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Jill stood at the foot of Danny’s bed looking down at his soft cock as it glistened with her saliva and his cum. She felt odd, strangely aroused by the fact she had crossed a line here, a very powerful line. Looking up at his face, she could tell he was in shock too, pondering what to say next, what to do next. Wondering if she finally convinced Danny that his girlfriend Brenda had simply been teasing him, she broke the silence and said, “You can be sure Danny, Brenda will not do to you what I just did.”

“But she lets me do other things,” he replied.

“What things?” Jill asked, wanting to prod him onward she climbed back onto his bed and crawled closer to him.

“She lets me touch her breasts.”

“Like this,” Jill said, taking his hands and holding them on her breasts.

Danny immediately pulled his hands away and then paused, thinking about it. He then placed both his hands on her breasts again and gently squeezed, saying, “She lets me kiss and lick her nipples.”

Jill unbuttoned her gown and exposed her breasts to him, arching her back to move them closer to his face. Trying to control her breathing, she gasped a bit when his mouth moved over her nipple and he began to suck on it. His other hand was still on her breast, but she took it and moved it down between her legs so that his fingers slid across her delicate lips.

Surprised she wasn’t wearing any panties, Danny pushed his fingers into his sister, amazed at how wet she already bursa escort was. He moved them in and out and then slid them up between her lips finding her clit. He began toying with it as he pulled his mouth from her breasts and said, “Yes, she lets me touch her pussy.”

Feeling some discomfort from Danny’s inept fumbling, she reached down and took his hand whispering, “Be more gentle, it is so very sensitive here that you just need to touch it lightly, especially at first. You can always get a little firmer later.” As Danny lightened his touch she said, “Yes, that’s it, light strokes.”

He continued touching his sister’s clit while sucking on her breast and Jill felt the wonderful sensations flowing through her. Wanting more now, she whispered to Danny, “Tell me Danny, does Brenda let you eat her pussy?”

Pulling his head back from her breast and he hand off her pussy he said, “No, but I always wanted…”

“Have you ever done that to any woman?” she asked.

“No, never.”

“Would you like a quick lesson?” she asked, sitting down on the bed and leaning back. She then opened her legs and looked back up at him, “Would you?”

Licking his lips he answered, “Yes.”

“Okay, first thing, I’m guessing you pretty much know where everything is at,” she said, pausing until her nodded. “Well, you want to kind of work up to it. I mean we’ve kind of started, but now you don’t necessarily want to dive right in. Draw it out a little, tease her a bit bursa escort bayan and let yourself enjoy it.

“Move your head between my legs, but don’t go right for the pussy, kiss my thighs. They are very sensitive, especially near the top. As you’re doing that, breathe in the fragrance, let yourself feel her, smell her and see her. You’ll most likely hear her too.

“Now as you move to her pussy remember, we are very sensitive all over and nothing is more of a turn off than overly rough treatment. Sometimes rough is good, but right now you want to stick to gentle until you get more accustomed to a woman’s pussy. We’re all a bit different so giver yourself a chance to learn.

“What you do here is up to you, but keep in mind, though you may like the taste and feel of the cunt on your tongue, the clit is the magic button. Whatever you do you’ll want to give it plenty of attention. Yeah, like that,” she sighed as he moved his tongue up to her clit and began circling.

“Yes, stay on the clit… yeah, but push your fingers into my pussy. Yes that’s good, but put three fingers, not just the one,” she said, her instruction becoming a bit more self-serving.

Danny continued running his tongue over her clit while pushing his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. He could see her respond by easing her hips up and down in unison with the motion of his fingers. Hearing her moan, he moved his tongue faster and let his fingers circle inside her.

When escort bursa she came, he felt his fingers get very wet and then noticed the walls of her cunt lightly squeezing him again and again. She grabbed his head and pulled it back a bit until he removed his tongue from her clit. He then rested his head on her thigh, still feeling her pussy pulsated around his fingers.

In a few moments she said, “When I come, I get hypersensitive on my clit, that’s why I pulled your head back. Not all women will be like that, you just have to learn what your lover prefers.”

Danny sat up smiling and said, “You know, Brenda had come a couple of times from my finger fucking her, but it was nothing like that. I mean it was like I was a part of your coming.”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. That’s when the sex really gets good, when you can actually experience your partner’s pleasure.” She noticed him looking at her as if he wanted to say something, but he remained silent. “What are you thinking?” she asked.

“I don’t know…”

“No, no come on, tell me.”

“Well, will you teach me about ah… ugh, will you teach me about fucking?”

“You’re still a virgin?”

“No, I’ve done it a couple of times… I’ve done it once, but it was a real disaster.”

Looking at her brother she and said, “Oral is one thing, but…”

“It’s okay, you’ve shown me so much already.”

She pondered a bit and then said, “Okay, but you better lock the door.”

“You didn’t lock it?”

“No, I originally came in her to talk, not… well do what we did.”

Danny hopped up and locked the door. He then turned to his sister, his cock hard and ready for more experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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