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Chapter 11: Rest And Relaxation

The hotel spa seemed unusually quite for a Thursday afternoon. It Appeared he was the only one there. That was a welcomed surprise. He was tired, needed rejuvenation as the week had been long, and the constant travel had worn on him. He removed his clothes and stored them in the locker. Reaching into his gym bag, he removed his favorite pair of baggy cotton workout shorts, his shower thongs and a towel. Slipping the shorts on, he tied the drawstring loosely, slipped on the shower thongs, threw the towel over his shoulder and headed toward the sauna. Opening the door, he quickly stepped inside closing the wooden door behind him. He was somewhat surprised at the fact the sauna was already over 180 degrees. He threw some water on the hot cools and was immediately rewarded with the soothing steam. He moved to the top bench and leaned back to enjoy.

He didn’t really hear the door open, but rather sensed the quick Temperature change when she entered. Wrapped in a soft terry cloth towel, she smiled and said hello. She was tall, with nice features, great eyes, and warm smile. Removing the towel, she moved gracefully up to the second level bench. She was wearing a black thong and small bikini top that hardly covered the nipples of her rounded breasts. He felt his penis stir when she bent over in front of him to position her towel on the bench. Perfect cheeks he thought to himself. He suppressed a smile and the associated wicked thought. She lay on her back, head to the wall, feet toward him. She lowered One leg to the bottom bench. Her eyes were closed. Her breasts gently moved With each breath. His view was grand and he could not stop watching. The Thong was very thin and he thought he could make out the soft lips of her labia sneaking out the side. She must be totally shaved he thought. That so turned him on as he had always wanted to make love sincan escort bayan to a woman who shaved her pussy. He felt his member begin to grow toward a full erection. He welcomed the looseness of his shorts.

He was watching the little rivulets of sweat forms over her body and slide across her soft white skin when he noticed she was looking at him. She slowly sat up, smiled, held out her hand and said, “Hi!”

“Hi”, he said looking at her closely. She turned, reached down and picked up the ladle. “Should we make it a little hotter?” she asked, scooping up the scented water and pouring it on the hot stones before he could answer. As she stepped back to the second level bench, she stumbled and fell into his lap. Her buttock landing on his swollen penis. Reflectively, he reached to steady her. His arm surrounded and held her as he caught her body. “I am so sorry” she purred looking over her shoulder at him, “Did I hurt you?”

He knew she could feel the hardness of his cock. He felt himself being embarrassed. “No, I am fine.”

She wiggled and pressed her firm ass over his cock. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am fine, just a little embarrassed.”

“About this?” she questioned. Suddenly he felt her hand cupping his ball sac, her fingers kneading his testicles. She leaned back and they kissed. Mouths open, their tongues sought each other like soft swords. He sucked her tongue and he could feel her moan deep in her throat. She moved her ass over his swollen cock with a rhythm that built both their passions. Her hand continued to massage his balls.

After removing her bikini top, his huge hands found her lovely firm breasts. Cupping and squeezing them, he felt the nipples grow and harden. Continually kissing her, hard and deep, he began gently rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He heard her inhale and felt her grind her ass against eryaman escort his rock-hard member. She squeezed his balls hard causing him to moan aloud.

Quickly she stepped back, reached down, and began pulling his shorts off. His erect cock sprung forward as it was freed from his shorts. She dropped to her knees and took him into her warm mouth. He felt her soft lips encase the mushroom shaped head of his cock as her hot tongue probed the little hole in the end of his cock, tasting his precum. Leaning back, he felt her move his cock deeper into her throat until face pressed deeply into his shinny black pubic hair. Her tongue swirled around the shaft of his manhood as her lips pressed firmly against the base. He wanted to explode and fill her mouth with his cum, but he knew that would happen much later.

Sensing his closeness, she stopped sucking his cock, stood up and removed her thong. He was right, she was totally shaved. He slides down to the second level bench and pulled her to him. Her vagina moved against his face. He laid his head back, grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her into his face. His tongue quickly spread the soft lips and entered her canal. She places her left leg on the third level bench, opening herself more to his oral explorations. Her sweat juices ran over his tongue and down his throat. And his cock grew harder. Taking her swollen clit between his teeth, he began to rub it with his tongue and suck on it like a tiny cock. Her hands encircled his head and tried to push his face up into her. She exploded and he could feel her love juice splash against his face. He drank of her. Her cum was like the nectar of the GODS!

She wanted him inside her. Sitting on his swollen member was easy. Her pussy was awash with her cum and his hard cock slide in easily. She loved the way a man’s cock felt when it first entered her. The way the head etimesgut bayan escort just pushed aside the labia and moved well within her, stretching the walls of her taught pussy. The ridge of his penis head rubbing and pulling her clit as he moved inside her. He loved the feel of her pussy muscles closing over his cock, attempting to milk the cum from his balls. They each kissed deeply, their tongues fucking the mouth of the other person. This was raw animal passion taking over here.

Grabbing her, they moved to the floor. Again, he buried his face in her drench pussy and pleasured her with his talented tongue. Suddenly he threw her legs over his shoulders, moved forward and slammed his hard cock into her hot pussy hole. Taking long and deliberate strokes, he pounded himself into her. His cum filled balls slapping against the inner thighs. She began to scream with each down stroke. Suddenly, she lost control, and began to shake violently. He felt her hot cum splash against his cock and run down his shaft and over his balls. She kissed him deeply and bit his lip.

He felt his own cum building in his balls. At the right moment, he pulled his cock out of her and laid it on her shaven vagina just as he came. He watched as his ejaculate exploded from his cock and onto her belly and vagina. She reached down and began stroking his spent cock. A second load of cum shot onto her hand and up her arm. He felt her slide beneath him and take his cock into her mouth. She began to suck the remaining cum from his cock. She loved the taste of her cum and his cum mixed.

The sound of his alarm clock startled him. Sitting up, he tried to orientated himself. He noted that his balls were sore and the head of his cock felt like someone tried to leave the world’s most giant hickey on the head. He thought he was in his room. Looking around it appeared that nothing had happened. Yet, he had this wonderful taste in his mouth and his cock and balls were spent. “Damn, did I dream this?” He thought out loud. “Dream what” She responded as she emerged from the bathroom. MMMMMmmmmm, they thought a whole day together.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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