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Chapter Thirteen

Mouse Hunt

After the incident at Heather’s, Owen was a changed man and he had to admit the past four months had been good to him and the family as a whole. Owen didn’t doubt Veronica or Karen’s commitment again. Once they got home the family had another Family Meeting and this time some positive changes took place.

For one the family bank account was changed to add Karen and Veronica to it to indeed reflect the new togetherness of the family. Second, each member of the family had a separate account only in their name. All of the paycheques went into the central account and a small amount was transferred to each individual account twice a month. This way, bills would be paid but people still had a bit of discretionary spending money and a small amount of money that was theirs and theirs alone.

Karen wanted to sign the Spa over to Owen as and sign of family unity. Owen flat out refused because to him it never felt right, as it was and would remain Karen’s Spa. Owen never wanted to take anything so valuable from any of his Slaves, for what would happen to Karen if she did leave his service and he owned her Spa? As a compromise, it was agreed that she would give money into the central account rather than sign over the Spa. Karen would put in the amount she previously had been drawing for her own personal draw and in return the family would take care of the household expenses. This way Karen still felt she was putting in just like everyone else but her long term interests were still taken care of. If the family did split sometime in the future, she would still have her Spa.

As well, each person was now assigned a more sensible household duty. Owen kept the “Maintenance,” or “Handyman” duty. Taryn kept the Meals and household shopping duty. Rosina kept the laundry duty but added household cleaning duty. Veronica took on the household budget and family finances duty. Karen focussed on the Spa and had that as her duty.

As far as transportation was concerned, the Oldsmobile was sold for scrap and a nice, late model car had been leased for Owen and Veronica to use to drive to and from work. For outings involving the family it seemed sensible to have more space so a slightly older minivan was purchased and left for use by those at the shop. Veronica negotiated and oversaw all of these transactions and had a knack of working them so they were in the favour of the family.

The last but perhaps the most important change that happened in the week following the incident at Heather’s was the change of bedrooms. Owen moved into Karen’s bedroom and even kept the furniture, partially at Karen’s insistence but also because it was the most practical solution. Owen’s bedroom was the bedroom where each woman in turn would spend their night with him, so in effect it was the most shared bedroom. Karen moved into Veronica’s room with Taryn because it was slightly larger than the room that Taryn, Owen and Rosina had been sharing up until then. Two twin beds were purchased along with two wardrobes and somehow the room worked, but it was a little cozy. For Rosina and Veronica’s room, the family had to be more creative in how to arrange the room. A set of bunk beds were purchased, as that seemed to be the only way to arrange the room to make it work.

Neither Veronica nor Rosina minded the bunk beds or sharing a room. For that matter Karen and Taryn didn’t mind sharing a room either. None of the ladies spent much time in their rooms, using them only to sleep and change. Most of the time the family did things together, choosing to spend their time in the more public areas of the house.

Yes, the past four months had been good to the family and they felt closer to each other as ever. The family was better off financially and emotionally. All five members of the family felt loved by everyone else in the family and were happy and content. Someone else could not make the same claim however. For her the past four months had brought her nothing but pain, loneliness and misery.

* * *

Rebecca tossed and turned in her sleep and tried to fight the unwanted dream that had been plaguing her sleeping hours lo these past few weeks. Every night it was the same and she was powerless to stop it.

In her dream Rebecca was back at home, in her own bed and curled up to her sleeping husband. In her dream she was happy, content and felt loved, hardly the beginning of the nightmare that it always became. She ran her fingers over her husband’s chest and smiled to herself as she traced her fingers up towards his face. Leaning in she rolled over onto her side and without hesitation kissed Owen hard on the lips with a passion and intensity that she only knew when she was with him . . . her Sir.

Owen woke up wrapped his arms around her and Rebecca felt comfort and contentment while encircled by his powerful embrace. Owen kissed her back and all her troubles vanished as he kissed her with desire while turning her over onto her back. When she was bursa escort on her back Owen broke the kiss and paused to look her in the eye and smile.

“That’s the way I like to wake up, Mouse,” Owen said with an unmistakable smile of love as he hovered over her.

“I just couldn’t wait till you woke up, my husband, my Master,” Rebecca said with her voice dripping with adoration.

“For disturbing my sleep, I should spank you,” Owen said with a sneer tainting his otherwise charming smile.

“You may do as you wish, Master, but if you do spank me, you will wake the children,” Rebecca replied submissively with a hint of fear in her voice and eye.

“Maybe later,” Owen laughed as he thrust into her without warning.

Rebecca drew a breath of shock as Owen’s fat cock speared her pussy; the unexpected bliss was at once shocking and all-encompassing. Owen grasped the headboard and began to repeatedly hammer away at her pussy with hard and fast strokes. Rebecca was beside herself and the pleasure almost drove her out of her own body with the bliss of being taken and savagely fucked by her Master. Overtaken by love and desire Rebecca reached up with her left hand and stroked Owen’s cheek.

Almost as soon as she touched his cheek Owen grasped her hand and pinned it to the bed above her head. Before she could realize what she had done wrong her other hand joined her first hand above her head, held in place by Owen’s powerful grip. Having her hands restrained brought a new level of heat to this coupling and her desire for him increased tenfold. Her eyes fluttered closed as she savoured the delicious desire of being controlled and dominated. Owen saw the look in his wife’s eyes and laughed as he pulled out of her abruptly.

“Why, Master?” Rebecca asked with confusion and hurt in her eyes.

Without answering Owen reached into the bedside table and retrieved a leash. Rebecca felt a shudder of pleasure as Owen clipped the leash onto her collar. With a tug, she found herself pulled up so she was face to face with her husband, her Master . . . Owen.

“Turn over, Slave!” Owen said in a commanding tone of voice.

“Yes, Master,” Rebecca replied as she turned over and got on her hands and knees.

Owen reached into the bedside table once more and produced a single pair of handcuffs. Knowing exactly what was going to happen and proving herself to be a good and dutiful Slave, Rebecca reached up and grasped the bars of the brass headboard. Owen handcuffed one of Rebecca’s hand and then slipped the other cuff around one of the bars before handcuffing her other hand. Rebecca growled with lust and desire as she grasped the headboard harder, her own lust growing ever higher within her. Owen had a firm grip on her leash as he positioned himself behind her, in the position of power.

“Beg me, Slave!” Owen barked as he rocked his hips back and forth, causing his cockhead to slide up and down the wet slit of Rebecca’s pussy.

“Please fuck me my Master! Take me, I am your Slave, now and forever! Please just fuck me!” Rebecca moaned out in a needy tone.

“Don’t you ever forget it!” Owen laughed a cocky laugh.

In a hard thrust Owen slammed his cock all the way inside Rebecca’s pussy and she squealed in shock and delight. Owen held firm on the leash as he slammed hard and fast into Rebecca’s pussy. Rebecca loved being tied up and used but she loved the tugging sensation on her Collar as her Master hammered away at her pussy. The tug reminded her that she was owned and that owner was at that very moment using her for his pleasure. As the fuck continued it increased in intensity and Owen started to use the end of the leash as a whip and silently urge her to quicken her pace of fucking. Instinctively, she quickened her pace of thrusting back at his savage fucking.

Owen threw his head back and screamed as he slammed into Rebecca one last time. Upon feeling his cum hitting the innermost depths of her pussy she tensed up and came knowing she had once again done her job as a Slave. The fact that her Master was cumming deep inside her was proof of this fact and it was this knowledge which pushed her over the edge to orgasmic bliss. Rebecca thrashed about and strained the handcuffs as she moaned and screamed loudly as the intense orgasm overtook her.

It was at that moment that the dream turned for the worst, the room began to fade and melt around her. She was not able to move or get away as her home faded away and her old church came into view. Soon Rebecca found herself in the sanctuary of her old church, the one that she had attended with Harold for those many years. The entire congregation was there, the sanctuary was filled with people and Rebecca was not hiding amongst the crowd, she was front and centre, and on display.

Rebecca was tied to the altar at the front of the church she was in exactly the same position she had been when she was fucking Owen. While Rebecca was still nude and kneeling her wrists were tied together bursa escort bayan in front of her and to the altar. Her legs were spread and her calves tied to the altar as well. Her collar was still on her and hanging from her collar’s D-ring was a large gold cross.

Rebecca was mortified to know that she was nude and on display in an unmistakably sexual way. To her horror, most shameful of her secrets were put on display in front of all the people who knew her as the “Good little church woman.” To add further humiliation to this situation, Owen’s cum was leaking out of her freshly-fucked pussy, and the sheen of sweat covering her body made it obvious that she had just had sex.

“Disgraceful!” one old lady she shouted at Rebecca with her eyes glowing with hatred.

“I always knew there was something wrong with her!” another older woman shouted out.

“She seemed too perfect! Too polished an exterior! It was obviously to cover up the fact that she was a SHAMELESS SLUT!” Anne, a good friend of Rebecca’s shouted as she walked up and spat in Rebecca’s face.

Rebecca hung her head and cried, completely ashamed of herself, simply wanting to die.

“I was a good husband to you!” a familiar voice shouted out, as a man stood up in a pew.

Rebecca looked up and saw that it was indeed Harold. When their eyes locked somehow the distance between them evaporated and he floated forward through the crowd of people in the church until he was standing right in front of her.

“How could you throw away all those years of marriage to be a slut?” Harold said in pain and shock as he looked into Rebecca’s eyes with hurt and pain.

“I was trying get rid of these dark urges so I could be a good wife to you?” Rebecca said in a sobbing tone of voice while never wavering in her gaze into Harold’s eyes.

“How, by becoming a WHORE?” Harold spat with distain.

“I wasn’t a whore! I was a Slave!” Rebecca shouted amongst her tears.

“Oh, right, whore’s get paid, you gave it away for free!” Harold spat on Rebecca’s face and it started to drip down her cheek.

Someone else rose from their spot amongst the congregation and walked towards Rebecca, it was her own mother! As soon as she was close enough she drew her hand back and slapped Rebecca hard across the face.

“I raised you to be a good girl! Not some degenerate Slut!” Rebecca’s mother shouted in right in her face.

“SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!” The congregation repeatedly chanted as one single voice.

The priest of the congregation stepped up to the pulpit, looked down at Rebecca on the altar before him.

“You’re despicable! An embarrassment! An abomination in the eyes of God! There is only one place fit for you!” the priest shouted above the congregation.

At that instant the floor beneath the altar Rebecca was tied to dropped away, revealing a large pit of fire. Rebecca knew what it was, the gaping mouth of hell! As she and the altar dropped down into the fiery pit of eternal damnation she screamed.

It wasn’t until she was halfway down that she woke up and bolted upright in her bed, her body glistening with sweat. The bulge of her eight month pregnant gut brought her back to reality in a hurry. One look around the stone room was a further reminder of where she was and just how low she had sunk to in her life.

Rebecca swung her feet over the edge of the bed and onto the stone floor of the old and stoic institution. Once her feet touched the cold stone floor she lifted them right away. She then began to search with her feet until she found her slippers and put them on. Rebecca struggled to stand up and go for a walk, a nightly ritual that she had developed. Grasping her housecoat Rebecca pulled it on and waddled out the door, to walk the vacant night-time hallways.

Rebecca sighed as she closed the door behind her and sent up a quick prayer for understanding. Rebecca wondered what she did to deserve what she was going through. Sure she had betrayed her husband and sinned against him and God, but she had confessed her sins to God and her husband. She had done everything Harold had asked her to do. For a time the child she still carried had brought her and Harold closer together. When Harold found out whose child it was and what she had been up to, he freaked. It was at his insistence, ultimatum really, that she checked into this place under the guise of having the child and putting it up for anonymous adoption, claiming that she didn’t know who the father was.

The darkest part of her tale was not her longing and desire to be near Owen, her Sir, but rather what happened only a month after she was in this place. Harold thrust some divorce papers in front of her and made her sign them. Rebecca was feeling so low and distraught over everything that she signed them without looking them over. Little did she know that she had given him everything, even her kids!

Rebecca felt worthless and hated herself and everything about her life. She escort bursa had nothing to live for and had even pondered ending it all. The one thing that kept her going was her unborn child. While she may have the right to choose to end her life, Rebecca felt she didn’t have the right to make that choice for her child. Her only desire now was to take care of this child, to start anew in some distant city, some place where her shady past couldn’t catch up with her.

As was normal, she passed the nursing station and was about to wave to the nurses there but found that the nurses weren’t there. Rebecca froze in her tracks when her eyes fell on it . . . the phone. After waking up from the dreams she wanted to reach out to him, to seek comfort from him. Rebecca knew that it was late and that he would most likely be asleep, but still she wanted to reach out to him, to see if they could patch things up. When last they spoke it didn’t end on good terms, and Rebecca shook her head and was about to turn away when she felt her hand touch the cold plastic of the receiver. With one last glance around her she closed her eyes and prayed for forgiveness as she picked up the receiver and started to dial.

* * *

Owen closed his eyes as the car sped down the road, leaving the driving in the hands of God for the moment. The moment was too perfect not to pause to revel in it: the sun, the wind, the speed, the blowjob.

“Watch the road,” Veronica spoke from Owen’s lap as she momentarily paused in her oral lovemaking.

Owen opened his eyes and looked down at the young woman who loved him dearly and served him faithfully. Somehow watching her lovingly suck on his cock while she was still in her business suit from work made it all that much hotter. Road-head was a common game they played to and from work, occasionally pulling over for a quickie in the back seat.

As tempting as it was to ravish the young woman who had stirred up his desire so, they had no time for that tonight, for tonight was movie-night. It was the one night a week that the family went out for dinner and a movie, the one night a week where they all went out as one. Sure they got a few stares but mostly people simply noticed a group of people who loved each other.

He was free from work for another day and savouring the rewards of carpooling with Veronica. After four months at the law firm he was still stuck in Research with no sign of getting out any time soon. A few times Owen thought of complaining to Tony but he didn’t want to look like a whiner. Add to that the fact that he was “dating” Tony’s daughter and that he was the son of an ex-partner, it would look like nepotism if he did. All Owen could do was wait and see what happened and take comfort in his family, a family that he was only moments away from seeing. Turning down the alley behind the Spa Owen soon had the car parked in its usual spot.

“Hello, Master, how was your day?” Karen said as she embraced and kissed Owen as soon as he entered the back of the Spa.

“Bella! Not as good as coming home to you!” Owen replied with a squeeze and kiss of Karen who blushed and laughed at his comment.

Making his way to the front of the spa, he couldn’t help but smile when his eyes fell on Taryn who was standing at the front counter. Owen opened his arms wide to hug Taryn but when she turned to face him he was not prepared for the sombre look in her eye. Sure it was a look she tried to hide, but Owen knew Taryn well enough to know when she was hiding something.

“Hello Red, good to see you . . . What is it?” Owen asked with a tone of concern as he hugged and kissed Taryn hello.

“N . . . Nothing; how was your day?” Taryn replied with a brave smile on her face but when she saw that Owen wasn’t buying it she added, “Later.”

Owen left it at that and the evening progressed as usual, the whole family walked down the street to their usual restaurant and then on to the modest theatre to see their movie. Once the family returned to the spa, was when Taryn spoke up and mentioned what had troubled her earlier. Taryn walked up to the phone at the counter and picked it up, talking as she punched buttons.

“In the middle of the night last night, we got a phone call. Nobody heard it ring because we were all asleep,” Taryn started out to explain.

“Who phone’s a Spa in the middle of the night?” Rosina asked the curious question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Someone not calling a Spa,” Taryn said as she pushed the last button and put the receiver down.

When Taryn put the receiver down, the phone speaker crackled to life and a familiar voice came out of the phone and to Owen it was a haunting voice from the past.

“Hello, Sir . . . I . . . I . . . I wanted to s . . . see how y . . . you were doing. . . I . . . c . . . could use a friend right now,” Rebecca’s cracking and nervous voice said and her hurt and pain was evident even through the crappy phone speaker.

“Who the hell is that?” Veronica asked with confusion on her face.

“Mouse,” Owen replied with a pale expression on his face.

“Mouse? Who’s Mouse?” Karen asked as she looked over at Owen who was sinking into the nearest waiting room chair.

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