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Later that evening, Tony picked up Barely Black and his girl friend, Essence D’Kunze. He had found the van an hour earlier, but not Pruett; and he was still wondering where Pruett might be when he spied a flat-chested woman who appeared to be somewhat inebriated, making her way across the street.

“Hi,” he called out as she passed close to the side window of the van. She wore black framed eyeglasses tossed her dark ringlet-filled hair, as she turned to look at him.

“Hi, yourself,” she said, and giggled.

“Need a ride someplace?” Tony asked, giving her his best smile.

“I’m not getting into anyone’s car,” she said, still smiling at him.

“This isn’t anyone’s car. It’s the Girls Gone Wild van,” he told her.

The girl put her hands on her knees and leaned forward, providing Tony and Barely Black with a peek down her blouse. There was virtually nothing to see. Essence carefully slid the back door open, and smiling at the girl, said, “Hi, there, honey, welcome aboard the wild girl’s van.”

The girl looked at her; startled at first, and as the smile slowly left her face, she adjusted her eyeglasses, and a confused look replaced the smile.

“Come on,” Essence said, “time’s wasting; we got to get a move on.” That said, she extended a hand out, and the girl took it, and climbed aboard. “Want a beer?” she asked the girl.

“Sure, I’m already kinda shit-faced. Got any Bud?”

Tony had two Buds on ice, and after opening one, handed it to her.

“My name’s Dianah,” the young blonde said before taking a drink of the beer.

“Ahhh, that tastes good. Ya know it’s hotter than hell out there. Thanks for inviting me in.”

Slowly Dianah turned her head, taking things in. “What is this, a fuck-mobile?” she said calmly, spotting the air-mattress at the rear of the van.

“Sorta” Tony told her. “It’s the Girls Gone Wild Van. Generally, we offer the ladies a t-shirt to show their titties, maybe get them to kiss their girl friend, or screw their brains out on the mattress there,” he was pointing to the mattress as he spoke.

“Ya’ll are kidding me ain’t cha?” Dianah said.

“No,” Barely said, “we’re serious. Want to see the shirt?”

“I guess,” Dianah said, taking another swig of her beer.

Tony rummaged around and came up with a large sized GGW T-shirt, and held it against his chest. “See?”

“Mind if I try it on?” Dianah asked.

“Why not, Tony said, and handed the T-shirt to her.

Dianah peeled off her own T-shirt, and stood there in what appeared to be a little girl’s bra. “My tits ain’t so big,” she said, feeling the need to explain, “But I love it when my boyfriend plays with ’em.”

A moment later she began to cry.

Essence put an arm around Dianah’s shoulder and started to comfort her, using words like, “There, three, it’s gonna be all right.” And when Dianah slowed her sobbing, Essence took the opportunity to ask her what the trouble was.

“Danny,” Dianah said, and began crying again.

“I knew it was a man,” Essence said, glaring at both Barely and Tony as if they were directly responsible for Dianah’s problem.

“What’d he do, baby? You can tell me, now.”

“He . . . he . . . drank up all the food and rent money,” Dianah told her.

“That bastard!” Essence swore.

“And . . . and then he brought that bitch, Cissy, home with him. Wanted to fuck the both of us; wanted us to put on a show for him; and after pissing away the food and all the rent money too!”

“Any kids at home Dianah?” Essence asked to change the subject.

Dianah sniffed and took her eyeglasses off, holding them in her right hand. Teary-eyed she looked directly at the black girl and said, “No, thank God, I’m on the pill.”

“Want another beer?” Tony said just to say something.

“Yeah, might as well get good and shit-faced,” she said, then wiped her arm across her nose, thought better and used the Girls Gone Wild T-shirt the second time to swipe the rest of the mucus away. Dianah accepted the proffered beer with one hand, and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes with the hand holding the shirt.

“Might as well put this baby on,” she said. None of the three looking at her even thought about starting to film as yet. They just stood there, awaiting Dianah’s next move.

Reaching behind her, she opened the bra, and let it fall to the floor. “See?” she said, cupping her breasts, hardly more than bumps, her hands were just below her elongated nipples, “No tits to speak of, just my nippies.”

Both Tony and Barely had raging hardons as soon as they realized that this girl had had her nipples stretched. By whom and how, they both thought to ask, but did not. Essence took them in as well, and felt herself grow wet, and licked her lips hopefully.

Dianah began to put the GGW T-shirt on, but Essence had the presence of mind to interrupt her.

“Um, excuse me, Dianah,” she said, “Generally we let the girl fool around a little . . . so why not touch them for us?”

“Sure,” Dianah replied. “I get kinda excited doing this, so don’t get embarrassed, ‘kay?”

All pendik escort three were taken aback by the ringlet-tressed brunette’s concern that they might be embarrassed by her actions, and could only nod, for they were all speechless.

Dianah closed her eyes, and began to play with her nipples. They were larger than normal to begin with and actually lengthened as she lightly pinched them. When she began to twist them, Essence let out a soft moan. Dianah kept twisting her nipples, and after about thirty more seconds, the three observers were startled to see Dianah drop to her knees, shudder, and cum hard.

Tony came back to life and grabbed his camera and started to cover the scene in front of him.

Essence pleadingly asked Dianah if she might suck on her nipples, and seemed surprised when the girl nodded her assent.

Tony zoomed in for a close-up as Essence bit down on Dianah’s right nipple, and gently massaged her smallish breasts. Barely was stepping out of his cutoffs and holding his erect cock in his right hand as he moved in on the two women.

“Not yet,” Tony said, warning Barely to stay put for the moment. “If we work this right, we can have Dianah start all over again, I mean from the time she approached the van to playing with her tits. What a great story that would be.”

“What you gonna give her to do it?” Barely asked, as he jerked his dick.

“Whatever. We’ll work that out when the time comes. Both men paused to watch Dianah’s chest as she took gulping chunks of air into her lungs. Essence was rubbing her palm up and down over the girl’s pussy mound, and Dianah had both her hands wrapped in Essence’s black hair.

“Barely?” Tony said.


“Did she cum from just having her tits played with?”

Barely laughed, and began to fondle Essence’s rear end. She appeared to appreciate it and moved her behind suggestively into his hand.

“She sure did, Tony,” the albino replied, “she sure did.”

Dianah paid no attention to the two men, but grasped a handful of Essence’s raven tresses and moaned as Essence pressed forward, moving slowly along her upper chest, leaving a trail of kisses across her neck and only then letting just the very tip of her tongue graze her ear.

Tony nudged Barely, and using sign language, indicated that he too, should film the goings on. Barely nodded and went to retrieve his camera, and a moment later the two women were being photographed from opposite sides. Moving in on the two women who were now kissing feveredly, Barely could smell their commingled perfume over the scent of beer and cigarette smoke that lingered in the air.

Essence reached down and grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it quickly over her head. Her breasts were met immediately with Dianah’s hot breath, a second later Dianah’s teeth softly bit down on one nipple, as her hand passionately massaged the other perky, but firm, orb. She brushed the hair out of Dianah’s face and kissed her forehead, then leaned back to enjoy the little love nips Dianah was providing to her nipples.

Essence’s eyes squeezed shut as sharp waves of pleasure leaped directly to her cunt, and her pelvis brazenly ground into that of Dianah’s.

Dianah, panting with excitement, humped back immediately, causing Essence to moan, “My, my, it’s been a while, hasn’t it, Sweetie?”

Dianah moaned. “No, but I never been with a woman before,” she said, her voice barely audible.

“Don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of time. No rush,” Essence quietly hissed in her ear.

“I ain’t worried. I’m hot, really hot, and you made me that way.”

Essence ran a finger down Dianah’s midriff, deftly undoing the girl’s jeans. Dianah wobbled trying to retain her balance as Essence shimmied them down her legs, and had to hop to keep from falling. Dianah was left standing there with only a pink thong; the cord at the back disappearing between her round, cheeky ass, the thin material at the front cupping the distended mound, and slightly wet from her orgasm.

Tony zoomed in for a close-up of the girl’s crotch, capturing the wet spot for posterity.

Dianah stood there, legs slightly parted, waiting for the black woman before her to do with her as she wanted. Essence slipped her thumbs through the thin elastic and in one movement pushed the thong down to her feet, where Dianah kicked it free. Essence was drooling at the sight directly in front of her, for Dianah’s cunt was delicately trimmed, with the most minimal crown of pubic hair over the powerfully displayed and lustful mouth of her cunt.

Dianah stood there, legs slightly parted, waiting for the black woman before her to do with her as she wanted. Then she groaned wantonly, and held firmly to Essence’s raven hair as the black beauty took the pink thong in her teeth and dragged it upward, causing the material to slide through the girl’s labia and over her clit.

Dianah went rigid, frozen in time as the sensations of the material and knowledge of what Essence was doing struck home. Essence sent her hand inside the thong and felt the girl’s wetness. maltepe escort Slowly she withdrew the hand and extended a finger to her mouth and tasted Dianah.

Barely, forgetting his broken leg, and the cast enclosing it, lost his balance and fell to the floor. No one moved to help him up.

“You’re absolutely beautiful, Dianah,” Essence told her, and then stepped back and began removing her own clothing, letting her eyes roll seductively at Barely’s camera, and then at Dianah, who had yet to notice either camera filming her.

Tony was taken by the black girl’s nude beauty, especially the two full chocolate breasts jutting out from her chest. Essence felt his stare, and turned to look directly at him with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“Later . . . maybe, Sweetie,” Essence told him, and then sank to her knees before Dianah’s pliant young body and pressed her tongue against the triangular spot between Dianah’s legs.

Dianah’s eyeglasses almost fell from her face when she groaned and shook her head. But one hand shot up and righted them before moving to take hold of Essence’s raven hair. The other went to her left nipple, which she began to stroke, much the same as a male would his cock. And for the first time, Dianah noticed the two guys and their cameras. For some inexplicable reason, she felt a compulsion to tell them all how her nipples came to be their present size.

“Danny had me use a clothespin on them. What I did was place it pointing straight onto the nipple, not from the side, so it gripped the base of the nipple, and not the tip. Sometimes it was also clamped to a bit of areola as well.”

Dianah glanced gratefully down at Essence as she licked tenderly at her labia.

“That feels wonderful.”

“Like it, huh?” Essence said, accepting the compliment.

“It’s . . .”

“Wonderful,” Essence said finishing the line for her.

Dianah laughed.

“About your nipples . . .” Tony whispered, steering her back on subject, his camera locked in on her face.

“Oh, yeah. The clothespin doesn’t feel the same bite as when only grasping the nipple. But it does some wonderful things for sensitivity without causing severe pain. It’s best to start with a weak clamping pressure and work upwards, and if you are just beginning, try not to leave the pins on for too long. I started with three minutes, and then it hurt like hell. Eventually, I worked it up to thirty minutes before it became unendurable. Um, when I say unendurable . . . well, that’s not quite true. I can take it indefinitely, but I thought I should draw the line at some point to avoid permanent damage. Turns out I was right. My nipples are extremely sensitive now. I can come from just playing with them. Well, you just saw me do it. But if I leave the damn clamps on for too long, the sensitivity would be far less. Some girl into S&M told me she lost most of the sensitivity that way.”

“Ohhhh, now that . . . that feels soooo nice,” she cooed as Essence tongued her clit.

“You were telling us about those nipples, remember, Dianah?” Tony said in a gentle reminder. He really wanted the story to flow naturally, so as not to jerk the eventually viewer around unnecessarily.

“How long does the good feeling last?” He asked.

“Um, well, the feelings may last from minutes to hours, depending . . . I guess on the person. Sometimes I use ice cubes on them after removing the clothespins. I’ve even used a feather duster.” She giggled at that revelation. “But the ice, while it feels terrific at first, seems to shorten the length of time the sensations run wild.”

At this point, Barely informed Tony that because of his leg, he’d have to stop shooting for a minute and find a more comfortable position. Tony nodded, signaling that he had heard him and would try to capture the entire scene between Dianah and Essence while Barely made the adjustment.

Essence picked up on the problem and brought her cunnilingus to a halt. Tony pressed the stop button on his camera and asked her what the problem was.

“Focus on the two of us, Tony,” she said.

“I am,” he told her.

“Good, ’cause I have some questions for our princess here. You will want to record her answers.”

“Oh, right,” he said, picking up on her use of the word will.

He resumed his camera coverage, as Barely picked up his own camera and made an adjustment, and then began filming too.

“Dianah,” Essence said, “I see that your clit is a lot larger than any that I ever seen. Not that I’ve examined that many, but yours . . . seems to be really large. Did you do something with the clothespin there too?”

Barely, intently following his girlfriend’s words zoomed in on Dianah’s pussy as Essence pulled her labia apart exposing the girl’s clit to the camera’s unrelenting eye.

“Oh, yeah,” Dianah said. “That was Danny again. He had me use two different ways to stretch it. One was a clit clip. At least that’s what he called it.” She began gently rubbing her palm over her genitals, but continued speaking. Both cameramen concentrated on her, Tony on her face, kartal escort Barely on her sex.

“The um, clit clip,” Dianah said, “goes around the clit, and droops down, kinda like an earring. So I’d clip it on and the weight would stretch it so, oh . . . I forgot. No panties during this. So the weight of the clip would swing as I moved, and continue to stretch, stretch, stretch. Danny told me he heard all the stretching caused more blood to fill the clit, leading to permanent enlargement.”

“Jesus Christ,” Essence said, awed by the girl’s story, and imagining herself being stretched, although nothing of the sort was happening to her.

“The other way,” Dianah went on, as if nothing had happened. “… and I used both methods … was I’d kneel on the bed, face down into a pillow, with my ass stuck up high, and using one hand to spread my lips as wide as I could I made two fingers on the other hand into a kind of paddle. Then I’d smack my clit. Smack, smack, smack. Until it was filled with blood and almost rock hard. Soon each smack would push me closer to that orgasm I so desperately wanted. And the best part is that even as I’m coming, my clit is growing bigger.

“I think,” she went on, “but can’t prove this, that the clit smacking and resulting orgasm do more to enlarge the clit than the clip does. But the clip serves its purpose too, in that while wearing it and walking around I have one orgasm after another because my big old clittie won’t fit back under its hood like it’s supposed to, and gets rubbed this way and that by my labia as I move around. Not wearing panties helps even more, although cum stains can be bothersome after a while.”

No one said a word for a minute as Dianah titillated her clit enough to bring on another orgasm. When she finished shuddering, she turned to Barely, and with half-closed eyelids, asked if he wanted to fuck her.

“I . . . um, I got this leg in a cast as you can see . . . so it . . . it’s possible, but will be a little awkward,” he said nervously.

“I noticed that,” she said and giggled. “I mean, how could I not notice, right? So what happened to you?”

“Maybe you saw it on TV,” he told her.


“I’m the guy fell sixteen floors after running through a window at the Chesterton Hotel downtown.”

Dianah exclaimed, “I saw you on TV!”

“How the fuck did you do that?” she asked, obviously impressed.

“They think I was drugged with a hallucinogen, or something. Anyway I saw an image in the window at the end of the hotel corridor, and ran into it. Of course I went through the damn window, and fell the rest of the way.”

“And only broke your leg?”

“That’s about it,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Damn, you’re lucky,” Dianah told him.

“Naw,” Barely replied, “I’m good.”

They laughed at his little joke then grew serious. “Essence, would you mind if I borrowed your man for a nice fuck?”

“Be my guest,” she answered. Then asked Tony, “Want me to use his camera while he’s occupied?”

“Please,” Tony said as he selected what he thought to be the best position from which to cover the couple as they arranged themselves carefully on the most stable chair in the van.

“We could take this indoors,” Essence said. “My place isn’t all that far away.”

“I can’t wait that long,” Dianah giggled, and then drew in her breath as Barely’s huge cock came into sight. “Oh, my!” she murmured, and after taking it in hand, marveled at its length and thickness.

Licking her lips, she straddled him as he sat all but immobile in the chair, and proceeded to spread her pussy open with one hand, and guided Barely’s cock into her with the other. A few deft wriggles later, and only the last two inches of his albino shaft were still visible outside her body.

Tony moved in for a tight shot of the penetration, and was rewarded with a view of her cunt’s distended red mouth. This would later prove to be a much talked about shot when millions of viewers watched the film.

Barely rolled his hips, causing Dianah to groan with pleasure, then rolled them again, sending his cock off in a different direction, and she started to come again. Her eyes were closed, as she withdrew into herself. She seemed to be oblivious to Barely’s body, and only reacted to his great pole as it stirred her inwardly. Her cunt began to overflow with her juices, some of which were being forced out by the thrusting of Barely’s huge penis.

It was Essence who first sensed that Dianah was squirting and said so, and the camera she held picked up a couple of squirts to further titillate the future viewers. This would be the second most commented part of the finished film by its viewers. As they were clued in by the awe in her tone to watch for it, they did so and were rewarded for their efforts.

Tony followed suit and, from his perspective, captured the copious amounts of juice that gushed out to cover Dianah’s thighs as it trickled down onto Barely’s cast and shorts, wetting the cast and soaking the latter.

All of a sudden, Dianah went into convulsions. Her hips bucked off the mattress; her body was jerking all over the place; every muscle seemed to be expanding and contracting all at once. She had shouted when it started, and moments later made a muffled shrieking sound. Barely grew frightened and halted his thrusting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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