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Ch. 01 – Meet the Chapter Officers.


Sierra Morgan lay stretched out nude on the bed underneath the pink comforter. She was just waking up when the warm September sun streamed through the window, bathing her chocolate body in golden light.

Slowly she opened her eyes. She was confused for a minute. She looked around and sat up. As she moved, she felt a faint soreness between her legs. Her rigid chocolate brown nipples were tender too. She frowned at the slight pain.

Her clock read just after 6am. She was in her own bed, all right, but she couldn’t quite remember the night before. She was still at the sorority house, and she hadn’t been drinking, but the events of the previous night just wouldn’t come.

What she did remember was her sorority board meeting that night at 6. It was time for this year’s Intake Process to begin, so she was holding a series of chapter meetings to iron out the final details.

As President, she loved her girls, and she loved her organization, so she was committed to making sure that everything was perfect.

She fell in love with the sorority as soon as she arrived on campus. There were other African-American sororities she could have joined. Groups with pretty girls, smart girls, cute girls.

However, here, the girls were glamorous amazons. They were also diminutive princesses. They were ebony and sepia; buttermilk and caramel. They were lean and svelte; lush and curvy. She immediately pledged as a freshman, and now, as a senior, she loved these girls even more.

She never forgot how lucky she was to be a part of such a close-knit group. She loved the fact that all of the girls had such a special bond with each other. Yes, they were a bit different from all the other groups on campus, but that’s what made them so special.

She yawned, and ran her fingers through her thick, black hair. She turned slightly to the right and jumped. She was startled to see her crystal clear reflection looking back at her; nude breasts swaying with the movement.

“Oh yeah. The mirrors,” she laughed. A line of mirrors stretched along the width of her room, an incredibly wild, yet perfect addition to the contemporary décor of the room.

She still wasn’t quite used to the series of mirrors she recently had installed on her sliding closet doors. She always had a secret fantasy about watching herself while making love, but had never done anything about it. But this year, newly elected as chapter president, she vowed to fully explore every one of her most passionate desires. The sorority was already wild enough, but she wanted to raise the heat even more.

Luckily for her, she had the perfect playground: she inherited the luxurious and spacious President’s suite; the larger of two suites on the top level casino şirketleri of the sorority house.

Most of the sorority’s alumni did quite well for themselves, so they had the expansive building constructed four years ago as a gift to the undergraduates.

Sierra thought she was so fortunate to have such a glamorous, feminine suite. So, on a whim, she decided to upgrade it. One of the changes was to have the mirrors put in. But she couldn’t even change the paint color without the permission of the alumni.

So after a few weeks of careful planning, Sierra hosted a special private reception for Jana Wright, the alumni president, and Grace Hollis, the alumni treasurer. The older women, though savvy, were no match for Sierra and her strong will.

Sierra cleverly turned the elegant dinner into a hot threesome that lasted well into the night. She felt a delicious tremor as she remembered both skillful tongues expertly licking her to completion. She enjoyed tasting their sweetness as well. She grinned as Jana’s screams of pleasure echoed in her mind.

Two days later, the alumni board approved all of her changes. Now she had beautiful mirrors for the entire House to enjoy. Everyone wanted to know how she did it, but Sierra wouldn’t tell. I’m so spoiled, she chuckled as she sat further up in bed to take a better look at herself.

Her soft black hair cascaded in tousled waves across her shoulders. She shook it, and smiled as the unruly hair swung and bounced around her. Her satiny brown skin looked perfectly golden under the warm sunlight. Her slender neck sloped gracefully into lean shoulders and toned arms. Her breasts were perfectly round and full, with luscious chocolate nipples begging to be licked.

Her back was small, but strong, as it curved into a round, firm ass. She was just about 5’4″, but she had a very well-proportioned frame. She was proud of her beautiful body, and loved to look at it. Actually, she loved to look at all bodies. She saw beauty in everyone, and she loved to admire it.

The fluffy comforter hid her lower body. “Let’s get this out of the way.” As she grabbed it, she stretched out her legs and her foot hit a large lump.


What the hell? Sierra snatched the comforter back. Lying at the foot of the bed was a wild mass of caramel-colored hair spread out over the sheet.

“Why did you kick me?” Brandi whined from underneath the golden mop of curls.

“Sorry, baby. I didn’t know you were down there.” Sierra yawned again. “Wait– what are you doing down there? And what the hell happened last night?”

Brandi Stewart sat up and smoothed her hair back. As the chapter treasurer, she often spent time with Sierra, making sure the girls stayed on track with the budget. The two ladies became close friends casino firmaları as freshmen when they pledged together, and always enjoyed each other’s company.

“You don’t remember?” Brandi was so cute when she pouted, but Sierra wasn’t sure if she was going to deal with that this morning.

Just as Sierra began to cop an attitude, Brandi stretched out her body to full length. Sierra was absolutely awestruck at the girl’s natural beauty. Brandi had the silkiest, creamiest light brown skin she’d ever seen. The color of café au lait, Brandi’s body shone in the natural sunlight.

With a wicked smile, Brandi slowly crawled up the bed. “Last night,” she teased, “I was trying out that new technique.” She reached her hand out to Sierra’s toes. She tickled and caressed the soft brown skin. “The one in our new sorority magazine, remember?”

Sierra shivered. They did have the most erotic sorority magazine. Page after page of the hottest pics and stories as created by the members themselves graced its pages. How it got published every month was beyond her.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Brandi’s hands slid against her skin as she worked her way up Sierra’s body. Brandi’s tongue softly stroked from Sierra’s calf to her mid thigh. “I was giving you that special treatment on page 94,” she grinned. Brandi looked up at Sierra, whose eyes were half closed at the pleasure. “You seemed to be enjoying it.” Brandi paused. “I was turning your ass out, baby,” she chuckled. Sierra moaned at the thought.

“Then you just blacked out.” Worry flashed across Brandi’s face. “You scared the hell out of me. You woke up later, though. Said you were ok and just went back to sleep. It was so weird.” She paused. “You don’t remember? I turned you out that badly?” Brandi winked, her emerald green eyes sparkling with delight.

All of a sudden, the picture flashed in Sierra’s mind. She spread her legs at the luscious memory. Oh yeah. Brandi was amazing last night. “Show me again, babygirl,” she whispered.

Brandi loved her so well. She was the perfect soror: Like most of the girls here, she craved oral attention and was open anytime, anyplace. As she leaned back, Sierra sent a silent thanks to the Universe for hooking her up with the hottest sorority on the yard.

Brandi smiled as she settled comfortably between Sierra’s legs. Her sex was open and moist, and Brandi inhaled the feminine scent deeply. Sierra could feel Brandi’s warm breath against her sensitive clit. Her body tensed in anticipation, waiting for that wonderful, soft tongue. She wasn’t disappointed, and she moaned as Brandi licked her gently.

Sierra arched her back, and her hands went instinctively to her breasts. Her fingers caressed the rigid chocolate peaks. Sierra groaned in pleasure as Brandi licked güvenilir casino and sucked, using her tongue with the precision of a surgeon.

“You’re so sweet, baby,” Brandi moaned. “You taste so good.” She loved licking a wet, juicy pussy. Sierra’s scent filled her nostrils, and Brandi’s clit throbbed with excitement. Her wet tongue continued to lick and stroke Sierra’s clit, her mind imagining a ripe juicy strawberry covered with sugary sweet whipped cream.

“Oooh,” Sierra moaned. “Don’t stop, baby. Please don’t stop—”

Just then, Brandi grabbed Sierra’s hips and pulled her forward, pressing Sierra’s sex even harder against Brandi’s lips. All the while, Brandi’s quick tongue continued to tease Sierra’s clit.


Brandi’s fingers and tongue rapidly traced figure-eights over Sierra’s clit.

“Ahhh, baby!” Sierra was delirious.

Feeling Sierra tremble, Brandi licked her finger and deftly slid it inside Sierra’s hot stickiness. Sierra lifted off the bed. “Oooh,” she screamed. Brandi’s finger began to slowly pump inside of Sierra, as she spread Sierra’s legs even wider.

Brandi paused to look at the beautiful pink flesh. Then she smiled and leaned in. Spotting the delicious honey-colored rosebud, Brandi’s tiny tongue wiggled between the cheeks of Sierra’s ass.

Sierra sobbed and moaned in ecstasy. “Don’t stop!”

Brandi’s tongue soon switched to long strokes, from Sierra’s puckered jewel up to her rosy clit. She inserted a second finger into Sierra’s wetness, trying desperately to hit Sierra’s sweet spot. Sierra tossed and turned, moaning and crying out in intense pleasure. Brandi held on tight to Sierra’s hips as best she could.

“Now, baby. Now!”

Brandi’s fingers continued swirling in Sierra’s wet heat, as her tongue danced over her pink jewel. Just as Brandi’s fingers finally reached Sierra’s g-spot, the chocolate beauty hit her peak.

“I’m coming! Baby, please—”

Sierra’s mind suddenly shattered into a thousand pieces of golden light. She cried out in delight at the delicious feelings swirling through her body. She sighed and moaned as she rode her climax through several luscious waves.

Brandi continued to lap at Sierra’s sweet nectar, as Sierra finally floated back down to earth. Finally, Brandi’s tongue swiped a last delicious lick of Sierra’s wet, juicy sex.

She crawled up Sierra’s body, gently kissing the moist skin. “You ok, baby?” Brandi’s forehead wrinkled into a frown.

“I’m fine, sugar,” Sierra whispered. She waited until Brandi was laid out next to her. Skin to skin, she softly kissed Brandi’s moist lips, and smiled as she tasted her own essence. “That was so beautiful, baby.”

Brandi snuggled into Sierra’s warm and loving embrace, while Sierra softly nuzzled her neck. Sierra contented herself by kissing and nipping at Brandi’s sensitive skin. Sierra’s hands were busy too, softly tickling Brandi as they both giggled.

The two friends lay entwined together, softly stroking each other’s skin, as they drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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