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Amira Adara

It was hot. Not just your regular, summertime hot, but scorch the earth, melt if you go outside hot. The central air in the house was on full blast and it was comfortable, but Lauren couldn’t have been more glad they had the pool in the backyard. A few quick chores around the house and she’d reward herself with a quick dip to cool off. After all, the kids’ laundry wouldn’t wash itself. Mary, the oldest, was 23 and off at school, while Chris and Katie already come home on break.

Katie had thrown a load in the night before, so it just needed to be dried, folded and put away, while Chris’ laundry lay strewn about his room.

“He’s 20 years old, he should be doing his own laundry,” she mumbled to herself as she picked up after him.

Chris and Katie were Irish twins, born just 10 months apart. While Chris is the older sibling, Katie is by far the more mature sibling, probably the effect of having an older sister to show her the way. Katie already had a summer job and was out of the house early in the morning, catching a ride to work with her father when he left. Chris was far less motivated, content with spending the first few weeks of the summer lounging about, catching up with his friends.

Before she knew it, noon had rolled around and Lauren was still waiting for the last of the laundry to finish drying. With some time to kill, she decided to relax a bit with a glass of wine. Not having much left to do, she poured herself a liberal glass and carried it upstairs to change into her bathing suit in preparation for her afternoon swim. Lauren picked up a strapless white bikini top with matching bottoms, perfect for getting some sun between dips. She stood modeling herself in front of the mirror. At 41, she still looked fantastic. She had been stunning in her youth, with the sexual appetite to match. Her golden brown locks framed a model’s face with a sexy smile as the icing on the cake. She and her husband Brian had been high school sweethearts and had gotten pregnant their senior year. With the help of both their families, he had been able to go to college and join a large company while she stayed home and kept the house. She was happy in her role and used the little free time she had to keep herself in shape. Her firm, C cup breasts filled her suit nicely, and she couldn’t help but run her fingertips over her flat stomach and turning to admire her firm rear.

“Still got it,” she said, smiling to herself as she sipped her wine.

As she made her way down the stairs to get the last load of laundry, she heard it. The distinct sound boys make as they horseplay. When she looked out the kitchen window onto the pool, she let out a disappointed sigh, as she saw her peaceful afternoon by the poolside fade away and be replaced by the splashing rumpus of 5 boys. The usual crowd was in attendance; Tony, Jimmy, John and Pat. She filled her glass and walked off to fold the last of the laundry. After Lauren finished folding, as well as her second glass of wine, she felt a little less distraught about the boys in the backyard.

“It’s my house and it’s just too hot to stay inside. They’re all old enough, they’ve seen girls in bikinis before,” she said to herself. After another half-glass of wine, she was relaxed enough to venture out.

Over the years, Chris had endured quite a few comments about his “MILF” mom. He was initially bothered by all the guys oogling his mom whenever they thought she wasn’t looking, but over the years, he was able to recognize that his mom was an attractive woman, and didn’t look like a mother of 3 kids all nearly in their 20s. Still, even he was surprised when he turned to see his mother on the deck in her bikini. He immediately noticed how good she looked, and knew the other guys noticed too. Their in-pool basketball game came to a grinding halt.

“Hi mom,” he said, breaking the silence.

“Hi Mrs. Jones.,” the other guys chimed in.

“Hi boys,” Lauren said, making her way out to a lounge chair near the edge of the pool, laying out a towel and settling her wine down on the little table.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just going to get a little sun and take a quick dip to cool off. Go ahead, continue your game.”

The game started back up again, but lacked the attention it had just moments before. It again came to a halt when Lauren moved to the ladder, lowering herself into the cool, clear water. She teetered just a bit, tipping herself off that she may have drank the last glass of wine just a little too speedily. She didn’t even notice her nipples harden when she entered the water. A quick soak would remedy all that ailed her.

“Mrs. ataşehir escort bayan Jones?” Tony asked, stirring her from leaning against the edge, eyes closed, face in the sun.

“Yes Tony?” Lauren responded, opening her eyes to look at him.

She looked at him, one of her son’s oldest friends. He certainly had grown up. His lean muscles glistened in the sunlight where droplets of water rested before gravity pulled them down his tan body. She looked around, noticing all the boys had grown into themselves and all had a muscular, handsome builds.

‘I really have had too much wine,’ she thought to herself.

“We were wondering if you’d like to join our game?” he asked.

“We only have 5 so we don’t have even teams, you’d make an even 6, 3 on 3.”

“Sure, I’ll play, although I don’t know how ‘even’ that makes it,” she replied.

She didn’t notice the mischievous smiles on her son’s friends’ faces. The ensuing game returned to its former physical level, with quite a few “accidental” touches on Lauren’s breasts. She allowed her mind to justify that they were either truly accidents, or the innocent horniness of young boys. The fact that she was getting turned on by their actions didn’t hurt in the least. Besides, she was in control enough to rein things in before anything went too far.

At the end of the game, Lauren decided it was time for a break. As she exited the pool, the boys asked her to play a rematch. Thinking that things had gone far enough, she declined saying she needed a break and went to refill her wine glass. She took two sips immediately after pouring to calm herself down. Her nipples were sticking straight out like pencil erasers. Just the idea of those four young boys touching her had her hot and bothered. She carried her refilled glass back out to the poolside table and slipped back into the opposite end of the pool from the boys. Not to be confused with a shy young man, Tony approached again.

“Up for that rematch Mrs. Jones?” he said with a sheepish grin.

“Still a little tuckered out from all the activity last match,” Lauren responded coyly, not even believing that she was saying.

She took another gulp of wine.

“Well how about if we play something a little less physical?” he asked.

‘Relentless,’ she thought.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked, her interest slightly piqued.

“How about a game of O-U-T?” Patrick chimed in.

“What’s that?” Lauren asked.

“Same as HORSE,” Patrick responded, “one person makes a shot, the next person has to match until someone misses. If you miss, you get the letter ‘O’. Once you get all three letters, you are OUT.”

“Sounds a bit boring,” Lauren said, settling back against the edge, soaking in the sunlight.

None of the boys missed the water droplets sliding down her body towards the valley of her cleavage.

Tony spoke up first, “What if we spice it up a bit for you than, if you’re up for it of course. We’ll up the stakes. Losers have to remove their suit!”

He stood back with a smug, brazen look on his face, waiting for Lauren’s response.

A million thoughts raced through her head. ‘I can’t! It’s wrong! They’re just young boys. They’re Chris’ friends. One is your son!’

These thoughts led into others, fueled by hormones and alcohol: ‘I wonder what their cocks look like? Who has the biggest? They want to see ME naked?’

Then she had a moment of clarity. ‘They’re bluffing. They won’t pull their dicks out in front of each other. Even if they would, Chris will veto this game.’

She decided to call their bluff.

“Well it’s not exactly fair. I haven’t had as much practice playing as you all.”

Tony responded as if he had been expecting this.

“Ok, you get two misses per letter, we get one. But, instead, you have to lose your top on ‘U’, and bottoms on ‘T’, we’ll lose trunks on ‘T’.

Finishing her wine in one last chug, and not wanting to be the first to blink, she agreed.

The game began with high anticipation. Everyone was kind of quiet, waiting for the excitement to begin. The first few shots by the boys missed, thus giving the following shooter a free shot, however they liked. Pat shot first, Jimmy second, Chris third, John fourth, Tony fifth and Lauren last. Chris was the first to sink a hook shot, which was immediately missed by John, giving him the first letter ‘O’. Tony sunk an easy layup, which Lauren was able to match. There were a few audible sounds of disappointment that put a smile on Lauren’s face. Pat’s attempt rolled escort kadıköy off the front of the rim for his letter ‘O’. Jimmy made a jump shot, which Chris followed and John air-balled. He quickly had a ‘U’.

“Better start making some shot John boy!” Jimmy shouted with laughter.

Tony made another jump shot that Lauren couldn’t hope to match. The boys were all smiles as she received her first ‘O’. The game continued with everyone progressing slowly. John was the first to get his letter ‘T’, with the rest of the match lined up as follows: Pat: ‘OU’, Jimmy: ‘OU’, Chris: ‘O’, Tony: ‘O’, Lauren: OUT x1. Lauren squealed with excitement in spite of herself when John missed his shot.

“Up on the edge of the pool mister!” she said smiling.

John stood in the water nervously before finally getting up on the edge after some prodding by the boys. He pulled down his trunks, threw them up on the ledge and sat up on the edge of the pool. Not wanting to scar the boy for life, she gave him a look and a wink, despite the case of shrinkage from which he was suffering. He smiled and began to relax, although still keeping his hands strategically placed.

The boys started playing a bit of strategy after that, taking shots that were pretty easy for them, but that Lauren would eventually miss. It finally paid off when she got her second ‘U’.

“YES!” Tony shouted after her shot rimmed out.

The boys all stared longingly at her chest, waiting for the thin piece of cloth holding her mounds and hard nipples at bay. Lauren couldn’t believe how hot she was getting just thinking about the boys staring at her bare breasts. She could feel the familiar tingle as her pussy flooded with juices. Luckily the pool disguised her arousal. After taking a deep breath, she slowly reached up, pulling her top away from her tits, and up and over her head. She threw the little top to John who was still sitting out of the pool.

“Wow, you have great tits Mrs. Jones,” sputtered Jimmy.

“Yeah,” was all the others could mutter.

Chris remained silent, but stared nonetheless. The game got a bit sloppy after that, almost as though the boys were a bit distracted. Pat and Jimmy were soon on the ledge cocks in the wind. Lauren couldn’t recall at what point the shrinkage was cured but they had begun slowly stroking, staring at her. The sight of three hard, young cocks being stroked was too much of a distraction for her, and she finally missed, getting her final letter ‘T’. Without any prodding, she pulled off her panties and threw them up on the deck. The boys all stared into the water, trying to get a good look between her legs.

“Up on the ledge!” John shouted, eliciting a nervous laugh from the group.

Lauren moved to the ladder, and climbed up just a little bit slower than usual. She knew she was giving the boys a great view of her ass and just a peak of her pussy lips if they were lucky enough to be at the correct angle. As she turned to face the pool she thought to herself that she couldn’t believe what she was doing. Exposing herself to these boys! However, she couldn’t deny the effect it was having on her body. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt and her clit was as engorged and large as it had ever been. She stood at the edge of the pool, letting them drink in the sight of her for a moment before she spoke up.

“Ok, let’s see who wins this thing!”

She stood at the edge, absent-mindedly rubbing her nipples as she watched the boys stroke. Tony and Chris snapped their attention back to the game…mostly. The game continued but ended quickly, with Chris missing a Tony behind the back shot. Chris embarrassedly tried to slink into the house without removing his trunks.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Lauren called to him.

“Oh come on mom, I can’t get naked in front of you.”

“But it’s ok for me to be nude here for you? A bet’s a bet mister. Let’s have ’em!”

He stood there with his back to her for a moment before pulling his trunks down and off. When he turned, she saw a very large, engorged cock. She gasped slightly and licked her lips subconsciously.

Tony, never the shy one, interrupted the moment, “Well this isn’t really fair, I’m on the only one still wearing clothes. Shouldn’t the winner get something for winning?”

Now, looking back, Lauren didn’t know if it was the alcohol, being naked, or being around so many young cocks, but she agreed with Tony.

“I agree. Tony, sit on the stairs over there,” she calmly commanded. He waded through the water as fast as he could to do what she maltepe escort commanded.

“Chris, turn up the radio behind you.” Lauren moved to the stairs of the pool, coming mostly out of the water, exposing her landing strip to the boys for the first time.

Without another word, she stood up in front of Tony, turned to face away from him and lowered herself into his lap. She slowly began grinding her round ass cheeks into his rigid cock, dropping her hands under the water to touch him through his swim trunks. She couldn’t believe what she was doing! Here she was, giving a grade A lap dance to one of her son’s friends, squeezing a young hard dick, in front of him and his other friends no less!

“Mmmmmmmm..,” she moaned as his cock started rubbing her clit.

His hands began to roam over her body; running up her sides, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. He dropped a hand to her thigh and lightly began touching her pussy. Lauren opened her eyes at his touch, revealing the sight of the other four boys furiously jerking off watching the show. The sight threw any caution she may have had left to the wind. She reached down and pulled Tony’s cock out of his shorts, impaling herself on it in one motion.

“Oh gooodddddddd,” she moaned as his hard 7 inches of meat went in to the hilt.

Almost immediately she felt the twitching spasms of Tony erupting deep inside her. She had been teetering on the edge for so long, his cumming finally pushed her over.

“Ohhhhhh yesssss!” she yelled loudly as her orgasm ripped through her, a series of moans coming from her as her pussy clamped down on his young rigid cock, milking it of all its cream. As she felt his withering cock begin to slip out of her, she regained her composure, got up and started walking inside.

“Let’s move this inside, shall we?” she asked. A mad dash ensued as the boys rushed into the house.

Once inside, Lauren dropped to her knees, immediately taking Pat’s cock in her mouth and John and Jimmy’s cocks in each hand. She began stroking as furiously as she sucked, alternating between the three boys. She couldn’t believe how much of a slut she was being, but god did she feel good. John warned her he was going to cum so she opened her mouth ready for his load. His first shot landed high, hitting her just above the eye, some in her hair. The rest he was able to aim into her waiting mouth and she swallowed as quickly as she could. However, just as John’s orgasm was winding down, Pat exploded, shooting wad after wad on the side of her face and her tits. She couldn’t believe how much cum these boys had! Jimmy was just barely able to get out his warning before he started to spew his juice. He started to cum on her lips before she was able to take the head of his cock in her mouth. This time she let his cum pool in her mouth, keeping her lips locked tight over his head until he finished shooting. She opened her mouth showing him all of his cum before swallowing it in one mighty gulp.

After catching her breath a moment, she noticed the one cock she hadn’t touched yet.

“Chris, come here,” she said, cum still dripping down her chest.

He stared at her, furiously stroking his manhood. He never moved from where he was sitting on the couch. She had to crawl over towards him.

“Now it’s not right that you invite your friends over and they get all the fun, is it? I just want to be fair.”

With that, she bent over and took his cock in her mouth and deep throated him to the base. He moaned loudly at the feeling. As she began bobbing up and down on his cock, Tony moved silently behind her. As she took a mouthful of her son’s cock, Tony buried his tool in her to the base.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned around Chris’ big dick.

When she took her mouth off for air, she screamed out in pleasure, “Fuck me, give it to me hard!”

She didn’t wait for a reaction but went right back to swallowing as much of Chris’ dick as she could.

“Oh fuck. Mom I’m gonna cum.” She took her mouth off him, “Give Mommy all that cum.”

Hearing her begging for his cum was the last straw.

He exploded, yelling loudly, “Ohhhh fuuuckkkkk, yessssss!”

Lauren locked her lips around his cock, swallowing as fast as she could, not wanting any to escape. His dick was as had as it had ever been and he came harder than he ever had before. He looked down to the sight of his seed spilling out of his mother’s mouth, dripping onto the floor as his friend fucked her as hard as he could. A minute later, Tony began moaning his own orgasm, this time pulling out and shooting a small load on Lauren’s back.

Lauren lay on the living room floor, covered in cum, breathing heavily. When she began to recover, she looked up to see three cocks standing at attention. As Jimmy pushed at her entrance and John entered her mouth she thought, ‘God I love that pool.’

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