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Female Ejaculation

It’s the start of another boring, drawn out day of work. I pull into the parking lot, already knowing it’s going to be a slow day. The weather is bad. It’s raining and it’s cold, and no one is going to want to get out in it. It also happened to be right after Christmas, so everyone is probably broke anyway. I get my pens together, check my make-up in the mirror one final time, then head inside. When I get there, I see we don’t have many other servers here. That’s good. It means I might actually make some money with the few tables we manage to bring in.

I say hello to the manager in charge—Mason. He’s a younger man with flawless blond curls that sit perfectly on his well-groomed head. He’s wearing that purple shirt again, the one he says he hates. He only says this because he likes to hear people tell him how good it looks on him. Mason is gay. It’s obvious once you get to know him, and it makes you wonder how you missed it in the first place. He doesn’t exactly hide it from anyone.

I clock in at one of the computers, then step around the corner to check the restaurant. There’s only three tables, with a combined number of eight guests. I sigh. It’s going to be a long night. I come back around the corner and check for silverware. I find that there is a lot of it. The morning servers didn’t roll any before they left. That was good, as well. I’ll have something to do all night. No one else will help me—they never do—but I enjoy rolling silverware.

I want to get out at a reasonable time tonight. For once, I have plans. I plan to sit in my quiet house and catch a movie. My husband will be at work, so I’ll be alone all night. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get myself off a few times. I let that thought roll around in my head while I go to the linen closet for napkins so I can start on the silverware.

I don’t dislike my job, but the restaurant isn’t my favorite place to be. My coworkers tend to form cliques during the workday. I’m typically excluded. It isn’t their faults. I’m not the most talkative person there is. I’m not good with small talk, and I don’t do well with making new friends. This is why I only have a few close friends and a husband. I listen to them talk about their own plans for the night as I set up to roll silverware.

They’re talking about leaving early to make it to some concert. It shouldn’t be a problem, they think, with how slow it’s been. No one asks me if I’m interested in going. That’s fine. I would say no anyway. I close tonight, so I’m sure I’ll be here too late to join them even if I didn’t already have plans. I listen to their discussion anyway. It’s not like I have anything else to do.

I start rolling the silverware. Flip, flip, roll. Flip, flip, roll. Over and over I do this until I have my first stack. It’s a tower of six high, with rows of 6 going up. I take them out to the floor of the restaurant and look around. Only one table of guests has come in since I looked the last time, and it’s not in my section. I sigh again, then go back to the back of the restaurant to continue rolling.

As I stand there, continuing the monotonous pattern—flip, flip, roll—I let my mind wander. I start to think about my plans for the night again. I already have the movie picked out, so there was nothing to consider there. I got to the idea of getting myself off again. I let my mind settle on that wonderful thought. What else am I doing, right?

I think first about if I’ll use my vibrator or not. I’m thinking yes. The orgasms are always so much more intense with the vibrations added to them. Then I start to consider if I’ll watch porn or not. Of course I will. I always do when I masturbate. I think about the kind of porn I’ll be watching later that night. Lesbian porn is what I have been watching lately, but I’m feeling something different tonight. Maybe some double penetration is what I’ll look in to? I think about the websites I’ll be visiting, letting my mind wander far away as I continue rolling the silverware. I can feel myself start to get wet at the thought of touching myself, but I can’t do anything now.

Suddenly, I’m brought out of my reverie. They’re yelling at me that I have a table now. My eyes focus and I realize I’ve been staring through the window into the kitchen. I make eye contact with the kitchen manager, Aiden. I feel my face get hot. He’s a very good looking man. He’s only a little bit taller than I am, but he makes up for it in obvious strength. He works in the kitchen most of the time, so he’s wearing a black chef coat and cap. His bright hazel eyes stand out against the dark color of his hair and uniform. He has the sleeves rolled up and I can see the muscles in his forearms flexing as he uses the tongs to flip something on the grill. I feel my womanhood quiver at the sight of those arms, wanting to run my own delicate fingers over them and feel every groove. I stop myself thinking these thoughts. I’m married, for Christ’s sake. He smiles a crooked half smile and I feel that deep, warm pulse again. I look away quickly as I feel my face get hot. I hope he can’t güvenilir bahis tell.

I go to greet my table. It’s a young couple who look like they’ve been together for a while. With the things going through my mind, my first thought is whether the sex they will undoubtedly have later tonight will be any good. They place their orders and both get alcohol. I think now that they’ll probably have freaky sex later. As I go back to the kitchen, I picture them in bed together. She’s on top of him, riding his cock while he plays with her breasts and she moans. She climaxes and screams his name (I don’t know his name, so I call him Jackson). I’m lost in my own head as I walk into the back.

When I realize where I am, I’m face to face with Aiden. He’s come around from the kitchen to fill up his pitcher with water at the servers’ station. He’s holding it in one hand and those arm muscles are strained with the weight. I look at them and want to reach out to touch him. I can’t, of course. He’s my boss and I’m married… but looking at them is fine, I tell myself.

“Hey,” he says. I feel a pulse between my legs again. My panties are becoming more soaked by the moment.

“Oh, hey,” I say as casually as I can muster. I hope my face looks calm and collected. I definitely don’t feel that way. Every fiber in me wants to wrap my legs around him and ride him with everyone watching.

“Margaret, right? You guys all look the same through the window,” he comments with that half smile that makes me want to fuck him on the counter.

I start putting my order into the computer as we speak. Anything to get my mind off of slowly undoing the buttons on his coat so I can press myself against his bare skin. “Yeah, that’s me,” I say. My voice sounds higher than usual. I doubt he’ll notice. We’ve never spoken before.

“Cool,” he says with a small head nod as though he were storing the information. “Don’t work too hard.” He walks away. I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I pause with the order to reevaluate where I’m standing. My pussy is throbbing between my legs and I can feel its wetness. I’ll have to go to the bathroom soon. I put the order in and bring the drinks out to my table. No one else has walked in since I put the order in, so I go back to roll more silverware.

While I roll, I find myself catching glances into the kitchen. I can’t focus anymore. Aiden is right in my line of sight, and I can’t help but to watch him work. He’s so commanding, yet so charming. I steal glances every once in a while. I look up as I pick up my stack of silverware, and we make eye contact. He raises an eyebrow curiously, and I turn away quickly. I hope he thinks I just happened to look up at the same time. I curse myself for being so obvious.

The night goes on. Business picks up for a while, and I manage to make a good bit of money. Mason sends most of the other servers home without rolling any silverware. He knows I enjoy doing it. The night is finally coming to a close. It’s now just me and another guy whose name I think is Dylan. He’s tall, slender and has straight brown hair that he spikes in the front. He wears glasses that suit his face well. He’s a good enough coworker to end the night with, although he tends to rush to get out.

Mason begins turning the lights in the building off. All of the customers are gone, and he’s ready to leave. I’m still rolling silverware because I wasn’t able to through part of the night. He tells me he has plans and needs to leave. He tells me that the kitchen manager will lock the doors if I just let him know when I’m leaving. My heart speeds up at this. The kitchen manager is Aiden. Dylan usually leaves as soon as he finishes his side work, leaving me to finish up. Soon, it would be just myself and Aiden in the restaurant.

Now that it is silent, I am able to focus my thoughts. Being alone with Aiden was on the forefront of my mind, and I let my imagination run wild.

I’m standing in the walk-in cooler, reaching for the cream on the bottom shelf in the back corner. One of my tables needs it for their coffee and we’re out up front. There’s boxes piled in front, and I’m leaning over them to try to reach the cream. I hear the cooler door open then shut. I’m curious as to who it is, hoping for someone taller than I am. I straighten up, but before I can turn around, I feel someone press against me. It’s a man. I know it is because I can feel his hardness against my ass.

His hands snake around my abdomen, rubbing from my hips up to my breasts. I feel my nipples get hard as he tenderly squeezes them. I’m breathless as I feel the stranger’s own breath on my neck. It’s warm in the cold environment and gives me chills. He grabs my hips and spins me around to face him. It’s Aiden. He licks his lips then bites the bottom one. He’s pushing me against the boxes. I can feel his cock against my lower belly now.

He runs one hand through my hair, taking care to grab a handful at the base of my scalp, and places the other one on my ass, pulling me close to grind against his manhood. güvenilir bahis siteleri I feel myself get wet instantly. My pussy starts to throb and I girate against him without his help. He kisses me, his tongue invading my mouth and dancing with my own. I kiss him back, unmindful of the vulnerable situation we’re in.

He pulls away from me and I try to go for more, but he kisses the side of my mouth. A small moan escapes from my throat as he continues to kiss down my neck. He picks me up and puts me on the boxes behind me, so he can reach me better. He starts to unbutton my shirt. My breasts go up and down with every breath, begging for his touch. He reaches in and cups one bare breast underneath my bra. His thumb lightly caresses the hard nipple there. He kisses my mouth again. I moan into his mouth this time, wanting more.

I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer, and he comes willingly. He untucks my shirt in the back so he can slide his hands into my pants. I push him back so I can undo the buttons on his chef coat, the ones I’ve been dying to get at. I get them unbuttoned and push the jacket apart to reveal his bare chest. It’s got just the right amount of hair on it, and it looks strong. He’s built big, and seeing him like that makes my pussy throb again.

He pulls me close so our bare skin touches. I moan again. This isn’t enough. I push his coat off as I slide down off of the boxes. He pulls my own shirt off, revealing my lacey purple bra. I’m thankful I chose today to wear it. He cups my breasts again, then reaches around to unclasp my bra. It falls to the ground and I stand there exposed. He leans down and puts one nipple in his mouth, suckling lightly. I bite my lip and my breathing speeds up.

I pull him back up to me and kiss him again, hungrily this time. He takes the hint and kisses me back with the same ferociousness. Our tongues are intertwined and my fingers are laced in his short hair. I take one hand from his head and slide it down his body to the lump in his pants. I squeeze lightly and I feel him pulse in my hand. He fills my grasp up and I bite my lip. I can’t take it anymore. I pull myself away from him and get down on my knees in front of him. I fumble with his belt, trying to get it undone, so I can get to his throbbing cock. I want to wrap my lips around it and milk it with my throat.

I get his belt undone, and start to fumble with his pants. He helps me get them undone, watching my breasts as I work. I slide them down along with his boxers—

I’m brought rudely out of my thoughts by someone calling my name. I realize I’ve been staring at the wall in front of me as I rolled two whole stacks of silver. It’s almost done now. I look towards the sound of my name. Aiden is standing next to me. My mouth is dry and it falls open the slightest bit. I think I must look silly and snap it closed. I feel my face get hot again. My panties are definitely soaked now.

“I asked how long it would be until you’re done,” he asks, both of his eyebrows raised impatiently. He looks sexy when he’s mad. I bite my lip, but quickly release it.

“I- um- I’m about done now. 10 minutes?” I reply, my voice still higher than usual. I swallow thickly. I hope he can’t see the horniness on my face that I can feel radiating throughout me.

He nods in agreement. “I’ll be in the office. Come and find me when you finish and I’ll get you checked out so you can go home,” he tells me. I nod in understanding and watch him walk away.

I finish the silverware quickly after that. I try to go back to the wonderful image I had in my head, but it’s not the same. Now I keep considering what options I have for seducing him while we’re here on our own. It’s a ridiculous thought. He would turn me down not only because I was his employee, but because I’m married as well. I think he might have a girlfriend he lives with as well, but I’ve never asked. We never speak. He doesn’t even know me. What reason would he have for succumbing to my horny actions? I shake the thought out of my head.

I try to clear my mind before heading back into the office. I can’t be in such a small room with him if this type of thing is on my mind. He might not stand a chance. I get to the door and peep in. He’s sitting in the desk chair with his feet up and eyes closed. I clear my throat, and he opens his eyes and puts his feet down simultaneously. I see his eyes momentarily investigate my body as he motions to the chair his feet had been propped up in.

There’s silence for a moment as I hand him my credit card slips and checkout information. He goes over it, then reaches for my cash. I hand it to him and our hands brush briefly. I give a sharp intake of breath and his eyes meet mine. His face subtly turns into that half smile that I first saw on him, the one that made me realize how bad I wanted him, but he turns from me to count the cash. I wait patiently.

“You gave me one too many fives,” he tells me, holding out one of the bills. I reach for it, avoiding his eyes the whole time. He doesn’t let it go. iddaa siteleri “Let me ask you something, then I’ll give it to you.”

“Okay,” I say shyly, knowing I’m at his mercy. I raise my eyes to look into his. I put my hand down in my lap, and he does the same with the five still held there.

“I’ve noticed you staring at me sometimes,” he comments and my eyes go wide. He laughs softly. I suddenly realize how small the room really is. With the lights so dim, it seems even smaller. I open my mouth to reply, but he cuts me off. “I don’t mind. I just want to know why.”

I open my mouth to reply again, then shut it. There’s no good answer to give him.

“Because I want to fuck you in the walk-in,” wouldn’t be the ideal way to answer the question, but I don’t want to lie to him. I also can’t tell him the truth.

“I’ve noticed you looking at me from time-to-time as well,” I counter uncharacteristically boldly instead of answering his question. “Can you answer why?”

He thought about this for a moment. “Yes,” he said simply. I’m surprised he says this. I expected a defense of how I just happen to look up as he looks in my direction. I’m caught off guard and don’t know what to say. He must see the surprise in my face, because he laughs again. He’s not laughing at me, I realize. He’s uncomfortable, too. “I asked you first, though.”

“That’s fair,” I said thickly. My mouth felt dry. All of the moisture in my body seemed to be coming out from between my legs. I rubbed the top of my thighs thoughtfully as I looked at him, considering the answer to his question again. “I like looking at you,” I finally decide on.

“I like looking at you, too,” he replies instantly. My mouth opens the slightest bit and I inhale sharply. The throbbing between my legs is picking up again. This felt too good to be true. “I’ve noticed you space out a lot, too. What goes on in that mind of yours? I figure I don’t get the chance to ask very often so I may as well do it now.”

“You- you said one question and I could have my money,” I said, although I didn’t sound convincing even to myself. He held up his hands in the universal sign of surrender, then handed me my money, looking at me curiously the whole time.

“You look pale. Are you alright?” he asks me. I hear him ask the question, but he seems far away. I’m picturing myself sitting on his lap right here and making out with him while grinding against his hard cock. I take it a step farther and picture us both naked with him deep inside of my wet pussy as I ride him. I shake my head to clear my mind again.

I nod awkwardly. “I-I just… the office is small,” I say lamely. I swallow thickly. I have to get out of here before I do something I’ll regret. I stand up quickly, and he stands up in front of me, smiling that sexy half smile. We’re inches apart.

“It is small,” he agrees. He tentatively reaches out and puts a hand on my hip. I gasp and he bites his lip. I don’t push him away. He puts his other hand on my other hip.

“I don’t-, ” I start to say, but he cuts me off by pulling me swiftly into him. My body is now pressed against his as I’ve imagine it being in my head throughout the night. My mouth is open and I’m breathing hard.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a while,” he says in a husky voice that’s barely over a whisper. He takes one hand from my hip and places it on the side of my face to tilt it up so he can kiss me. At first, I’m too stunned to do anything else but stand there. It doesn’t take long for me to adjust and open my mouth wider to allow the kiss to deepen. He pushes his tongue into my mouth and swirls it around mine. I moan into his mouth, and he pulls me closer at the hips. I can feel his hard cock against my lower stomach now, just like in my daydream. This had to be one of those, but it felt so real.

He moves his hand from my hip to my ass and squeezes lightly at first. When I don’t pull away, he squeezes a little harder, forcing me against his cock. I can feel my pussy throbbing. It wants him buried deep inside, pumping until we both reach an orgasm. I run my hands through his short hair, pushing his hat off as I do. It hits the floor but neither of us cares. I take a handful of his hair and use it to push his head closer to mine, further deepening the kiss.

He pushes me back until I’m against the wall behind us. It only takes a couple of steps because of how small the office is. He presses his body into mine, then runs his hand down my side and back up. He stops at my breast, which he wraps his hand around and embraces. I take a moment to wish I had worn a nice bra like the one in my daydream, but it was too late for that. At least I had forgone the undershirt. I moan into his mouth, and he pulls away long enough to find the first button on my shirt.

He leans back in to kiss right under my ear, sending chills down my body. He kisses down my chest until he reaches the top button. He unbuttons it and continues to kiss down my chest until he gets to the top of my bra. He continues to unbutton my shirt, but his lips now kiss the swell of my breast over my bra. He finishes with the shirt and slides it off. While his hands are behind me, he takes the opportunity to unclasp my bra. He pulls it off and lets it hit the ground, oblivious to the way it looks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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