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I had several feedback messages about my story, “Problem son”. Many wanted a continuation of the story. I have now written Chapter 2. You may wish to read the first chapter before reading this.

* * * * *

During the summer before starting the college year, Phil was enjoying having sex with his Mom. His parents, John and Gladys, were concerned that he may be gay and wanted to change his sex orientation if they could. He knew they loved him and were willing to let him have sex with his Mom to try to convenience him that sex with a girl could be as good or better than with a young man his age. He was shy around girls and rarely dated. Seeing his Mom naked was exciting. What was more exciting was when she sucked him off or when she allowed him to fuck her ass. She refused to allow his cock to enter her pussy. However, once when she was in a doggie position, he mistakenly plunged his cock all the way in her pussy. She yelled at him to pull out because she was his mother and that was not allowed. Dad had been a good sport and gone along with all the sex action. Phil hadn’t thought much about it, but his Dad was always in the room to watch.

Phil was enjoying sex with his mother nearly every night. Sometimes he would fuck her twice. He had mistakenly plunged his cock in her pussy once and was wondering how it would feel to cum that way. He would like to try it if his Mom would agree.

Recently, he had been looking at erotic pictures on the internet. Some girls were wearing panties and other types of sexy clothing. His Mom was rather slender with a trim butt for her age. He thought she would look even more sexy if she would dress that way.

The next evening when he was invited into his parent’s bedroom, she was dressed in her usual nighty.

He said, “Mom, you are very pretty in your nighty, but you would look even prettier if you would go to Victoria’s Secret and buy some sexy things. Dad would probably like that too.”

“When your Dad and I were first married, I did have some sexy clothes for him. Guess I just lost interest as the years went by. That’s a good idea. Thanks for mentioning it.”

The next evening before dinner, Gladys came home with several packages.

“Wait until after dinner and I’ll model my new outfit for you.”

Both Dad and Phil were curious to see what she bought. They helped her clean up the dinner table and suggested she not wait any longer to model her new clothes. The two guys waited in the living room for her to show herself.

When she came into the living room, she was wearing hose, garter belt, high heels, and a bikini panty and bra matching set.

As she paraded around for them to see, both John and Phil loudly commented that she looked so very sexy and beautiful. She was beaming with pride.

John said, “What are we waiting for, let’s go to the bedroom.”

They both escorted her into the bedroom. John suggested she keep her clothing on and only remove an article if it got in the way. John noticed Phil had a very big erection when they stripped off.

“Phil, go ahead, you’re first, then you can leave us alone.”

Gladys got up on the bed on her knees as usual to allow Phil to stand up behind her. Phil moved the thin strip of material from her bikini panties to one side. He applied KY jelly to her ass, then positioned his hard cock to enter her. He looked at her pussy and thought about switching to that, but decided to wait. He thought it was very sexy to see her still wearing the high heels, hose and garter belt as his cock slowly started spreading her ass. He soon had his cock fully buried. She could feel his cock throb with excitement before he started back and forth movements.

Phil soon started grunting and moaning as he pounded his mom and shot cum in her. He had enjoyed it so much, he want to do it again. He seemed reluctant to pull out and acted as if he wanted to stay buried in her.

Finally he said, “Mom, you are so sexy, I want to do it again.”

“Alright, Son, but pull out for now. Go clean up in the hall bathroom while I clean up in my bathroom. Before you can do it again, give me some time with your Dad”

John had watched his son fuck Gladys and was ready for action. John laid on his back while he watched Gladys clean up in the bathroom. When she came back in the bedroom, she got up on top of him, aimed his cock and sat down.

She was slowing riding him to have time to build up to an orgasm. John had removed her bra so that he could cup her ample breasts to keep them from bouncing when she moved up and down. She cupped one of her breasts to push it up so that John could barely take the nipple in his mouth.

About that time, Phil entered their bedroom to watch. He had never seen a couple doing what they were doing. He was fascinated. He had been fucking his Mom’s ass, but this looked so sexy for him. He watched as his dad pushed up to his mom as she made circular movements and moved her butt up and down. He wished he could have sex like that.

Phil watched escort ataşehir as his parents strain and shudder through their orgasms. His cock was very hard.

Gladys held some tissues at her crotch when she got up. Phil watched her go to the bathroom to sit on the commode. No one said anything as John and Phil waited for her to return.

Gladys saw Phil’s hard erection and got up on her knees on the bed. Phil held his cock as he walked toward his Mom. She was bent over as usual waiting for him to put his cock in her ass. She had spread her legs wide enough so that he would not bump into her high heels which were pointed at him. She was still wearing her sexy hose and garter belt. Phil looked at her crotch, then started to put his finger in her pussy. She didn’t object. He pushed two fingers completely in her as she was very juicy from the residue of John’s cum.

She asked, “Son, what are you doing?”

“I saw Dad’s cock in you and I am just curious. I slipped my cock in you once by mistake and I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to cum in your pussy.”

“Play a little with your fingers if you like it. We’re in no hurry.”

Phil moved his fingers around in her pussy and rubbed her clit.

“Mom, I’d like to ask a favor.”

“What kind of a favor?”

“You are so sexy and pretty wearing these sexy clothes. I want to put my cock in your pussy like dad did.”

Gladys turned around and sat on the edge of the bed.

“You know I’m your mother and we shouldn’t do it.”

“But, Mom, we’ve done about everything else.”

Gladys looked at John, “What do you think?”

John responded, “I agree with Phil, you suck him off regularly and he cums in your ass. What difference does it make what you do. You are on the pill so that is not a problem.”

“Alright, your dad says it is OK, so how do you want it?”

“Let’s do it like you and dad just did.”

Phil got up on the bed to lie on his back. Gladys maneuvered around to prepare to sit on his cock. She held her son’s cock to aim as she gradually lowered herself on him. She knew his cock was longer than John’s and was wondering how it would feel. Yes, it did feel good, she liked it.

Since Phil had already cum once in her ass, he could hold back to make it last longer.

“Mom, that feels so good. You are so wet and hot on my cock. I’m glad you let me do this.”

Gladys cupped one of her breasts, leaned forward and pushed it up near his lips. This was the first time he had taken her nipple in his mouth since he had grown up. As she sat back up, he cupped both breasts with his hands. Gladys moved up and down and gyrated on his cock. Phil knew he couldn’t wait much longer before exploding in her. He started grunting and groaning as he was about to cum. This triggered Gladys to start her orgasm. Their bodies began to strain and jerk as their orgasms were peaking at the same time. She finally fell gasping for air and exhausted on Phil’s manly chest. Her large breasts were pushing into his body. Phil thought he was in seventh heaven and made no effort to rouse his Mom back to reality. She laid for a long time on his chest as if she was about to go to sleep, but Phil knew she was not sleeping. Even though his cock was becoming smaller, he could feel her pussy muscles pulsating on it. That was a feeling he never had when he fucked her ass. He really liked her pussy much better.

John had been sitting on the side of the bed while he watched all the activity. Now he was wondering when they would get up. They seemed to remain in a coupling position for a long time. His wife now had her breasts and body lying on her “baby boy” as their bodies seemed blended together.

Finally Gladys raised up and John handed her some tissues. She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back out, she looked at John and Phil.

“I know I should not have done that. But we did and I liked it. I can’t get pregnant and I’ll admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. It makes me feel so close to my son again. I love both of you so very much.”

John agreed they could do it again another night, probably the next night. He suggested Phil go to his own bedroom to sleep. Phil kissed his Mom on the cheek and left.

A week had passed with Phil going to his parent’s bedroom each night. Usually, Phil would fuck his mom’s pussy once or twice, then go to his bedroom. John and Gladys then had their time for sex in private.

That night the phone rang. It was Phil’s sister, Mary, who was crying. His sister was about two years older than Phil and had married when she got out of High School. She was leaving her husband, Don, and wanted to come home. John and Phil went over to their apartment to pick up her clothes and bring her home, then moved her clothes into her old room.

Since Mary was in the house, it was going to be difficult to hide the fact that Phil joined their parents in their bedroom ever night for awhile. Phil waited until he knew Mary was probably asleep at night before kadıköy escort he visited his parents.

Late one night when Mary heard Phil in the hallway going to the bathroom, she opened her door and whispered for him to come in to talk to her. They talked quietly for awhile, then Mary asked the embarrassing question.

“What are you doing in our parent’s bedroom late in the evening. When I was in the hallway, I heard noises coming from their bedroom. The groans and moans I heard sounded as if someone was having sex. Then I heard you come out of their bedroom. What is going on?”

Phil knew he was trapped. Should he lie? It wouldn’t be easy to lie and make her believe it, so he might as well tell the truth. He explained what had been happening during the last several weeks. She could hardly believe it.

She said, “Does Mom really like it.”

“Yes, I can give her orgasms and dad doesn’t seem to mind. He just watches.”

She answered, “You know, when I was an older teenager, I often looked at dad and wondered what sex with him would be like. I always liked him to touch me and I got a little thrill when he did. By that time, I had already lost my virginity and knew that I liked sex. I thought you were sexy even through you were my little runt brother. Now you have grown up to be six feet tall and muscular. You are very handsome and sexy. I shouldn’t be telling you this.”

“Sis, I’ve always thought of you as pretty.”

“My husband and I are though. He is no good in many ways, not even in bed. Our sex life was very dull. I’ve been living through hell during the last two months and haven’t had any sex. I’m ready to go out to get laid. Hope I’m not upsetting you by saying this.”

“No you are not upsetting me. I think you have the right to do what you want. I just hope you take good precautions against diseases and pregnancy.”

“I’m still on the pill, but AIDS is a scary thing.”

Phil was beginning to get an erection while they were talking about sex and that his sister wanted to get laid. Mary began to notice a bulge in his pajamas. Also, Phil was looking at his sister sitting up in bed with a very flimsy nighty that hardly covered her breasts.

She said, “Phil, are you getting an erection while we are talking?”

He was embarrassed and tried to hide it.

“Don’t hide it. Let me see what you have that mom likes. Come over closer to me.”

Phil walked near her bed. She reached out to grasp his cock through his pajamas. She then untied them and let them fall exposing a very hard cock.

“That looks good. I can see why mom likes it. Come on and sit up in bed with me. Now that your pajamas are on the floor around you feet, step out of them before you get in bed.”

Once in bed, Mary held on to his cock and squeezed it. She slowly moved her hand back and forth. She said, “I don’t have to leave the house to have sex. You are a handsome stud with a good erection. I haven’t had sex in several weeks and I am ready. Lie down on your back. Have you and mom done it in a six nine position?”

“No. I’ve heard about it and seen pictures on the internet. I would like to try.”

They turned around in bed head to toe with Phil on the bottom. Since they had never turned the light off, Phil saw his sister’s pussy and ass at very close range. He started moving his tongue up and down her slit.

Mary was holding his cock while licking around the big head. She moved her hand up and down from the head to his balls as if measuring the length. She decided his cock was quite a bit longer than her husband’s. She then took as much of it in her mouth and throat as she could and started moving up and down. She knew Phil was enjoying it because his cock started throbbing in her mouth. Her brother was a real live stud for her to enjoy. Sex with him was much better than with that dammed husband of hers.

Phil had cum in his mother earlier than night so he could hold back for awhile. But this new six nine position was very thrilling for him. Mary was doing wonders on his cock and he knew he would cum soon. He sucked on Mary clit as her butt was beginning to rapidly move in rhythm to his tongue and lips. She moaned as Phil could feel her body go through sexual spasms which triggered him to shoot spurt after spurt in her mouth. She could feel his cock jerk as each shot of cum erupted in her mouth.

They laid still as if exhausted. His limp cock soon slipped out of her mouth, then she rolled over on her back to lie beside him.

After a little while she spoke, “That was really good. I think it has been over two months since I had sex. Little brother, you are really a sexy stud. I am going to like living here for awhile.”

During the next three nights, Phil limited himself to cum only once with his mother. He wanted to save himself to spend time with Mary. Even though it was late when he emerged from his parents bedroom, he lightly knocked on Mary’s door before entering. She always welcomed him to get in bed with her. They maltepe escort bayan not only had sex in the six nine position, but she enjoyed orgasms with his long cock in her pussy.

Then one evening before Phil entered his parents bedroom, Mary called him in to her room.

“When you go into our parent’s bedroom, tell dad I want to talk to him.”

“OK, sis, I’ll tell him.”

Phil entered his parent’s bedroom to notice his mom was sitting at the dressing table brushing her hair. She was wearing her sexy nighty with her breasts practically exposed as usual. He always thought she look pretty in that position. His cock began to grow as he knew she would soon be naked with him on the bed.

“Dad, when I came down the hallway, Mary poked her head out her door and asked if you would come to see her. She wants to talk to you.”

John had already undressed and showered and was wearing only a robe.

He said, “Alright, I’ll be back soon. Guess I am decently dressed enough in this robe to talk to my daughter.”

He closed the door behind him as he left the bedroom. He didn’t want his daughter to see or hear what was going on in his bedroom. He knocked on Mary’s door.

“Dad, come on in.”

He entered her room to see her sitting up in bed with just a thin nighty covering her from the waist up. Her breasts were pushing out her nighty and he could easily see the shape of her nipples.

“Phil said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes, daddy, I want to thank you for letting me come home. I am so disappointed in my marriage. When I was growing up, you were the one I came to for hugs and to heal my hurts. You always said the right things and made me feel much better. I’ve missed you after I moved out of this house.”

“You know your mother and I love you very much. I’ve always wanted to kiss away your hurts and make you feel better. What can I do?”

“It’s difficult to talk about my marriage problems, but if you would hug me a little and tell me it will all work out for the best, I’ll feel much better. Sit up here in bed and hug me.”

She turned back the covers to let John get in bed beside her. John noticed her short nighty had ridden up and he could see her pubic hair. She leaned her head on his shoulder when he slid in bed beside her.

“Daddy, hug me like you used to do.”

John put his arms around her body and hugged her tight as her head rested on the upper part of his chest. The warmth of her body and her perfume was getting to him. He could feel an erection starting. This should not happen with his daughter. She was moving one hand up and down his chest and arm. Each time she moved her hand down his body, she seemed to move it lower until it was bumping his leg. His erection was getting bigger and he couldn’t help it. He had not pulled his robe together in front when he got in bed, now he was afraid his erection was going to start peeking through.

She turned her face up to kiss John on the neck. “Daddy, it is so comforting for you to hold me like this. Please stay with me for awhile.”

John kissed her forehead. Then she raised up enough that their lips briefly met in a light kiss. John’s erection was about to push though the opening in his robe. He didn’t know what to do. She turned her head back down to rest on his chest again. Now her hand was rubbing his leg which pushed the bed clothing down to expose the opening in his robe.

She saw the head of his cock barely poking through. Her hand moved to take his cock in her hand. No one said anything. She started squeezing and lightly moving her hand up and down.

John knew he should immediately get out of bed, but he just couldn’t move. She had asked him to stay awhile and it felt so good.

Before he knew what was happening, she rolled over on top of him to face him and sit in his lap. She held his cock to guide it in her pussy. She slowly eased down to completely envelop his cock. Then she sat up to lift her nighty over her head to free her breasts. She hugged her dad, pushing her breasts into his chest.

“Dad, you have never hugged me like this before. I love the feeling you are giving me. I feel so close to you now, closer than I ever was when I was little. Tell me that my life will be good.”

“Daughter, you are a wonderful person. Life will be better for you in the future. Stay with us until you feel you can find another man that will love you and marry you.”

“Daddy, I feel so much better. Right now scoot down in bed and lie flat on your back so we will be more comfortable.”

John scooted his body down in bed. She started riding him. She stopped her movements and leaned forward for them to kiss. Her tongue was searching for his and they shared a long sexy kiss. While kissing, her pussy was pulsating on his cock.

“Honey, if you keep doing that, I’ll cum too soon for you to have an orgasm.”

“No, that is what I want you to do. Fill me with your cum. I’ll have an orgasm at the same time.”

She started riding him again. He was bucking up to her. Soon he started groaning and straining as he shot his cum in her. Evidently, it was easy for her to have an orgasm because her body was going though sexual spasms, too. When their bodies became calm, they basked in the sexual bliss by staying coupled.

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