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The board meeting had been going on for several hours already, without stops to smoke, drink coffee or even eat lunch. Management was furious about the latest news that was spreading like a wildfire, and everyone was looking for answers to the never ending line of questions. I had little to do there, just sit in a corner and wait for it all to end. In times like this, I wasn’t jealous of the corporate leaders that earned the big bucks. All the “suits” were walking back and forth, some were shouting and screaming, others were sitting silently looking through papers and trying to find some kind of straw to cling on to. Most of them were transpiring even though the room laid in a cool mist that no one seemed to notice.

I continued to sit patiently, sipping some mineral water from a crystal glass. The unmistakable design of Iittala, Finland, felt smooth in my hand, and each sip was just to keep my mouth moist. I let me eyes walk slowly from suit to suit, from suit to suit, from suit to dress as Lady Jayne stood in the middle of all the men in sharp looking black suits. Her white summer dress rested glamorously on her shoulders, forming a perfect symbiosis with her covered body. It showed just as much skin as it covered, just showing it in the appropriate areas, her back, her long legs and also leaving enough open to show off her diamond necklace. She wasn’t dressed for work, but had not found time to change, which made it even more puzzling why all of the men around her was wearing suits. Was that really how they dressed when they wanted to dress casual, or were they boy-scouts and always prepared for work?

I gazed at her as she continued to sort things out, and suddenly her eyes glimpsed at me. Her eyes seemed so dark in contrast to her golden blonde hair and white dress, and for a moment time stood still as our eyes spoke to each other in a mysterious unspoken language. In the corner of my eye I noticed her right hand move to her left wrist, and as she appeared to be looking to see what the time was, I suddenly felt a tightening grip around the base of my manhood inside my pants. She’d reached for the remote control on the inside of her left wrist, nothing she had never done before in a crowded room, but her eyes revealed that it was intentional, and true enough blood started to pump harder. She continued with her doings, and finally after several hours of investigations some kind of solution started to form in this crisis situation, yet I was only starting to wonder how I would find a solution to mine.

I stood up, and in one swift move I walked out of the room and over to the men’s room a few steps down the hall. Finally there I opened up the zipper and almost immediately my cock came out of it’s silky prison. The cock ring had certainly made me erect, and it was firmly in place around the base. It also had my nuts in a small pouch equipped with small vibrators. I tried to take a leak, but the hardness of my member in combination with the cockring made it close to impossible to get anything out, so after trying for minute or two I gave up and began to zip up my pants while trying to push myself inside again. It was a procedure that took even more minutes, but finally I was successful in doing so, only to still feel the embarrassing aroused sensation haunting my body.

I returned to the conference room, and sat down in the leather couch that I had been sitting in, trying to remain my posture yet at the same time not showing of my aroused state of mind. Luckily for me, the room seemed less crowded, and more and more of the black suits were leaving. Jayne noticed that I had been away, and passing by she leaned down to give me a gentle kiss on the cheek. For a moment her long hair framed us in our own private world, and she whispered silently kurtköy escort in my ear.

“It will soon be over.”

It did take another 20 minutes before the meeting came to a temporary stop where the investigations had to continue elsewhere, and we had the chance to be alone in her large corner office. I closed the door behind me, and locked it as she requested. As I turned around, I realized that time had passed since I last been to the office. She had rearranged the furniture so that the sun from the large windows would come straight in the eyes of those coming in to see her, giving her an

“Oh dear, you’ve waited so patiently, I simply love you. Come, let me take a look at it.”

I knew that she was referring to the gadget that I had agreed to test out, and even though we’d tested it for almost a month, she still continued to observe the effects and possible side effects. I walked over to her, and I took her head in my hands silently to say without words that I felt the same towards her, and while our lips were tightly sealed, her hands explored my pants. I could feel her fingertips touching around the ring and pouch, moving slowly to feel the reaction and at then wording her findings as she broke the kiss.

“Very good reaction, the pulsating tightness prevents thrombus, while keeping the erection nice and firm.”

I felt her pushing me down in a chair, and she kneeled before me so that she could look closer. I could have let it be degrading to be a patient or guinea-pig, but Jayne’s warm scientific hands made me feel like a king, and she was my servant although she was supervising the testing. I leaned my head back as I felt her hand barely touching my shaft and couldn’t help letting out a silent moan.

“It feels good, doesn’t it? The ring has done wonders, that’s for sure. Your veins are thick and smooth. Touching you makes me feel so attractive, such a big one just because of me. MMmmmm. It doesn’t hurt or itch, does it?”

Her questions seemed irrelevant, but I shook my head because every sensation running through my body was of unrestrained passion. I was completely lost when I suddenly felt her grab my pole in a firmer grip and lead it into her wet pussy. It was surprising to have sitting on top of me without feeling her movement from her kneeling position, but my entire body shivered at the sensation of her smooth opening sucking in the tip. For a few moments her hips rotated with the only the tip inside. Placing her head on my shoulder I could hear her whisper words that wasn’t meant for me, and I felt her sinking down into my lap. I could possibly have heard her analyzing words, but I didn’t care to listen.

Her hips grind against me, knowing that her clit was stimulated from the touch of my pubic-hair, and I felt her tunnel sucking around my shaft and the mouth of the womb tickle my swollen head.

“The orifice of the uterus is getting a more intense stimulus in deep grind intercourse.”

Her voice was breaking up as she raised to a upright sitting position. My hands moved to her full breasts and held them through the white dress that she was still wearing, and watched her while she forcefully began to rub her clit with her fingers. She wasn’t far away from her climax, and her nostrils were shivering as she continued to pant heavily on top of me. She raised herself slightly before pushing both of us even deeper into the chair, and she held her breath as if she wanted to prolong the feeling. I just loved her face with the classical features turning wild as she screamed straight out. Her hips couldn’t stop moving, pushing over and over again up and down, and coated my shaft with her juices. Her blonde hair flying around as if a beşiktaş escort strong wind had blown through the office walls. I felt her landing heavily on top of me and still fully erect inside her I could feel her spasm clinging on to the pole as if it was her nutritional requirements that was being cared for.

After a few moments while I listened to her breathing slowly returning to normal, I heard her whisper.

“Oh God, that was amazing. The last improvements have certainly made a difference, wouldn’t you agree?”

I held her close, my arms wrapped tightly around her slender body, and before answering her question, I suck in the moment.

“Yes Jayne, it would seem that way.”

Hearing my own words I realized that I had not been focused on anything other than her pleasure, and that I still felt just as aroused. Before I could put my thoughts into words, the warmth around my cock was removed, and the slightly chilly air in the office became apparent. Jayne stood beside me, making sure her dress was in order before picking up her handbag. I looked pleading up into her eyes, but instead of granting my silent wish, she replied.

“If you’re just a little bit more patient, I’ll have a surprise for you.”

I stood up, fixed my cock and clothes back in order while Jayne stood amused looking. Once properly dressed, we took the elevator down to the garage in the basement, and found our way to the beige BMW Z8. With some difficulty I sat down behind the wheel, apparently BMW had not made this model big enough for two speed shifts. Jayne sat down next to me, and we drove off.

The sun was shining in all it’s pride, and it made Jayne’s golden hair glow. She smiled at me, and kept caressing my hair while I drove home, saying how much she loved me, and that she would make it all worth while. She moved her hand to the inside of her wrist where I knew the remote was, and continued to play with all the features that had been implemented, asking me how it felt and if something could be improved further. It was not the best time to be driving, but after playing with the vibrators in the pouch, controlling the temperature around scrotum and of course physically feeling what the reactions were, we got home. Jayne walked before me and opened up the front door. Once inside, she walked to the stairs leading to the master bedroom on the second floor, and slowly pulled up her dress revealing that she was naked underneath.

“Come, fuck me up the stairs.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and my eyes had difficult comprehending the sight of Jayne leaning forward, seeing her hand between her legs. Two of her fingers spreading her juicy lips and teasingly probing herself with a third. She was licking her lips, her wet pink tongue sliding back and forth over her white teeth. Not even wild horses could have stopped my next move. I gazed at Jayne the entire time while I removed my clothes and finally stood there wearing only the ring on my left hand ring-finger and the device. Seeing how she was dipping her red nail into her pink pussy, and prancing before me as a cat in the sun. I kneeled behind her when she whispered.

“Do you think you can do it without the use of your hands?”

I took that as a challenge, and put my hands behind my back as the tip of my cock met her hot womanhood, and I began to slide in. That is when I felt the vibrations start again, and the surprise made me push forward to the root. It was incredible to feel Jaynes slenderness again, and coming inside her from behind made me enter her even deeper. We met each other in perfect rhythm, and neither she or I could help moaning out loud, and hearing her made me even more horny. Jayne kept pushing me with şişli escort the remote and her delicious vulgar language.

“Come on, fuck me harder, I want to feel you deeeeeep inside.”

and I did, moaning and grunting like a caveman, my stone age inheritance came through. Jayne kept on boosting my ego, but broke contact as she crawled up a few stairs. I looked as she stood there a few feet before me and rubbed her clit with small circles.

“Don’t you just love to watch me play with my pussy? Don’t you feel how much you lust to lick it? Kiss my cheeks.”

Leaning forward and kissing her smooth ass, she continued.

“Come on, big boy. Lick my clit, and make me nice and wet.”

I moved my face to her musky pussy, and started teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“That’s it, now lick me with long stroke, all the way, you know just how to do it.”

Again crawling up a few steps, she looked at me over her shoulder and begged.

“Come and fuck me. I want you so sooooo bad, I wanna feel you cum inside me.”

Chasing after her on my knees, still with my hands on behind my back, I found that my erect cock has no problems sliding in again, and I shouted out.

“Good boy, come on fuck me hard. Harder, faster. Give me all of your big hard cock.”

Her voice was getting darker, something typical when her juices were flowing, and so was mine.

“Oh Jayne, I’m so close.”

And in that moment she crawled another couple of steps up the stairs, but this time before she could say anything, I rushed after her and probed her again. The withdrawal took me from the edge for an instance, and all of it made it all the more frustrating.

“Fuck me baby, I want you so bad. Gimme, gimme, gimme. I want all of your cock inside me.”

The little tease continued the same procedure over and over again until I found I couldn’t keep my hands where they were, and grabbed hold of her hips and shouted.

“Oh my God, I’m going insane.”

She looked over her shoulder again, and pushed back against my thrusts.

“Then let me see you.”

She turned around, laid down and wrapped her long legs around my hips. Her hands guided me inside her again, and the pace was furious as our bodies pushed against the inevitable. Her long red nails scratch lines on my back while she kept shouting into my face.

“I want to feel all of you. Pump me baby, I’m so hot for your cum. Harder, faster, that’s it, pump my pussy.”

I pumped harder and harder, feeling how the walls were tightening around my shaft, eagerly sucking my cock to get all of my cum, and Jayne let out a scream as her body was flushed with an intense orgasm. The feeling of her greedy demanding muscles tightening around my shaft was more than I could handle, and I screamed out my own orgasm. I felt the spasms in my muscles as I drove my cock in to the bottom while each spasm sprayed cum into the sucking depth of her pussy. The intensity made my vision blurry as I felt all of my cum was sucked out of my balls until nothing remained.

For several minutes, we both laid on top of each other in the stairway, until the spasms in Jayne’s pussy was something that my ever so sensitive cock head no longer could bare, and I withdrew. On legs that barely had strength to bare us, we walked to the bedroom and laid down, and I said without hesitation.

“Good heavens, what a surprise.”

I could hear Jayne panting next to me, our skin sticking to each other. She turned to me, and laid her head against my chest.

“Baby, I haven’t given you your surprise yet. I’ve been thinking of a De Luxe model of the cockring, an improvement that I will love to play with.”

I kept listening, and she revealed her plans.

“I was thinking the other night about how to make the cockring better mounted and it hit me, we’re gonna combine the cockring with a small vibrator for the anus. Just imagine a small dildo with moving tip. It would stimulate your prostate, and I could make you cum without touching your cock. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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