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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. If you are not a fan of spanking, anal punishment, anal sex, implied or actual incest, then please go look for something that is more to your liking. I would encourage you to read the first four installments of this before continuing for any of this to make sense. Some of the punishments in this series may be considered extreme to some so if that might offend you please look for something a little less severe. Thanks, Dean

The following morning I woke next to my mother as I had promised. She was asleep when I got to her bed that evening after giving Cindy the spanking of her life. I spent time turning her cute little ass as red as a beet and then sent her back to the house. She was a bit miffed that I did not do anything but spank her. I told her it was a spanking and that was what she got…besides I was very attracted to her and she was technically the only one that was not considered a cousin at least from a legal standpoint and I cared for her deeply. She was the one that my heart really did long for but I had no idea at the time that she felt the same way.

My mother turned over and cuddled me close to her and pulled me to her. I was in a bit of a haze at the time because I was awake but only barely. Mom started to fondle my ass and then reached through my legs and grabbed my cock. “I know you are awake, you really can’t hide that erection you are sprouting you know.”

“Mom I need to pee.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“No, but it’s to a point where I have to get up and go.”

I crawled away from my mother and headed to the bathroom to take care of the issue and when I returned to my mother she was on the bed with her ass in the air and her head on the bed. I walked up behind her and placed my hand between her legs and stroked her pussy nice and slow. My fingers found her clit and I began to stroke it very gently as I rubbed her ass with my other hand.

“Mom you know the others will be up very shortly do you think we have time for this?”

“I don’t care what the others are doing I know what I need you to do.”

“Ok mom what do you need me to do?”

“Son I want you to fuck me hard and fast.”

I got up behind my mother and placed the head of my cock at her cunt and used her wetness to cover me. Once I knew I was ready and I had teased her enough I shoved into her in one stroke causing her to gasp. “You said hard and fast mother.”

I grabbed my mother’s hips and began to fuck her just as hard and fast as I was capable of. I could hear mom grunting with each stroke as I entered her. I believe that mom could tell I was getting close and I heard, “Put it in my ass son.”

I pulled my cock from my mother’s pussy and placed the head at her asshole. I was just about to push in when she said, “Remember hard and fast son hard and fast.”

I gave my mother exactly what she wanted, hard and fast. I pushed my cock into her asshole as hard and fast as I could and grabbed her hips once I was in and pounded into her ass with all that I had left. My mom grunted with each stroke and when I came it was almost as if I exploded. I don’t remember ever coming as hard as I did as my cock sent pulse after pulse into my mom’s awaiting ass.

I slowly removed my spent cock from my mom and stood behind her admiring the ass of the one woman who was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I was in love with my mom and she knew that as all mothers do. You can’t put anything over on a mom, it simply just doesn’t happen. I told my mom to stay put and I walked into the bathroom and got a towel and wet it slightly and then spent the next few minutes cleaning mom and caressing her as I took care of her.

When I was finished mom and I got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. We were still the first ones to arrive at the kitchen so we started to make breakfast for the rest of the group. It wasn’t long and the smell of coffee and bacon drove them from their rooms and down to the kitchen. We all sat around in relative silence and ate until my mother finally opened her mouth and asked again about when we were going to discuss my house.

“Mom can’t we just enjoy our little vacation and worry about it later?”

“That might be a bit of a problem.”

“Why is that such a problem?”

“Well after I arrived and you and Cindy went down to the barn to get ready for all the fun we had last night and I called Brandie to see if she would even entertain the idea of the girls renting rooms.”

“Mom this is my house so why are you trying so hard to find tenants.”

“I was just trying to help.”

“So what did she have to say just out of curiosity?”

“Before you get upset remember what I told you about her the other night. She and the girls will be here sometime this afternoon.”

“Why did you ask them to come here mother?”

“She sort of invited herself when I told her that I was visiting and how lovely this place is.”

“Well I guess one more person isn’t that big of a deal. We can talk about it and she can go home.”

“Well…uh…you see…she escort ataşehir is bringing the girl’s with her.”

“Why oh why do I let you get involved in anything mother I don’t want to see the brats. There is nothing worse than three 18 year old brats.”

“Just talk to her Dean when she gets here that is all I am asking…okay?”

“Yep that is okay. I will sit and talk to her and you can stand right beside me when I do that.”

“Why would I stand beside you? It’s not like we are going to get into a fight or need to promote a show of strength for crying out loud.”

“Oh you will be standing because your ass is going to be too sore to sit down…meet me in the barn in ten minutes mother.”

Dean got up from his chair and headed toward the barn. He was pissed that his mother had gotten into his business. This was something he wanted to do by himself and she would not leave it alone. Dean decided that he was going to punish her and it was going to be something simple. He would simply paddle her ass and not allow her to enjoy it. This was going to be a punishment and nothing more.

“Glad to see you made it down her mom. Drop your pants and lay right here over this hay bale. I am going to paddle you ass so that you will remember that this is my house and I will decide who gets to live in it. Over the bale mom…NOW.”

She slowly removed her pants and panties and lay over the bale waiting for Dean to begin her punishment. She knew she deserved it but she was his mother and it is her job to look after him.

Dean picked up a leather paddle that he had wanted to try out and began to give his mother a thrashing. He paddled her with the same speed and intensity from beginning to end. Her ass went from white to pink to red to crimson in just over 15 minutes. Dean continued to tell her on each stroke that she needed to allow him to be his own man and he would beat that into her ass until she finally realized it.

“I am going to beat your ass until you tell me that you can’t take anymore mother. I know you can take a lot but I am going to just keep swinging until you finally break and tell me that you can’t take anymore.”

Dean continued to swing the paddle into his mother’s ass until she finally relented and told him she was through. Dean stopped and placed the paddle on the ground in front of his mother and told her when she was ready she could come back up to the house and he walked out of the barn.

Dean walked back to the house and a little while later his mother walked through the door and gave him a big hug. “Thanks, I needed that.”

Dean just shook his head and smiled to himself. He knew that his mother was into punishments and spanking and a few other things but he had never realized just how much until now. His mother thrived on it and needed it just as much as she needed air to breathe.

“What time to do you expect Brandie and the brat’s to get her mom?”

“I talked to her yesterday late afternoon so I would not be surprised if they show up about lunch time or early afternoon.”

“Well I guess we get a few hours of peace and quiet then.”

About two hours later a car came down the lane and Dean knew that they had arrived. The car rolled to a stop and Brandie and the girls all jumped out and gave hugs all around. Dean tried to stay out of the way but that wasn’t going to happen. All three girls ran over and gave him a hug and talked…and talked…and talked. Brandie looked at him and said, “So this is the new homeowner.”

“Yes I am thank you very much.”

“Like I told your mother on the phone you are going to have to do some convincing on my part for my girls to live with you and Cindy.”

“You can take it or leave it for all that I care I was not the one who asked you here and I am not the one who suggested that arrangement to begin with.”

“Jackie he has a bit of an attitude to him since he has gone off to college.”

“Oh he has more than an attitude I can assure you of that.”

“Dean I am not saying the girls can’t stay there I am just concerned about the fact that they can be a bit impish at times and they get into trouble. I am concerned that they need someone who can handle them and I am not sure that you are up to that if you don’t mind me saying so.”

Dean’s ears perked up and a smile crossed the corner of his mouth at her words. He knew that this might not be such a bad thing after all and he decided that he would show Brandie just how much he could handle the girls when the time was right.

“Maybe a little later you can allow Dean to show you how he would handle the girls if he needed to…but first let’s sit down and have a few drinks.”

Jackie might have said sit down and enjoy some drinks but she stood right behind Deans shoulder as they all drank and enjoyed the afternoon. As they were beginning to get a bit intoxicated the girls ran up and asked their mother if it was okay to go into town and watch a movie. Brandie looked over at Jackie and said, “What do you think?”

“Why not it’s a beautiful night and it will give us some time kadıköy escort to get better acquainted.”

Jackie nodded her approval and all four girls ran into the house to change and they were off like a flash.

Jackie, Brandie, Ginny and Dean sat around and continued to enjoy their drinks and conversation until Ginny said she was tired and was going to go to bed. “It’s only 8 o’clock are you kidding me?” replied Jackie.

“I know it is and I am tired and I believe that you three have some things to discuss.”

“Yes we do.” Dean replied.

They continued to sit around and visit for another hour when Jackie got the conversation turned around to Brandie’s issue with Dean being the landlord.

“I just don’t know if Dean can handle those girls…they can be quite a handful at times.”

“Well what do you do when they are being a handful?” Dean asked.

“What I do to them and what you can do to them is quite different young man.”

“Do you really believe that?”

“Yes I do. It takes a strong hand to handle those girls.”

“How strong of a hand would I need to handle…say…you?”

“What do you mean by that…you couldn’t handle me in the least?”

“I would like to have the chance to prove you wrong.”

“Just what are you implying?”

“Well you tell me what you do to punish the girls and I will do the same thing to you and we will see if I can handle you. That should show you if I can handle them or not.”

“I can’t possibly do that…You can’t do that to me.”

“I can’t do what to you?”

“If you must know I spank the girls when they get out of line.”

“Well why don’t we just take a little stroll down to the barn and I will be glad to try and change your mind.”

“I have had enough to drink that I might just do that.”

“Brandie go to the barn.”

“What did you say to me?”

“I said Brandie go to the barn and don’t make me tell you a third time. Mother you are going to stay here at the house.”

“I thought that I should go to the barn and…never mind I am going to stay here at the house.”

Jackie knew when she saw Dean look at her that he did not want her there and as sore as her ass was she did not want to take any more punishment from Dean…at least today.

Brandie and Dean headed toward the barn and after they got there Dean looked at her and told her that he was going to spank her and if she gave him any trouble he would find other ways to get her attention. She looked at him and replied, “What do you mean other ways to get my attention?”

“I can think of a couple things that will persuade you that I am capable of dealing with errant young women and a few older ones as well. Now drop your pants and panties and get over my lap.”

Dean sat on a hay bale and watched Brandie remove her pants and panties and then she moved over to his right side. Dean took her wrist and pulled her over his lap and as soon as she was in the proper spot he started to spank her. Dean spanked her much like he had his mother until his hand got tired and then he reached down and grabbed the leather paddle and began again to punish her ass. He wonderful little heart shaped ass that was so pearly white was now a wonderful shade of red and Dean enjoyed watching it change colors.

“Okay enough, enough…you know how to spank.”

“I did not say I was through yet and you obviously have enjoyed it a great deal.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well for one you have been moaning the entire time I have been spanking you and you have even moved your ass back into some of the strokes…and for two the leg of my pants is soaking wet where your pussy has leaked all over it.”

“Oh my God…I didn’t…did I.”

“Oh you most certainly did…and now I know your little secret. You enjoy being spanked.”

“This is a bit embarrassing you know.”

“What else do you enjoy?” Dean said as he shoved two fingers into her very wet pussy.

“Oh I can’t possibly tell you what else I enjoy but what you are doing right now feels great.”

Dean pulled his fingers from her pussy and picked up the paddle and again started to rain shots down onto Brandie’s warm ass.

“Okay…okay I will tell you…I will tell you.”

Dean stopped spanking her long enough to place the fingers back into her pussy and then said, “I am waiting to hear what else you enjoy.”

“I like to have someone play with my ass…you know put your finger in it.”

Dean of course quickly took some of her moisture and spread it across her anus and then plunged a finger up her ass. She moaned in pleasure as he began to pump his finger in and out several times. Dean was just getting the second finger started into her ass when a car pulled into the driveway and then another car followed it.

Dean pulled his fingers from her ass and had her stand up so he could look out the window. He looked back at Brandie and said, “This can’t be good one of those cars is a sheriff’s car.” They both quickly pulled on some clothes and walked up to the house. The three girls were all sitting maltepe escort bayan in the back seat of the sheriffs car and Cindy got out of her mother’s car.

“What is the problem sir?” Brandie asked the sheriff.

“These three young ladies distracted the young man at the movie theatre while another one took candy from under the counter. Of course we don’t know which is which but they can all be charged with theft…which in this case is a simple misdemeanor.”

“You have got to be kidding me. Brandie looked at the girls and told them that they had no idea how much trouble they were in. “Is there any way you can convince the movie owner to let me deal with this?”

“I don’t know miss he was upset about it when I left. What would you do to them to punish them that we can’t through the court system?”

“I can make sure that they go to bed with an ass that is so sore they will wish they had never asked to go to a movie.”

“I don’t know we have been told that before only to have the kids come back later and do the same thing all over again. I have to try and convince the owner that you mean what you say.”

“I won’t be punishing the girls officer Dean will be.”

“Who is Dean?”

“I am sir.”

“You’re just a kid I don’t think that is going to work.”

“I can assure t you that I mean what I say.”

Brandie looked at the sheriff and asked him to move over around the car with her. When she got to the other side of the car she dropped her pants and showed the sheriff her very well paddled and sore ass.

“Who beat your ass lady?”

“Dean did because I told him I did not think he could handle my girls…What do you think…Think he can handle the job?”

“The officer made a phone call and told them that the girls would be released to their mother with the stipulation that the girls receive at least equal the punishment that there mother had received.”

“Oh I can assure you sir…they will go to bed and they will be sleeping on their stomachs.”

During all the commotion everyone was downstairs trying to figure out what was going on and what was going to happen to the girls. Cindy looked at her mother and just shook her head.

“Were you involved with any of this?”

“No mom I was not I was in the theatre waiting for them to come back when I heard something going on out in the lobby and went to see what it was.”

“It’s a good thing for you that you were not involved.”

“Girls I want all three of you to go to the barn right now. If the rest of you want to come and watch then you are more than welcome to do so. Dean has some girls to punish this evening and I am going to enjoy watching this little show.”

Dean walked over to Cindy and whispered something into her ear and she took off for the house. The rest of the group headed for the barn. Once they were inside their mother told them to take off every stitch of clothing they had on and then they were told go bend over the hitching post at the end of the barn.

Dean picked up his paddle and walked down toward the end of the barn and laid it down. He then began to slap each girl’s ass one after the other with his bare hand over and over. He swatted one then moved to the next. He delivered 10 swats to each girl’s ass and then moved again. The girls started to cry and said that they could not take anymore. Dean picked up the paddle and then started to deliver 5 slaps to each girl in turn. He continued to do that until he decided it was time to try another measure of discipline.

Dean had been saving this for the three ladies but since this happened he thought it was just the right place to use it. He took the bag that Cindy had gotten for him and reached in and pulled out a baggie that contained three very nice pieces of ginger. He walked up behind each girl and spread their cheeks and shoved a piece of ginger up each one of their asses. It was not long and the girls started to get very uncomfortable. The burning from the ginger was having its affect and they were squirming as they lay over the rail.

Dean was pleased with what he had accomplished. Brandie knew that the girls were in pain but she also knew that they would not forget this for a very long time. Dean walked over to each of three girls and ran his hand under them and discovered that they too were indeed turned on by what he was doing to him. Like mother like daughter he thought to himself.

One of the girl’s…he thought it was Shea made a comment that they would get even. Dean walked over to her and pulled the ginger out of her ass and shoved 3 fingers up her ass and started pumping them in and out of her. Once he was sure she got the message he returned the ginger to her ass. “Since one of you threatened me you can all stay just like that for at least another hour.

Dean turned to the other ladies and told them they could watch the girls to make sure they were okay. He had some unfinished business from last night and he was going to take care of that right now. He walked over to Cindy and took her hand and walked her to the house. Dean spent the next hour pleasing Cindy in any way that she wanted. He was absolutely exhausted when the three girls walked into the house. He heard them as they went by say, “Dean thinks it’s so much fun to play with our asses I wonder what it’s going to feel like when he is on the receiving end.”

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