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I came in early, around 11:00, on a wet, dreary Tuesday to do paper work. We had done a lot of work for Sonia the past couple of weeks, and while I had promptly delivered the oh-so-juicy photos and video generated (keeping copies for my private file, of course), I still needed to bill her. I also needed to bill Mike for the skip tracing work I had done for him. I had spent a couple of hours putting the bills together when Sally came in.

“Glad you’re here,” I said. “I need you to clean up these billings, put them into the accounting system, and then mail them.”

“How thrilling,” she said. “What are you going to be doing?”

“Working on a proposal for a new client.” It was sort of true. The guy I was writing to was closer to a cold call than a real prospect, but I was going to write a letter introducing myself and my services.

“The billing is so boring,” she complained.

“It keeps us in food and drink,” I reminded her.

She picked up the stack of paper I had generated and wandered off to her desk to work on it. The slump in her shoulders betrayed her lack of enthusiasm for the task.

We both worked at our assigned tasks for an hour or so, but I had to admit—it was really dull. The real problem was maintaining my attention. My mind kept wandering back to the videos I had taken of Sonia and her various boyfriends.

After a while Sally called out from the other room, “This is driving me nuts. It is the most boring shit in the world. How much more do I have to do?”

“You have to finish it, so Sonia and Mike will pay us.”

“All of it?”

“Yes! All of it.”

And then I had an inspiration—”If you finish it by three, we can watch one of the videos of Sonia.”

“You kept a copy?”


“Is it hot?”

“You bet your sweet ass it is.”

“Consider it done.”

About half an hour later Sally walked in and strutted directly over to the liquor cabinet, where she made herself a gin and tonic (with damn little tonic). As she took a long swig from the glass, I asked, “Are you done?”

“Oh yes, and I was getting hornier by the minute as I worked though that dull crap.”

“Were you playing with yourself?”

“Absolutely not,” she lied.

“Then how come I can see your bra and panties sitting on top of your desk?” I asked as I gestured towards the open door and her desk beyond.

“Well, I just wanted to get in the mood for Sonia’s video. I couldn’t do it with all of those clothes on, but I didn’t cum.”

“That is not what I asked, you naughty girl.” I was seriously enjoying this interrogation as my cock began to swell in my trousers.

“Well, maybe just a little, and I agree that it was naughty, but I know that’s what you really like about me—that I’m naughty.”

I wasn’t going to admit it to her, but she was right. The girl was a great secretary, but her best characteristics were her delicious tits and her really nasty mind. I always did like big tits.

As we talked she was slowly unbuttoning her blouse, and I now could see her big, soft, all natural tits. Her nipples were standing at attention and just in case they wanted to shrink down she was massaging each tit and pulling on the nipple. Her eyes were glued to mine as she did her little strip tease. She knew I was watching and it was a turn on for her.

“I am having real trouble believing you didn’t play with your pussy while you were doing my billing,” I said.

“Oh no. It was such riviting work. How could I have possibly devoted even a bit ofmy attention to something like sex. You know I wouldn’t do that.”

It was utter bullshit. I knew it and she knew I knew it. The amazing thing was she managed to keep a straight face as she said it. But she was still playng with her big tits, so that kind of gave the lie toeverything she was saying.

“Sally, you are bakırköy escort so full of bullshit,” I said, calling her on her farcical statements.

As I said that, she hooked one leg over the arm of the chair she was sitting in and spread her other leg off to the side. Her short skirt rode up her legs, but not being satisfied with that she pulled the whole skirt up around her hips. The inside of both of her thighs glistened, and she reached down with her hand and spread her swollen pussy lips, so I could see her oh-so-sloppy wet cunt.

“Do you want to watch me masturbate?” she asked, abandoning her line of BS. As she spoke she lifted her big soft boobs and held them out towards me. “I’ll bet you want to play with these don’t you?” She knew me too well.

She was really beginning to get to me. My cock was making a tent in my trousers, and I was surprised there wasn’t a wet spot on them. Watching her play with herself while I did the same was one of our favorite pastimes. Sometimes we wound up fucking, and sometimes we just sat there, trying to string out our masturbation for as long as we could.

“I thought we were going to watch Sonia’s video?” I asked.

“Well, we could,” she said as she dipped two fingers into her sloppy wet pussy. “But I think that I would just as soon have you pull that big hard cock out of your trousers and see how long you can stroke it while you watch me masturbate before you lose it and squirt cum all over yourself—or even better, all over me. I know that’s a porn cliché, but I find it so fucking sexy when you squirt your hot slippery cum on my tits.”

I remained seated behind my desk, but I opened my belt and zipper and pulled my now hard dick free of my trousers, allowing myself to stroke it with long slow strokes. I swirled the drop of pre-cum around the head. It felt just fucking great.

“Are you masturbating you nasty boy?” Sally asked.

“Who me? What would you expect me to be doing when I’m sitting here watching you fingerfuck yourself?”


“I’m glad you didn’t say something like, ‘Down on my knees praying.'”

That made her laugh, hard. “Oh god, Rick, I love your sense of humor.” She paused for a mement and then coninued, “The only thing I love more is your dick.”

“So you would work here just for access to my dick?”

“Well, I don’t know about that. I mean a girl’s gotta eat, you know. . . But I gotta hand it to you Rick. You do have a great dick. I mean it’s not the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, but I’ve never liked those popcan dicks or the ones like phone poles. They’re okay for porn, I guess, but not for real fucking. There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Why don’t you come out from behind that desk so I can see it. Let’s get naked and do this right.”

“What if somebody walks in on us?” I wasn’t really worried about it, but I wanted to toy with her a little. It was a waste of time. Sally has no sense of shame or decency, at least as far as nudity and sex is concerned.

“We aren’t breaking any laws, at least not yet, They’ll either be really grossed out and run away, or maybe . . . just maybe, seeing us doing whatever we’re doing by then will make them horny and they’ll join us.”

I laughed. “You’re such an optomist, Sally.”

“You think so? The two people most likely to drop in on us are your good clients, Mike and Sonia, and I promise you, if either one of them walked in and found us naked and screwing, they would peel off their clothes and join right in.”

I laughed again. “I can’t argue with that, Sally. They are just about the two horniest people I know, present company excepted.”

As I spoke I peeled off my clothes and walked from behind my desk to the couch Sally was sitting on. My cock was bobbing as I walked.

When she saw what I was avcılar escort doing, Sally jumped up and peeled her clothes off, not that they were covering much as it was. Now we were both naked, reclining at opposite ends of the couch. Each of us had one leg up on the back of the couch and the other foot on the floor, giving the other an unrestricted view. We were each slowly masturbating and watching intently. Neither of us were in any hurry to bring things to a climax, so to speak.

For a long time we were silent—just slowly stroking our sex and watching the other. It was like watching a porn flick.

“So what did Sonia do to last week’s guy?” Sally asked. She was now slowly sawing three fingers in and out of her cunt.

“Well, she brought him into the hotel room, and he tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away and said, ‘Not so fast. Make me a drink while I go to the washroom.’ Then she sashayed off to the lav with a slinky walk that would have made a priest cum in his cassock.”

“Nice analogy,” Sally said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Hey, I was an alterboy. I know about such things.”

“Don’t go there. There are some things you’ve done that I don’t want to know about.”

I laughed at her. As slutty as she was, Sally could be almost puritanical about a few things. Hard to understand.

“Stay focused on Sonia and the putz she dragged to the hotel from her office. What happened next?”

“Okay. Well, he was still standing at the bar mixing drinks when she came back out. All she was wearing was a pair of fuck me black stiletto pumps, black nylons (the old fashioned kind with a seam up the back), a garter belt, and a string of pearls. The poor guy just about dropped the drinks when he turned around. She came over and took a long pull from her drink. You could see a tent in the guy’s trousers. He reachd out with his arms to grab her but she pushed him back so he was leaning against the bar, with his hips lewdly pushed out towards Sonia.”

“She took another sip from her drink as she stared at the bulge in his trousers. Then she reached down with her free hand and dragged her palm slowly up the bulge in his trousers. She just kept repeating that for almost a minute, rubbing his hardening dick through his pants. He was leaning back with a wry smile on his face.”

“He asked, ‘Is that what you want Sonia. Is that big hard dick in my pants what you want?'”

“‘Hmmm. Yes.’ she whispered. ‘I want your big hard dick. I want your big hard dick shoved up my cunt. It’s so wet and slippery. I’ve been thinking about fucking you all afternoon.'”

“He didn’t say a word but his smile got even broader as she continued to stroke him. Then she set her drink down and used both hands to slowly release his belt buckle and the zipper on his trousers. The pants fell in a pool around his feet, leaving his rigid dick outlined by his jockey shorts. There was a wet slippery spot where his underwear covered the tip of his prick. Sonia used her thumb to spread the pool of precum around the end of his prick. He gasped as she did that. When she pulled her thumb away it was tied to the end of his prick by a glistening string of precum.”

“He reached down with both hands and pushed his jockey shorts down off his hips, letting them fall into the pool of cloth his trousers made around his feet. When he did that his dick sprung out and boobed in front of him. The guy did have a good dick. Almost as big as mine.”

Sally pulled her fingers out of her cunt and sucked them into her mouth.

“Did she suck his cock?” she asked as she slid her fingers back into her pussy.

“Not right away. She just kept pulling on his dick while he massaged her tits.”

I was having a little trouble keeping the thread of the story. “Can I cum on your tits,” I asked?

“Oh yes. büyükmece escort Will it be a lot of cum?”

“Absolutely. I Haven’t had any sex since we fooled around last week after Sonia’s phone call. I’ve been fantasizing about doing this all afternoon.”

“I knew you weren’t getting any work done in here while I was slaving away out front on the billings.”

“Well, I was looking at a porn mag, just so I could have a good load of cum for you.” That wasn’t strictly true. Writing the letter had taken about ten minutes the rest of the time was occupied with looking at the porn mag.

“You’re such a swell guy. But never mind about all that. What about Sonia? What did she do next?”

“Oh yeah, that.” I said as I pulled on my cock.

“She stripped the rest of his clothes off him and got him to stretch out on the bed. That big cock of his was sticking straight up, like a flag pole. That was when she pulled her hand out from behind her back and dangled two pairs of handcuffs in front of him. He just smiled and licked his lips, so I guess they had discussed this beforehand.”

“Once she had his hands cuffed to the headboard, Sonia climbed up on him like a cowgirl and started riding that cock for all she was worth. Those great tits of hers were swinging around and her hair was flying back and forth. She came at least twice. She kept that up until just before she thought he was going to cum, and then she climbed off and begin sucking on the head of his dick and massaging the shaft with both hands. She backed away just before he came.”

“Oh fuck.” Sally moaned. “Did he cum a lot?”

“He was like fucking Vesuvius. He started spurting cum everywhere. Sonia pulled back but it flew up and hit her in the face and her hair and on her tits. I don’t think I have ever seen so much cum.”

“So was that it, or did Sonia try to resurrect that big dick of his.”

“Oh she definitely wanted more, and she told him so. She released the cuffs and they just lay there on the bed and talked for a while. Sonia got him to talk about his wife and what a lousy lay she was. He complained that all she wanted was a quick missionary fuck and that she wouldn’t suck his cock or let him eat her. I thought he was kind of a whiner, but it kept things focused on sex for the ten minutes or so that it took for his cock to begin to recover. As soon as Sonia saw that he was coming back to life, she began to suck his cock. It didn’t take long until he was fully recovered.”

“Did he last a little longer this time?”

“Oh my god did he ever! He fucked her in just about every position you can think of. I’ve got at least an hour of fucking on video. I especially like the part where he is on his knees behind her, ramming his prick into her pussy while hanging onto her tight sexy ass. She was leaning on her elbows, and her big tits were swinging beneath her. That was when she came for the third time. He took one hand off of her hips and was using it to rub her clit. Sonia went off like a firecracker when he did that.”

Sally was really hot now. She had that glazed look she always gets when she is about ready to cum, and I had to admit, I wasn’t far behind her.

“Why don’t you get over here and see if you can shoot all that cum you’ve been storing up on my tits.”

“God, I thought you would never ask,” I groaned as I stood and walked over in front of her.

She grabbed my cock and inhaled it into her mouth, while one of her hands kept at her pussy and her clit. We kept that up for a minute or two until I knew I was about to blow. I pushed her head back and resumed stroking my cock. She took both hands and held her tits out to me. When she did that I just lost it, squirting cum all over her face and chest—lots and lots of hot, creamy cum.

“Rub it on me while I cum.”

I obliged. That freed up her hands which she immediately applied to her pussy and her clit. Within a minute she let go with a screaming orgasm.

Once we both recovered a bit, we cleaned up, got dressed, dropped the billings in the mailbox at the corner, and went out to a late lunch that included a great bottle of wine. You have to maintain employee morale.

Not a bad Tuesday afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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