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I was your typical 30-something shmuck. Still am, I guess. 10 years before, I had gotten together with a good looking, shy, pregnant red head, and over the ensuing decade she had slowly transformed into a stark raving psychotic bitch. How much of that I could be blamed for, I don’t know. But taking her 1000 miles away from her family didn’t seem to help matters any.

After 7 years in Florida, with yearly trips back to the Midwest, I had to make an unexpected trip to the Homeland for my grandmother’s funeral. It was March, it was snowing, it was very sad, and other than a few brief glimpses of family members who were just as devastated as I was, there wasn’t anything about the trip that one might consider ‘vacation-like’. But that’s all I heard for the next month and a half. How I’d somehow cheated her by taking a ‘vacation’ to the land of our ancestors. Nearly every day it would somehow come up in conversation. Having been taught that every male in the known universe is, at heart, a worthless bastard who doesn’t deserve any woman’s regard, and also praying for 3 days of peace and quiet, I eventually agreed to send her away. Not particularly caring at that point where she went.

Things hadn’t been what you might call good for quite some time, for either of us. I won’t try to sort out what I suspected, what I learned later, what she did, what I did, who lied about what, the emotional support issues, and the whole nine yards of recriminations and regrets. The only thing I can say for myself is, I didn’t have an affair. The only thing I will say about her is that she did. Lost and hurt at her further distancing herself from me, I’ll admit it, I snooped. Found a diary. Read that diary. And waited a further two gut-shot weeks for her to come to me and admit what I already knew. We tried for a while to salvage something that was sunken too deeply. Too much pain and guilt to patch over. So, at the end of two weeks of further pain I moved out. Two months later she moved back home. I followed 2 months after that, 60 pounds lighter on my way to a depression record setting 110 total pounds lost, mostly from just forgetting to eat.

By the time I started to come out of my haze of depression, nearly a year had passed. She was living on her own in a rented house 30 miles away from where I was living, but only 5 miles away from my sister’s home. She had a younger cousin staying with her, in between boyfriends. A spunky, earthy girl named, for the sake of our story, June. June was about 5 feet tall in the right shoes, with bright blue eyes peering out of steel rimmed glasses, a round cheery face, fiery red hair, and a raucous laugh. She was a bit overweight, fairly broad shouldered, with uncountable freckles that ran from her forehead halfway down her enormous white breasts. Proportionately slim hips, with a nice, round butt. All in all a woman you could hang on to and the type of woman that would make you want to. She was just over half my age and she’d had a crush on me since she was 12.

I suppose I should make an attempt to describe myself as well. Average height, but with a 50 inch chest, fairly flat stomach but no attempt at a 6-pack of abs, well muscled legs to support the rest of the frame, long blondish hair with moustache and goatee to match. I’ve been told that my dark brow eyes are deep and kind and that my smile is mischief personified. As far as my more personal measurements, I can only say, “big enough” as I’ve never cared to measure it. It seems to do the job though.

I’ll admit that it all started out of pity. Hers for me, that is. I was moping around mooning after her cousin, and generally acting the pitiful fool. She decided on her own to drag me out, against my will, to have some fun, damn it. When I was of the opinion that all that stuff was getting in the way of some serious brooding. We’d go to country bars, and she’d drag me out onto the dance floor. We’d go to her friend’s houses, and she’d somehow get me involved with whatever was going on. I’m certain now that there were many times she’d considered just dragging me off into the woods and jumping me, but she seemed to know that I wasn’t ready for that. But when I was ready for ‘that’ she was right there waiting. But until then she returned every night to her cousin’s house, and I returned to my sister’s.

We had skirted around my depression and my ex, juggled our schedules and actually managed to have an entire evening, and most of the next day with nothing to do. So, naturally, we went out to the old stand-by. She borrowed my soon to be ex-wife’s car and we went to see a drive-in movie. I had been clear, up to this point, that I was well aware that any hanky-panky with the relative of an ex-wife was strictly verboten. And, frankly, it made me nervous as hell to even carry on a platonic relationship with June. So there we were, talking about a boring-ass movie, listening to the soundtrack on my ex-wife’s brand new car stereo, and she’s telling me that she doesn’t care about the ex, and that she’d take me at the drop of a hat. Well, I not only dropped that hat, I flipped it out the window. We were immediately locked at the lips, kaçak iddaa tongues fighting for dominance, my hands on her breast and the nape of her neck, and hers on my cock and chest. Suddenly it hit me, here I was, 34 years old about to have sex in my estranged wife’s new car, with her large breasted, red haired 22 year old cousin. Except for my car being in the shop, I couldn’t remember what I had to be so depressed about.

She looked up at me with her ice-green eyes and growled, “If you don’t fuck me soon, I’m really going to hurt you.”

I didn’t need any words to answer her, which was a good thing because our lips were immediately pressed against each other’s again. My left hand had dropped to her waist during the interruption so I slowly slid it back up her torso, inside her shirt caressing her milky skin all the way up to her DD cups, smoothing out the materiel of her bra searching for the bump that wouldn’t unwrinkle. The nerves in my fingers and the groan in her throat told me I had reached my goal at about the same time. My groan answered hers when her hands discovered the more substantial bump they had been searching for. Lucky for me, her front clasp bra was easy to figure out because my IQ supporting blood had all been diverted to another area of the body altogether. I had thought her skin was soft, but once her bra was open I found out what soft skin really felt like. I pulled my other hand from the back of her neck to awkwardly get both my greedy hands on her wonderful mammaries.

As my trembling double attack on her tits centered on her delicate pink nipples she moaned, “Oooooh, that’s nice!” She giggled as she opened my jeans and slipped her small hand under the waistband of my boxer briefs. “Mmmm, this is nice too” she purred as her fingers wrapped around my rigid cock. Then, as she drew it out of its covering, “Oh, this is very nice.” My hands were suddenly empty as her head shot down to my crotch. There was a split second of warmth on the tip of my cock as she kissed it, paused to open her mouth, and then slid it down the length until it touched the back of her throat.

In my opinion the most wonderful thing about a penis is the amount of nerves it has. I could tell to the millimeter where the warmth from her lips ended and the cooler air began touching my flesh as she was slurping up and down my cock.

“Mmmm,” she murmured as she licked the head. Then she looked up at me, grinned impishly and smiled saying, “Tastes nice too!” Then, like a flash, she was back to work sliding noisily up and down my pole.

Her eyes were glazing over with lust, and mine were mostly rolled back in my head as she sucked me. When she paused to slowly jack my cock and nuzzle my nuts I got just enough blood back into my brain for speech.

“J… June? I think we should………. Oh shit!” Then lost it again as she licked the underside of my large testicles and sucked one, then the other into her mouth and gently chewed them. The whole time slowly jacking my saliva coated cock in her small hand. I had one hand tangled in her long, red hair, while the other was making finger dents in the armrest. All the while hoping the signals wouldn’t get crossed.

“OOOOh…… Jeeeeeeeeesus,” I moaned. “What a fucking mouth!”

She looked up, her mouth full, slurped her lips off my nut, gave me a very evil smile and swooped back down on my dick. I tightened my grip on her hair and slowly pulled her back off. She gave a throaty whine as I removed her, vibrating my dick and almost making me lose my grip on her hair. She pouted as I sat her back up in her seat, but that only lasted as long as it took me to shove her shirt above those enormous pink capped tits and latch my mouth to one of her nipples.

“Oooooooooh yes! That’s it, oh suck my tits. God, that’s good!” she moaned and squealed as I continued my assault on her boob. Then with nearly no pause, I slipped to the other one, licking my way around her silver dollar sizes areola, and then sucking her nipple into my mouth. She jerked and shuddered as I nibbled lightly on her nipple then used my tongue to push it back into her breast. She giggled deep in her throat then moaned as I allowed it to spring back out and nipped it gently with my teeth. As I continued my assault on her mammary my hands where busy working their way down her slightly rounded belly to the fastening of her jeans. With a practiced flick of my fingers her button was undone, followed quickly by the sound of her zipper being lowered. Her moaning increased as I slid my hand down her powder blue panties to her surprisingly moist slit.

“Mmmmmm… oooh, yeah, that’s goo…. Oh God!” I had slipped a finger under the leg seam of her panties and rubbed the length of her moist slit from the entrance to just very lightly over her clit. “Dude, don’t stop, uh huh, just like that.” Her voice was very husky as she looked down at me still nuzzling her tit, her hand caressing the back of my head like a mother feeding a child. I nipped at her nipple again, felt her jerk in reaction. “Damn, you do that good.” She purred as I circled my finger around then slid it inside her crooking my finger kaçak bahis to rub the ridge that roofed her vagina. “Oh God! Oh fuck! That’s it, uh huh, keep going. Oh shit oh…….. SHIT!” I felt her pussy clamp down on my middle finger as my third finger in a kind of awkward move just managed to enter her ass to the depth of my fingernail. “Oh, fuck! That is soooooo….. uh… mmmmmmmm shit! Damn, what are you doing to me?”

Now the evil grin was on the other face. “I’m making you feel better than you ever have before, and in a couple more minutes we’re going to be screwing our brains out.” I glanced quickly around the nearly deserted drive in and wasn’t very surprised to find that I couldn’t see anything through the fog on the windows. As I was trying to slide her jeans down further to relieve the growing cramp in my left hand she suddenly said, “Hang on.”

“Excuse me?” I gasped, hoping I couldn’t trust my own ears. I mean, here I was, stiff as a board in the traditional place, when one doesn’t have privacy in their own home, to have a little recreational sex with an, up to this point, willing, sexy, aroused adult, and now I had to shut everything down? Did God just hate me, or what?

“Not here” she whispered, “I can’t do this here, where someone might see us. Do you know of anyplace we could have some privacy?”

Oh great! Here we are, 50 miles away from my home turf and she wants me to find a make out spot in the middle of a large city. At home I could have found a dozen such spots within 10 minutes of wherever I was, but here? But I didn’t allow any of my anguish or concern show on my face. One look at the nervous look in her eyes convinced me that would be an evening killing idea. So I just rolled my eyes, smiled and said, “No problem! Let’s get the hell out of here and find someplace with a better crowd.” My smile grew larger, “None at all!” We took a second to re-adjust ourselves for the, hopefully, quick journey and I fired up my ex’s new car and sped out of there like I would have had to pay alimony if she caught up to me. Now they say that men have two brains. One in the skull, and the other in the crotch, and I can testify to the fact that when these twin geniuses work together miracles can happen, for within 15 minutes of frantic driving it occurred to me that any new housing developments would be completely shut down for the weekend, but it was probably still too early for the cops to be patrolling them. Mumbling and cursing to myself, I searched the outskirts of town for just such a place. My right hand occasionally making the trip down between the pale thighs and into the still open jeans of the woman beside me, making her and I even crazier with lust as I trailed a finger through her red pubes and brushed her clit on the way to her entrance then inside for a couple of crook-fingered thrusts, and another rub for her clit on the way back out of her jeans. Her eyes were a perfect, smoky blue as she looked lustfully in my direction, groaning and twitching as my finger traveled back and forth.

By this time I was about ready to try to convince her that a public fountain in the middle of a busy park was as private as a Himalayan mountain top. Luckily just before I opened my mouth I noticed mud on the suburban street to my right. I wondered for just a second where dual tired muddy prints would come from in the middle of a clean, suburban area like this. Then it struck me. Construction! Off to one side, and behind a hill from the rest of the sub-division was the cul-de-sac of the new construction site. Whipping my hand from between June’s legs I gripped the wheel firmly and frantically turned down the street, sped around the cul-de-sac until I faced back the way we had come, stopped the car, turned off the lights and shut down the motor in less time than it takes to say it. The car was still rocking slightly as I turned to June and grinned. “Now this is private!” disrobing to our previous state was a lot faster since we hadn’t really done anything completely back up. Shoes were already on the floorboards and her pants and blue lace panties soon followed. My fingers combed through her sparse red pubes to once more invade her creamy center as I knelt on the driver’s seat to molest her over the center console. Her fingers re-opened my unbuttoned jeans to continue their explorations. We were moaning around each other’s tongues and the windows were quickly re-fogging.

Now, my ex-wife’s car was what I like to call a ‘young family car’. It was mid-sized, with two comfortable bucket seats in the front, but only enough room for small children in the afterthought of a back seat. They used to say that the most perfect form of birth-control was the back seat of a VW bug and I’m pretty sure the same Nazi designed this one. Fortunately one of his hornier brothers apparently had a hand in designing the ‘fold all the way back’ bucket seat. An invention that I want placed right up there with the wheel as one of the greatest boons to clandestine sex of all time.

After a little initial fumbling, some small bit of cursing and some more clothing removal June was bent over the reclined top of the illegal bahis seat, her very pale ass shining in the diffuse moonlight, with me in an only slightly awkwardly positioned behind her primed for insertion. I teased us both for a while just sliding my hands gently over her butt and up her spine, then brushed her puss with the head of my cock as I ran my fingers down the sides of her hanging breasts to lightly pinch her nipples.

“Damn it, D. Get that fucking thing in me now!” She groaned as the head of my cock brushed her clit. “Fuck me, damn it!” She tried to reach between her legs to guide me in, but I backed off just out of reach. The position of her hand was too uncomfortable to hold for long and she dropped her hand to the seat. “You don’t want to piss me oof…….. oh, yes…… that’s gooood.” Her growl turned to a moan as I slowly slid my full length into her, stopping only briefly when my hips hit her ass and the head of my cock just stretched the end of her sheath. Still moving slowly I withdrew until it popped out, and immediately reversed myself to bury my cock in her again. My ass was bouncing off the dashboard on every withdrawal, my head was indenting the foam in the ceiling with every thrust, my calves were starting to cramp with the awkward position, and even with the cool evening outside, the interior was heating up enough to make me sweat like the proverbial pig, but I wouldn’t have traded places with a rock star. June’s pussy was gripping me with velvet pressure all along my length. And she moaned every time I hit bottom.

“Oh, fuck D! ……… that’s it! ……. Shit!.. Ohhh fuck that thing!….” she babbled. “Give me that fucking thing!”

One thing I’ve always liked about doggy style is that I’m far enough away from her body that I can look down the whole line of her back, and, when I’m not hunched over in the passenger seat of a vehicle, there’s just something about the heart like shape of a butt in that position that I just can’t get enough of, with a woman’s puss peeking out from between her thighs. Man, it makes me drool a bit just thinking about it. So, anyway, there I was fucking my ex’s cousin in my ex’s brand new car, looking down at June’s pale butt, hands on either of her hip bones pulling her back onto me and watching her asshole wink at me every time I pushed her away and spread her cheeks. And I started thinking. “I wonder if…” and that’s about all it took before I had my thumb in my mouth for some natural lubrication and then ran it down the center of her cheeks and pressed it against the hole, just letting my body bump it against her rosebud. She moaned into the headrest and pushed back a little harder, so I took my evil scheme to the next level. Keeping one hand on her hip to help with the motion and the speed of her hips I applied saliva to my thumb and let it rest there two more times before increasing the pressure and curling my digit slightly to gain entry to ‘where no man had gone before’ I found out later.

She went as crazy as she could get in that confined space. “Fuck, D! What are you..? Oh, Jeeezuz fucking Christ!” she all but screamed as more of my thumb entered her dark passage. Her juices were running down my balls and dripping on the upholstery which bothered me not a bit. She became incoherent as my cock and hand picked up speed and force. Her butt loosened up nicely as we fucked, but tightened up like a noose when she came. She had reached the out of breath, drooling, not knowing if another orgasm would kill her stage of sex, when another, slightly evil, thought entered my brain. You see, the first time I played with her cousin’s ass she came until she passed out, and after a couple of ass-playing sessions, when we’d actually had anal sex she passed out again. So it occurred to me, in the interest of science of course, that I had to determine if love of anal sex could be genetic.

As her next orgasm was passing, I spit-lubricated my thumb again to make certain her entrance was slippery, and as she was gasping for breath I withdrew, spit on my palm to give the head one more coating of slick before pressing it against her asshole and slowly pressed it in. By the time she had caught her breath my cock head had popped past the sphincter and lodged firmly in place.

“Ahhh…. Uh….. fuuuuuugh… ohh yeeeahhhh.” She mumbled

“You like?” I couldn’t resist the question, or the impish grin.

“Uhhh… oooh, D. I’m not… Oh, fuck!” she groaned as I interrupted her with a thrust that buried another inch of my cock in her ass. She grunted and groaned as I worked the rest of my cock up her butt. If she made any protest it was in a language I couldn’t understand. When my pelvis finally touched, then pressed firmly against the soft, white globes of her ass I held myself still for a moment to allow her to adjust. While I was waiting I reached around her chest to play with her coral-pink nipples. June was moaning and panting, and drooling over the headrest. Her hips were starting to buck in my direction so I began to move my hips in response, my left hand snaking down her body to find her engorged clit. With a nipple in one hand and the other busy rubbing her clit I began to thrust a little faster. The feeling of her ass grabbing my cock every time I withdrew was incredible like strong fingers milking my cock through a very warm condom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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