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Officer Smith reclined in his chair in the interrogation room, idly thinking about what he planned to do when he got off of work. He could go home to his wife Sarah, but she had been a little bitchy lately and he would just as soon pass his time getting drunk in a seedy bar. He chuckled at the thought and checked his watch, waiting for the next person he had to interrogate to be brought in. He quickly flipped open the file in front of him and scanned its contents. Samantha McClain, suspected of smuggling drugs. He heard the door open and glanced up to see a young girl that looked about 20 being led in by another officer. His breath caught in his throat as he looked her up and down. She was about 5’8″, brunette, and had bright green eyes. His eyes traveled up her long legs and paused to admire her perfectly rounded ass before moving up to take in her gorgeous D cups. She looked a little nervous and sat on the edge of the chair opposite him, playing with her hair.

“Well, Ms. McClain, do you know why you’re here?” he asked.

“Look, I know what I did was wrong, but I can’t go to jail! Please, just let me go. I promise it’ll never happen again,” she said in a rush, her voice smooth as honey. For the first time since she had entered the room, she looked up at her interrogator. She smiled inwardly at his broad shoulders and square jaw, imagining the muscles hiding under that uniform. Meeting his brown eyes, she whispered, “Isn’t there anything I can do officer?” She leaned over the table towards him, her shirt dipping down in the front to reveal a lacy black bursa escort bra.

His cock began to stir and he sat up a little straighter, looking back at her unflinchingly. “What did you have in mind?” he asked with a small smile. He got up and walked around the table until he was standing right behind her.

“Anything you want, officer,” she said softly. He bent down over her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Well, I can think of a few things…” He could see her nipples getting hard through her shirt and grinned. Slowly, he began to rub her shoulders, kneading her back with his fingers. She bit her bottom lip and squeezed her legs together, feeling herself getting wet. His hands slid back over her shoulders and down towards her breasts, gently massaging as he went. He grabbed her breasts, hard, and she let out a little gasp, arching her back. He was fully hard now and pushing his cock up against her. Hesitantly, she inched the hem of her shirt up to reveal a flat, tan stomach. He helped her pull it over her head, throwing the shirt on the floor behind him. Her nipples were hard and pushing at the fabric of her bra. She slowly slid her hand under her short little skirt and rubbed her fingers lightly along her pussy. He unhooked her bra and tossed it aside, licking his lips as he watched her magnificent breasts come spilling out. His fingers found her nipples and started rubbing them and tugging on them softly. He bent down and kissed her neck softly and spun the chair around so she was facing him. His lips traced a path over her collarbone down bursa merkez escort to her breast. He flicked her nipple with his tongue a few times, enjoying her small gasps of pleasure. Sucking on her breast gently, he reached down and massaged his aching hard on through his pants.

She ran her hands down his body, shivering from the sensations he was producing with his tongue. She deftly unbuckled his pants and slid them down, following them with his underwear. His erection sprang forth, freed from its confines. Tracing a line down his cock with her finger, she got on her knees in front of him. She leaned forward and licked the tip, and upon hearing his sharp intake of breath, took him in her mouth. Sucking gently, she slowly slid it in deeper and deeper down her throat. He began to move in and out, rocking gently in her mouth. Gradually, his speed increased and soon he was driving it into her hard and fast. She grabbed his ass and moved her head in rhythm with his movements. She slid him out of her mouth and slowly kissed her way up his body until she was standing.

He picked her up and laid her on the table on her back. He pushed her skirt up around her waist and smiled at the little black thong she was wearing. He could see it rubbing up against her clit, soaking wet and sexy. He slid it off and tossed it to the side with her other clothes. He ran a finger up her slit and let it linger on her clit before sliding it inside her. Slowly, he slid his finger in and out of her, soon adding another finger, moving faster and faster. bursa sınırsız escort Her breath came in short little spurts and her whole body was shaking. When he felt she was about to peak, he bent down and gently took her clit in his mouth. She moaned softly as he sucked on it and her shaking became more intense. He felt her tighten up around his fingers and ran his other hand up over her body, taking in the sensations. With a load moan, she came, thrusting against his fingers, shaking uncontrollably. As wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her, he slid his fingers out of her and brought them up to her mouth. She grabbed his hand greedily and sucked her juices off his fingers.

He spread her legs and positioned himself in between them, stroking his cock as he watched her fingers stray to her breasts and clit. Pulling her forward a little, he slowly slid himself inside her, his breath catching at how good her tight little pussy felt. He paused when he was all the way in and reached up to play with her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples. He slid himself most of the way out again, and without warning, drove himself deep inside her. In and out he thrust, harder and faster each time. She rubbed her clit furiously, breathing heavily. Each time he thrust back in, it was like a shock to her system, driving her up and over the edge. She trembled helplessly, completely at mercy to his will.

He felt himself nearing the breaking point and rammed himself into her, making her come with him inside. She bucked wildly against him, moaning loudly. As he felt her convulse around him, he exploded, emptying himself into her. After one final thrust, he collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. With a knowing smile, he looked up at the blinking light on the camera in the corner of the room, knowing that he would never forget this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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