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My name is Paul and I know that it is hard to believe but I came up with a great way to get women to fuck me. I trick them!

I first had the idea when I was in high school and some of the hot girls from my school were talking about how they were looking for other girls to be roommates for college because they would never trust a guy and their parents wouldn’t either. Then one girl laughed and said that her parents would only let her live with another girl or a gay guy.

I started thinking and spent 2 months perfecting my plan.

I started looking at the paper for people looking for roommates and I started responding to the ads that said female only.

I was stunned to find out that 15 of the first 20 numbers that I called actually responded positively to my gay story. I had no idea that that many girls would agree to live with a guy if they thought that he was gay.

So, I started visiting the apartments and houses on my list and I started narrowing down my list.

Right off the bat I could tell that I would be able to have my pick of places so I decided to try and live with as many girls as possible.

After a week I had visited all 15 places on my list and I had added another 20 to it. It took me 10 days to see all 35 places. I immediately excluded 10 of them because they were only two bedroom apartments and I would only be sharing the apartment with one other girl.

I excluded another 8 places because the girls were either fat or really ugly. That left me with 17 choices.

I had several real good options and I finally ended up choosing a house that had 4 bedrooms and 7 girls living in it and I would be the 8th person.

I figured that living with 7 girls gave me the best odds at fucking one instead of just living with one or two girls.

When I went to the house of 8, I met with three girls and saw pictures of most of the others. I was in heaven. All of the girls were extremely hot. Two were in sororities and the others all could have been models if they wanted to be.

When I moved in, I met my roommate, Kelly. Kelly was a petite blonde who looked like she was 16, but she told me that she was 20. Anyway, she was excited about me sharing a room with her and she was interested in getting to know me because she has never met a gay guy before.

Kelly actually helped me unload my U-haul and all of my stuff was moved in within a few hours. In order to save space, all of the rooms had bunk beds and Kelly had the top bunk, so I got the bottom bunk, which was fine with me.

I met all of the other 6 girls and I couldn’t believe how hot they were.

I immediately decided to take the offensive and I started getting touchy feely with all of them and I had touched all 7 of my female roommates on their arms or legs within a few minutes.

Some of the girls started talking among themselves, and they announced that they decided that I was the new addition to the house so we needed to have a party to celebrate. They said that they try to have a party once a week for just the members of the house and nobody else is allowed. That means no significant others and no friends.

So, since half of us were underage anyway, we loved knowing that we would be able to drink that night.

Since there were only two bathrooms, the girls always shared them at the same time. So, when a girl was in the shower another would be doing her hair or make-up at the same time.

Kelly told me that I better jump in if I wanted a shower, and when I opened the door, I saw Jessica, a very leggy brunette, standing at the sink, dressed only in a towel that barely covered her ass.

She smiled and said, “hey Paul. You startled me at first, but then I remembered that you are gay. Hop in the shower.”

I stripped and saw Jessica sneaking a peek at my crotch. I was pleased with the look that she gave and I knew that she was impressed with my 9-inch dick, which was almost 6 inches long when limp.

I got in the shower and when I was done, Jessica was gone and Amanda, a cute red-head was standing at the sink.

I purposely got out of the shower without grabbing my towel and Amanda turned and said, “Jessica wasn’t kidding.”

I said, “what are you talking about?”

Amanda pointed to my dick and said, “Jessica said that you are really hung. Damn, she was right. Too bad you are gay.”

I smiled and said, “you look like you have a nice body too. Maybe if you get me drunk enough, I might do something that I’ll regret.”

We both laughed and I slowly dried myself off.

I went back to my room closed kaçak iddaa the door as I entered. I saw Kelly dressed only in panties and a bra and she asked me if I liked her panties.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Just because these girls thought that I was gay, they let me see their bodies just as if I was another girl.

It was all that I could do to not get hard. I decided to be honest with Kelly and I said, “those panties are nice and silky, but if you are hoping to get lucky, I’d suggest a thong or some see-through panties instead.”

Kelly held up a pair of see-through panties and said that those were the only ones that she had but she didn’t really like the way that she looked in them.

I said, “put them on and let me see.”

Kelly peeled off her silk panties and for a second I saw her pussy before she put on her other panties.

I was starting to get hard, so I sat on the edge of my bed. This made Kelly’s crotch at my eye-level.

Kelly walked right in front of me and said, “see, it just looks like a mound of hair.”

I held my breath and reached out and ran my fingers along Kelly’s panties where her thighs met her crotch.

I said, “this is the sexy area. There should be no hair here.”

I then hooked my thumbs under the top part of her panties and pulled up so that they were tighter against her pussy. This also made the material pull inward, exposing more of her pussy hair.

I said, “you should shave more of your pussy hair. I bet that you are nervous wearing a bathing suit too, right?”

Kelly agreed and asked me how I knew.

I said, “why don’t you shave your pussy tonight in the shower and then get dressed. I promise that you will feel much better.”

Kelly said, “My boyfriend tried to get me to shave before but I thought it was stupid. Now I see that maybe I should. He would just die if he knew that you gave me advice about shaving my pussy.”

Kelly scampered off into the bathroom and I rushed to get dressed.

When I went into the kitchen all 6 of the other girls were freely talking about how hung I was.

I grabbed a beer and started drinking with them and I said, “I bet that Amanda also told you that if you got me drunk enough I might do something that I’d regret.”

The girls laughed and Nichol said, “Listen Paul, only 2 of us girls have boyfriends at the moment, so you have 5 girls who are gonna try and take advantage of your cute body.”

I knew that I could never tell the girls that I wasn’t gay, but I also didn’t want to disgust them when they eventually visualized anal sex.

So when they started asking about gay sex, I constructed a great story.

I explained that I never came out of the closet with my parents and all through high school I dated girls to fit in. I figured that I better say that in case any of my old friends or family visited me.

Tracy asked me when was the first time that I had anal sex and I said that it was with my last girlfriend.

“She got around a lot so her pussy was never really tight, so I liked her ass better.”

Tracy said, “I am hearing all about you and girls, what about you and guys.”

I said, “I have to confess, I have never had sex with a guy, but I have kissed a couple guys, so I know that I am gay.”

Amanda and Tracy started laughing and said, “you aren’t gay. You are just confused. Hell, I have kissed a bunch of girls and I am not a lesbian.”

I said, “maybe, but I enjoyed kissing the guys when I did it.”

Amanda said, “Paul, I have kissed Kelly a few times when we drink and we both enjoy it but it doesn’t make either of us gay. We both like dicks. Just because you enjoy a sensual kiss doesn’t mean anything.”

Tracy agreed, saying, “kissing is very intimate. I bet that everyone would get horny doing a French kiss regardless of whether it was a man or a woman.”

Nichol agreed and said, “I bet that I can suck your dick just as good as any guy could. Have you ever had a guy do that?”

I said, “no, I just kissed a few guys. I have had my dick sucked but it was from a girl in high school.”

The quiet Gina said, “Paul, you are just confused. It won’t take you long to appreciate that you are not gay. I am sure that the 7 of us will help you discover that you are very straight.”

I said, “so out of all of you 7 girls, only Kelly and Lisa have boyfriends? Maybe you are really lesbians and you don’t know it.”

Kelly joined us and the 8 of us drank steadily for an hour and Kelly suggested that we go dancing.

We drove in 2 cars and at the club I was treated kaçak bahis like the last guy on Earth. All of my housemates were dancing with me and since the club was packed with guys grinding on girls, they expected the same out of me.

I had my dick pressed against each of their crotches and asses during that night, but Heather was by far the most out-going.

Heather placed her hand over mine and slid it up her thigh under her skirt until it rested on her ass.

I looked around but the club was so crowded that I knew that nobody could see what we were doing so I decided to play along.

I said, “what are you doing?”

Heather said, “I felt your dick was hard before when we were dancing, so I know that you like my body. I want you to feel me.”

I said, “Of course I was hard. I would be hard if a guy was rubbing his ass on my dick too.”

I let my hand explore her ass and I could tell that she was wearing a thong. Heather lifted her leg and wrapped it around my ass and I slid my hand between her legs and under her panties.

Heather’s eyes got really big and I don’t think that she was expecting me to do that, but I knew that I was in control and I slid a finger right into her pussy.

Heather tried to unwrap her leg from me, but I kept her pulled tight and I pumped my fingers in and out of her wet pussy in that corner and she looked around. When she knew that nobody could see what was going on, Heather leaned into me and told me to keep fingering her.

I fingered her through two songs until her knees gave out and I knew that she was having an orgasm.

I felt my hand become really wet and I realized that she had cum.

Heather thanked me and promised that she would return the favor and we made back to the others.

I got to dance some more with most of the other girls and some of the girls got tired to we decided to go home.

On the ride back home, I ended up in the backseat of a car with Heather next to me. My roommate, Kelly, was driving and Tracy was in the passenger seat but soon fell asleep.

Kelly and I started talking when I felt Heather reach between my legs and begin to rub my dick. She unbuttoned my pants and quietly unzipped me. I scooted forward in the seat so I could talk to Kelly and I felt Amanda’s lips wrap around my dick and she began to suck me.

Amanda sucked my dick the entire ride back home and I finally blew my load as we pulled in the drive way. I quickly zipped up and when Kelly opened the door, I saw Amanda had some cum on her cheek and Kelly saw at the same time and said, “I had no clue. Good job Amanda, but remember that I room with him.”

Tracy woke up and managed to walk inside just as the other carload of girls pulled up.

We all said goodnight and three of the girls kissed me, on the lips.

Kelly and I went into our room and I noticed that Kelly locked the door and said, “so Amanda sucked you off tonight on the car ride back huh? Do you still think that you are gay?”

I said, “I guess that I have to keep an open mind.”

With that Kelly pulled her dress off over hear head and stood in front of me with only her see-through panties and a see-through bra.

She said, “Okay Paul, if you still are gay then I can let you look at my body and stuff. I took your advice and I shaved my pussy tonight.”

I laid on my bed and said, “let me see.”

Kelly walked right up to my face and put her crotch so close to me that her panties actually touched my nose.

I knew that she was fair game once I saw that she locked the door so I placed moth of my hands on her panties so that my thumbs were on the outside of her panties, but right where her pussy was. Then I slid my other fingers under her panties and right up her skin and felt her smooth skin.

I pressed my thumbs upward at the same time and they actually pressed her panties inside her pussy and took my thumbs inside an inch or so.

I said, “don’t you feel much better not that you shaved it?”

Kelly jumped back a step and I thought that I must have freaked her out, but she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor and she peeled off her panties and stood before me naked.

I was amazed. This was the perfect body standing in front of me.

Kelly said, “since I am blonde, my nipples are pink instead of brown, but my pussy lips are darker. Doesn’t that look weird?”

I said, “Kelly you are perfect. You look good enough to eat.”

Kelly said, “Paul I want to share my bed with you tonight. I want to show you that you are too good to be gay.”

I said, “what about illegal bahis your boyfriend?”

Kelly laughed and said, “he went home for the weekend. I always get lonely when he is gone.”

I took Kelly by the hand and pulled her into bed. We made out for a while and the lights were on the whole time.

I moved her around into the 69 position and she gasped at the size of my dick and had trouble fitting it into her mouth.

I lowered Kelly’s pussy to my face and began to lick it.

Twice she stopped sucking me, saying that she couldn’t fit my dick inside her mouth.

I told her that Amanda seemed to have no trouble.

Feeling some need to outdo Amanda, Kelly took my dick all the way and I felt it slide down her throat.

I had never had a girl deep throat me before and it felt amazing. Kelly milked me with her throat muscles and before long I pumped a load of cum down her throat.

I kept licking and sucking Kelly’s pussy and it wasn’t long before she came on my face.

When she came down from her orgasm she said that I could fuck her.

I had no intention of fucking her yet so I kept licking her pussy.

To me, eating a girl’s pussy was much more intimate than fucking her, so I decided to give Kelly a great experience. I counted 4 more orgasms from Kelly and by then she was begging me to fuck her.

I reached over and got a condom and put it on and lifted Kelly’s legs over her head. She was very flexible and she wrapped her legs around the top of the bunk bed while I slid my dick into her.

Although I easily slid inside her, I knew that she had a very tight pussy and it was not accustomed to having suck a big dick inside her.

Kelly let out a gasp and said, “Oh my God you feel so great.”

I slowly fucked her while we passionately kissed. After I felt Kelly cum again, I made her switch positions and I fucked her in 8 different positions, half of which resulted in her saying that she had never had sex in that position before.

When I finally came, it was at the same time as Kelly and we both collapsed in exhaustion.

We embraced and passionately kissed while my dick wilted inside her.

Kelly said that she wanted to suck my cum out of the condom, so I pulled out of her and she removed my condom and lifted it to her mouth and drained it.

I said, “how do I compare to your boyfriend?”

Kelly laughed and said, “you were 1000 times better. He is nice and buys me things, but fucking you really opened my eyes.”

I said, “Kelly I am glad that we are roommates, because that was the best sex that I have ever had.”

Kelly said, “you lied about being gay, didn’t you?”

I said, “yes, I did. I hope that you don’t hate me.”

Kelly laughed and said, “I don’t hate you. I think that I might be feeling the opposite of hate for you. The other girls might hate you, but I think that you had a great idea to move into a house of girls like this.”

I smiled and said, “It looks like we both have something to hold over the other’s head. I promise to not tell anyone that we had sex if you promise to not tell anyone that I lied about being gay.”

Kelly laughed and said, “for now I am gonna keep dating Charles, so you can fool around with the other girls in the house. But at some point I am gonna dump Charles and I am gonna want you all to myself.”

I laughed and said, “Let’s take it day by day. We are roommates so we can fuck every day and nobody will know.”

Kelly said, “there is no question about me fucking you, but it is the other 6 girls that I am concerned about. I know that they all want to fuck you too. Please promise me that you use a condom if you fuck them, okay.”

I said, “It’s a deal.”

Over the next 3 weeks 4 of the girls got boyfriends and they stopped flirting with me. However, Amanda continued to pursue me and we frequently did a 69, but I avoided fucking her. She ended up finding a boyfriend and ended things between us on the same day that Kelly broke up with her boyfriend.

I told Kelly about Amanda and I and she said “this is perfect. Somehow you and Amanda kept your fling a secret and nobody in the house ever knew about you and Amanda or you and me.”

I said, “We can be exclusive now. I won’t fool around with any other girls if you won’t fool around with any guys.”

Kelly agreed and then said, “Paul, We both have always used protection in the past and neither of us have any diseases.”

I said, “that’s right.”

Kelly smiled and said, “I am on the pill so I can’t get pregnant, so we can stop using condoms if you like.”

I said, “you mean you want me to cum inside your pussy?”

Kelly nodded and said that she really loves me and wants me to drip out of her during the day so she is always thinking of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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