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These stories are meant for people who are Adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or are offended by erotic or sexual material, please do not read.

I post the entire story each time so that people do not ask me to send them the earlier parts each time. The story is a work in progress that sometimes changes in addition to being added to. If you like the story please let me know. Thanks, Lynne

* * * * *

Plane flights can be so boring, especially when you have to take them on your own.

One summer my parents took us all to Hawaii and I was lucky enough to be able to be able to stay a few extra days with some friends of the family who moved there several years ago. But it meant I would have to take the long flight home alone. Worse than that, it was going to be a red eye and I can never sleep on airplanes.

I had recently begun to write erotic fiction stories, more to satisfy my own needs than those of anyone else. I was pretty sure I was at least bi-sexual, if not a lesbian, but since I had never had sex with another person I wasn’t really sure. I had discovered ‘dirty stories’ and had been masturbating since the time I was twelve but now at 20 I was tired of the too often male oriented nature of the stories. Since I couldn’t find anything I really liked I started to write my own. I kept them on my laptop. It went with me just about everywhere, home, school and on trips. Whenever anyone asked I said it was because that is where I also kept my journal, which was true. The only difference was my journal could easily be found, my stories were kept well hidden with file names that even if found, would never lead one to think what was in them.

The plane took off from the Airport in Kona at about 10:00 p.m. Our friends had taken me to a wonderful restaurant for my last dinner on the Islands and I was sad to go. I had enjoyed the Big Island so much, with all its hiking and ocean adventures. Their son had enjoyed showing me around and was definitely interested in taking our friendship further if I had given him any hint that I was interested. But he was a boy, and even though I had not totally admitted it to myself yet I was just not interested in boys.

Soon after the flight left the islands I took out my laptop to update my journal. My last day had been a lot of fun, with our friends insisting I let them take me on one of the helicopter tours of the island. I was not all that interested, since I tended to dislike the intrusion these loud birds created when I was hiking in the Grand Canyon or other beautiful places, but I had to admit that it was fun, and seeing the erupting volcano up close, made it even more exciting. I declined the meal they were serving to the passengers and was not at all interested in the movie that was being shown. I turned off my laptop and put it away.

I tried to read the piece of pulp fiction I had brought along but found it predictable and boring. When the lights went down I decided to try and fall asleep. After about 45 minutes I gave up. Most of the rest of the flight had gone to sleep, not that there were that many of us. I had a window seat and there wasn’t anyone else near me. The rest of my row was empty as was the row in front of me. Only one person sat in the row behind me, and older woman who was on the other side of the aisle.

Bored I decided to work on one of my stories.

It was a story about a woman traveling in Europe who had met another woman on her trip. adiosbet yeni giriş They had flirted with a relationship up to that point, and the sexual tension in the story was high. I read what I had written up to that point and even though I knew every word, I found myself starting to shift in my seat as the story had an effect. I started to add to the story, a section about a trip to a boutique, and how the main character was trying on bathing suits, with the help of two very sexy clerks. The more I wrote, the hornier I got.

Being just about he only one awake on the flight I received a lot of attention whenever the flight attendants went by. They always checked to see if I needed anything. But usually I would just smile and say no thanks. Soon even they started to disappear, except for the youngest, and I assumed the low girl on the totem pole who would have the job of staying awake while the rest of the crew got a chance to sleep. I must say since she was closer to my age, and very pretty as well, I didn’t’ mind her stopping by to check on me now and then. Things did get a little awkward when she stopped by one time though.

“Can I get you anything?” Her nametag read Amy.

“No thanks,” I said, looking up from my laptop.

“You seem to be working hard,” she said, probably bored also with the flight and looking for someone to talk to. “But you don’t look like you are a businesswoman.”

I laughed, “Well maybe some day. But right now, just a student. I am working on a short story I am writing. I like to write fiction and prose.”

“What is it about?” Amy leaned over a little to look at the screen.

“Oh, nothing really, just a story about a woman traveling in Europe and her adventures,” I pulled the screen down a little so she couldn’t see. “Most of my stuff is just human interest, day to day life.”

“Oh,” Amy noticed I didn’t want her to see what I was writing. “Well, maybe I will read your stuff someday. Do you plan on becoming a writer?”

Again I had to laugh. “My stuff isn’t that good, but I enjoy it and it helps pass the time. I figure I will go into marketing when I get out of school. At least that is what my degree will be in.”

“If you love writing you should be a writer,” Amy smiled at me. “I loved traveling and that is why I became a flight attendant. But believe me, it is not all that it is cracked up to be. But I do sometimes get to see some fun places and meet interesting people. I don’t normally get to do this flight, but I am covering for a friend who just got married. Silly girl. But really, you should do what you love if you can.” Just then a bell rang, someone had pressed their call button up towards the front of the plane. “Well, I have to run, if you want someone else to read your story I would love to. These flights get so boring and I love to read.”

With that Amy headed up to the glowing button towards the front of the coach section. My eyes followed her as she went. I had to laugh to myself at what I was thinking. If I was to do something I loved, well, she could just be that.

I finished the section of the story I was working on and I have to say, with my mind thinking of Amy I probably had made it even hotter than I had intended, and by the time I was ready to shut off my laptop I was wet and very horny.

Amy must have been watching from the galley because as soon as I shut off my laptop and was putting it away she was by my seat again. “Finally adiosbet giriş done?” She had a pillow and blanket in her arms. “Maybe now you can get some sleep?”

“I never can sleep on airplanes,” I said looking at her as I zipped up the case to my laptop. “But I will take those, it is getting a little chilly in here.”

I had worn just a pair of hiking shorts, a light cotton sleeveless blouse and sandals on the plane and the cool air, and my hot thoughts, had me covered with goose bumps.

“You really should try and get some sleep, we have another 3 hours before we land,” Amy smiled and handed me the blanket and pillow.

I covered myself up and reclined my seat. I knew I couldn’t sleep, but maybe I could rest. The problem was, with working on my story, and the crush I was quickly developing for Amy, I had created a little problem for myself. I was horny as hell. Instead of falling asleep I could not sit still.

It was dark in the cabin, everyone else, except someone sitting up by the bulkhead that must have been reading because their light was still on, in the coach section seemed asleep. To hell with it I figured. No one will know. I reached down and undid the top button of my shorts. My hand silently slipped inside first my shorts, then my panties.

I was even wetter than I thought I was. Once my hand touched the light hair of my mound I was scared but excited. No one could see me, under the blanket, but still, I had never masturbated in such a public place before. The closest to this was the time I had masturbated while my roommate was asleep in her bed. But this seemed so much more exciting, so much more dangerous and so much naughtier. And one of my favorite fantasies had always been to be caught masturbating by either my roommate, or a teacher or some other woman. Now that fantasy quickly turned to being caught a flight attendant.

Slowly I let my fingers slide down and touch my pearl. It was hard and excited. I knew from experience if I played with it too much I would come very quickly, and I was enjoying the danger and excitement and wanted this to last, so instead of focusing there I let my finger slide down farther, gently parting my engorged lips and entering my wet slit. I let out a small gasp as I felt the juices, which to that point had been, confined inside me leak out a little and run down between my cheeks. I raised my head to make sure no one had reacted to my gasp. Everyone still seemed asleep.

Damn, I was so wet; if I didn’t do something I was sure I would have a stain on the back of my shorts, and since they were cream it would show. Carefully and silently I lifted my bottom and slid my shorts and panties down over my thighs and past my knees. They fell to the floor around my ankles. Everything was taking place under the blanket so no one would walked by would have any idea I was now basically naked from the waist down.

I lay there, my fingers gently exploring and probing my sex, biting my lip to try and keep as quiet as possible. My face was towards the window and I could see in its reflection if anyone came up behind me. I couldn’t believe I was being so daring, but I also had rarely felt so excited. I had slid a little of the blanket underneath me to keep the seat from getting to wet. I was scared to death of getting caught, but the thought of Amy catching me only made me wetter.

I knew the places to touch, how to make it last and how to bring myself close to the adiosbet güvenilirmi edge and back down. I did it time and again. I spread my knees wider so I could let a finger slide inside me to rub that lovely spot I had found when I was sixteen and had used a dildo for the very first time. Well it wasn’t exactly a dildo, but it was phallic shaped. Who cares if it was a shampoo bottle? I let my other hand slide up under my blouse and inside my bra. I loved to play with my nipples and this made me even more excited. I was now almost biting through my lip trying not to make any noise. I knew I had to cum soon and only now did I let my fingers start to explore around my pearl. I pulled up on the flesh just above it, letting it slip out from its little hiding place. I slid a finger on both sides of it, gently massaging its roots, something I had discovered when I was 17. Then I brought my fingers together and gently squeezed them, letting them squeeze my pearl and the gently roll it back and forth. At the same time I pinched my nipple and let out just a little squeal, which to me sounded so loud.

I stopped moving and lay there, one hand between my legs, the other on my breast, not moving. I pretended to be asleep while I carefully opened my eyes and looked in the window. No one was there, but I could have sworn I heard someone. I lay there for another few minutes, trying to control my breathing but still, almost involuntarily, caressing myself. When I was sure no one was there, and also could wait no longer for the satisfaction I was yearning for, I lay back in my seat, slid my shorts and panties off one ankle so I could stretch out a little more and continued where I left off.

It didn’t take long. I was now scared enough to know I could not get away with this forever, but horny enough to have to finish, so I let my instincts take over. I started to gently use my fingertips to make small circles around and over my pearl, while at the same time rolling my nipple back and forth between the fingers of my other hand. I closed my eyes and lay back in the seat, no longer turned towards the windows as I spread my legs even wider. It didn’t take long until I had to bite down hard on my lip to keep from screaming out as I felt my orgasm approach. I tucked my chin to keep the blanket from falling down from around my shoulders as I arched my back as the first wave hit. I should have stopped there, but it felt so good and so naughty, to be having an orgasm with people sleeping only feet away that I let myself have two more. Finally, knowing if I didn’t stop now I would have been unable to keep from screaming out, I stopped.

I was breathless and flushed when I heard Amy say from just over my shoulder, “I was afraid you were having a bad dream so I came to check on you, but from what I saw, it looked like a pretty good dream after all.” I looked up; she was standing next to the row behind me, looking over the seats. She glanced down and I noticed the blanket had fallen off the bottom of my leg, and my bunched up shorts and panties lay around my ankle.

“You really should try to get some sleep now,” she said as she smiled at me and came around the seats. She reached down and adjusted the blanket, covering my ankle and its embarrassing evidence. “Everyone else will probably be waking up soon and the other flight attendants are already starting to get breakfast ready.”

I watched her walk towards the back as I quickly reached down and put myself back together. She spoke for a second to one of the other flight attendants and then went into one of the restrooms. She didn’t come out for almost ten minutes, and when she did, she looked over at me and gave me a little wink and a smile, and then went back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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