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We decide to go play pool at a small hole in the wall bar. The drinks are two for one, and you convince the bartender to let us play pool for free, as long as we are drinking!

I select a table in the secluded back part of the bar. It is typical bar lighting– dark! I rack up the balls as you bring me two amaretto sours, with a splash of rum. You decide to make it a bourbon night, setting your drinks on the table. I ask you what you would like to play for. . .I like to have some kind of bet going on whenever I play pool. I tell you we can play for money, mowing my lawn, or. . .wink wink, “something” else.

You opt for the “something else.”

I hand you the cue stick. You place the cue ball on the table, then line up your shot. While you are bent over, preparing to shoot, I come up behind you to rub on your ass. You quickly tell me to stop because I am ruining your concentration. Okay, I say, as I walk away. You shoot, resulting in a meager attempt to separate the balls. Nothing drops. Except the cue ball. I giggle, as you joke with me about what I made you do. You then put me on notice that if I am going to cheat, then you will, too. Fine by me.

I am wearing my little miniskirt, a linen shirt, and a bra. Oh, and some shoes I took off once we started to play. I study the table, trying to discern what would be my best shot to drop as many balls as I could. . .you start to laugh at me, asking me how was I going to bend over to shoot? You knew my ass would be exposed whenever I went to take a shot. I give you my evil smart ass look, bahis şirketleri as you take a drink. I tell you I know how to play pool in a miniskirt and you should be worrying about your own ass. So there. I stick my tongue out at you.

You give me the don’t-start-nuthin-u-can’t-finish line. I lean over the table just a bit. I could feel the skirt rise on my ass, but I knew my shirt would cover the parts the skirt bared. Only thing I did forget about was how my shirt fell open when I bent over, giving you a great view of breasts safely tucked away in my bra. I shoot, dropping two high balls and two low balls. I declare the table to still be open as I hand you the cue stick.

You line up your next shot. When I figure out what ball you are targeting to drop, I go stand at that part of the table. As you look down the cue stick towards the cue ball, you can see my eyes behind the ball you plan to drop. You tell me not to be mad at you when the ball pops up and gives me a black eye. . .I say nothing. You shoot, but the ball doesn’t go in. I take a big swallow of my amaretto sour, then I take the stick from you. You don’t sit down. You watch me line up my shot.

As I bend over the table to shoot, I can feel you move in behind me. You are on my left side, and I am surprised as I feel your hand on my ass. I instantly get wet. I say something about you not playing fair– I didn’t touch you to ruin your shots, okay, okay yes I did, but you are a better pool player than me. . . I stop talking as I feel your finger slip inside of my wet hole. You tell bahis firmaları me to hurry up and make my shot, you want to play too!

All I can do is enjoy the feeling of your finger moving in and out of me. I muster up the strength to hit the cue ball, but nothing drops. I just rearrange the balls on the table, consumed with thoughts about rearranging the balls in your pants.

You take the cue stick from me, leaning it up against the wall. Your finger is still inside of me, teasing me. I push my ass back onto you. . .what the hell– if you are going to feel me, might as well do a good job of it!

You ask me if I like what you are doing. . .should you continue? Or, should you stop, and we could just resume the game? My reaction speaks volumes– I shove all of the balls out of the way on the table and pull myself off of your wet finger. I turn around, and hop up on the table. I put my ass on the wooden edge of the table. You laugh at the fact I am sitting below a sign which says “Rest no ass or ash on this table.”

I then put one leg up on the table, giving you a perfect view of my glistening pussy. I don’t have to ask you to do anything, you automatically come in close to me, giving me wet kisses as you unbutton my shirt. I am using my hands for balance on the table, so I can’t stop you from doing what you are doing. All I can do is get wetter. And feel my shirt drop down to my wrists. You then unhook my bra, pulling me forward for support as I finish removing my pesky top. I lean back to my position, as you feel my hard nipples with kaçak bahis siteleri your fingers.

When you make the move down to each nipple with your mouth, it only takes me a few moments to come. My sweet, hot juice gushes out of me, onto the table. You stick your finger back into me, telling me to come for you again. You use your thumb on my clit, driving me wild. You watch me enjoying myself on the green pool table. My breasts are heaving up and down as I get excited, moving myself to the moment of mind-erasing orgasm. Come for me baby, you say, causing me to come again right on your cue. This one is so intense, so pleasurable, I lose my balance and fall back onto the table.

You pull out your hard cue stick. I know you already have your shot lined up, as I hear your pants drop to the floor (keys jingling) I then feel your thumb on my clit, as you push your cock into me. Extraordinary pleasure hits me, as you begin to pound into me. You hold onto my hips, as I wrap my legs around you. I lift up again on my arms, seeing you disappear into my body. . .disappear down below the miniskirt pushed up around my waist. My nipples are so hard– with the fucking you are giving to me, my tits are bouncing furiously. When I open my eyes, I can see you smiling. I smile back, and you slam into me harder.

All I can think about is how sensational it feels to have you inside of me. When I open my eyes again, you have on your serious, here-I-come face. This part of the action I love to view. I find the way the muscles in your arms tighten up, the increased harness in your cock, and then you turning red to be absolutely fabulous! Then I feel you shoot inside of me, as your fingers grip me tight. . .

This is the first pool game I have ever played where both participants won.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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