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“But, I can’t …”

“Sure you can. You want to.”

“That’s just my cock. It has a brain of its own.”

“Oh, I like the way it thinks.”

Dana leaned close, her hair brushing my shoulders. Her rock hard nipples were threatening to pop right through the taut fabric of her wet little bikini top. At least she was now close enough that I was no longer staring at those puffy bumps on her perfect young tits. However, if we both breathed deeply and exhaled at the same time, those tips would press into my bare chest.

At least stepping close meant that Dana was no longer staring at my cock as it swelled in my swim trunks. I silently willed it to retreat, but it stubbornly remained turgid. Then Dana brushed the back of her hand up my length, her skin separated from my manhood just by a thin layer of Lycra.

Her fingertips lingered, teasing my cock head. Finally, she seemed to weigh my mass, hefting my shaft in her palm. As my prick filled with blood, my balls tightened against my groin, Dana’s fingers reached down and teased them.

“Bu … but … you’re my son’s girlfriend.”

I had been lounging in the poolside hot tub behind my house, surveying the wreckage left from her eighteenth birthday party. I had turned the house over to my son and his friends, staying at a hotel. It had been after noon when I returned home, but the stragglers were sleeping wherever they had dropped. I had just shrugged and relaxed. The cleaners would be by later.

Dana seemed to have awoken first, and her teeny bikini suggested she had planned a soak to cure her hangover.

“I’m just a hot, horny young eighteen year old wanting my first fuck to be with a kind, gentle older man,” she paused, my scrotum resting in her hand.

“And then, I want that man’s experience to allow him to be rough with me, to teach me, without hurting me. Phil is a virgin too. He can’t give me what I need.”

Dana ran one finger up the underside of my shaft and gave my tip a little bounce, stepping a half step closer, pressing her tits into my chest.

“It would be wrong … every man wants a virgin at least once in his life. I’d be robbing Phil of that thrill.”

I could not believe that this temptress was a virgin. She clearly knew how to excite a man. “Phil and I have discussed it. He wants me to learn, and then teach him.”

In spite of her wanton display of lust, Dana seemed to blush just then. She continued, “We thought of the virgin thing too. My little sister is almost exactly a year younger than me. In fact, we always celebrate our birthdays together. Next year, after the party, when she’s barely eighteen, we plan to seduce her together. Phil’s first virgin and my first pussy.”

She giggled. “Maybe I’ll be lucky and get to eat the cream pie … unless you want to?”

“You should use protection. Even deflowering can make girls pregnant.”

“That would be so awesome. Phil said that if you knock me up, he’ll marry me and raise the baby as his own.”

As she spoke, Dana slid her hand upwards, and, without warning, slipped inside my swim shorts, shoving the fabric down. My cock surged up into the warmth of the hot tub as her flesh contacted with mine. She wrapped her tiny fist around my girth.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re so biggg …” she cooed. “Phil told me you were, but he didn’t warn me about this monster. You’re a lot bigger than him.”

I assumed any modern girl had seen lots of porn, but I was as startled with her casual reference to Phil’s manhood as by her deciding to call me Daddy.

Dana’s eyes were locked on mine. She could see my puzzlement as she kneaded my balls. “I said we were virgins, Daddy, not that we never fooled around.”

She held my pulsating prick, pressing her body closer.

“I’ve jerked Phil off lots of times, and gave him a blow job on my birthday — he called it ‘blowing out a candle’.”

Dana’s thumb flicked across my pee slit, teasing me more. I could feel the seed roiling in my balls.

“He’s diddled my clit and licked my pussy.”

“Then you’re only a technical virgin, not a physical one,” I managed to croak in response, not sure whether I was thinking that to try to talk her out of this silly deflowering ritual, or to paint her as a slut in my own mind, and thus, fair game for fucking.

“I haven’t let him finger up inside of my cunt. Like the abstinence classes taught, my hymen in intact.”

Dana’s crotch was dry humping my thigh, mashing her tits into my chest.

“Think about those classes. Didn’t you take a pledge to save it til marriage?”

“But now that I’m eighteen and out of high school, I figured that the purity circle rules no longer apply.” Dana giggled, running her fingernails up my sides just hard enough not to tickle. At least she was no longer playing with my cock.”Besides, I crossed casino şirketleri my cunt hairs when I took the pledge.”

I could not resist emitting a sputtery laugh at that suggestion. The laughter overwhelmed my shock at Dana’s casual vulgarity. Even then, in the midst of her blatant seduction, she did not seem like the sort of girl to say “cunt”.

“They’ve uncrossed themselves now … that’s what happens when they get wet,” Dana purred like a kitten, her lips brushing my ear.

“See for yourself,” she continued, her tongue teasing my aural canal.

She took my arm just above the wrist and slid my hand down her smooth lower belly, so taut it still curved in towards her womb. My fingers shoved inside her skimpy bikini bottom and I registered that she was equipped with only a teeny landing strip of pubic hair before she guided me to her swollen labia, and forced the tip of my longest digit in between.

“That’s as far inside my cunt as anything has ever been. I’ve never even used a dildo.”

Another giggle and a pause as Dana planted a gentle kiss on my neck.

“Not even a carrot.”

She played her tongue along the line of my chin, while her free hand tested the readiness of my cock. Physically, I was rock hard and ready. Mentally, I was still struggling, but lust was winning. The final reservations about fucking my son’s girlfriend were crumbling.

The tiny part of my conscience that still struggled to speak to my lust prayed that I might come before we got that far. The rest of me just wanted to cup her ass cheeks, lift her onto the pool deck, and fuck her silly. If she wanted me to pop her cherry, pop it I would.

“Mmmm … I’d say that you’re more of a cucumber than a carrot,” she sighed as her lips caressed my other ear.

As she shifted, the friction had pulled her left breast out of the strained bikini fabric. As I glanced down, I admired the perfection of that firm milky mound, just like a sphere of ice cream, topped by a bright cherry red nipple.

“Don’t finger fuck me,” she cautioned. “I want this nice fat hard cock to be the first thing inside of me.”

Dana still had a grasp on my wrist, so she slid my arm up an inch or two, easing her hips back enough to guide my finger to her clit. She sighed and tossed her head back as I instinctively twirled her love bud in a figure eight motion. Even in the wetness of the hot tub, I could feel her flow coating my flesh.

“Ph..Phil … has … never made me feel like this,” she gasped. “You really have to teach him how to move his finger that way.”

She chortled, lustily, maybe as struck as I was by the implausibility of the thought of me instructing my son on how to jill off his girlfriend. I ran a second finger along the edge of her lower lips, which opened wide in response, just begging me to enter that passageway to heaven.

Following another soft moan, Dana bit down on the point of my shoulder. A shudder ran through her body as her abdomen pulsed tightly, instinctively trying to suck my finger deep inside while she had a tiny orgasm. If I didn’t get my cock into her cunt soon, my thumb would be doing the deflowering. My last few scruples had flowed away with her gushing.

“I hope I didn’t leave a mark,” Dana giggled as she paused for breath. “Make sure that you don’t bite me hard, either.”

“I thought you said Phil wants me to fuck you. He should want me to fuck you hard, make you hungry for true lovemaking.”

Again, Dana blushed incongruously. “I can’t tell him that you made me come with just a finger on my clit.”

I instinctively removed that finger, and ran my hand up her abdomen, lightly cupping the underside of one of her tits. I softly kneaded her flesh as she moaned. My thumb was stroking her nipple. Dana’s back curled, pressing her belly against my rigidity. If she had been a little taller, we would have been fucking right then. My cock ached with desire to enter her.

“He should want you to enjoy sex so much that you are greedy for more.”

“But not so much that it’s you that I’m greedy for.”

Dana moaned, laying her head on my shoulder as she ground her pelvis against me while I caressed both breasts. Nothing she said now could dim my passion. I had to fuck this angel, to pop her cherry.

“I’m sure that Phil is a chip off the old block. Once you two fuck, everything will be just fine,” I reassured her, suddenly cast into the role of completing the seduction. I knew my words were only half true.

Phil was a horny kid, if the amount of time he spent jerking off was any clue. I expected him to take to fucking Dana with gusto, but I had no objection to this hot young lass wanting more of me. I admitted to myself that I planned to keep right on fucking her as long as she was willing, regardless of what Phil wanted.

“I don’t casino firmaları want ‘just fine’, I want awesome, over the top, seeing stars, orgasmic fucking,” Dana sighed as I thumbed her nipples. “And I want it NOW.”

“Don’t you want me to taste you first?”

In fact I wanted to taste her, regardless of her wishes, but I also knew that if she stopped driving the train, she might come to her senses and not let me pop her cherry.

“I love the taste of pussy,” I added, recalling that it had been at least twenty years since I had tasted a virgin.

Just thinking about it made my woody throb. Dana squirmed against my hardness, my knob nestling between her lips, still just a bit too high to deflower her.

“Well, you’ll just have to eat your own cream pie this time, Daddy … or should I call you Pops?” she giggled. “Time to pop my cherry.”

Before I could react, she squirmed, shifting her hips away and then suddenly biting down on my left nipple. The intense pain sent a surge of electricity to my cock tip, which teased her labia as Dana again snuggled closer. My hands dropped down her hips. I instinctively cupped her ass cheeks and drew her closer.

We kissed passionately, tongues twisting, our first kiss. Our bodies were fused, only our skin separating us. I realized that I had also lifted her, and that her only her toes touched the floor of the hot tub.

Dana’s toes slid up, and around my ankles. Her body floated in the warm water, suspended in my palms. She caressed my calves with her arches as her tongue probed my mouth.

“Here, or on the deck?” I croaked as she pulled back to gasp for breath. The way she arched her back drove her nipples hard against my chest, sending lust surging through my cock. She kissed me again rather than answering. I guessed that she wanted me to be assertive. I stood up in the hot tub, grasping her ass firmly in both hands. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, ankles crossed behind my knees. Without breaking the kiss, we waltzed through the water to the opposite edge, me taking tiny steps to avoid dropping Dana, and she holding tight. Once my toes felt the edge of the seat behind Dana, I bent forward swiftly and smoothly, reaching out to gently deposit her onto the decking.

My toes nestled against the underwater bench seat, so I had to lean forward to reach Dana. I grabbed her firm young hips — no muffin top for this girl — and she scooted her butt over the paving stones to meet my out thrust cock. Her legs were still crossed behind me, so she quickly gained control.

“Yes, Pops, pop my cherry!” she screamed, not seeming to care whether any of the sleeping leftover party goers, or even Phil, overheard. As she yelled, Dana uncrossed her legs and opened them wide into a V, her loins exposed to my view, and my bulging cock head. She was soaked with excitement, but my first thrust slid along and between her labia.

“The angle’s all wrong,” I explained.

I leaned over further and Dana rose up on her elbows to kiss me, though that quickly dissolved in a fit of girlish giggling.

“Your thingy is trying to fuck my belly button.” As she spoke, her hand slid between us, caressing my shaft.

“Thingy is what little kids call a cock. You aren’t a little girl any more. In a few seconds, you will be a woman. Use grown up words.”

“Penis is too clinical … it’s like what they call it in abstinence class.” Dana was panting for breath. Her hips were bouncing off the deck, her body wanting to be fucked to the core. “I like saying ‘cock’, but what other words can I use?”

As she asked, Dana squirmed, trying to insert me inside her virgin cunt.

“How about ‘prick’ or ‘lance’ or ‘meat’? And there’s lots of others.”

I spied a solution. Twisting a bit awkwardly, I reached over to a lounge chair cushion which someone had apparently knocked loose during the party, and which was abandoned on the deck. Using one hand to hoist Dana’s ass, I dragged the cushion beneath her.

“Fuck me with that fat man meat,” Dana yelled.

I still was worried about others awakening. Even if Phil was on board with me deflowering his girlfriend, his buddies and Dana’s friends would think it strange. We did not need to be interrupted at this crucial moment. So I kissed her hard, grinding my lips against her, our teeth clattering together, as I thrust my pelvis forward, trying to enter her womb.

The angle was still off, and my head crunched against her clit before sliding up along her belly. Hoisting her again, I folded the cushion over double, gaining a few more inches of lift. I pulled back, ready to finally pop her cherry. Only then did I reflect on the pain, and how she might yell more from that than she had so far from pent up passion. So I bit down on her lower lip as I pushed forward, my bulb piercing her petals. güvenilir casino Dana’s body tensed. I felt rather than heard her gasp as she opened her lips, her tongue clacking against my teeth.

Her wetness enabled her own deflowering, my shaft gliding effortlessly inside her pussy. The tip parted her hymen smoothly, the membrane as moist as the rest of her, stretching and breaking in a single instant. Dana was so enthusiastic that she fought against the discomfort by thrusting towards me, gobbling my girth into her gash. I released her lip from my mouth. Her tongue flicked out, drinking up a bead of blood.

“Did I hurt you? I’m sorry,” I panted.

“I wanted to feel everything, and I wanted it rough, keep going,” Dana demanded. “Lots of time for Phil to be gentle when we make love. This is … just … fucking.”

She grabbed two fistfuls of my greying hair and dragged me to her mouth. This time, she was the one biting me, fiercely. Just as suddenly, she released her teeth’s grip and allowed me to rise. She was grinning broadly. All throughout, our hips had been pumping together automatically, as if we were two well practiced lovers, not a father and his son’s girlfriend sharing the popping of her cherry.

We quickly found a rhythm. Dana’s hips angled upwards, lifting off the padding as she crashed into me. I could straighten and relieve my back at those moments, as her pelvic muscles clenched around my cock, as if milking me. I would then lean to a forty-five degree angle, falling forward onto my hands, burying myself into her womb, admiring how her erect nipples crowned her upright mounds.

I rolled one hand across her belly, and down to where my meat met her flesh. I began flicking her clit with the tip of my thumb on each ‘out stroke’. My other hand still cupped one ass cheek, so on the ‘in stroke’ I started rotating her hips gently. She moaned in appreciation, obviously discovering the increased pleasure these movements brought to fucking. Soon, she was twisting her own loins.

“Incredible,” Dana yelped, and then bit down on her own lip. Her body tensed again, the strong clamping around my cock indicating a full bore orgasm.

She held like that for several beats, and then relaxed, laying back on the deck, just slowly working her abs, acknowledging that my hardness was still deep inside her womb.

“Wow. I thought I came hard when Phil eats my pussy, and takes my clit between his teeth and pulls, but that was a thousand times better …” she trailed off into another chuckle.

“… I think your cock likes it when I talk dirty. You pulsed when I was talking about how I like to be eaten. I hope you’re ready to come soon, because I want to be a good little fuck, and a good little fuck delivers.”

Dana grinned up at me. “Fuck me like the slut you have just made me.”

She crossed her legs behind my knees again and used her heels to lever herself upright.

“Fill me with your seed.”

My cock remained clenched inside of her as she grabbed my shoulders.

“Make a nice gooey cream pie to eat out of me.”

She pumped up and down my shaft deliberately, slowly, then faster, then slower again.

“Make me come at the same time as your great gobs of goo flood my hungry cunt.”

Each stroke began with me fully buried, and ended with just my tip nestled between her outer labia.

“Make me a wanton fuck bunny ready to pleasure your son.”

As she rode me, Dana’s hands slid down my back. “I wonder if I can make you fill my cunt the same way I make Phil finish in my mouth.”

After a dozen or so crashes of her pelvis against mine, she slid a finger swiftly along the inner curve of my buttock. She placed the other hand behind my head and again drew my mouth to hers.

“No more dirty talk for a moment,” she breathed the words into my throat.

Dana’s fingers rolled my balls like nuts in a sack, her palm warming my flesh. Then her finger expertly found my anus, and she deftly stimulated my prostate with a firm twirling motion. Her mastery of the courtesan’s trick worked its magic, and I promptly pumped my load into her deflowered cavity, her simultaneous climax milking every last drop from my barely wilting girth.

With a sigh, Dana released her grip and gave me another glowing smile as she gracefully lowered herself back to the deck.

“Should I lick your meat clean while you eat your cream pie, Pops?” Dana giggled.

“I thought it would be MY cream pie …”

I turned, my cock instantly shrivelling and falling from Dana’s cunt as I saw that Phil was standing on the other side on the hot tub, looking half awake.

“Son, I’m sorry … How long have you been watching?” I stammered, still not fully believing Dana’s claims that he was a willing co conspirator in my popping her cherry.

“That doesn’t matter, Pops, I’m sure that he liked what he saw, ” Dana chuckled. “And, Phil, Pops pumped out so much jism that I’m sure there’s plenty to share …”

Phil broke into a grin and stepped around the tub to join us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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