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This story will take place over the course of one day in several chapters. All characters are legal age. Characters are all fantasy creations, so with that in mind, if huge tits, perfect bodies and huge cocks are not your interest move to a different story.

The day started like any other school day. She got to her school, Hooterville High at 6:30 in the morning. She always arrived early to use the school’s gym. The football team had a great selection of exercise equipment and as Principal she felt entitled to using the equipment. Early in the morning the gym was empty aside from Robert Harrison, the team’s star Tight End, Chris Campbell, the team’s best Linebacker and Matt Evans, star Quarterback, team captain, and the Big Man on Campus. These 3 were always here early and made no effort to hide the fact that they all were watching her workout. Offers to spot her when she was lifting and closer than necessary proximity were the norm for her workouts. She wasn’t surprised, she knew she was attractive and understood that hormone filled 18 year olds were easily turned on. She took to working out in far skimpier attire than she should have to accentuate her ample curves her workout routine maintained and to tease the guys a little.

Today, she wore a black sports bra and spandex shorts that just barely covered her tight bubble butt. She watched herself in the locker room mirror as she tied her shoulder length wavy auburn hair back into a pony tail and admired her hard work. Her body was fit, but curvy. Her large breasts stood high and proud, not losing any of their perkiness despite her age (39) and their size (36DD). Her waist was trim and flat with just a hint of visible abs. Her hips were accentuated and seemed wider due to her narrow waist. She had a nice ass, she thought to herself, firm but squeezable. Long legs that were shapely and toned.

She looked in her gym bag and realized she had forgotten her second sports bra. With tits as large as hers it was necessary to wear 2 sports bras to keep them contained.

“Fuck it” she thought to herself. “I guess those boys are just going to get an eyeful today. It is Homecoming anyway. I’ll give them a little treat before the rally.”

She dropped her gym bag with her work clothes into an open locker and went out to do her exercises. Her nipples visible due to her excitement of the guys seeing her.

She set herself to begin her workout. When she arrived in the gym she was shocked to find it empty. She was both relieved and disappointed that the guys weren’t there to see her today. Every sound she heard she felt a wave of excitement hit her as she thought it was them only to be disappointed. Finally, her workout ended and she headed to the showers. She spent a long time in the shower feeling her body, rubbing her breasts and pussy. After several minutes she had brought herself to casino siteleri orgasm.

After her shower ended she went to the locker she put her clothes into, only to find her clothes gone. All that remained were her spandex shorts, her 5 inch heels and a small t-shirt that couldn’t possibly fit her. She immediately recognized the shirt, it was one that the football players had to sell around town to make money to purchase new uniforms. She hated the shirts because the players bought themselves dozens of shirts each with their number on them and they were given out to the girls that any of them had fucked like some sort of prize for spreading their legs. The girls always wore them at pep rallys or games and everyone knew what they meant The players were basically using them like a brand for their high school harems.

Today there was a Homecoming pep rally for the game tonight. This one was number 16. Immediately, she knew it was Matt Evans’ shirt. That little shit was here and had stolen her clothes! She was fuming at the thought of him spying on her working out and in the shower. She stared at the clothes debating what to do. She could wait until Coach Tucker got to his office in the gym and ask for some more concealing clothes, but decided against it as that lecherous old perv was always staring at her tits. She decided to put on the clothes left in the locker. She stood in front of the mirror doing her makeup looking at how she was dressed. The clothes so small they would have looked more at home on one of the girls who danced down at Heartbreakers Gentlemen’s Club or in a porn video.

The shirt left little to the imagination, like she thought it did not cover much. It left her stomach completely exposed and was stretched tight over her huge tits. The white cotton was thin and sheer making her dark areolas and her erect nipples plainly visible to any who could see.

Principal Hartz made her way to her office, happy that she was still the only person in the building so no one saw her porn outfit. She waited, thinking of what to do until her secretary Alina Sanchez was at her desk. She called Alina on her intercom and asked her to call Matt Evans to her office. She paced her office for what felt like hours, but was really only a few minutes. Her stomach had knots in it and she felt like she was going to throw up. She felt so exposed in this outfit and wanted to cover up before this conversation. She heard Matt outside her office flirting with her Alina, which her secretary seemed to be eating up.

“Send him in, Alina” she growled into her intercom.

Matt walked into the office with the usual cockiness he walked the halls of the school with. Tall, well built, with short dark brown hair and a smirk that showed how pleased he was with himself.

“What can I do for you, Mrs Hartz?” He asked as he sat down güvenilir casino in front of her.

She couldn’t believe that he was acting like he didn’t know why he was here.

“You know damn well why you’re here. Now give me back my clothes!” She demanded.

He sat unphased by her outburst.

“I think you look just fine as you are now. All those hours in the gym are paying off. You look better than just about every other female in this building.” He said trying to be charming.

“Don’t you try to sweet talk me. Give me back my things.” She said.

“Well, what’s in it for me, Mrs Hartz?” He asked smugly.

“I won’t expell you!” She responded. He sat unphased.

“I don’t think you’ll do that. It wouldn’t look good for your career if Rob, Chris or myself were to spread a little video of you from this morning.” He informed her.

Immediately she remembered getting herself off in the shower this morning.

“You were spying on me?” She questioned.

“Come on, Hartz. You use the men’s showers and wear the skimpiest outfits to workout. You are a tease. You get off on teasing your students.” He said as he moved his way around her desk to stand in front of her.

Mrs Hartz called Alina and demanded she call Rob and Chris to her office trying unsuccessfully to show she was unafraid of what he was threatening.

Matt pulled his cell phone out and played the video of her touching herself.

“The quality of this video is great. It almost looks professional.” He said as he sat the phone on her desk. “I think you wanted to get caught in there, didn’t you?” He asked. “It turns you on.” He said.

She was ashamed as she felt her pussy getting wet.

“I’ll tell you what. This video can remain our little secret, but I’m going to want something in return.” He said as he began to fondle her heavy and swollen tits.

“I can’t do that.” She said pushing his hands away.

He grabbed her more forcefully this time and roughly pinched her nipples. A soft moan accidentally escaped her lips as he manipulated her tits.

“I just want to see these tits wrapped around my cock. Then I’ll give you the video and your clothes.” He told her.

He lifted her out of her chair and took her place. Her mind was running wild. She had no idea what to do as he led her to her knees in front of him. She was turned on, nervous, unsure what to do since he was a student. But on to her knees she fell. Slowly she reached out and unbuttoned and unzipped Matt’s jeans. She slid his pants down and was shocked as his massive cock popped out of his pants and hit her on the chin. Smearing precum across her cheek.

“If I do this, you’ll keep your word?” she asked unaware that she was already stroking his cock. He nodded at her and watched as she pulled the tiny shirt over her head to free her tits. She was mesmerized canlı casino by the site of his cock. It had to be at least 10 inches long and as thick around as her wrist. His young balls were large and heavy. He smelled clean and was well groomed. She finally decided to do it. She held her tits apart as Matt pressed his cock to her breast bone. His huge cock was hot and hard. The feel of it on her body almost pushed her over the edge into orgasm. Pre-cum was leaking from his cock at a steady pace creating a well lubricated cavern between her tits that his cock was sliding through easily. Half of his cock would poke out of her tits on every downstroke. He had a handful of her hair in his fist.

“Suck it. You know you want to.” He told her as he pushed her head down.

She was in a daze as she realized he was right. She wanted his cock in her mouth more than she ever wanted anything. Her mouth salivated for it.

On the next downstroke with her tits she opened her mouth and accepted several inches into her mouth. Her jaw strained to open enough to fit the monster into her mouth. She gagged and drooled as he shoved his cock deeper down her throat. She began to throw her head up and down his cock no longer needing the pressure of his hand on the back of her head. Her mind awash with emotions. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She wanted to stop but her body wanted more and more. She was fucking her mouth with his cock. Her hands roughly squeezing and rubbing her tits. She slowly rubbed her thighs together trying to quench the need her pussy had. She finally jammed a hand down the front of her shorts and began working 2 fingers into her sopping gash.

Matt watched in awe as his hot principal was violently fucking his cock with her mouth, and moaning around his shaft. With every downstroke she took his cock deeper into her throat. Copious amounts of saliva dripped down his cock coating his balls and dripping onto her massive tits. He felt his balls tightening up and knew he was close to cumming. He watched in amazement as she had succeeded in getting all 10 inches down her throat. Her chin pressed against his balls and he felt the biggest load of his life working its way out of him. She felt his balls begin to tense up as he began to shoot ropes of cum down her throat. She tried to swallow every drop but it was too much for her and his load began to leak out the sides of her mouth onto her heaving and drool coated tits.

He roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off his cock spraying the last few ropes on her face. As he finished cumming he slid his slimy drool and cum coated cock over her face smearing his load all over her. She couldn’t believe she was allowing him to do this, but she was loving being used. He placed his semi-hard cock at her lips and watched as she greedily opened her mouth and began to slowly suck it back to life.

Kerry heard the click of the lock on her office door and was shocked and embarrassed that she had called Chris and Robert to her office.

To be continued in chapter 2

Catch what happens next when chapter 2 is released.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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