

Copyright © 2008 by T.M. Williams writing as Adonna Lane

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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