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She slipped into his study late that night, after the big family dinner. At the restaurant, she’d looked lovely in her short, pleated white dress and a pair of her mom’s heels, her unfettered young breasts swelling underneath creating a gently curvy shape under the thin fabric. White gave her a glow of sweet innocence, a serene girly-prettiness that contrasted her bubbly, sporty college-girl demeanor. Her long hair was pulled back, curls escaping and framing her sweet round face, tender lips slicked with gloss; she was never much of a high-maintenance makeup girl. He’d had a difficult time focusing on conversation, but discretion required him to turn his head to other family and friends, maintaining civil conversation while his heart pounded and groin stirred with desire.

He’d been looking at their pictures, their special pictures….daddy and his babygirl, closer than anyone, but intimately so since she’d graduated high school…he didn’t even anticipate her soft knock at the door. Since she’d transferred to a school out of town, they hadn’t much opportunity to spend quality time together, and he’d often slip out of his bedroom at night, unlocking hidden files pendik escort and stoking his desire for her girlishly beautiful, loving body and heart. He knew she’d had other boyfriends, and on her brief visits home, caught up with family and friends, they’d have to time to spend together in such an intimate way. So absorbed was he, watching their most intimate films silently unfold on his screen, absently stroking his stirring cock, that he didn’t hear her slip up behind him. He only felt her warm breath on the back of his neck as her lips gently came to rest there.

“Babygirl….” He almost breathed it rather than spoke it, as he turned in his leather swivel-chair to face her. Now her hair was coming loose from its band, looking a bit wild. She wore a tiny white tank, too small even for her blossoming frame, and a pair of pink boy-shorts, hugging her softly rounded ass and showing her naturally toned legs nearly completely.

Without another word, he gathered her up in his lap, pressing his lips – smelling slightly of wine – firmly on hers as his large hands moved along her back, embracing her, feeling her warmth through her tiny top. She smiled, and stretched maltepe escort like a cat might, arching back, her hair falling into her face; he kept his lips on hers, brushing stray curls aside as he kissed her cheeks, neck and chest. “Daddy, that’s so nice,” she murmured, sliding forward in the chair slightly, her bare thighs hugging his sweatpant-clad legs. “I’ve missed you…so much.”

With little effort, and an eye towards the study door (fortunately, locked), he slipped off her top, freeing her young breasts and firm, rose-colored nipples. His hand brushed lightly over them, just lightly enough to feel her shudder. “Ohhh…” His lips fell to her face again, this time past her neck and to her breasts, his rough cheek grazing the tender skin as he explored them with his tongue. She pressed her dampening pussy against his cock, his soft cotton pants tented and strained already, while he continued to suck and lick her nipples.

With a gentle moan, she lifted her ass from his thighs, slipping her soaked panties down her smooth legs as his hands moved back over the curve of her ass, cradling her so her toes only brushed the ground. His fingers kartal escort traced the wet path of her pussy, parting her legs more with every stroke he took. Lifting his wet finger to her mouth, she licked and sucked like it was a melting ice cream cone in the sun. Without shifting her slight body greatly, he slipped his cock, soaked itself in slick precum, from his pants, rising up between his thighs and brushing her bare, aroused slit. Her breath caught in her throat, as did his; a simultaneous sound of lust and passion.

He lifted her nude body just enough, never breaking their connection, just enough to allow his cock entrance to her tight, dripping opening, feeling it envelop him. Barely audible groans, in rhythm with their rocking, squeezing, fucking. Her face buried in his neck, his lips nestled in her hair, their lovemaking built to an overwhelming tide of joyous release, first from her, wetting and squeezing his cock from inside as orgasm consumed her; then from him, filling her sweet body with heat and liquid and lust.

They clutched each other, daddy and his baby girl, warm and satisfied, naked lustful bodies curled up in Daddy’s oversized office chair, unwilling to break contact. Her smooth body next to his hairy one, her soft youth and his strapping maturity, quiet and passionate at the same time. They slept until sunrise, tiptoeing out and betraying nothing as dawn rose on the family home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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