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“Hello?” I asked from behind the closed door. I knocked again, this time harder. “HELLO?” I repeated myself, louder this time, if not just as politely. Shit. No answer. I had left my phone in my little sister and her husband’s cabana. Where were they? With the heavy thunderstorms, I assumed they’d be inside. Clearly they weren’t at the beach. Standing at the door of their beachfront cabana, I could see the rain, hurtling down from the dark violet sky, pounding the wet, dense sand. I had already checked the restaurant and bar of the resort and didn’t find them in there. And neither was answering their phones. Well, they were newlyweds, and newlyweds by definition did incomprehensible things. Maybe they wanted to walk thru the thunderstorm into town. We were staying at a resort a mile or so out of Tampico, Mexico, and my little sister’s husband, Luke, was an architecture buff and had been dying to check it out.

On a whim, I tried to open the door. To my surprise it was unlocked. I slowly peaked my head in. “Hello?” I quietly announced myself. Nothing. I didn’t make another peep after I saw Luke fast asleep, sprawled out on the bed, beneath the sheet. Robin was not with him. I silently crept into the kitchen area and immediately found my phone. In my haste to grab it and get out of there, I knocked it on the tile floor. “Fuck!” I whispered. I scooped up my phone and checked for damage. At this very moment, Luke rolled over in bed. I looked up, prepared to find him awake, and ready to tell him “sorry, but I left my phone and…” But when I looked up I found him still asleep, but more importantly, the sheet had pulled away from his body, revealing that he was both sleeping in the nude, and that he had a semi erection.

My first instinct was to run away. But as I took a few very quiet steps to the door, I couldn’t help but glance back for one more look. With his arms up over his head, and his legs felled slightly apart, his half erect, half flaccid cock lay thick and heavy to the left. Luke was big! Sure, he was a tall guy, around 6 feet or so, and over the past year that I’d known him he’d gotten thin and muscular. But his cock looked slightly too big for his size. Before I knew it, I had walked closer to check it out. Like I was creeping up on a tarantula or something.

The room was completely silent, except for the whirling motor of the ceiling fan. The air in the room felt suddenly very heavy. My heart was pounding in my chest. I should’ve been wondering what my explanation would be to Robin if she came in and saw me ogling her husband’s cock. I should’ve wondered what I’d say if Luke woke up. But I wasn’t thinking about any of these things. I honestly only remember being consumed with curiosity. Like what it felt like. If it was warm, smooth, soft… Sure, it was big – my guess is seven inches or so fully erect, but wasn’t the size that had me captivated. It was…. pretty. Ha ha! I can’t think of any guy who would want to hear that, but it was true. Lying there, heavy, half asleep and half awake, draped over his thigh, falling to the left, it looked beautiful. It was tan and thick. I guessed that if I put my hand around its thickness, I’m not sure I could touch my thumb to my fingertip. Granted, my hands were small but….

Before I knew it, I had delicately taken him in my hand. What the fuck was I doing?! Just thinking back on it makes me blush with embarrassment. I’m a woman who didn’t have sex until she was 20. I’m a woman who has tried doggy style once and hated it. I’m a 35 year old who only performed oral sex on my ex husband maybe five times in the three years we were married. Now, here I was, holding my little sister’s husband’s cock in my hand. Yes, it was heavy. Yes, it was velvet to the touch. And yes – it was warm. I heard the rain tapping at the windows. I heard the wind pick up, warning me that I was way out of bounds. But Luke was beautiful. I looked up at his tan stomach. His muscled chest. His brown hair, usually falling to his chin, now lay over the pillow.

I wanted to let go of his warm penis. In fact, that was the plan, but instead I found myself slowly, delicately jacking Luke off. His cock immediately grew a pulse. His strong, muscular cock woke up and grew stiff. The rest of Luke’s body remained asleep. I had never felt a man grow hard inside of my hand before. It was amazing.

Perhaps it was the thunderstorm, or perhaps it was being on vacation with my little sister and her husband in Mexico, 500 miles away from home. Clearly, I was not myself. I didn’t even remove my glasses when I bent over and tasted the tip of his cock. I let my tongue fall out of my mouth and pressed it against him. His warm cock was salty from the ocean water. I was afraid if I licked him he might wake up. I noticed my brown hair had fallen across his hip when I tasted him. I held my own hair up over my head as I put more of him in my mouth. Slowly, very slowly, carefully, I went down on him. I could only get about half of his length in my mouth. My tongue loved the smooth, hot texture of bahis siteleri his skin. I was afraid that if I took my head away, the cool air and wind from the fan above us would hit his cock, now wet with my spit. I pushed my own head down further on him. My spit ran down his shaft.

This is the first time I remember noticing how wet my pussy was. My body was trembling. I was shaking as if I was a runaway, hiding in a cold, dark alley, shivering from fear and cold. I had never felt this kinky in my life. I felt alive and dangerous. The moment was electric. I started bobbing up and down on him. A few “smacks” and “slurps” slipped out as I sucked him. Luke started rolling his hips, but I didn’t stop. Because his arms were still above his head, and his legs hadn’t moved, and his eyes were closed, I was sure he was still dreaming. But having the best dream of his life. With one arm acting as a post, pushing up against the bed, supporting me, and my other hand holding my own hair up, I sucked his cock as best I could.

I felt the first tiny spasm, the first little tremor inside of his muscled rod. He was going to cum. Alone with a sleeping Luke, I didn’t feel like “Amy” the prude. I felt like someone else. I wanted to swallow his cum. I had never done that before. The thought of Luke cumming in my mouth made me too horny. I dropped my hair and yanked my bikini bottoms down just below my ass. Immediately I ground the palm of my hand over my clit and put my fingers inside of my cunt. My pussy, throbbing, soaking wet with my own salty juices, readily accepted three fingers. I’m a secret chronic masturbator and I knew I’d be able to get myself off in seconds, especially considering how dangerous I was feeling.

I sucked Luke and drew little circles over my g-spot with my fingertips. Electric shocks flooded my body as my temperature shot up. I convulsed with my orgasm. My abdominals seized up and I fell forward. I kept my mouth over Luke’s cock. I took the first jolt of his cum in my mouth. Thick, hot, slick, gooey and tasteless.

He came loads. I failed at keeping up with his explosion, trying to swallow it as it shot out. Some fell down my chin. When his dick stopped its spasms, I waited with my mouth over him for thirty seconds or so. I felt his cock loosen up. I stood there, bent over, my ass exposed with my bikini bottoms around my thighs, Luke’s dreamy cock falling back to sleep in my mouth. He had no idea he had just released in me and I had swallowed it, feeling his seed run town my throat and, now, rest in my stomach.

I slowly pulled away. What cum was left in my mouth, I let fall on his lower stomach. Planting evidence of a wet dream. I grabbed my cell phone from the bed and left him there, his arms still draped above his head, asleep.

That night, we all were supposed to meet for dinner at the resort restaurant. The storm had not let up, in fact, it had only grew more intense. However, it was still Mexico, meaning even at ten at night it was still eighty degrees or so. I would be completely lying if I said I didn’t suddenly have both romantic and sexual feelings for Luke. He had always intrigued me, and I probably thought of him much more than I should, but… Fuck. He was my younger sister’s husband, and NO good can come of it. The only positive news was that I was the only one who knew what had happened. I guessed that if I kept my mouth shut (ha ha) then the feelings would pass. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from dressing a little slutty before meeting Robin and Luke for a late dinner. Where I would usually where a bra underneath a loose white sundress, I chose to go without underwear entirely. Matched with my fear and guilt over what I had done to Luke in his sleep, was my excitement over feeling alive. Like I had a secret. At 35 years old I had completely surprised myself. I guess it’s true what they say about women of my age – perhaps I was just finding my sexuality.

As I walked with in my flip-flops and my sundress to dinner, I took a slight detour thru the rain. Like someone infatuated with a new drug, I wanted to push it just slightly further and get my white dress a little wet. My body grew hot, feverish, when I realized that I’d be sitting across from my little sister and her husband, while neither of them knew I had his cum in my belly. Despite my immense fear and guilt, I smiled at the thought of it.

By midnight – two hours into dinner – I was totally bored. Luke didn’t seem to notice me at all. All he cared about was Robin. And why shouldn’t he? They’d been married for a year and were still very much in love. Robin is taller than I, and has a more “womanly” body. She’s bigger than I am – taller, slightly heavier, bigger breasts, a bigger ass, etc. And with red hair and green eyes, she’s always been very striking with men (granted, especially with black men, something Luke has admitted he loves. Since college, black men frequently hit on Robin, and Luke loves hearing about it. I suppose Robin enjoys it because she’s never been “thin”, so it builds her confidence).

After canlı bahis siteleri dessert, I excused myself and went back to my room, despite all of Robin and Luke’s protests. Luke wanted to sip tequila and have a cigar in the rain beneath the umbrellas on the beach and Robin loved the idea, but… honestly, I felt embarrassed that Luke didn’t find me attractive. The only way I could get him excited was in his sleep. Ugh: Still the “smart” tomboy in glasses, still the “cute” one playing against my “beautiful” sister. I wanted to go back to my room, which was located right next door to theirs, have a drink, read some of my book, (finger myself) and go to sleep.

A little after two in the morning, I woke up to a light knocking at the door. At first I thought it was the wind, but the knocking became more consistent. I hesitantly got out of bed to check it out. Looking out the peephole I saw Luke looking back at me. I opened to the door and he walked in, wet, barefoot, and wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Luke… What…? Is everything OK?”

Luke had been shielding a joint from the rain in his hand. He struck a match, lit it and took a big drag.

“What the fuck?! You brought weed to Mexico?! That’s insane! Do you know how long you go to jail for that here?! It’s not San Francisco, dude.”

He smiled at me. A confident, smirky smile. “Want a drag?”

“Uh!” I was shocked at his relaxed attitude. Was he already high before he came over? But soon that familiar smell got to me. I admit, back in high school I used to smoke, and in college I loved it. Most of my friends were into drinking while I was just much more comfortable with pot. Seeing Luke in his white deep v-neck shirt, his longish brown hair falling over his face, smiling at me, I became instantly aroused. Maybe we’d get high and talk about stuff. Maybe we’d get stoned and talk about aliens, or relationships, or music. I missed stoned, artsy conversation. And, to be honest, Luke had intrigued me since I first laid eyes on him. I had never met anyone like him before. He was feminine rather than masculine, yet not at all “gay”. And lately, now that he has put on some muscle, he was very attractive. Fuck it – he was “cool”, and I wanted him to like me.

I smiled back at him and took the joint. I wanted to impress him so I took a big hit. I passed it back, he hit it, then passed it to me again, and I hit it.

Just as I was feeling stoned for the first time in years, Luke said, “I was sorta thinking I could pretend to be asleep while you blew me again.”

I froze. Why didn’t I think he was going to say that? Well, because at dinner he showed zero sign that he was awake. I was in shock. I was stoned. But I felt a closeness with him. That was part of his uniqueness. Everyone felt instantly familiar with Luke. Like you’ve known him your whole life.

“I… it was so beautiful. You have a very pretty cock.”

He pulled me into him and kissed me, deeply. I felt his hands on my lower back, pulling me into him. My little breasts pressing into his lower chest. His hand ran up my bare back. Our tongues flitted together in each other’s mouth. I felt sparkly.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“OK”, I said.

Luke left me alone and walked over to a bottle of tequila I had bought. He opened it and poured two very short glasses. He handed one to me, clinked “cheers”, smiled and took a sip. With the drinks, it was as if he wanted to chat first. An odd thing to do after declaring to someone that you are about to fuck them. But, Luke was an odd boy.

“I’ve been… pleasuring myself to thoughts of you.”

What. The. Fuck. I was stunned. Pleasuring himself? He chose the word intentionally. He continued:

“Since I first met you. It’s funny – I used to only date cute tomboys, but I fell in love with Robin. Then I met you and… fuck.”

I was flattered. “What do you think about?” I tried to ask his as casually as possible. As if I somehow didn’t care what the answer was. In reality, my stupid pussy was already growing moist for him.

“Mostly I think of your cute face. Your glasses. Sometimes I just look at a photo of you while I masturbate.” He was still just standing in front of me, looking at me, while he said all of this! I couldn’t help it – I had to touch myself.

“But then this trip – Where did you get that ass? You’ve got the ass of an 18 year old..” He laughed at his own casual attitude. He was being this way intentionally. It was getting him off. Luke was a thoughtful, well spoken guy up to around fifteen minutes ago.

I was touching my nipples beneath my shirt.

“Can I see it?”


“Your ass. Will you turn around and pull your underwear down a little? Don’t bend over. Just show me.”

I waited for a second. My blood was pumping loudly thru my body. Slowly I turned my back to him. I tucked my fingers beneath the warn elastic of my green panties. I pulled them down over my round ass.

Quietly, he muttered: “oh god.” And that was it for a few seconds. When I turned canlı bahis around, I found him masturbating. His cock was red and rock hard.

He aggressively walked to me, reached around and smacked my ass. Crack! I screamed. He covered my mouth. “Shhhhhhh,” he whispered. “Robin is asleep next door.”

His eyes twinkled as he looked into mine. “You’re so beautiful. So fucking sexy. Thank you for letting me fuck you.” And before I could say anything, another big hand came down on my bare butt cheek. Crack!

Luke flipped me around and bent me over a chair. Immediately he was behind me and I felt his breath on my ass. My stomach was heaving up and down. “Shhhhh,” he said. I felt his fingers inch between my ass cheeks. He parted them. I felt his warm tongue circling my asshole.

I had never felt this sensation before. A hot tongue running over my dirtiest of parts. I felt embarrassed, but not self-conscious. I could tell he loved it, and that turned me on. I was giving him pleasure, and when I allowed myself to feel it as his tongue continued, I loved it too. I moaned when the tip of his tongue finally penetrated, ever so slightly, inside my tight hole.

As I got into it, I took a more submissive pose, arching my back, spreading my thighs and giving my ass to him. He began licking long strokes from my pussy up over my asshole. He repeated this until my butt was covered with his spit.

“So sexy, baby”, his tone shifted. He called me “baby” and I loved it. He knew what he was doing. I let him take over. My sopping wet pussy swallowed his cock. He was fucking me.

I felt the walls of my cunt grip him. “AAAgghhhhh!” I quietly moaned. “Aghh, Agh!” I continued as I felt my little puss try to adjust to him. “That’s it, baby.” He stroked in and out of me.

When he slowly drove his rod all the way into me, all the way to his base, I was stunned silent. My eyes shot open, as did my mouth. Luke just stood there, buried to the hilt inside of me. Without pulling out one centimeter, he rocked against me. OH fuck. He was so good. I was so overcome with sex that I remained still and silent. He put his hands on my shoulders as he pulled me into him. I felt his bony hip jolting me.

His hands moved to my lower stomach, which felt so incredibly personal and intimate that I felt the electricity of an orgasm building. Still not pulling out, but grinding on me, he went harder. My little tits, hanging beneath me, began to shake.

“That’s right, baby. Cum for me.”

As if on command, I did. And I was not quiet about it.

So Luke put his fingers in my mouth to muffle me.

And I came harder.

My knees gave out, and I collapsed on the floor.

Luke pulled me onto all fours. I was still shaking and my arms felt as though I had been at the gym for hours. I couldn’t prop myself up. I’m sure he loved it when I fell forward, my upper body resting comfortably on the ground in front of me.

Again he smacked my ass. “So fucking sexy. God, I love this ass.” Again he licked my asshole. He put his index finger in me. I’m not sure why, but I began panting. The more I panted, the harder I panted, the more aroused I became. And the more aroused I became, another of Luke’s fingers entered my bottom. He pulled two fingers out of my ass, dipped them in my pussy for more lubricant, then back to anally fingering me. I felt like such a slut. The wind and rain pounding the windows outside made me feel erotic and safe. I began pushing back on him. I can take it, Luke. Fuck me.

And then his cock, slick with my own juices from my orgasm, pressed its helmet against the tight bud of my asshole. Sure, he loosened me up a bit, but not so much that I he wouldn’t enjoy seeing me squirm.

As if in meditation, I began to mix in “OOOOhhhhhhhh” with my panting. Yet, with every minor jolt, I would squeal. The sound of my own voice escaping my body made me so horny. Hearing myself in pain and pleasure was getting me off. I was not in control.

“I’m sorry, If it—”

“Fuck me.” I instructed. “Fuck my little ass.”

And my “fuck me’s” took the place of my meditative moans. I felt like a young slut from a porno movie. My bratty voice telling my fucker to fuck me. As if by doing so, I was delusional and pretending I was in control. As if my demanding for him to “fuck me” was the only reason Luke was doing it.

“Fuck my little ass”

“Were you an anal virgin?” He panted.


“But not anymore?”

He started ramming me harder. It ached. A dull, deep, throbbing ache inside my ass. Something about it felt “full” and safe. It felt comfortable. I felt stoned and warm.

His driving force was pushing me forward. Soon I was laying face down, my legs together. Luke’s thighs straddled mine on the outside. Now he began to moan. The friction of my asscheeks squeezing back on the width of his dick made him fuck me harder.

He pulled my hair. He kissed me, jetting his tongue in my mouth.

“fuck baby, fuck baby, fuck fuck oh god…”

He was going to cum. Soon I was going to have Luke’s cum both in my stomach and up my asshole. He was driving me pretty hard into the floor, but I still managed to wedge my fingers beneath my body and into my pussy. I simply had to masturbate myself now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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