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You look out the library window, watching for me. The books are wearing you down, and you feel a bit chilly in your short skirt. Will I be happy with the work you’ve done today? It’s only been a couple of weeks since I hired you as my research assistant, but I’ve already worked you so hard and so late. Several nights now, you’ve had to work furiously at the library, rushing to get everything done before our late-night meeting in the nearly empty library coffee shop. You see me through the window, walking towards the building, and you feel your breath quicken.

I buy us tea, and we sit down to talk about the day’s work. I watch you intently as you summarize the competing theories and explain the problems in the various interpretations. My dark brown eyes stare piercingly at you, and you feel vulnerable in front of me. Eventually, i scoot my chair over so I can lean in and see your notes. Once again, we find ourselves close together, huddled over books and papers. My leg just barely touches yours, as it has so often before. My arm grazes past your soft, full breast as I reach over to point something out to you. Was that intentional? You hope it was, as you listen to my breath, and feel yourself starting to get damp.

You love these meetings, with their heady blend of ideas and sexual tension. You always head straight home afterwards, straight to your room and your toys. There, you think of me, and suppress your moans as you stuff yourself with your vibrator, thinking of my cock, that nice thick member that your lustful, furtive glances have managed to make out under my slacks. Last night you were sure your housemate heard you as you came. You lay on the bed listening for her, searching for clues about what she knew, as your juices poured out of your pussy, wetting the sheets. You slept on the wet spot, pretending it was my cum on your bed… You shake it off. You’re in the library now. This is work. You shift your legs as you feel the warmth build up between them, and your thigh rubs against my knees. Is that a short gasp you heard from me?

Suddenly I pull away just a bit, and you look up to notice me staring at you again, but differently this time. I don’t speak, but I allow my eyes to wander from yours down your lovely neck, and to rest ever so briefly on the hint of cleavage that shows through your white blouse. I notice that you have one more button undone than you usually do, and I grin ever so slightly. When I bring my eyes back to yours, I realize that you’ve noticed where mine have been, and hesitate, wondering whether tonight will be the night. Is the time ripe? Can I do to you what I’ve wanted to do since I first met you? Your green eyes return my gaze, with not a hint of anger or embarrassment. I smile, tentatively, and you return my smile. My doubts fade, and I know I can do whatever I want to you. I stand.

– I think we’ve done enough work for tonight, haven’t we Katie? – I ask. You smile a bit, interested but puzzled.

– Come with me – I whisper to you. You hesitate, unsure. I lean in.

– Just do it, Katie. Do as I tell you. –

I offer you my hand and you take it. You notice the girls in the corner (Weren’t they in sociology with you last semester?) glancing over and whispering to each other. Have they been where you’re being taken now? Where could that be?

I lead you out the back door of the coffee shop, to the elevator in the library stacks. I press the button and we wait in silence, the darkness of the stacks surrounding us, the dim light of the elevator numbers breaking the still dusky shadows. I ignore you, watching them light up. Four, three, two, one. The doors open, and I gesture for you to enter. You do, and you feel my hand cup your rear as you pass me, as I enter behind you. You hear the elevator doors shut with a thud, and sense my body behind yours, both my hands on your ass, my mouth on your neck.

My hand is on your arm suddenly, grasping. I pull you roughly against the wall of the elevator and press my body against yours. Grabbing your breast, squeezing as i bring my mouth to yours and kiss you firmly. I take your wrist in my other hand and pin your arm against the elevator over your head. My tongue pries your lips apart and invades your mouth, as you try to gasp a question, a word. I kiss you savagely, biting and licking as I fumble with your buttons, opening your shirt, reaching in to touch your breasts. You gasp as you feel my hand close around your tit, pinching your nipple through your bra. You bring your hand to mine, urging me on. I grope inside and look into your eyes.

– Where are you taking me? – you ask, matter-of-factly.

– Somewhere where I can do what I’ve wanted to do to you for a long time. Somewhere where I can fuck you –

You smile lasciviously as I press my face into your neck and kiss, my hand wandering down to your thigh and slipping under your skirt.

The elevator doors open onto a dark floor, the floor of the faculty studies. I pull away and lead you out into a dark hall of closed wooden doors. Here bursa escort and there, a light peeks out from underneath. You can hear someone banging on a keyboard. At the end of the hall, I open a door and I guide you inside.

You walk into the darkened office and are immediately drawn to the window. From up here, the whole city is visible, laid out before you. You hear me follow you in, and sit down.

– Turn around, Katie – you hear me say. You obey, pivoting around coyly, your head cocked to one side, letting your pretty hair dangle onto your shoulder. I sit across the room in a big leather chair, my legs crossed, my eyes moving up and down your body shamelessly.

– You have lovely legs, you know. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to spend some time between them – I bring my eyes to yours as I say this, and you feel my gaze penetrate you. My deep brown eyes are on fire with lust for you. You blush a bit, and smile as you feel the dampness begin to drip out of you, beginning to moisten your silky panties.

– Hike your skirt up – I say. You start a bit, not expecting me to order you around like this, but you recover quickly, and let your hands slide down your hips, your thighs, right to the edge of your skirt. You watch my face as you draw it up, exposing yourself to me. I grin lasciviously as I watch your thighs come into view, as i see your damp panties appear. I can’t help but lick my lips.

-Sit on that table and spread your legs for me, dear – I say. You, naturally, obey. You clear some books from the large library table next to the window, across from where I’m sitting, and spread your legs as wide as you can. You skirt pulls up, and you run your fingers along your inner thigh. You can see that my cock is hardening under my slacks, and you can hear my breath quicken.

I look into your eyes. – You know, dear, I’ve been wondering about what’s between those legs since the first time we met. And I think you’ve wanted to show me, haven’t you? –

You blush again, a bit flustered that I’ve noticed how horny you’ve been getting during our meetings. – Yes – you admit, as you slide your fingertips towards your pussy, and touch your lips through your soft panties,

– Do you like to play with yourself, Katie –

-Yes – you answer.

– Mmmm nice. I love a young woman who knows how to pleasure herself. You know, hon, I’ve always wondered what you would look like masturbating. I’ve even gotten off on the thought. Will you show me now? –

– Oh, yesss – you whisper, as you slide your hand under your panties and touch the tip of your clit. My admission that I’ve jacked off thinking of you burns into your ears and fires your cunt. Your breath quickens as your clit slowly begins to stiffen. You think of yourself on those nights after we’ve met, with your dildo deep inside you, trying to muffle your moans with the pillow, and wonder if I was jacking off at the same time, thinking of your young cunt.

My eyes are glued to you, watching your face, your hand. I can see how damp your panties have gotten as they cling to your hand. I can see how hard your nipples have become, as they poke through your blouse. You bring a hand to your breasts and squeeze, pinching your nipple as you do. Your eyes are closed, and your lips part as you let out a soft gasp.

I’ve reached down between my legs and have begun rubbing my hardening cock as I watch you play with yourself right in front of me. The city lights glow behind you, framing your face as you get hotter, hornier. Your hand works its magic under the panties as I grab my balls and squeeze.

– Come here – I order, bringing you out of your reverie. You draw your hand out of your panties and bring it to your mouth. Slowly, you lick the length of your fingers, one by one. The salty flavor of your own juices intoxicates you. The smell of sex begins to permeate throughout the room. You slip off the desk, letting your skirt dangle down again, and you walk over to me.

There you are, right in front of me, caressing your breasts, your hips, ready to do whatever I tell you. I order you to let your skirt drop to the floor. You do so, and step out of it. Then I spread my legs and grin at you.

– Get on your knees darling, and loosen these pants for me –

You drop to your knees and open my slacks, unzip them as you smile at me. You pull them off and toss them aside. My hard cock pops out through my boxers, oozing a drop of precum.

– Do you like to suck cock baby? – You nod, and I tell you to suck me.

Gently, you take my shaft between your fingers and bend my head towards you. The precum glistens in the dim light, and you bring the tip of my tongue to it, licking it off. I watch you as you bring your tongue back into my mouth and savor the taste, and then as you bring your soft lips to my throbbing head.

Slowly, you wrap those warm wet lips around my head, and slide them down to where my head meets my shaft. The pressure is just right. It feels as if my cock is opening your mouth for me, escort bursa penetrating you, invading you. Then you seal your lips around my shaft and start to suck hard. I moan as I grab your hair, lost in the sensual delight of your wet mouth, your firm grasp.

I look down on you as your pretty lips close around my cock. Our eyes make contact as my fingers run through your hair. You look so sexy, so innocent with those pigtails. I loosen them as you suck my hard member into your mouth. I grip your hair and start to take control. Your hair in my hands, I start to move your head up and down my shaft. I start to thrust into your mouth. You moan as you feel your control over me, over yourself, slip away, as you become my toy to use as I please. I fuck your sweet face, thrusting my cock into your throat, sensing your growing arousal. Your juices begin to flow as I use you, as I make you mine. You close your eyes and lean your head back, allowing my to thrust my length down your throat. I groan as I feel my precum leak out of me, into your mouth. Your hands explore your body, teasing your breasts, pinching your nipples, sliding down your belly and legs. You reach up between your legs and feel your soaked panties. You push them aside, so eager to play with your clit and lips as I fuck your face.

– Yes, Katie, that’s it – I groan. – Play with that cunt for me, baby. Get it nice and wet for my thick cock. – I stare down at you, panting, as I feel your throat close around my throbbing head, as I feel your tongue slide against my shaft, as I feel your lips encircle my cock so tightly. You masturbate in earnest, rubbing your clit furiously, a vision of young female lust and submission.

I pull my cock out and hold it in front of your face. You open your eyes, and take it my swollen length. A drop of precum oozes out of me and you stick your tongue out to lick it off, looking up into my eyes as you do.

– Stand up and turn around, Katie – I command. You do as I say. I push you forward a bit, inviting you to lean against the table in front of you as I hike your skirt up. You feel my tongue on your thighs and my hands on your ass, cupping and squeezing. I pry your legs apart, and slide my tongue up to your pussy. You can feel my hot breath through your wet panties. I slip my fingers underneath them, and slide them off. They drop to the floor, a bit heavy with your juices. You feel the coolness of the room on your wet cunt lips, then the warmth of my tongue as I taste you for the first time.

– Mmmmmmm. What a sweet cunt you have, Katie – You moan as I run my tongue along your slit, softly prying your lips apart. I bend you over further so that I can spread them, and work my tongue into your hole.

I have you step out of your panties, and you know I’ve picked them up. I’ve lain them on my cock, so I can feel the warm wet, smooth material against my dick as I eat you. My hands are on your ass, holding you open for the invasion by my tongue. You feel my tongue enter your cunt, explore you. You feel me moan against your pussy as I suck your juices right out of you. I pin you against the desk as you begin to writhe in pleasure, trying to work my tongue deeper into your cunt.

Abruptly, I stop, and get out of my chair. I come around the table to where your sweet face is, contorted by lust. Your hair dangles around your face, framing your wide eyes and swollen lips. I have your panties in my hand, and a wicked smile on my face.

I hold them to your face and command,

– Smell these, Katie –

You inhale deeply.

– Suck on them –

Your eyes meet mine as your lips close around the damp material, as your tongue draws it into your mouth. Gently, you suck the salty mixture of sweat and cunt juice as I stroke your cheeks. You grind your hips a bit, the memory of my tongue so fresh. Suddenly, I take the panties and cram them into your mouth, gagging you with them. You look a bit shocked, surprised. My other hand on your wrist, pinning you down. Where did that rope come from? You resist a moment, then submit to me. Silently, I tie your arms to the desk, pinning you to it, face down, with your ass and pussy sticking out off the edge, your feet still firmly on the ground. As your saliva soaks the panties in your mouth, your cunt juice begins to flow out of them. You swallow, and your cunt throbs for more of me.

I hover behind you as you press your hips back against me, moaning through your gag, eager to get fucked.

– My, my! – I exclaim – Aren’t we an eager young slut? Do you want me to fuck you, baby? Do you want my cock in your tight young pussy? –

You moan eagerly. Even through the gag it’s clear that you’re begging for it. I reach down and guide my cock to your hole. I part your lips with my throbbing head and press into you. I moan as I feel how tight you are. You press back, hungry to be filled.

– Oh yessssssss. Such a tight cunt. mmmmmmmm Take me, slut! –

I grab your hips and thrust forward powerfully, moaning with you as your cunt stretches escort bursa open to take me. You throw your head back, arching upwards, as I bury my shaft to the hilt in your tight pussy. Struggling against your binds, you push back against me. We quickly find a rhythm. My hands on your hips, grasping, nails digging in, as we thrust against each other. I reach around and find your clit. Your moans intensify, change pitch as I press against it with my fingers as I fuck you. Harder and deeper each time. You forget the office, the windows, the hard wooden table pressed against your tits. All you know is the thick hard, throbbing cock that pounds deep inside you from behind. You can feel your pussy cling to my shaft every time I pull out. You can feel your tightness suck me back in. You can feel yourself stretch even farther with every powerful thrust that invades the very center of you. You can feel your tension mounting, your orgasm building…

And then I pull out. You try to protest loudly, but your words are muffled by the gag. Only inarticulate, desperate moans fill the room as your empty pussy throbs, as your clit aches. You are close to tears from your intense level of arousal. You ache for release.

You become aware of my panting, and of my hands, as they part your ass cheeks. You feel the cool dampness of a lubricant on the tips of my fingers as they circle your asshole. Your eyes widen as you realize I meant what I said when I touched you there, and told you I would do you everywhere. You look over your shoulder, anxious to make eye contact me. Anything so that I’ll know you’re a virgin there. Out of the corner of my eye, you catch my grin, and you know that I know. My fingers caress your puckered hole.

– Mmmmm a virgin asshole, eh? I bet a horny little slut like you won’t have any trouble at all taking my shaft up her ass. I bet you’ve even fantasized about it. Haven’t you? –

You nod, and moan assent.

– I know I’ve fantasized about it. I’ve fantasized about fucking your sweet young ass since you first walked into my office in that tight skirt. When you bent over to get your books, and I caught a glimpse of your panties? –

My finger pressing against your hole, starting to enter you. You flinch a bit, and moan softly, closing your eyes.

– Yes, I noticed your little show, Katie. You lovely little slut. In fact, I jacked off right there in my office after you left, thinking of your asshole, thinking of how hot you would look bent over my desk, just as you are now, taking a finger up your ass, getting ready… God, I’ve wanted this a long time, baby –

My voice trails off as I slip a second finger into you, and you moan. I can see the discomfort in your face, and I work my fingers gently until it fades away, until I get that steady rhythm of moans and breathing that tells me you’re enjoying what I’m doing. Then I slip in a third. Again, you flinch. Again, you feel uncomfortable. Again, you stretch open and enjoy. Now you’re ready. I pull my fingers out and you stick your ass out a bit further at me, inviting me.

I guide my cock to your tight hole and press the head against it.

– Relax and let me in, Katie. Be mine. Be my little whore –

My head slides into you, stretching you open. Then you close around it, clenching my shaft. I thrust gently, getting you used to my thick cock. You moan softly, clenching your fists as you get used to me. I feel so huge inside you. You feel so open, so violated. You start to push back against me, and I know.

My hands on your hips again as I slowly push my shaft into you. You can feel the beads of my sweat dripping down onto your ass cheeks. You hear my moaning and panting as I hold back. I watch your face, turned to one side, pressed against the hard table. Your eyes are tightly clenched shut as you feel me invade your most private self… Your expression relaxes as I bury my shaft inside you, and you give out a low, ecstatic moan. I reach around and stroke your clit again as I hold my shaft inside you.

You moan loudly, and I can tell you want to get fucked. I start to slide in and out, rubbing your clit all the while. Soon, I’m fucking your ass in earnest, fucking your sweet virgin ass.

– Oh god!! – I moan, lost in you, thrusting, rubbing your clit. You thrust back against me, moaning loudly, taking my cock deep. I thrust harder, pushing you against the table, slamming into your ass. It doesn’t take us long. You manage to spit the panties out and scream.

– Yes! Yes!! Yessss!! FUCK MY ASSS!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!

Your orgasm rocks through you. You feel your ass clench and unclench around my shaft. I feel you tighten around me, feel your body explode, and I can’t hold back any longer.

– Yessssssss, you slut, take my load! YESSSSSSS!! –

My hot cum wells up deep inside me and shoots down the length of my cock and out my throbbing head, filling your sweet ass. Stream after stream of cum shoots into you as you convulse in pleasure.

We pant and sweat as my cock softens and slip out of you. Finally, I untie you and turn you around. You wrap my arms around me and we kiss deeply. My hands are on your back, pressing you against me as we come down from our ecstasy. You feel my cum leaking out of your ass, dripping down your thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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