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“It’s a girl, Mom!” My son-in-law Zack chirped exuberantly through the phone. “It’s a girl. You have a beautiful granddaughter.”

Pressing my cell phone firmly to my ear, I couldn’t believe how blank my mind had suddenly gone. Of all the things I thought I would say at this moment, I was at a complete loss for words and was finding it difficult to breathe. Now, I’d known this moment was coming for the last nine months. I knew that this would be the defining moment of my oldest daughter’s life and one that she would never ever forget. After having three children of my own, I know this only too well. And as her mother, it should be one of the most memorable moments in mine as well. But, now that it has come upon me, why am I feeling so empty? Why do I feel so unmoved; so uninspired and even frail? Why am I not bursting with joy and happiness at the birth of my first grandchild? GRANDCHILD??!!

“BINGO!!!!!! Nancy, you’ve just become a grandmother! That’s right honey, you’re a Grandma! A Granny! A Nana! A Mamom!”

With the silence growing disturbingly awkward on the other end of the line, I managed to mumble my congratulations and mouth a few questions of motherly concern about my daughter’s condition. As my son-in-law resumed his excited rambling, I stewed silently in the warm and humid evening air of Houston, Texas; all the while cursing myself for being such a self-absorbed and vain cunt. If Zack had noticed the awkward silence and tension on my end, he made no mention of it. Instead he went right on and relayed that the baby was perfectly healthy, weighing in a 7lbs-9oz., 21 inches in length and was the spitting image of her mother. Thank God! He also reported that Jessica, my 22 year old daughter and his wife of nearly 11 months, had come through the natural birth like a true warrior and was now resting comfortably with her daughter, Brenda.

“Sure wish you could be here.” Zack said.

“So do I.” I heard myself utter and then sniffed.

It was then that I realized I had started to cry. But they were hardly tears of joy. They were tears of sorrow. My life had been changed forever; I was officially old. One of my children now had a child and the knowledge that this was only my “first” grandchild only seemed to make matters worse. It was all downhill from here.

As Zack listened to what he assumed were my tears of “joy” and then struggled through his own to continue our conversation, I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a screwdriver. But, I just couldn’t stop myself. I was now somebody’s Grandma. How can this be? Grandma’s are supposed to be old, gray and wrinkled; like my grandmother was. I can’t be a Grandma! I’m still young! I’m only 42 years old! Women my age are still having children of their own for God’s sake. Hell, my own mother was 42 years old when she had me. Of course, now she’s 84 and the grandmother of thirteen. As this battle raged inside my head, I managed to babble the following:

“Give my love to Jessie, okay? And tell her to call me in the morning.”

“Okay.” The big lummox replied. “Love you, Mom.”

Every time Zack calls me “Mom”, I get the tortuous sensation of mutant tarantulas creeping up my spinal cord. Where Jessica was only 22, her husband, Dr. Zackary Kenneth Addias, was 31 and an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame; where coincidentally, Jessica had gone to college. Jessica took a Physics course in the fall semester of her third year, which just happened to be taught by Professor Addias; they met, tutored privately and the rest is history. Needless to say, since the man is just 10 years and 3 months younger than me, it is very hard to swallow his calling me “Mom.” And I can’t really blame him. In the beginning, he called me Mrs. Schaefer and I asked him to please call me Nancy. Of course, after the wedding, Jessie only had to hear him call me Nancy once before she corrected him.

“She’s Mom now, silly.” Jessica had said in her angelic voice.

Personally, I think Zack was just as uncomfortable with it as I was, but all I had to do was look at Jessie; she adores the man with all her heart and would be deeply hurt if I didn’t accept him as my son. So, I live with it.

“I mean, Grandma.” Zack chuckled.

“Love you all, too. Bye.” I managed to say sweetly as I slapped my phone shut and slid it across the patio table. The magazine I had been reading prior to his call prevented my phone from sliding off the table and onto the marbled concrete. “Asshole!” I hissed viciously as I snatched my glass of chardonnay and drained it in three gulps. And as I’m sucking down some alcohol, now might be a good time to give you a little background before I proceed into a story that I hope will arouse your deepest carnal fantasies and will leave you tingling with unbridled lust and desire.

My name is Nancy Schaefer and I’m a 42 year old, divorced mother of three daughters: Jessica Lynn Schaefer-Addias, my eldest at 22, and who has just ruined my casino şirketleri life. LOL! Then there is Laura Renee Schaefer, an 18 year old High School senior and co-captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. And last, but certainly not least, is Tiffany Jaclyn Schaefer; my baby at just 12. All three of the girls are vibrant, beautiful and dare I say, very sexual young women. Even though Tiffany is just beginning her journey into womanhood, she, like her mother and her sisters, is an early bloomer and is already far ahead of every other girl in her class. At least, her body is anyway.

I was born Nancy Denise Rutherford on a frigid February day in Albany, New York. The youngest of seven with four older sisters and two older brothers, a 46 year old investment banker for a father and a 42 year old housewife and part-time substitute teacher for a mother. Though we lived modestly, my father had a brilliant financial mind, invested wisely and made himself a multi-millionaire by the time I graduated from high school when I was 18. By then, he and my mother already had six grandchildren. Less than two full years later, Jessica would become their seventh. I had enrolled at Columbia University in New York City right after high school and even though my father was filthy rich, he was still a cheap bastard; so I had to work as a cocktail waitress at a high-roller bar near the campus. That’s where I met Martin Schaefer on a warm spring day at the age of 19.

Martin was everything a young girl could ever want in a man. First of all, he was nearly 15 years older than me. (I know, call me a fucking hypocrite since Zack is only 9 years older than Jessica.) Martin had impeccable taste in everything from cars to clothing and especially women. He was ruggedly handsome, broad shouldered, granite chinned, lean and muscled body, deep and mysterious sapphire blue eyes, an intoxicating laugh and a hypnotic smile. His hair was coal black, his skin was olive and his lovemaking abilities rivaled Don Juan Domingo himself. He was also the Senior Vice-President of a rapidly growing Oil and Gas company at just 34 years of age.

So, 15 years and three children later, Martin and I had moved to Houston, Texas where Martin had worked his way up to Chairman of the Board of that now very large Oil and Gas company at age 49. I had completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration several years earlier at Columbia University. Both Jessica and Laura were born in New York City and hired nannies cared for them as I went on to earn a Masters Degree in Business Management. Tiffany was born in Houston, and as much as I hate to say it, she was a last ditch attempt to salvage her father and I’s failing marriage. Martin had long since been ready to trade me in for another 19 year old, and that’s exactly what he did, at least officially, when Tiffany was just 4. Of course, he’d been test driving newer and younger models for several years prior to committing to one and hence, dumping me and the girls.

Okay, I confess: I wasn’t exactly faithful either. I had taken an entry level executive position with a local New York TV News station after completing my Masters. When Martin moved us to Houston, I transferred to the Houston network affiliate and sister station. I loved the job and busted my ass to move up the ladder. And when I say busted my ass, I mean that it every sense of the word. Hence, my infidelity. Today, that TV station is the number one in Houston, number three in the state and number eight in the nation and I’m the General Manager. For a time, I actually considered becoming an on-air reporter and was even offered news desk anchor; but there was a problem. Well, I don’t know if you can exactly call it a problem. Most of the time, particularly on the social and dating scene and most especially in the heat of passion, I consider it a blessing. But, from a professional standpoint – particularly in my field, it would be rather confusing. And as I have yet to describe myself physically, this shall sum it up in a nutshell:

I am either the identical twin sister or the genetic clone of CNN’s “No Bias, No Bull” anchor Campbell Brown. I mean everything down to the sound and tone of our voices is identical. I get stopped in public all the time and asked for an autograph for people think I’m her. Everything about she and I is identical: Hair color, hair length, hair style, skin tone, the facial structure, the cheeks , the chin, the nose, the pouting lips, the lipid eyes, the lean and slender body, the pert breasts, the long and sexy legs; everything is identical! Well, not exactly everything: Campbell Brown is just a year younger than me and she just gave birth to her second child while I just became a grandmother.


I was awarded full custody of the girls, along with our beautiful 5300 square foot home, two of the four vehicles, several stock and bond options in his company, 50% of his 401K, and an extremely handsome child support payment each month. Since casino firmaları Martin’s income is nearly 7 million a year; well, you do the math. Martin relocated to Boca Raton, Florida with his new love child (she’s actually only 18) and shows no interest in continuing to be a father to his daughters. Not that he ever had any in the first place. Yet despite their vain parents, our girls flourished beautifully. Jessica graduated Summa Cum Laude from high school and was accepted to the University of Notre Dame. She now lives in South Bend, Indiana with her husband and newborn daughter. I could have easily flown up to be with her as she had her baby, but as you will soon see, fate played a hand perhaps more than my vanity in not allowing me to go. Laura is now a senior in high school, co-captain of the varsity cheerleading squad and thus far, doing very well at keeping her sexual escapades safe and protected. Laura is me all over again. She is a cunning vixen hiding behind the face of an angel. She loves to fuck and based upon how she is built, is probably a tornado between the sheets. I know that sounds awful for a mother to describe her daughter that way, but as I said, she is me all over again. Like mother, like daughter. But despite her genetically inherited promiscuity, Laura hasn’t lost sight of her future; she’s already been accepted to Florida State University where she plans to major in Marine Biology.

And then there is Tiffany…Well, only time will tell with that girl. She’s already very stubborn, a little on the snobby side and way too smart for her own good. But she is also very cool, savvy and her smile is already magnetic. She can obviously see by her mother and her sisters what a beautiful and sexy woman she will be and it’s going to her head already. Okay, so I am a self-absorbed and vain cunt! Sue me!

….Oh well, back to my story:

I set the empty wine glass back on the patio table, eased my body back into the soft padding of the chair and stared aimlessly into my beautifully trimmed and manicured backyard. As dusk was giving way to night, the lights in the swimming pool came on automatically and the now illuminated surface of the water gently reflected and shimmered off they white siding of the house. A gentle breeze rustled through the towering pine trees just beyond my backyard fence and I could then faintly hear the distant cheers of an excited crowd and the blaring music of a marching band; the Friday night football game at Laura’s high school was in full swing. With a deep sigh, I rose to my feet, snapped up both the empty wine glass and my cell phone and carried them both through the back door and into the kitchen.

Plugging my phone into the charger on the counter, I stepped over to the fridge and poured myself another glass of chardonnay. Replacing the bottle and shutting the fridge door, I drained the glass in a few gulps as I listened to the grandfather clock in the foyer chime the hour – Nine o’clock. I set the empty wine glass into the sink and glanced at my watch: 9:10. Either it was fast or the grandfather clock was slow. I crossed my arms over my chest and glanced around the enormous kitchen and the desolate, cavernous house beyond. It was so deathly quiet. No TV going. No music playing upstairs. No girls fighting. No Xbox gaming. I suddenly felt dreadfully alone and utterly insignificant. Like an ant crawling through the Taj Mahal. Tiffany had gone with her best friend and her family up to Lake Conroe for the weekend and I wouldn’t see her again until I picked her up from school on Monday afternoon. Laura was cheering at the varsity football game I had just heard on the breeze and wouldn’t be home till late…If at all. She no doubt had some sort of sexual escapade arranged for after the game. She always did. On that thought, I began to recollect on my own sex life of late as I glanced out the bay windows in the dinette area that looked out onto the back patio and the swimming pool.

“What sex life?” I thought to myself.

Between the demands, details and deadlines of my career, Jessica’s impending motherhood, the management of Laura’s sex life and the early pruning of Tiffany’s, I had completely abandoned my own. How long had it been now? Nine months? A year! Oh my God, could it even be two years? I couldn’t honestly remember.

I soon noticed that I was twisting and tugging anxiously on my ponytail and feeling my body tense up more and more by the second as it overloaded with sexual frustration. I kicked off my flip-flops, slid off my watch, let down my hair and unfastened my belt as I returned to the patio. One of the beautiful things about living in Houston; even though it was the middle of October, it still felt like a steamy summer night – perfect night for a swim. Wearing only my one piece bathing suit and a pair of white denim shorts, I let the shorts drop down my long legs to the concrete and stepped out of them. Dipping my toes into the surprisingly warm water, I glanced güvenilir casino up at the darkened, second story window of my next door neighbor’s house that looked directly down into my backyard.

Roger and Elaine Mackenzie had moved in about five years ago and they had two sons – Jason and Jeremy; identical twins, who were the same age as Laura. Geek Squad material to say the least, Jason and Jeremy were still very nice boys; but they were most definitely out of Laura’s social league. In fact, Laura, and even Jessica, before she left for college, complained constantly about those Mackenzie dorks spying on them through their bedroom window as they and their friends swam and/or sunned themselves. I told the girls that they shouldn’t let it bother them; that the boys had been watching me too and if anything, we should be flattered. Besides, boys will be boys. And while Jessica and Laura fumed about it, I found it almost comical; even cute.

As I gently kicked at the water with my toes, I continued to stare at Jeremy and Jason Mackenzie’s darkened window and wondered if they were up their right now watching. Again, while the Mackenzie twins were very nice and wholesome boys, neither one of them truly had a prayer of getting laid anytime in the near future….If ever. I wondered if they’d ever actually even seen a naked woman. At least, one that wasn’t in a magazine. I pondered this for a moment and made my decision.

“A Grandma, huh? Well, just have a look at how sexy a Grandma can be!”

I stripped off my bathing suit, kicked it away and dove into the pool. As the warm water engulfed and caressed my naked body, I exhaled slowly and let myself sink gently through the cloud of rising air bubbles. Coming to rest on the smooth concrete of the pool’s bottom, I thought of Jeremy and Jason Mackenzie watching me from above and for a few brief seconds, I entertained the fantasy of the two of them coming over and having their way with me. Of course, I’d probably have to instruct them on every single detail of lovemaking. But then again, sometimes the best lovers are the ones we least expect. Jason and Jeremy could be hung like rhinos and the thought of riding one young, hard cock while sucking on another filled me with a deep twinge of carnal lust. I kicked off the bottom, rose to the surface and began swimming laps to try and work off the tremendous frustration.

I swam laps until my body ached then flipped over and let myself float motionless on the surface. Gazing up at the star-filled sky, I caught sight of the full, harvest moon that was just rising over the enormous pine trees behind my house. No wonder I was so horny. Just like the tides, the full moon has a curious effect on a woman’s sex drive. At least it does mine.

“Holy shit! Mom!!!” Laura shouted.

The sound of her voice was muffled for my ears were just below the water surface, but her tone was unmistakable. I sprang to my feet, creating a considerable splash, rubbed my hands over my face and then stared into the flushed face of my middle daughter, still in her cheerleading uniform.

“Laura! I didn’t expect you home so soon.” I said.

“It’s ten-thirty.” She said.

I guess I had been swimming a lot longer than I realized. “Now would you mind telling me what the hell you’re doing?” She demanded.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I asked nonchalantly.

“You’re fucking naked!” She bellowed.

I glanced down my body to find that I was standing in just barely waist high water and that my daughter had a clear view of my wet, glistening, naked body from the waist up. I was just about to inquire why she was getting so upset; after all, with just us girls living in the house for the last eight years, we’d seen each other naked countless times and were never bashful about our bodies, when I suddenly noticed that she wasn’t alone.

The girl standing beside my daughter was without a doubt the most beautiful and exotic looking young woman I had ever laid my eyes on. If femininity and sexuality oozed from every fiber of Laura’s being, then by comparison, they were gushing from every fiber of this Goddess. Jessica and Laura’s combined physical beauty and sexual appeal couldn’t hold a candle to this gorgeous creature. I was completely mesmerized by her. Entranced! As Laura continued to shout at me, all I could hear was the sound of her voice; my mind had tied itself in knots as it was struggling to interpret the millions of erotic thoughts and illicit feelings that were now racing through it regarding this exotic stranger.

Dressed in a pair of skin tight, faded blue jeans and an even tighter pink top that divinely accentuated her curvaceous, statuesque figure, all the while exposing her perfectly flat, ripped tummy, she stood with her lean, almost willowy arms held casually behind her back. Her skin was a hue of light Carmel and her stunning dark brown hair encased her perfectly chiseled, gorgeous face as it flowed beautifully over her sexily toned shoulders. As I studied her more carefully, I felt my cheeks begin to flush and slowly rubbed my hands over them again. Though I had never seen her with Laura before, I somehow got the feeling that I had seen this beauty before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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