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3D Adult

Summary: For all their cunning and intelligence, women who are “wild” are actually quite fragile emotionally. So when Natalie’s fiancee did not turn out to be all as she thought he was, an ex walks into her life and reminds both her and himself who she was before sobriety.

(Cleanliness is over rated), Natalie concluded as she looked around her bedroom from under her pillow with puffy and hungover eyes.

It had been more than 3 weeks since she had withdrawn from the world and cocooned herself in her apartment. The bedroom looked like a disaster zone with pieces of tissues strewn across the floor, along with a tub of chocolate ice-cream that had long ago melted into a hot tub of brown liquid which also acted as a makeshift ashtray for several Tobacco and Weed cigarette butts.

It was a small studio apartment and the smell of booze, weed and tobacco was thick enough to cut with a knife. On the stove was kept a kettle containing hot water for the insane amount of coffee she had consumed in the past few days. The kitchen floor was lined with Pizza boxes as they were her only source of sustenance.

Natalie lay on her bed which no longer looked like a bed, but more like the bottom of a mayonnaise jar and contemplated her predicament. She was dressed in 3 day old black panties and a white sleeveless top that covered her lean torso and soft round breasts. She threw her blanket aside and let the little rays of sunshine illuminate her pale skin and the small Kanji tattoos on both sides of her pelvic bone. Sliding out of the bed she sat on the edge and once again looked at the upturned picture frame on the bedside table and flipped it upright. She saw her own smile; care-free and genuinely happy standing alongside the man who was responsible for it.

Bobby had been everything that she was not. He was kind, gentle, sorted out in life and she met him at a time when her own life was at the peak of decadence. She still remembered vividly how he had brought her back home after a particularly nasty evening of partying, and he didn’t even know her at the time. A rare smile spread across her face at the memory as it was to be the beginning of a long and painful journey back towards sobriety. Natalie’s mood darkened and she reached for a pack of open cigarettes and slid one between her teeth and lit it. Taking a deep drag she exhaled a plume of smoke and watched the tendrils dance in the dim sunlight that penetrated her apartment.

(Just like this smoke), she thought, (it was all just like this smoke).

She stood up and sat down again as her head began to pound mercilessly from the hangover. She stood up slowly and made her way to the kitchen sink and slid her head under a column of cold water, numbing the pain to the best of her abilities. Between the throbbing of her brain and the nauseating smell of the apartment she remembered the day when she discovered his infidelity. After all the effort she put into the relationship, she was still “too unpredictable” for him and he decided to pursue other more “decent” forms of companionship.

(Bastard never complained when I was indecent in bed). She withdrew her head from the sink and let the throbbing in her head subside as she took deep breathes and opened the fridge for a gallon jug of water. She forced herself to drink it. She staggered back to her bed and lay there looking at the ceiling, feeling the throbbing in her head subside somewhat. She checked her phone and found a flood of voice mails and texts from her girl-friends asking where she was and if she was alright; there was no message from Bobby, not even a missed call. She decides to treat herself to her usual comfort meal of Cheese Pizza

Forty minutes later a loud noise awakened her from her slumber and she realized that her hangover is at a point where loud sounds immediately set her brain on fire. After taking a few seconds to orient herself she recognizes the banging at the door.

“LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR!!”, regretting this action immediately as her head throbbed in protest. The knocking however grew only louder, much to her chagrin. “Fucking morons.” she said under her breath and made for the door.

“I said leave it at the door you asshole.” She opened the door as she finished the statement and was ready to give the delivery boy a piece of her mind, however she merely stood there in shock as she saw the person who did the knocking. Standing in front of her was a tall man dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a black T-shirt with a dusty bag hanging off the side of his shoulder, his beard was unkempt and hair also the same yet he carried an arrogant/confident smirk on his lips which quickly turned into a grin upon seeing Natalie. His name was Adrian and Natalie knew him well. It was to be expected of course since he was her ex.

Adrian looked at her like a predator looks at a prey, and the grin on his lips revealed only too well what was going on in his mind, “My my my…is it me or have these 3 years only made you more attractive?”

Natalie bahis siteleri was slightly dazed due to the assault of the the light on her hungover and sensitive eyes and also taken aback as if she witnessed the ghost from her past standing before her, “Wha…what are you doing here?”

Adrian feigned being hurt, “Now is that any way to speak to an old friend?”

“You’re just old, not a friend.”

“Ouch…” he smirked and eyed her body with undisguised lust, “Yeah I forgot you got a real mean tongue on you.” Without hesitation he stepped inside the apartment and closed the door behind him. Natalie contemplated hitting him square on his jaw but decided against it, he was quick to anger and in her current state she was in no condition to get into a fight.

“Whaddya want?” she managed in a slurred voice, “Well for the moment I want some of that Pizza lying next to the door…am ravenous.” saying so he dumped his on the kitchen counter and gave another lecherous grin, “and after that…who knows?”

Natalie eyed him with caution and opened the door once more. Leaning down and to the side she picked up the Pizza box and could feel Adrian’s gaze transfixed upon her ass cheeks as she bent down.

(I bet he’s enjoying the view). She brought the box back into the open kitchen and took out a couple of plastic plates. True to form his eyes never left her high and tight ass cheeks encased in the black panties and began stroking his palms gently as he fantasized about cupping those cheeks from behind and feeling their weight in his palms. His obvious lust did not go unnoticed,

“So you dropped in after 3yrs to look at my butt?”

“Well, it’s certainly a worthy cause. I mean you know what they say ‘A behind is a terrible thing to waste’. He entered the kitchen and took two Corona’s from the fridge.

“Only you can replace ‘mind’ with ‘behind’ Adrian.” She shook her head in disgust and regretted doing it as a shot of pain paralyzed her brain for a few seconds. His presence always had a peculiar effect on her; she would find him repulsive yet would be aroused and drawn by his otherwise lack of social graces and false pretense. If there was one good thing about Adrian it was that he never lied about what he wanted in life. She placed a slice of the pizza onto a plate and slid it unceremoniously towards him. She picked up her own plate and padded out of the kitchen and towards her bed. His gaze was transfixed on her milky white cheeks as they curved and straightened with every step she took. With a swig of the Corona he stepped out of the kitchen and watched her sit at the edge of the bed and chew slowly on her slice.

“The fuck happened to you babe?” he asked with a mixture of mockery and concern.

“I forgot the part of this conversation when I said ‘Please ask me about my life because I so desperately wanna talk to you about it’. She shot him a nasty stare, “Finish your slice and fuck off.”

“Ahhh!! you remembered my favorite word”, he exclaimed and chewed on his slice, “fuck.”

“Now THAT wouldn’t be such a bad idea would it?” Natalie gave him a nervous yet furious glare once more as he advanced towards her with the half eaten slice in one hand and the Corona in the other.

“You look like you haven’t had it in ages. Now the Nat I remember needed her coochie greased at least 3-4 times a day.” Natalie was already shaking her head and standing up slowly, “It’s over Adrian. Take a fucking hint for once in your life.” she walked past him towards the kitchen counter to refill her plate.

“You saying you don’t want it?” he asked to her back and threw his gaze back at her hanging ass cheeks, the crotch panel riding comfortably between the folds of the cheeks and leaving very little to the imagination.

“I am saying that IT IS OVER between us and has been for the past 3 years. So pick up your filthy bag and get the fuck out of my house.” Natalie replied without bothering to turn around as she began cutting another slice of the Pizza pie over the kitchen counter. She heard the rustling of his jeans and then the sound of a lighter flickering to life accompanied by the unmistakable smell of a blunt. She turned around and glared at him once more, but to no avail. He made himself comfortable on the only chair in the room and took a deep drag and let the smoke fill the already stuffy bedroom.

“You didn’t really answer the question though.” he said with a smirk, “prevarication has always been your thing.” Natalie raised an eyebrow in shock at the use of the word ‘prevaricate’

“A few puffs of weed and you become real eloquent don’t you?” she couldn’t help but give out a light laugh.

Adrian shrugged nonchalantly and took another drag, “I hooked up with a few English literature majors in my time.” his eyes then took on a glazed and lustful look. He looked Natalie up and down slowly and undressed her with his eyes and gently trailed his tongue across his lower lip. Natalie tore her gaze away from his eyes and canlı bahis siteleri tried to focus on eating her pizza slice. She could feel the arousal growing inside her belly and felt a knot forming.

“It seems I’ve finally gotten the attention I wanted.” Adrian said eyeing the slight tightening of her nipples. He stood up and took another long drag of the blunt and stepped in closer to her and exhaled the smoke on her face.

Natalie’s hung over eyes went out of focus for a few seconds as the smoke from the blunt hit her nostrils, “Thats some heavy shit” she mumbled.

“You know me babe, only the Primo stuff.” he took the plate of pizza slices out of her hands and took a few steps closer.

“Adrian…” she whispered and kept her hands on his chest and tried to push him back, “I can’t do this right now. Am not ready”

Without a word he pulled her top off and let her lovely large breasts bounce out in the open, the nipple buds were semi-erect but well on their way to full pebble size erection. He slid his hands down her waist and caressed her hips. The shiver that ran up and down her body was visible as was the quickening of her breathing.

Adrian took another puff of the blunt and exhaled the smoke directly into her slightly parted lips and whispered, “Live a little babe. Enough sulking around, you’re better than that and you know it.” His hands slid down her waist and gently cupped her ass cheeks.

“Ummm damn they’re much more softer than before”. He whispered as he kneaded them gently in his palms and swayed his body and hers.

“I can’t do this right now” she whispered taking in the smoke from his lips.

“Sure you can babe, you know exactly how to do this.” he gently lay her on the bed and stood at the foot, and dropped his jeans along with his shorts showing off a semi-erect clean cut shaft with veins running up and down its length. He then removed his shirt and exposed his lean and well toned torso. With his clothes he looked more like a bum, without them he looked almost elegant. He knelt down by the bed and gently kissed her thigh and slid his hands up her legs.

She let out a soft gasp and squirmed under his touch, “As sensitive as ever I see.” he whispered and licked up her thigh and caught her pantie strap in his teeth and tugged it down and peeled her panties off her body gently. Natalie let out a slow moan and arched gently as she felt his breath on her moist pussy. He trailed his lips up her thighs slowly and gave soft gentle kisses on her inner thighs as he made his way towards her moist honey pot.

Natalie groaned and bit her thumb gently, “I don’t wanna do this.” she mumbled in a trembling voice.

“You don’t want to, but you will.” saying so he began suckling on her pussy slowly, taking care not to put too much pressure or too little. His lips dug through her thick folds expertly and his hands slid up her body and caressed her soft breasts from below. His thumbs gently flicked her nipples till he could feel them thicken and harden like pebbles. It had been 3yrs and yet he could play her body like an artist does a Stradivarius.

He continued to feed between her legs with a slow and controlled pace. Bobbing his head up and down and catching her clit bud in his lips and humming on it lightly till she bit down on her thumb hard and squealed in delight. He worked his tongue slowly around her sensitive lips making her quiver and twitch with every flick of his tongue, he set a wet trail from her pussy up her abdomen and gently suckled the contours of her breasts while his hands slid down her body and spread her legs open as he entered them swiftly and rested his throbbing shaft against her moist slit.

She squirmed under him gently and tugged on the bed sheets, by her own standards she had been without sex for eternity and the moment of penetration was nothing less than a shot of pure ecstasy and she clung onto his body like she was drowning and he was the only means of escape. He thrust gently and sank deep into her slit balls deep with a satisfied but muffled grunt as he began feeding on her breasts and caressing her thighs with his hands slowly. Natalie wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails deep into his back and arched with a loud moan. He soon settled into a rhythm and began stroking her deep, his chest pressed against hers and their eyes locked in lust. Her hands slid down his spine and clenched his firm ass cheeks and raked his skin with a feral growl.

“There she is.” He whispers as he continues to pound her slowly but firmly, “There’s my Nat.”

He bit her lip hard and then sucked on it hungrily as he worked his hips in and out of her moist sex. Natalie reciprocated his kiss with equal fervor and scratched his back as she clamped her pussy around his shaft inside her and milked it in sync with his hips. Clamping down around his cock and then releasing gently as his hips retreated; his head nestled in her neck he began sucking on her pulse and groaning with each stroke he canlı bahis made. His back soon became a mosaic of scratch marks as her pleasure began to climb. She rocked her hips from below and aided the stroking and soon the smell of sounds of sex dominated the small and stuffy apartment.

Natalie took her hands off his back and grabbed the headboard and without a moments hesitation Adrian lifted her hips off the bed and went onto his knees and arched her spine like a bow about to be string. She let out a voiceless scream as he slid deep inside of her and held himself there for a few seconds, letting her feel the throb of every vein on his shaft. He gripped her hips tight, with both thumbs resting on her pelvic tattoos and then he began to slowly rock back and forth and giving his hips a bit of a twirl after every few strokes, making sure that his cock entered her in every angle possible. Natalie’s moans soon turned into low screams as he penetrated her expertly and with just enough force to give her more pleasure than pain. Her knuckles grew white as she gripped the head board hard and began swaying her hips with his and heard the satisfying sound of heir sweaty bodies clashing in a low and meaty fup, fup, fup, fup, fup, fup, fup, fup.

She bit her lip and mused (God, I wanna be on top) and as if she said it out loud Adrian slowed his pace and rolled them over. He gripped her hips and rested her on top of him with a grin. Natalie’s eyes were a bit out of focus as she looked at him curiously, “You made that face.” he said and gave her soft ass globe a playful spank.

“What face?”

“The one that tells me you wanna be on top.” the other cheek receives a spank as well and Natalie began swaying her hips back and forth slowly with her nails digging into his chest and her back arched. Her mouth froze in a silent scream as she rode him slowly but firmly and received generous helpings of spanks on each cheek for her efforts. He slid his hands up her torso and hooked a thumb in her mouth which she sucked on hungrily and continued her rhythmic riding. He watched her breasts sway and the nipples harden with each new thrust of her hips; licking his lips he leaned up and flicked his tongue off both nipples before taking one into his mouth and sucking as hungrily as Natalie was his thumb. Natalie raked his back once more as he fed on her breasts and growled in his ear before she bit and sucked on the lobe. In reply Adrian stood up and hooking her knees began to pound her pussy from below with slow and hard strokes.

Each thrust bouncing her body up several inches and then bringing her back down again for more pounding, “God this brings back memories.” he pants between strokes and whispers in her ear and bites slowly, “Doesn’t this bring back memories babe?” he slams her hard on the wall before she could answer and gets a loud “ANNNNNGGGNNNH” in reply.

“Yeah I thought it did.” The stroking slowed a few notches as he adjusted her against the wall and delivered a sharp smack against her reddening ass cheeks. Her legs tightened around his hips and her teeth dug into his shoulders as she slowly clenched and un-clenched her ass cheeks along with her pussy around his cock. He swayed side to side with her body clinging onto his and began sliding up and deep slowly, bouncing her off the wall until a rhythmic whump whump whump whump whump mixed with muffled groans from both of them echoed in the apartment. A dark patch of sweat forms around the area of impact on the wall and is smudged as he eases her off his cock and turns her around to face the wall.

Natalies nails dig into the wall with a loud scream as he entered her ass and felt her ass tighten around his cock for a few seconds. She lets go and he slid deeper until his body slapped against her ass cheeks with a muffled thup. His hips gently slide back and thrust forward again with his hands on her hips gently caressing them and then stroking her thighs from the side as he settles into a slow rhythm and gives her rump an appreciative spank again.

Natalie coos and bites her lip as her eyes roll back into her head, “Oh I know that sound.” he breathes between strokes and gently tugs on her hair and pulls her head back slowly.

He rocks his hips back and forth with more force and drives into her ass; he looks down and watches his throbbing veined shaft disappear between her soft fluffy cheeks and feels his balls tighten and his toes curl. She grabs onto his hip from the front and begins pushing back, matching his rhythm and arching her back even more almost bending backwards completely. After a few more strokes their bodies tremble and Adrian blows his load inside her ass with a twitch of his hips and a loud orgasmic groan. Natalie scratches the wall hard enough to scrape some of the plaster off and leave nail marks as she has a violent orgasm and leans against the wall for support. Her eyes barely focused she looks back at Adrians grinning face and manages to whisper, “Christ I needed that.”

“So did I.” Adrian replies and looks out the window at the sun that is setting beyond the horizon, “And the night is still young.” saying so he leans in and sucks on her lips and slides his tongue in her mouth leading her towards the bed.

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