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I felt my cock pulsate twice, spraying two blasts inside of her tight ass before I pulled out in absolute ecstasy and unleased two more huge geysers of white cum into and around her open anus. After I splattered her with those two, I shoved my climaxing cock back into her ass and finished my load deep. I think I felt five or six more releases before my cock eased down. She was still bent over the couch arm, panting into the cushions from the anal orgasm I gave her. I finally pulled out my cum covered cock, still reeling from the euphoric bliss my massive climax had spread throughout my body. I looked down, her butt was a mess from my load and more had started to ooze out of her open hole sliding over her flushed and open sex. A couple of globs hung from her curtains of flesh before dripping to the floor.

She quivered, trembling as her chest rose and fell, lifting her sexy back, her arms splayed out in front of her. I stepped back, cum dripping from my cock and admired the incredible body of this woman. My heart still raced, my body was pumped up and energized from the energy expended to pound her so hard and deep for so long. Another glob of white semen dripped from my cock as I looked down, it was beginning to soften, bouncing slowly to my heart-rate but downward instead of up. I just stood there, taking in the sight as my plentiful load continued to ooze out of her ass, down over her pussy and to the floor. Her body was still shuddering from her orgasm, with each tremor, more cum was pushed out in a stunning sight.

Her ass slowly closed, as her body calmed down, most of my load expelled. I walked around and sat down on the couch in front of her. Brushing the hair from her cheek and eye, she opened it and looked up at me. She gave me a weak smile, her hands found my lap, rubbing my naked legs as my cock continued to shrink between them. With great effort, she climbed over the arm of the sofa and curled up between it and me, laying her head on my leg. She traced her fingers up and down my legs and over my flaccid cock as I continued playing with her dark hair.

“I can’t believe how good that felt,” she said. “I’ve never cum that hard before. We should definitely do it again.”

I can’t express how happy I was to hear that. I was hoping she’d take to anal… I’ve learned that if they have a bad experience one time it’s difficult to get another chance. Apparently I did everything right.

“Sounds good to me,” I responded, tracing my fingers through her hair.

She grabbed my dick and waggled the soft member back and forth a few times. “No, I mean now… we should do it again now,” she said.

“Now? But I’m currently out of commission,” I said.

“Not for long,” she said, rising up onto her knees.

She still had my cock in her hand, wiggling it around before lowering her head and sucking the flappy shaft into her mouth. She sucked hard, pulling what blood she could into my soft dick. Her suction was so strong it almost hurt. With just my crown in her mouth, she lifted her head, pulling my shaft taunt with just the suction of her mouth. Lowering her face, she stuffed all of my penis into her mouth, easily fitting it all since it wasn’t hard, just rolled up and mashed inside next to her tongue. She began manipulating my tool with her hands as bahis siteleri well as my balls as she continued to suck and lick ever inch, trying to get it to rise again.

It was like a switch was flicked… one moment my cock was dead to her talents, not reacting to anything she was doing and then bam, it suddenly began to respond. I felt it… what she was doing suddenly started to feel really good and my urges came back. My penis began to plump up, slowly at first but still filling with blood nonetheless.

“There it is! I knew I’d convince it that it wasn’t done yet,” she said, taking my cock out of her mouth when she felt it stirring.

She stroked and sucked, sucked and stroked until my cock was once again hard and throbbing between my legs. My energy returned, I wanted to cum again already, having that singular thought, making it seem like the most important thing in the world, where you’ll forgo food or sleep to have it.

She rose up on her knees and threw her right leg over my body, grabbed my cock and eased herself down on it, taking me in her pussy first. Her incredible breasts were right in my face. My hands came up her back and my mouth found her left breasts, taking the hard nipple in. I sucked on it as she began to gyrate on my hard penis, moving in a clockwise circle around my cock. I heard her coo as I nibbled on her erect nipple before switching to her right breast. She rose up a bit higher and fell down on me, then again and again, fucking my cock as I sat on the couch.

She rode me for a while. I played with her breasts and back and ass as I helped lift her up and lower her down many times to both our delights. Her amazing body in my arms was surreal. I couldn’t believe I was having sex with such a gorgeous woman. She rode me until she came, it wasn’t as big or grand as the previous orgasm but she still came. After she was done she hopped off my lap and knelt on the couch next to me with her ass pressed out and hands on the back of the sofa.

“I want you in my ass again,” she said.

I stood up, hard and wet from her orgasm. I looked down at her with her ass pressed toward me. She still had some of my last load around her asshole. Her pussy was flushed and open, her labia hanging to both sides and her ass ripe for the taking. I hesitated, taking in the visual of this gorgeous woman’s ass and pussy combination that rivaled anything I’d ever seen in real life or on screen. My cock throbbed, hard and eager to take her ass again. And so soon, it was crazy.

Smearing my pre-cum around my head, I grabbed my hard shaft and bent my cock down to her pulsing asshole. She was well lubed already and cooed as my purple, shiny, bulbous head came in contact with her tight ass. I went really slowly again, making sure she would open properly without any pain. I felt her tight ass squeeze my head like a vise as I pressed gradually into her. She moaned louder as the crown disappeared and my hard shaft met her tight circle of muscles. Fuck, it felt amazing, hot and tight as shit around my shaft as another inch passed into her bowels.

She had learned quickly, already playing with her clit with one hand as the final few inches disappeared and I was fully inside of her. I held myself deep, both of us basking in the sensations, I could feel her hand canlı bahis siteleri moving in a large circle around her entire pussy and clit.

“Gawd, it’s so full, I love it!” she gushed.

I let her adapt to my thick cock for a few more seconds as she played with her sex, before easing out to my head, watching in utter amazement as her tight ring clung to my shaft with each inch that withdrew. Sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. My heart was pounding in my chest again, the very act of what I was doing paired with the incredible sensations, had me all worked up. With both my hands on her sexy ass, I spread her cheeks and eased my dick back into her, up to my balls. She moaned as she was filled up again, playing with her clit with a nice steady rhythm. Hot pleasure encapsulated the whole of my cock as I left it buried deep in her fine ass and basked in the sensations.

“Fuck me like you did before!” she said, getting impatient with my hesitation.

I pulled free, back to my head and slammed my cock home again, fast this time, hitting her ass with my body. Again… and again… I pumped her full of cock.

“Yes… yes… fuck me! Fuck my ass so hard!” she called out as I pummeled her bottom. She had taken to anal beyond my wildest dreams. To be able to pound her so hard like this in her ass was unheard of. I almost wondered if she had lied when she told me she had never tried anal sex before. I really didn’t care at the moment. I just kept pounding away and watching my cock disappear and reappear out of her stunning ass over and over again. The sensations covering and emulating from my ridged cock were phenomenal. She was so tight and hot, maybe she hadn’t lied and was just a natural anal lover. It could happen.

Sweat was appearing on my body I was working so hard, driving my cock in pretty much as fast as I could. She was moaning and screaming for more and to not stop. I lasted longer this time, just having cum not long before. My eyes were glued to her round hole as my cock slid quickly out and in as sweat ran down my body, some dripping to the sofa and some onto her. She never let up on her sex, her hand was going ballistic, sometimes hitting my cock as it moved in and out. I could see her breasts wobbling back and forth as my body hit hers as they moved side to side into view in front of her back. My hands kept spreading her ass cheeks as well as traveling up her back the longer I fucked her.

It felt so fucking good, it’s difficult to describe accurately. My cock was humming with pleasure constantly, and since I could last and last, I held myself in a high state of arousal almost the entire time fucking her ass the second time. I don’t know how many times she came but it was more than a few, making it difficult to differentiate when she stopped and when she started. This woman was crazy amazing to be taking it like this and loving it so much. Crazy hot too. What’s the chances of that? One in a million possibly?

I finally had to slow down. I was just dripping and breathing so hard with my heart pounding in my chest from fucking her so hard. She didn’t complain, just enjoyed the slower thrust into her body as I caught my breath. I pulled my entire cock out and watched as her ass stayed wide open from the incredible pounding I had given her. I easily canlı bahis slid it back in and gave her a few more hard thrusts before pulling out again.

“Sit on the couch with your legs up,” I told her.

She quickly obeyed, going from her knees to her bottom and sliding her ass to the end of the seat and pulling her legs out and up. I squatted down and fed my cock back into her ass under her pussy instead of above now, giving me an incredible visual of her open sex with my cock sliding below into her tight ass. I also could view her perfect round breasts this way and fondle them if I wanted to. She moaned as my cock slid in all the way. She went back to playing with her sex as my cock entered and exited below. I held her legs up for her and thrust in deep each time, admiring the beauty and basking in the tight, hot ass around my cock.

“I can’t believe how fun this is and how many times I’ve cum,” she said, taking me over and over as she spoke. “You’re a stallion!”

I just grinned and increased my speed and force, making her call out anew with pleasure.

“Oh, my gawd yess! I’m going to cum again!” she screamed.

Her hand was a blur on her sex as she started her spasms again. I could feel her ass milking my cock with each contraction and the look of ecstasy was on her face as the waves of her climax hit her hard. I held her legs with one hand by the ankles and played with her exceptional breasts with my other, adding to my stimulation and thrill, not that I needed much because of how good her ass felt round my throbbing cock. I sped up again and started pounding into her from this position, watching my cock and her hand play.

My humming pleasure was increasing… I was building toward orgasm now and letting it come. I could feel my body getting tired, my legs were burning from squatting down and thrusting into her so I needed to cum soon. The bliss continued to amass until I was holding my climax from coming by clenching my muscles until they gave out and I couldn’t delay it any longer.

I pulled my throbbing cock from her hot ass and sprayed her open hole with a jet of thick, white semen, watching it fly perfectly into her open hole. Raising my hand slightly the next rope splattered her hand and pussy as she was still playing. Further lifting my aim, a rope curled up her body from her navel to between her breasts as she called out in glee and watched me stroke my cock onto her.

“Give me that cum… spray me!” she screamed.

I held my cock just a tad higher and launched four more long shots of cum onto her perfect breasts, spraying side to side as the lengthy ropes shot out. The rest of my load dribbled out onto her and the sofa as I finally tapered off. The intense pleasure weakened my legs but filled my entire body with euphoric pleasure as I watched my load paint her gorgeous form. Anal sex and the time spent fucking her, built up another enormous amount I’d scarcely seen come out of me before. What a thrill it was to watch me cum like a fucking star all over this perfect creature.

I collapsed in the sofa next to her when I was done, the fatigue hitting me hard from all the labor and the loss of fluids.

“I’m done… that’s it for me,” I said, “End program.”

My VR headset went black and I pulled it off, looking down at my body. There was a few lines of cum up my stomach and a large puddle of semen under my limp cock. I’ll have to tell Larry at work the new update to the VR anal addition and full body suit work perfectly.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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