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I pulled my truck into the gas station. It was one of those that stood on the brink of bankruptcy, obvious signs of neglect and disrepair. It was closing down as I stopped the truck next to the pumps and jumped out. The pump jockey came out of the cavernous garage, wiping his hands on a greasy red rag. He eyed my truck with appreciation, then turned the same gaze onto me. I narrowed my eyes, pump jocks are a dime a dozen.

“Just about to close for the night ma’am, but I can go ahead and fill her up for you.” He had the sexiest voice, deep, but not too deep, a little bit husky and with a nice slow drawl. Like good scotch whiskey.

“Him,” I stated flatly.


“My truck is not a her, he is a him.”

“Oh.” He smiled and ambled closer. I wondered if he ever did anything in a hurry. “Nice truck.”

“Thank you. Premium.”

The pump jock pushed his hat a little bit farther up on his head and started pumping the gas. I popped the hood of the truck, then walked slowly around it, lightly tracing my fingers through the light film of dirt on the surface, checking the tires. I almost ran into him at the front of the truck. He reached out and put his hands on my arms to keep me from stumbling. “Sorry ma’am.”

“‘Sokay.” I looked up into his face for the first time, then climbed onto the pipes of the bumper and stood in the winch well. I leaned into the engine well and checked the fluids with practiced ease. When I looked behind me I noticed the pump jock was staring at my rear. I added half a quart of the oil I’d been reaching for and stood up. After a visual inspection of the engine for anything out of the ordinary, I slammed the hood and climbed down.

“See you’re from out of state, what brings you through here?”

“That highway.” I pointed at the road on the other side of my truck.

“Oh,” He said, then lowered the brim of his ballcap and returned to the pump. I laughed at myself, realizing how incredibly rude I was being.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be snappish. Its been a long day and an even longer drive. I’m hot and dirty and my truck is hot and dirty.” I smiled at him as I apologized. He smiled back and pushed his cap back up. Looking at him again, I thought he was a bit more than the average pump jock. I’d seen guys that looked like he did in male underwear catalogs. “‘S’okay ma’am. We don’t get many travelers down this way. Most people stay on the interstate and go to those fancy truckstops. They got those big cafes, modern pumps, showers and stuff.”

“I like to travel off the beaten path. There is more to this world than the interstate.”

He laughed. “There isn’t much more off the beaten path than here.”

The nozzle of the pump clicked. He spent the next few minutes finishing business and accepting payment for the gas. He handed me my change and receipt with a half smile. “If you aren’t in much of a hurry, I was just headin down to the cafe for dinner. I’d really like it if you’d join me.”

Calling myself all kinds of stupid, I accepted his invitation. Instead of regretting it like I knew I would, I spent the next two hours sitting in a booth across from him thoroughly enjoying his company. We finally left when they kicked us out to close. I climbed into my truck, but felt oddly reluctant to close the door and leave.

He touched my hand as bahis siteleri it hung on the opened window. “Its late to be out driving. We don’t have a hotel here. There’s one up the road a piece, but if you like, I have a spare couch you could use. I’d hate to see a lady out on the road at night. I promise not to be a masher.”

I discovered I could breach even higher levels of sheer idiocy. I found myself smiling and accepting his invitation after a token protest that it would put him to too much trouble. He informed me that he lived alone in a small house off by itself, he claimed that it would be no trouble at all.

He lived in a small clapboard house with a single bedroom and a large front porch with a swing on it. Unlike his greasy coveralls, his house was clean. I pulled my truck in behind his car and hopped out with my bag. I looked around at the lawn as he led the way inside, apologizing for the mess. There were some dirty dishes and he stuffed clothes in all manner of hiding places as we went inside. I wasn’t paying much attention to his home, I was more interested in trying to see the shape of his rear in the shapeless coveralls. The shoving with his feet and the bending over he was occasionally doing on our way inside gave me the distinct impression that he had a rear worth groping. Down girl, I sternly ordered myself and tried to suppress the sudden sexual heat.

He let me have the shower first. Having some consideration, not to mention a fresh case of the hornies that needed to be dealt with, I took a relatively cold shower. It felt so good to be clean and in fresh clothes. I sat on the couch and combed my fingers through my hair while he took over the bathroom. I folded my dirty clothes and stuffed them into the bag, then froze. Jeans, shirt, bra, socks, shoes……no panties. I tore through my clothes and realized I’d left them hanging from the water spigot after I’d rinsed them out. Oh no! I snuck back to the bathroom and listened at the door for a few minutes. Dead silence. I assumed that he wasn’t in there and went in. I was wrong. He was standing in the bathtub, completely naked, staring at my undies. He didn’t notice me right off, his attention riveted on the small scrap of silk and lace in his hands. I froze and my jaw dropped in shocked. He had an erection. My nipples hardened as sudden arousal gripped me. It was incredibly exciting to know that my underwear was turning him on. I must have gasped or made some noise because he turned abruptly and caught me staring at his penis. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever before he broke the spell and held my underwear out to me.

I wrenched my eyes from his midsection and met his stare. His expression was half-lidded, intense, hot, and heavy. Our eyes locked and I knew that if anything was going to happen I would have to make the first move. I continued to stare at him while I made up my mind. Who the hell was I kidding. There was nothing to be made up, I already knew what I wanted.

I took the few steps to him very slowly, not breaking eye contact. I lifted my hand just as deliberately and took my underwear from him. I dropped it on the floor beside me, then splayed my fingers on his belly, feeling his muscles jerk under my fingers.

“Thank God,” he said in a heartfelt murmur, then sunk his fingers into my hair and canlı bahis siteleri pulled me against him. Moments later his mouth was on mine and his tongue was licking mine. I groaned and leaned into him. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m positive.” And just so there would be no question, “I want you.”

“Thank God,” he groaned again, then helped me remove the t shirt and sweats I’d pulled on. He backed into the shower and pulled me with him.

This shower was hot, hotter than any shower I could ever remember taking. He was as slow at showering as he was at walking and talking. He covered his fingers in soap and slowly rubbed it over every inch of skin, probing every crack and crevice. The rough pads of his calloused fingers made goosebumps rise in his wake. Taking the soap, I returned the favor. I didn’t have as many callouses, so instead I used my fingernails. He must have liked the feeling of my nails running lightly over his skin because he started groaning.

I couldn’t resist it anymore, I stuck my tongue out and licked the water off of his chest.

“Oh fuck.” He started scrubbing the soap off of himself as fast as he could. I ran my fingers down his ribcage and delicately nibbled on a nipple. Mmm. I reached around behind him and grabbed his rump in both hands. I slowly slid to my knees, licking down his chest and belly, scraping the front of my body against his legs.

His erection brushed against my cheek. I turned my head and opened my mouth. Above me he said something unintelligible and slid his fingers into my hair. I slipped my tongue underneath the shaft and tested the weight of it. Running my tongue along the length from base to the oozing tip, I opened my mouth wider and took the head into my mouth. I licked away the drops of precum that formed before slowly sliding half of the shaft into my mouth, until it rubbed the back of my throat. I pulled my head backwards, sucking on the thick erection, until just the tip remained inside of my mouth. He pulled me off of his cock. “Wait. I want to taste you too.”

He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom dripping wet. He threw the covers off of his bed and settled in the middle of it on his back. He smiled at me then. “On my face, let me taste you.”

Straddling his head, I got onto my hands and knees. I slowly lowered my body to his, rubbing my breasts on his belly, then sucked his prick into my mouth once again. He put his hands on my ass and pulled my pussy down to his mouth. I let go of his prick and pressed my cheek into his thigh, groaning. His slippery tongue eased inside me and licked all around. Then he pulled it to the top of my pussy, separating my lips, until he teased my clit with the tip. Seconds later he stabbed his tongue deep inside of me again.

I swallowed his cock again, sucking it deep into my throat until my nose pressed against his balls, and hmmed deep in my throat. He moaned into my pussy and started licking harder. I attacked his pole with as much vigor, one goal in mind, to make him cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste every drop he had to give and suck him back to hardness.

His hands roamed along my back, his rough fingers making me squirm on top of him. I moved my head up and down, fucking him with my mouth. His hips rolled and bucked, matching my rhythm. My hips moved, rubbing my pussy against canlı bahis his mouth, his maddening tongue driving me faster and faster towards the orgasm that had just become inexorable.

I came first, hard and fast, drenching his face as I did so. After a few moments or a few hours of rest I renewed my attack on his cock. He started thrashing under me, moaning, and rubbing his face in my pussy. Seconds later I was rewarded with a long hot gush of cum. I managed to swallow most of it. The rest of it I licked from my lips and his prick. Under my tongue he started to harden again, I licked and sucked him until he was fully erect again.

He slid out from under me and I rolled onto my back. Grabbing my ankles he lifted and spread my legs. Kissing the instep of a foot, he licked a long slow trail down my ankle, past my calf, across the inside of my knee, over the inside of my thigh, and ending with a long slow suck on my pussy. Spreading my legs again, he slid in between them. I reached down, grabbed his cock and rubbed the head through the lips of my pussy until I found the opening. He flexed the muscles in his ass and slowly sank himself inside, inch by teasing inch.

Eventually he buried himself completely. He leaned over me and licked at my lips. I slid my fingers into his hair and held his head still while I licked my cum off of his face. Slowly, with sinuous movements, he began rocking in and out. A short movement out and an equal one in. I wrapped my legs around his waist and started rocking back and forth, harder and faster. He pulled out and stood up. I sat up, shocked at his sudden absence.

He pushed me back down onto the bed, then picked my legs up. He slid back inside with a single quick thrust. Crossing my legs at the ankles, he placed them on one shoulder, then braced himself over me with hands on the bed. He started pistoning in and out of me with a speed that reminded me of thousands of rpms. Faster and faster, harder and deeper. My crossed legs twisted my inner muscles just enough to make me tighter and grip his moving penis harder. The position of my rear made him rub me deep inside in a place that made me want to scream, cry, and howl all at the same time.

I wiggled on him as best I could, which wasn’t much. He nipped and licked at my legs, fucking me with a rhythm that took me to orgasm but didn’t let me go. My pussy licked and sucked at his cock, trying to get that extra bit of sensation that would make me cum, I clawed at his arms and thrashed underneath him. He adjusted his motion, adding a little circle with his hips. That was all it took. I screamed as I came hard. I didn’t stop either. He continued stroking in an out with his maddening pace. His face contorted with the effort of holding himself back.

Orgasm came again, rippling from the center of my pussy to the rest of my body in waves. I felt like my brain short circuited. I lost myself completely in it, unaware of anything but the ecstasy and the hard penis suddenly sawing in and out of my throbbing pussy as fast as he could move it. Above me, he was breathing like a horse at the end of a race, and in me he was getting bigger and hotter. With a long howling groan he came, shooting hot sperm inside me with reflexive jerks of his hips accompanied by grunts, groans, and oh fucks in rhythm with his pumping hips. Collapsing beside me on the bed, his prick slipped out and he let go of my legs.

Seconds, or was it hours, later he opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Hi,” he said.


“My name is…”

I laughed and kissed him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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