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Sitting at my desk in my office of only a few days, I can’t help have my thoughts drift to my first contact here…

I truly dreaded this customer meeting. I had had just started in this role inheriting numerous customers from a woman who had been fired for embezzlement. Needless to say we had to do whatever it takes to earn the trust back. We had really screwed up and it’s time to pay the piper and set things straight. My management had faith in me and I refused to let them down.

I was dressed in my typical business dress – a conservative suit and pearls. My confidence booster has always been what’s underneath that no one sees and today I needed to call in the big guns. Today was a bright red bustier with a red thong to match – garters and heels.

I parked in the parking lot which was fairly empty considering the late time. This man must be a workaholic calling a meeting at 7:30 on a Thursday night. But I wasn’t going to turn it down – at least he’s giving us a chance to redeem ourselves. I freshened my makeup in my rear view mirror, picked up my briefcase and went in to the office building. I gave my name to the tall good-looking guard who scanned my briefcase and called his boss.

I was seated in the lobby when my customer entered. Immediately I knew I was unprepared for the meeting – or maybe it was the man I was unprepared for. He was large – 6’3″ or 6’4″ and he filled his frame nicely. But it was his eyes that caught my attention. Intelligent blue eyes, I’m sure, that missed nothing. This is a man who was powerful even without his title of President and CEO. He walked with an arrogance of one who was comfortable in his own skin and knew he was in control of every situation that ever came his way. His suit was custom and he wore it well. I stood up when he came in and his eyes met mine before his handshake did. He held my hand a moment longer than customary and never let his eyes depart from mine.

“Ms Jones?” His voice was masculine and commanding – without being too deep or frightening. “Call me Abby, please.” He smiled and for the first time his eyes left mine as he gave me a once over. I’ve been given the once over before but never where I felt like he removed every stitch of clothing off of me in a split second.

He held open the door entering the main offices for me and I walked in. He led me to his office suite which was lavish – filled with cherry wood furniture and beautiful art. He didn’t sit at his desk – but instead led me to a small table and pulled out my chair. He took off his suit jacked and as he hung it up I can see how well his body was formed. This man was big – but very well built and knew it. Although his sheer size intimidated me, I couldn’t help my body’s reaction to his movements. “So, you’re the lucky one who’s been fortunate enough to get your company out of hot water. Tell me why should I give you a second chance when thousands dollars of my company’s money was embezzled?”

He just put it right out there! One minute I’m enjoying the scenery – bahis şirketleri the next put on the defensive. I had a speech prepared for him – a proposal – and it was in my briefcase. I went to get take it out and he put his hands on mine and said, “Just tell me.”

I felt an immediate rush of heat from his hands. I looked down at his them – they were perfectly shaped. My reaction was unexpected and powerful and obviously noticeable to the observant.

He looked at me in the eye, removed his hand, leaned back in his chair, and said, “Just off the cuff, Abby. Tell me your solution. We hired your company to provide information security for this project. We paid for over 300 man hours and have no software. Our deadline is coming up and I don’t care about a proposal that you might have in that briefcase of yours. Tell me what you will you do to make me happy.”

The double entendre didn’t go unnoticed. He said it with a smirk and then looked at my lips. I hated that my arousal was so visible to him, I could never hide anything. I cleared my throat and told him of our solution.

He nodded and said – “I expected all of that. But I want more. You’re definitely more well-versed in the project than the embezzling bitch that was your predecessor.”

I said, “Well, it is my field. I’ve never dealt with the customer end of it until now. The management pulled me from the software side to be your support.”

He smirked again then said, “Well then you need to be part of this solution – every step of the way. How many on your team will be completely devoted to me? I will set up space for you and your team here so I can make sure I’m getting what I pay for this time.”

I didn’t know how to respond because he was one of 3 customers I had inherited. I started to explain that we had limited project management staff and he again put his hands on mine to stop me. I must have jolted from my reaction, and he just kept them there.

“You’re mine, Abby.” The double meaning sent an immediate wave of arousal through my body. Was he talking about the project or something else? How can I make my mind tell my body that it’s just work. “I will talk to your management – make sure you and your staff will be here in two days. I won’t have any more time wasted on this. What are you looking at, Abby?”

I immediately looked up – embarrassed. He then finally took his hands off of mine and I put them down on my lap.

“Abby? I asked you a question. Get used to answering them, I don’t move on until I get one.”

God how I wished my body wasn’t betraying my professional demeanor. All this man was seeing is a woman who just reacts to him like a gushing schoolgirl.

“Abby?” he said impatiently.

“Your hands. I was looking at your hands.” Blushing deeply now, I looked down. He took his finger and lifted my face to look at his eyes.

“You like my hands, Abby. You were not thinking about work when you saw them. You liked them touching you – perhaps even imagined them touching more. Isn’t that right?” bahis firmaları Oh GOD! How well he read me. Now I was blushing even more. “Abby? Isn’t that right?”

I knew he knew the answer to his own question. I just nodded. “Can we move on?” He smiled. First big smile of the evening and it just did me in. I couldn’t help but return it.

“You look far better when you smile,” he said.

“So do you,” I replied, “now can we please move on?”

Strategically he stood up and said – let me show you to your new home away from home. I knew he’d win with my management so went to follow him. He opened a door in his own office that led in to another office. It was big, not as big as his, but quite large. It had a couch, small business table, beautiful desk and furnished tastefully. I was impressed. He walked me around showing me little nuances here and there.

He then surprised me and right against the wall took my hands, raised them over my head, pushed me with his hard, very large body against the wall and kissed me. It was the kiss of possession – that was clear. But all other thought left my head as I couldn’t help but kiss him back with all I could. He felt my want and moved his hands to my waist and slid his thigh between my legs, bracketing me in place. All the while his tongue tangled with mine and that thigh pushing against the area that was reacting most to him – now in waves. I was returning the kiss with abandon – the responses this man stirred in me were unparalleled and I couldn’t get enough. His arousal pushed against me.

Removing his thigh, he then took his hands – those magnificent hands – and inched up my skirt farther and made little circles against my thigh. Inched them up and up – “So hot, Abby, I feel an inferno here.” I couldn’t speak. His fingers were moving up and up and finally just grazed my panties, my soaking wet panties. “So wet for me, too. So needy, aren’t you?”

I moaned as his fingers just slightly grazed them – barely touching. The ache was incredible. I wanted to touch him – any part. I said, “You’re not playing fair.”

He laughed and said, “Nothing about our relationship will be fair, but you will not complain.” And I wasn’t.

He deftly removed my skirt and jacket, leaving me in my bright red bustier, thong, and garters. “Conservative on the outside, whore on the inside, Abby. We will have fun in this office. You’re definitely going to make me happy.”

He kneeled down and licked my crotch through my panties. The pleasure was so intense. He kissed and nibbled my inner thighs and moved the thong over a little and lapped once along my slit. I swear I almost came right there. He stopped and I immediately felt the emptiness. I wanted him back there with everything I had. He stood up and towered over me even in heels. He said nothing, just looked at me – almost waiting. I looked up at him not knowing what he wanted – only knowing what I want. He must have seen the pleading in my eyes.

“Did you think, Abby, that when you came here for this meeting kaçak bahis siteleri you would be standing against the wall in your sexy lingerie with your legs quivering begging me to finish you off – begging me to make you mine?”

I looked away – embarrassed at how close his words hit home. With his finger, he moved my face back to him. “Did you not know that you were mine the minute you walked in here? I know you. I know what you need. And better yet, Abby, you know that I do.”


“Please what, Abby? You need to tell me.” His confidence just permeated everywhere and his fingers making erotic circles on my palm making me realize there must be a direct wire from my palm to my pussy.

Not knowing what exactly to say, I said, “I want you.”

But he’d have none of that. “What, Abby, what specifically do you want?” Then his fingers shocked my pussy as he finger fucked me hard. “Do you want my fingers?”

God it felt so good….”Yes!!!”

Then he took them out and I felt hollow. He kneeled down and licked my clit and started tongue fucking me. “Or my tongue?”

“Yessssss!!!” Oh my God, will I ever cum? He kept taking me higher and higher. Then he stopped his magnificent tongue and I must have moaned, “noooo.” Then his pants were down and his hard cock was sitting at the entry of my pussy.

“Or do you want my cock, Abby? Be honest now.” The tip of his cock was just sitting on my clit waiting with a patience only the devil can possess.

“Your cock! I want your cock! Please God, put it in already!”

He laughed at my impatience and stayed put. “Who is in charge here, Abby? Who gets to say when you get fucked and when you can cum and when you get anything? That one you don’t need to answer, Abby, we both know the answer.”

Then his bone-hard length rushed upward, slipping open my wet flesh and filling it. I moaned with delight – filled with brain-numbing lust. I clamped my muscles to his thick girth. He gave a low-throated sound of enjoyment and cupped my ass. I gripped him as he fucked into me, slamming up a series of ruthless, measured strokes. Every thrust jolted me, made my breasts bounce.

I knew it was a matter of seconds before I shattered; this build was driving me insane. As if he knew, he said…”Beg for it.”

I didn’t say anything just kept the motion going, but he shifted and wouldn’t let me get there. “Beg for it!”

I had to – I needed to – it was as important as my next breath! “Pleassssssseeeeee!!! Let me cum!!!!!!”

He shifted back and pounded, up and in, in deep, rubbing my clit as he entered over and over like a piston. “Nowwwwwwwwww!!! Cum NOW ABBY!!!”

“Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!” I shattered like glass shards all over, cum squirting down to my feet – never having a more mind-blowing orgasm in my life.

He came soon after I gushed all over his cock, filling me saying….”yessssss!” I don’t quite remember the clean up and dressing part, but I remember him saying as he walked me out, “Be here tomorrow and move in your team in the next couple of days. You’re mine, Abby, this will be a successful project. I insist on it.

He’s been out of town for the last few days while me and my team moved in but he’s do back later today….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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