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Big Dicks

So I’m writing the second part as the first one is waiting to be accepted. I won’t post this second until the first gets posted so I can edit the second part to make it better. But lets see what I can do.



It had to have been coincidence that his dream the previous night and the revelation that his parents spoke about the same topic. There was little news news to discuss when they were so isolated from other people. So with such boring topics to talk about, the one even slightly interesting topic would not have been that unrealistic to imagine being part of the discussion. That had to have been it. There was no way it could have actually happened, Bran thought. People couldn’t turn into animals. Dreams weren’t real. Just sheer coincidence.

“So, Bran, your father was thinking of this fall, after the farm work was caught up, he was going to a town near Vindius. We have some family living around there.”

With a quick reply, Bran came out with, “You don’t have to make a special trip just to get me a wife. I’m still young, and there are couple of families with girls that are getting close to marriageable age. I can wait a few years.”

“Son, it is not just for you that I’m going. Your sisters also needs some husbands, and your mother wants some things that we can’t buy around here. It’s only a few days travel, and with some things to sell, I was thinking about inviting you to come with me. If we are looking for a wife for you, you should be able to meet her, and get to know her. It’s your life we are talking about.”

“I will think about it. But, as I said, you don’t have to do this trip just for me.” ended Bran.

Conversation continued on for a while, with Bran being a little bit more talkative, at least towards his parents. He still spoke a little with his sisters, all the while, he did keep glancing towards them. With his continual glances, he affirmed his opinion of his sisters, they were beautiful women. But what happened last night could not have actually happened, could it? It was impossible, or so he told himself.


That night, while in bed, he was restless. Thinking over his dreams last night, his admiration for the beauty of his sisters shamed him, but he could not get them out of his head. Sleep came late for him that night, and dawn came earlier then he desired. But he had no dreams of being a bird.

There was not a lot of working for him to do that day. He had been working hard for the past couple days, working nearly sunrise and sunset, so around midday he decided to relax for the rest of the day and do a little fishing. The family had not had any fish for a while, so it would be a good treat. Walking back home, he passed by his sister who were going out together to pick some blackberries from the patch. They looked beautiful to him, Divone in the blue dress, and Nealie in her red dress. It was still a little early in the year for them to be harvested in large amounts, but some berries were always welcome, or at least some preserves. Either would be a welcome treat at the dinner table.

He arrived home, grabbed his fishing pole, a bucket, some stale bread that he would use for bait, and went to a nice shady place where the fish liked to call home. In the first hour of fishing he managed to catch enough fish for dinner that night and enough that his mother could start smoking them for the winter. Still with a couple hours until he would need to head back to his parents house with his bounty, and being tired from his lack of sleep from the previous night, a little nap sounded like a wonderful idea. Sleep came quick, he was tired after all.


He was the raven again. That past two times he had been the raven, he never inspected himself. He hoped to the stream and looked at the reflection of himself. Black legs, black beak, primarily black feathers, though on his left wing, he had some white feathers in a small spot near, where if he was human, his hand. Other than the white feathers on the tip of his wing, he looked like any other raven. And after checking, his voice sounded like a raven’s.

With nothing better to do, he took flight. The scenery looked different than it did at night. He flew over the fields, where on almost any other day he would be working. From his point of view, that crops were coming up fairly well. The only thing that did look like it was not doing the best, and he was not shocked, were the pumpkins on the north side of the field, toward, what he called, Druid’s Grove. Divone came up with that when they were kids, and with no better identification than Druid’s Grove, the name stuck. Along with Druid’s Grove, they came up with the names Fairies Forest, Hermit Cove, and several others, all nonsense, but better than nothing, they kept. He was not really shocked that the pumpkins were not doing the best. They were on a larger hill that he just created this year, and the shade from the grove did not allow them bursa escort to get that much sunlight.

He kept on inspecting the farmer for a little while, and then went on to view other things. In his dream he saw his father working near the house, doing some repairs that had been put off for a while, but his Bran doing most of the field work, it gave Vardon some time to catch up on repairs. Near his father, he spied his mother hunting out eggs from the chickens that they kept, probably to make some bread or something. Bran did not know that much about cooking, other than simple things like stew. He cried out, for no reason, and noticed that both of his parents looked up at him. What a vivid dream this was.

Pretty much bored about looking at his parents house his desire, that he had been trying to hide, took control of him, and he went out in search of his sisters. Remembering that they said that they were hunting for blackberries, he went to search out which patch they went to. There were a couple patches in the direction he saw them heading. He went towards the closest one. Being that it was the closest, it was the most reasonable to search first. They were not there. Then he went to the next, and yet again, they were nowhere to be seen. One last one patch in this direction, and if they were not there, he would give up.

Nealie and Divone ended up being at the last patch. Flying in closer he found perch that was decently close, but that hid him from any spying. From the looks of the basket, their harvesting yield a reasonable harvest for this time of the year. From where he sat, he could not make out what they were saying, but from the looks of it, they were having a good time. While he was enjoying just watching them, it was a boring scene. Just as he was about ready to start meandering around in the sky again, he was the girls leaving the basket of blackberries on the ground near the patch and start heading away from it. Familiar with the area (what child wasn’t familiar with his playgrounds!) Bran knew that there was a deeper part of the stream, that led to his house, up ahead. Interested in what they were up to, he followed them to the stream.

While this day wasn’t as hot as some previous days, it was still hot, and a good day to have fun in some water. Not really expecting to see anything too interesting, after the dream for the other night, he was curious to what he would see. Due to how much he had, he had not gone swimming with his sisters this year, but he was used to seeing them in their underclothes whenever they went swimming. He found a perch hidden, like his previous one, but a little closer this time. Hidden he watched them slowly take off their clothes and hang them up on a branch to keep them from getting dirty. Unlike when he was there, they continued taking off more clothes than normal.

In his dream the other night, he had only seen them bare their breasts, this time they took all their clothes off. He marveled at the sight of these nymphs of the woods. Glorious in the clothes that the gods had granted them with at birth. Nealie was turned towards where he was perched and he saw that her womanhood was covered in a slight covering of curly reddish hair. Amazed by the sight of his younger sister, he near lost his balance on his perch, but somehow kept it. So he wouldn’t have to worry about his balance as much, Bran flew down to the ground and hid behind some plants. Without realizing they were being watched, Nealie helped Divone shed her final article of clothing.

Unlike her sister, there was a full bush of hair covering Divone’s privates. Senses, other than sight, finally getting back to Bran, he heard Nealie comment to Divone, that Divone needed her hair trimmed. Nealie walked back towards her clothes and pulled out a knife out from here belt. She also pulled out one other item, a piece of soap. Bran was vain about his appearance when there was a festival in the village, so he was used to shaving his face. He usually did that once a week, less painful that way. He was confused, neither of the girls had facial hair, so why did they need this combination. As if to answer his question, Nealie ordered her sister to lie down near the bank and spread her legs. With Bran’s vision hypnotized by the what was happening, he watched as Nealie got the soap to lather up and applied to lather to the dense carpet of hair.

When Divone’s hair was completely covered up by the suds of the soap, Nealie grabbed the knife, briefly put it in the water, and then brought it towards Divone’s hair. With a slow stroke against the skin, Nealie started clearing her sisters forest. She cleaned the knife, and repeated the motion. Again and again, opening up the view of Divone’s womanhood. Slow strokes, to Bran’s frustration, wasn’t clearing the view fast enough. What seemed, to Bran, to be hours of anticipation, but in reality, was only a few minutes, Divone’s sex was void of any hair that Bran could.

“Now bursa escort bayan to check that everything is cleared.” This was stated by Nealie, as she set down the knife and brought her hand towards her sisters mound. She ran her hand against Divone’s skin, slowly swiping her hand one direction, and then the other. Repeatedly stroking the skin, as if reaffirming the she got all the hair. One spot Nealie focused on more than others, the lips coming for Divone’s sex. Instead of using her hand to check for thoroughness, she instead used her fingers. Rubbing the lips, inside and out. This continued on for minutes, stroking, then rubbing. The whole time that Nealie was inspecting her work, Divone nearly purred with excitement.

“My hands aren’t that sensitive, I can’t feel any hair down near your pussy, but I don’t want any stray hairs bothering you, Sister.” This was said as if was a simple fact by Nealie, with just a hint of, to what seemed to Bran, lust.

“Please,” this was the first thing that Divone had said in a few minutes, and it came out as nearly unheard. “Please, please, please.”

“Well then, if that is what you want, I will perform this arduous task, with much,” and then a long pause as Nealie brought her mouth towards her sister’s nether lips, “pleasure.” And with the last word she let the wind from her breath tickle of her sister’s skin. And with a louder than previous sound, Divone let out another moan.

Shocked, horrified, enthralled, Bran could not turn his sight from the erotic coupling happening only a few feet in front of him. He watched as one sister licked her sister’s skin, as if it was a piece of candy. Moans unheard be anyone but the three near by the bank came from Divone’s mouth. With no worry of being heard by their parents Divone had no worries about being loud, so she didn’t control herself with her moans of pleasure. Again, as when Nealie used her finger, her tongue focused on the lips erupting from her sister’s body. Slow licks, fast licks, jabs, all of these were employed skillfully by Nealie. As of teasing her sister, Nealie stopped at times for a few moments at a time halting the oncoming orgasm from her sister.

“Please quit being mean, finish it, please.” begged Divone. And with what seemed to Bran, all the strength Divone could muster, she guided her sister’s head towards her sweet treat. Seconds went by and with each moment, Divone’s tensed up more and more. When it seemed that all of Divone’s muscles were strained to their furthest extant, out came a cry. It was a cry of pleasure, of joy, of contentment. It was the cry of ecstasy. She lay there panting for nearly a minute, a grin appearing on her face. When her body gained some energy back, she sat up on her elbows, and purred to her sister, “Thank you, I really enjoyed that. But I can’t be the only one to have fun. Now you lie back.”

Instead of sending her face to her sister’s nether lips, Divone brought her mouth to Nealie’s breasts. Kissing, sucking, enjoying them, the same way that Bran had seen Nealie do to her partner the other night. Unlike what her sister did, with gentleness, there was an almost animal aggression to the way Divone was attacking, her sister. This assault on Nealie brought squeals of pleasure to her. Bran did not care anymore that these were his sisters, he was a complete voyeur in this joining. If the gods came down at this moment and said that he was their child, he still would not have been able to look away.

With practiced efficiency, Divone brought to use her fingers down towards her sister’s mossy bank. Playing with the lips down their elicited cries of pleasure from her partner. Just focusing on the exterior of these lips, teasing her sister, she played. Suddenly she shot one of her fingers into her sister. Then she pulled it out, and teased the outside some more. And then again, she injected her finger, withdrew it and played. Nealie was whining at this time. If Bran did not know better, he would have thought his sister was hurt, but from the quick glance towards her face, he could tell, it was not in pain that she was crying. Bringing his eyes back to the show, instead of just one finger, Divone brought two fingers to her sister’s waiting lips.

Bran could tell that Divone was practiced at these skills, never missing her target. In, out, and play. Again and again. Her, rather than entirely withdrawing, pulled out part way. Then back in. Constant pumping motions. Slow and fast, fingers from one sister constantly probed the other. And then Divone withdrew her fingers, and brought them to her own mouth, tasting the juices of her twin’s body.

“Mmmmm, you taste delicious. With how wet you are, how about I add another finger?” questioned Divone, almost as if she knew the answer before she asked.

All Nealie could do at this moment was look up at her sister’s hand. With one finger raised by Divone, Nealie shook her head. Divone raised a second finger, and again escort bursa Nealie shook her head. She did the same when Divone brought up her third finger. Instead of raising just the fourth finger, Divone brought her hand up in the shape of a spear, and then Nealie nodded in assent. Bringing her whole hand down to the opening of her sister, Divone entered her his, first up to her first set up knuckles, and withdrew. Nealie mewled in delight. Entering to the wet hole of her sister again, she brought her fingers into her second set of knuckles, and retreated again. Once more, Divone invaded her sister, all the way to the end of her fingers. Letting her fingers rest where they were for a few second, she began to exit, but before pulling out entirely, she plunged her way back in.

Divone performed the same technique for several minutes, and then she stopped again, again with her fingers trapped inside her mate’s body. Then gently she pushed her hand in further, letting her sister getting used to the feel to feel of her hand. When Bran, who at this time, was shocked at what his sisters were doing to each other, thought that Divone’s hand could not enter any further from Nealie’s body, Divone retracted her hand partway. And then with much more speed, she started pumping her hand. The wielding of Divone’s hand increased tempo, evoking cries of pure bliss from her companion. Constant motion, constant pleasure, constant attention was bringing Nealie closer to the edge of release. And then Divone stopped her motion, bringing vocalizations of frustration. Where Divone’s mouth had been still playing with Nealie’s breasts through all her ministration, she brought her mouth, now, to where hand met flesh and began licking like an animal lapping water from a stream, or in this case, a waterfall.

With a face of rapture from Divone, at the taste of her sister, she started her ministrations again. Slow again, and then speeding up, while still drinking the nectar from her sister, she brought her sister closer to cumming. Bucking, Nealie started screaming in sheer delight, nearly pulling away from her sister, but Divone kept on doing what she was doing. Abruptly, Nealie when dead still, trapping her sisters head between her legs. And then, her body spent, went limp.

Bran’s eyes by now were as arid as a desert from not being to even blink. Slowly, he blinked back life into his eyes, but still not looking away from this, in case anything else exciting came to be. But to his chagrin (or was it relief?) nothing else happened. When energy returned to the girls, they went into the stream and bathed themselves and then enjoyed themselves as they did when Bran was a participant. When completed with their ablutions, and letting their bodies dry, they got back into their clothes, Divone in the red dress, and Nealie in the blue. All said and done, they head back to pick up their haul of blackberries and headed home.

Without anything else to do Bran returned to where he was fishing. His mind was reeling over the action that he had a front row seat for, he closed his eyes, and began to replay the scenes of his dream. Even if they were a dream, to him, they would be as real as could be to him.


Waking up from his nap, Bran looked up at the sun and noticed that a good hour or two had passed by. Still fantasizing about his dream, he head towards his parents house. Along the way, he saw his sisters heading in his direction with their basket of berries. Divone in her red dress, and Nealie in her blue. Their hair was damp against their bodies.

“Did you girls go swimming or something?” asked Bran. “You could have asked me if you were going, I would have gladly joined in your fun.”

In response, Nealie responded back, “It was just a quick dip, after all we sweated out there, we felt that a quick dip in the stream was just what we needed. Not that much fun.”

“Though next time, we might just invite you.” Commented Divone “We would really enjoy your company next time we go out there. Wouldn’t we Nea?”

“You might, but, hmmm, I’ll have to think about it.”

They continued their conversation on the way home. His father was on the roof to fix a spot that had been leaking for a while, and it looked to Bran that he’d been there all day. After handing his haul of fish to his mother, he went up the roof and helped him finish the project. Finally, with all the work on the roof done, they climbed down, rinsed off, and head in for dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was the fish that Bran brought, bread with a blackberry jam, and some pudding that Enid had put together from eggs of the family’s chickens. Just a normal dinner for the family. Small talk came up, and they talked about what they did that. Bran and his fishing, the girls and picking the berries, the household chores from the family.

Out of nowhere, Vardon said, “I saw a strange raven today. It had one wing that was covered with white feathers. I heard its caw and looked up. Did you see it, Enid?”

And with that, Bran’s mother said, “I was gathering the eggs today, and yes, I did see that same bird. It just cried out of nowhere, and drew my attention. Striking marking on a raven.”

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