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Chapter One: Richard’s Revenge

*** Author’s Note ***

This series picks up the story four years after the point that “Big Changes at Home” left off. It is STRONGLY recommended that you read that series first to understand the characters and what has happened in the story so far. This is a new series with the story evolving, growing and changing, yet it is keeping in line with the premise of the original series. For those of you who wish to read on, without reading “Big Changes at Home,” you should be able to pick up the basics of what has happened. I feel, however, that you are doing yourself a disservice in bypassing the prior series. In either event, I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoy writing it!

* * *

The room was silent. The rich oak interior reflected no sound, yet spoke volumes as to the success of the Law Firm, of which it was a part. The conference room had been the scene of many discussions and countless: legal negotiations, depositions, consultations and many other meetings. The simple gathering between these three men was barely worth noting in the distinguished history of the room. Yet this meeting today was indeed monumental and life-changing, having far-reaching effects.

Richard sat at the conference table and carefully read the papers spread before him. It was second nature for him to scan over any legal document set before him, even those prepared by his colleagues. The two other men sitting around the conference table sat there patiently as Richard continued reading. One was a middle-aged, portly Italian man, and the other was a slender Korean man who was not quite thirty. Both of the men worked at Richard’s law firm, one was a partner, the other was about to become one. Finally Richard finished reading the legal documents and picked up his pen.

“Are you absolutely sure about this? There’s no going back once you sell to Brad!” Tony, the portly Italian man asked with an urging tone of voice as he grasped Richard’s right arm, stopping him from signing.

“I just need out, Tony,” Richard said with a calm tone of voice as he smiled slightly.

There was a tense moment as Tony looked deep into Richard’s eyes, searching for sincerity. After a moment had passed, Tony looked down, shook his head and released Richard’s arm. Richard then began to sign and initial the papers where he needed to. Tony’s face made his feelings known as he looked at Richard with an expression that made it clear that he thought his long-time law partner was making a huge mistake. The young Korean man however looked elated and pleased that the papers were finally being signed.

“So if you need out so badly, where are you getting out to?” Tony asked with a bit of a mocking tone to his voice.

“Montana, always wanted to live in Montana,” Richard said with a warm smile as he paused momentarily from signing the papers.

“Well sir, I wish you the best of luck in Montana. I’m just thankful for this great opportunity that your leaving gives me,” Brad said in a gleeful tone of voice.

Richard finished signing the papers and passed them over to Brad who eagerly signed the papers before passing them over to Tony. Tony then signed the papers and collected them up and stuffed them in a folder. Finally he passed a bank draft for Richard’s share of the law firm. Richard picked up the bank draft and shook the hands of both Tony and Brad, each one in turn.

“I hope you know what you’re doing Rick, We’re gonna miss you,” Tony said with sincere regret as he patted Richard on his shoulder.

“It’s just something I have to do,” Richard said with a calm sense of peace about him as he looked into the eyes of his old friend and now former law partner.

Richard returned to his office, his former office now, and pulled out a file that he had hidden away in his desk. He looked over a list of tasks that he had set out for himself and saw that almost all of them were taken care of. There were only a few details yet to tend to, and enough time left in the day to get them done. Richard smiled to himself as he picked up the phone and began the first of a few calls he had to make that afternoon. Everything was almost ready, tomorrow would be a big day, the biggest in Richard’s life.

By the time Richard left the law firm for what would be the last time, he felt a sense of release and relief. As he carried the last box of his belongings from his office to his car, he knew he was doing the right thing. He had a calming notion that told him that leaving the firm was what he needed to do. The drive home was uneventful and soon he was home so he pulled into the garage that had been built in the back yard. After parking his Mercedes next to Taryn’s Cadillac, he left the garage and walked up the small path and into the recently added door which opens up into the kitchen.

Taryn was standing at the stove in a slender-fitting, flower-print dress that had a scooping neckline and stopped at her mid-thigh. The dress that Taryn was wearing looked bursa escort pretty and form-fitting, yet comfortable at the same time. Richard stopped in the doorway and paused to look over, his wife, now “Mistress Red” to him, who was standing at the stove cooking dinner.

Taryn had slimmed and toned up over the past four years, and it certainly showed. While she still had a curvy, hourglass figure, she had lost a few pounds and gained some muscle-tone. Her breasts were still large, round and impressive to see, though they had shrunk slightly as a result of the weight-loss. What they lost in size they made up for in regained firmness. Richard had to admit that Taryn looked better than she had in years and he smiled to himself as he walked over to her.

“How was your day?” Taryn asked casually, without taking her attention away from the pot she was stirring.

When Richard got close enough to Taryn he attempted to kiss her on the lips, but she turned her face at the last moment in order to have him kiss her on the cheek instead. Richard rolled his eyes in frustration but said nothing to convey his hurt feelings to his wife.

“Fine, typical day, nothing special,” Richard said as Taryn gave him a peck on the cheek.

“That’s nice, get changed quickly and set the table, Nick, dinner’s almost ready,” Taryn said dismissively as she returned her attention to the pot of dinner she was stirring.

“Yes, Mistress Red,” Richard replied respectfully and walked out of the kitchen on his way to his room.

As he walked through the house he passed by the living room and saw Owen sitting in his now usual chair with his pants around his ankles, watching the news. Rosina was on her knees before her brother and was steadily and leisurely sucking his cock. Owen was focused on watching the news on the huge, plasma TV and seemed oblivious to Rosina’s oral efforts on his cock. Richard paused to look at his children and noted how much they had changed and grown.

Rosina was wearing a dress that was cut very similar in style to her mother’s dress, but Rosina’s dress was a light cream-coloured dress with a slightly higher hemline and more daring neckline. The past four years had resulted in some considerable changes in Rosina’s body as well. The regular routine of working out in the newly installed family gym in the basement had helped to shape Rosina’s body. Her shoulders and arms had grown in size and bulk which helped to enhance her hourglass figure. Rosina was always self-conscious about her breasts and had wished they were larger. With her working out and toning up these past four years, she had lost a little size in her breasts, and this she couldn’t stand. After pleading with Owen for months, he finally gave in and allowed Rosina to get plastic surgery to enhance her breasts to a C cup. While Rosina had wanted D cup breasts, she adored her breasts now and loved to show them off whenever she could; cleavage was her new best friend.

Owen had remained in the similar shape that he had been in before, because he always was the most physically active member of the family. He had gained a little muscle-definition here and there but still looked pretty much the same as he did before. The main difference that had taken place in Owen was his confidence had grown and he exuded an aura of authority. Friends and strangers alike tended to listen to him, and go along with his ideas because he was so confident and persuasive in his delivery. Being Master of three Slaves all the time had given him a slightly over-inflated ego and a natural assumption to take command of any situation.

Richard walked up the stairs and found his room, the small room that had been his for close to four years now. It was a room that he had hated almost as long but one that his son, his Master, had forced upon him. Richard swiftly changed into the tight-fitting shorts and white T-shirt that had been deemed his “uniform” around the house and left the accursed room.

On his way to the kitchen, some movement in the living room caught his eye and he glanced over to see what it was. Once he did, he almost wished he hadn’t, and quickly glanced away. Yet the image of his daughter with her dress pulled down to her waist and breasts wrapped around Owen’s cock as she vigorously gave him a tit-fuck lingered much longer than he wished it to. Rosina was always finding new things to do and try with her breasts; they seemed to be a new toy that she was infatuated with.

Upon returning to the kitchen, Richard saw Taryn bending over as she searched through the refrigerator, looking for something in particular. The sight of his wife bent over like she was, was indeed a tempting sight, and part of him wanted to walk up behind her and fuck her right there in the kitchen. Richard sighed as he knew that he wasn’t even allowed to touch his wife sexually unless directed to. Even just an uninvited patting of her ass or squeezing of her breast would land him in big trouble, with both Master and Mistress Red. Richard bursa escort bayan growled to himself and then began to set the table for dinner.

Soon enough the family was seated around the dining room table, having just finished dinner. Dinner was over and the family was enjoying the after dinner coffee, and the usual family meeting that coincided. That meeting kept everyone up to speed on what was happening in the family, with each family member now assigned areas of responsibility. Taryn’s area was meals, food and managing the household budget. Rosina’s area was laundry and household cleaning chores. Richard’s area was household, yard, and vehicle maintenance. Everyone had just discussed with Owen how things were going in their area, and Owen then moved to his usual period of announcements.

“With tomorrow being my birthday, we will be meeting at the restaurant at 6. Red, make sure you take your car to work, as I know your timing will cut it close.” Owen said while glancing around the table at everyone, looking at Taryn last.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn replied respectfully and nodded as she looked at Owen.

“I’m sorry to counter your will, Master, but as I have already said, the Cadillac will be getting serviced tomorrow. As I said, I’m seeing to that personally, Master,” Richard replied in a submissive and slightly fearful tone of voice with his head bowed.

“Yes, I forgot, shit, any chance for a loaner?” Owen replied with a growl and frustrated sigh as he looked directly at Richard.

“No, Master,” Richard replied with a similarly fearful tone of voice.

“Fine, Cab it instead, Red,” Owen said dismissively before glancing around the table as he said, “Any questions?” and upon hearing none, he added, “Dismissed,”

“Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, Master,” Taryn, Rosina and Richard said in unison.

As the family got up to go their separate ways, nobody saw Richard smile to himself, knowing that yet another piece of his plan was falling into place. All he had to do was get through this evening and night and everything would be fine. Tomorrow, he would set everything right, and with that Richard breathed as sigh of relief.

Richard and Rosina collected up the dinner dishes in silence and began the process of washing up after the evening meal. Owen and Taryn proceeded into the living room to watch some evening television. They cuddled up on the couch and watched whatever Owen’s whim was at the moment. After washing up the dishes, Richard and Rosina walked into the living room and sat down on the loveseat. Nobody but Owen dared to sit in the big chair, even if Owen chose not to occupy it at the moment.

The whole family started to fidget in their seats as they watched the show that Owen had decided to watch. As was not unusual, the current show was a porn movie that was shown larger than life on the massive television. With the surround sound, home theatre, the scene was intense and more than a few people in the room were getting excited from the erotic action displayed before them.

Taryn was the first one to make a move when her hand started to rub up and down Owen’s chest. Rosina bit her lip as she watched Taryn’s hand make wider and wider circles until her hand brushed over Owen’s hard cock on each pass. Coyly Taryn watched her Master’s face out of the corner of her eye as she grew bolder and bolder with her hand movements.

“If you’re going to tease it, you might as well please it,” Owen said without averting his gaze from the television screen.

“Yes, Master!” Taryn replied with a playful giggle.

Taryn didn’t have to be told what that meant, and it was the answer she was looking for. You’d think after four years of sucking her son’s cock she would get tired of it, or at least the excitement would wear off. Four years of servitude to her son, and sexually servicing him, had only increased her love and devotion to him. Taryn fervently loved her Master now and honestly had come to see herself as his Slave, his possession with no more free-will than his shoes. She adored sucking his cock and happily obliged in doing anything that brought him pleasure. Swiftly and smoothly Taryn positioned herself between the legs of the man she looked up to as a god and unfastened his pants, freeing the fleshy idol of her obsession. Taryn quickly licked her lips before she wrapped them around Owen’s cock and descended her lips down to its base, sucking hard as she swallowed his cock.

Owen rested his head back and revelled in the sensations of the expert cocksucker who was at that very moment servicing his cock. The past four years had brought him more sex than some men experience in a lifetime. On one hand Owen knew that his complete control over his whole family was not normal, yet to he could not see any other way to live his life. It was as if this was what he had been meant to do: dominate his family. On top of all that, his life was getting better and better. Owen was looking forward to the end of the long escort bursa road to becoming a lawyer. He was in the last semester of his last year of schooling, and happy to soon have school behind him.

Owen looked down at his mother who was sucking his cock and saw the love and devotion in her eyes. Before his birthday four years ago he couldn’t imagine his mother even having sex with his father, now he couldn’t imagine not having sex with her! Owen looked over at Rosina and felt a great swelling of love for her and winked at her as she started to rub her pussy, while watching her mother with great intent. Owen also looked over at Richard and was content in the knowledge that his father was happy, being relieved of the burden of family leadership. Glancing back at Rosina and noting her excitement, Owen winked at her as a wicked idea formed in his mind.

“Red, how many times do I have to tell you that your tits should swing free when you suck my cock!” Owen said with a smirking growl as he looked down at Taryn and winked at her.

“Sorry, Master,” Taryn replied as she every so briefly stopped sucking Owen’s cock to peal her dress down to her waist before resuming her oral efforts on Owen’s cock.

With Taryn’s breasts now bouncing free as she energetically bobbed her head on her Master’s cock, the heat of the room increased dramatically. Rosina now had pulled up her dress up and was fervently rubbing her pussy as she watched her mother suck her brother’s cock. Richard was reluctantly turned on by the goings on but on a deeper level he was sickened, and wanted to puke. Get through this night, Richard told himself repeatedly as he did his best to keep his calm. This scene of building family lust continued for a few moments yet, but Owen wasn’t satisfied by blowing his load down his mother’s throat.

“I’m too hot for your mouth to satisfy me, get up here and ride my cock, facing away from me!” Owen commanded as he looked down at Taryn with passion in his eyes.

“YES, MASTER!” Taryn replied in a giddy squeal as she stood up as fast as she could.

Taryn pushed her dress all the way down and stepped out of it as quickly as she could. She kicked it off to the side before turning around to face away from Owen. Only Richard and Rosina could see the excitement and anticipation on Taryn’s face as she planted her legs on either side of Owen’s legs. Taryn bit her lower lip as she looked down between her legs, daintily grasping the cock she worshiped in her hands. Lowering herself down steadily Taryn watched in awe as her pussy drew closer to the fleshy outcropping of her Master. Pure bliss flowed through the Slave as she was once again given the privilege of being joined to her Master. Once again the Slave was one with her Master and she had a purpose, being a vessel for his pleasure in the most intimate of ways. A guttural moan escaped Taryn’s lips when she had sunk fully onto Owen’s cock and she laid back so she was right against his body. Owen’s head just peeked over her left shoulder as Taryn rested her head as far back as it would go. Both Taryn and Owen closed their eyes as they revelled in the sensations of first joining.

Nowhere in Taryn’s mind did it seem strange to be fucking the man who she once thought of as her son in front of two people who she once thought of as her daughter and husband. Rosina also didn’t feel the slightest bit strange about seeing her Master and Mistress fuck right before her eyes. All Rosina wanted to do was join in the action somehow, to be used to bring them pleasure, as a good Slave should. Richard wanted to leave, and almost did, but kept his cool as he watched his wife fuck their son in front of his eyes.

It was barely a moment before Taryn lifted her hips and withdrew Owen’s cock from her pussy until just the tip was still inside of her. Slowly and steadily she lowered herself onto him again, taking exquisite pleasure out of the slow pace. It wasn’t two minutes later that Owen grunted in frustration as he grasped Taryn’s hips and held them still as he thrust up into her body at a quick pace. Taryn’s body twitched as her Master ravaged her body from underneath.

“Cat, Tits. Nick, Pussy!” Owen grunted in time with each thrust into Taryn’s body and both Richard and Rosina knew what was expected of them.

Rosina squealed in delight as she rushed across the floor and kneeled beside her mother on the couch. As soon as she possibly could, she wrapped her lips around her mother’s left nipple and sucked on the bud of pleasure. Taryn inhaled a sharp breath as she grasped a clump of Rosina’s hair and held firm onto the young woman’s head. Rosina’s tongue snaked out of her mouth and pushed the nipple out, before it started to trace circular patterns on Taryn’s abundant bosom. Taryn sighed contently and giggled giddily as she looked at the young woman who started to lick her right breast.

“Have I ever told you how much I love the way you suck my tits, Cat?” Taryn said dreamily as she started to stoke Rosina’s hair.

“Almost every time I play with them,” Rosina slurred with a mouth full of her mother’s tit. “Have I ever told you how much I love your tits?” she added as she flicked her tongue over the older woman’s right nipple.

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