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Sorry about the delay in getting this chapter finished.

Previous chapters in order of publication:

Revelation: 1 – Thursday
Revelation: 2 – Friday
Revelation: 3 – Saturday
Revelation: 4 – Sunday
Revelation: 5 – Monday
Revelation: 6 – Tuesday
Revelation: 7 – Wednesday


Revelation: 8 – Thursday

Aunt Jill’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 9:12 AM. Mom and I were at the airport early so we stopped for a cup of coffee and a bun while we waited for her arrival.

“Uncle Joe is older than Aunt Jill by what, 10 or 11 years? What I still don’t understand is why she married a man that much older than herself?”

“Twelve years. It’s a long story but in a nutshell while your grandmother and grandfather were wonderful people and very loving, your grandfather was somewhat restrictive and Jill and I weren’t allowed much freedom in dating. Neither of us had much experience with men, Jill less than me since she was 4 years younger than I am. Jill met Joe, Joe had a lot of money, Joe swept her off her feet and impressed Dad, he proposed, Dad approved and they got married.”

“When they met she was young and full of romantic ideals and Joe was dapper, suave and mature and made Jill fell like a queen. She fell for him hard and they had a fairy tale wedding. Then, after the a few years they began to have some problems. Joe was dedicated to his business and he was always traveling. When his business took off and had almost doubled he decided that he should relocate his operations to the mid-west and without consulting Jill made the decision to move. The fact that he had made the decision without discussing it with her beforehand did not sit well with Jill. Once they moved things seemed to get better for a while and they worked on resolving their problems.”

“However, it wasn’t too long before Joe started to have problems with his business and was spending 12 to 14 or more hours a day, 7 days a week either at work or traveling again. Jill was getting lonely and finally did what a lot of women do, she found someone who would give her the attention she wanted and needed. Jill had an affair with a man who was in his early 20’s and Joe found out about it. They almost divorced over that but once again, they seemed to work out their problems. A few more years go by and Joe began to have problems with his prostate. Jill has always been highly sexed and Joe seemed to lose almost all interest in sex and in Jill. That’s about it you know the rest. Anyway, Jill is coming out here so that she can think things through and just get away for a little while.”

Mom took a sip of coffee and looked at me and put her hand on my arm. “Kenny, you will never tell her that I told you these things. If she wants to tell you about what I have said, she will. Our job is to give her all the love and support she needs just like she gave me love and support when your dad died.”

We moved over to the security area and shortly had Aunt Jill and her bags in the car and we were headed home. She hadn’t really changed much, older and somewhat tired looking but just as cute and as petite as I had remembered but a bit heavier. Mom and Aunt Jill were sitting in the back seat and talking almost non-stop all the way home. I kept sneaking looks at her in the rearview mirror and once or twice she caught me and grinned back.

When we got back to the house Kate and Karen were waiting on the deck wearing, what was for them, fairly conservative shorts and halter tops. Aunt Jill knew who they were from the letters, phone calls, Christmas cards and photos that made their way to her over the years but this was the first time they had met. I watched her carefully during the introductions and grinned inwardly as I watched her evaluating and sizing them up.

After all introductions were made with the requisite hugs coffee was poured, pastries were eaten and the ladies engaged in a little light banter and chitchat Aunt Jill turned to me and drawing herself up to her full 5′ 5″ said, in a very badly affected British accent, “Kenny, your wife is absolutely lovely, I always knew you had good taste. And, I like your mother-in-law. I approve.” Her bad English accent and feigned haughtiness brought a good laugh from all of us.

Putting down her coffee cup Kate stood up and taking Aunt Jill by the arm said, “Let me give you the nickel tour and show you your sleeping arrangements.” With Kate on one side and Mom on the other they took Aunt Jill back into the house.

Karen looked at me and said, “I like her! But, another hottie? Does your family grow anything but sexy, good-looking women?” She leaned in close and said, “I don’t think you can handle 5 women!”

“Hush, woman! All you ever think about is sex, sex, and sex. That is one of the things I love about you but right now all I’m thinking about is getting something to eat. I’m hungry!”

I went into the house made myself a snack and took a beer out of the fridge while Karen began to put together a light lunch for the girls. When I finished I gave Karen a kiss and a quick feel and pendik escort then carried Aunt Jill’s bags up to her suite.

As I was putting the bags on the bed Mom, Kate and Aunt Jill came into the suite.

Kate showed her the sitting room, bathroom and bedroom. Aunt Jill was very impressed and looked at Kate and Mom a bit misty eyed. I think she really realized that she was with family and now she could just relax and begin to enjoy herself. She gave both Kate and Mom a hug.

” Josie and I are going down to help Karen get lunch together. Ken, will you show Jill where everything is and how it works?”

“Certainly, my pleasure. After another rounds of hugs and thank you’s I took Aunt Jill from room to room showing her where everything was and how it worked.”

“Kenny, this is really magnificent. This bathroom is larger than some of the rooms I’ve stayed in in 5-star hotels. A hot tub and a Jacuzzi! Simply amazing!

“Kate doesn’t do anything half way. With her it has to be first class. So, ready for some lunch? I began to turn toward the door to leave when she walked up to me and stood in front of me and took both my hands in hers.

“Kenny, you have grown up nicely. How is your life? Are you happy?”

“Yes, Aunt Jill, very happy.” It seemed a strange question to ask if I was happy.

“Good. That’s very good! So many people marry people that they shouldn’t and don’t have enough sense to recognize it early enough to do something about it. I just wanted to make sure that someone very special to me, that I love very much, won’t make the same mistakes as these other people.”

Frankly, I didn’t know what to say. Since she was holding my hands in hers I just pulled her toward me and hugged her. If you don’t know what to say to a woman, take her in your arms and hold her. A sincere loving hug is often much better than words.

She hugged me back and I found that having my aunt in my arms with her body pressed against me was very shortly going to cause me a problem. I was getting excited. We stood like that for what seemed a long time, long enough that I did start to get an erection and I knew that Aunt Jill had to feel it but she gave no indication that she had. Finally, she relaxed her hug and looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “Thank you Ken, I needed that hug.” With the tears on her face she tilted her chin up and closed her eyes and I knew that she wanted me to kiss her. I leaned down and as gently as I could I lightly touched her lips with mine. She responded but only lovingly, on an impulse I made the kiss a bit firmer and then she responded in kind. We kissed with mouths partly open but without tongues and we held the kiss. Then, quick as 1, 2, 3 in rapid succession she tightened her arms and pulled tighter against me, moved her hips more tightly against mine and against my boner and opened her lips and quickly ran her tongue just over my lips and then let me go and stepped back. When she stepped back she turned her back to me and wiped her eyes with her hands and, with her back still to me, walked over to the bed and started to unpack her bags.

“You go ahead, I’ll be down in just a minute.”

Knowing when to make a graceful exit I said, “Okay, see you shortly,” and I left thinking about that hug and kiss.

When I got downstairs Karen was talking on the phone. As I came into the room she indicated that it was for me and walked over and handed it to me while mouthing the word ‘Sarah’.

I took the phone and answered it. Sarah was upset. She wanted to meet with me right away. She had a problem and needed to talk. She was insistent that we meet as soon as possible but wouldn’t tell me why. I immediately began to worry that it might have something to do with Tuesday and that she was having second thoughts about what had happened so I agreed to meet her at the house in an hour.

When I cut the connection I signaled to Karen that I wanted to talk with her and excused myself and went into the hallway. I told Karen about the phone call and my suspicion that It might involve our session on Tuesday. I also told her that I had agreed to meet Sarah in an hour at our house. Karen thought for a moment and agreed that I should meet her but she would remain here so that nobody would think anything might be wrong. She made me agree to call her as soon as I knew what was going on. I went back into the kitchen and since neither Mom nor Kate had heard any of the conversation I explained that the phone call had been from work and that I had to leave for a little while but would see everyone later that day.

When I arrived at the house I parked the car in the garage rather than leave the car in the driveway so it would not be obvious that I was there. Hopefully, the neighbors wouldn’t have seen me drive up. The houses were pretty well separated and the lots were nicely wooded so that it may be that no one saw me. I went in and turned on the A/C and got a beer. I had a sinking feeling that I might need something stronger.

About 15 minutes later I heard the key in the lock and Sarah came in. She saw me sitting at the kitchen table and walked escort pendik over with a look that made my heart drop.

“Hi, Sarah, what’s wrong?”

She flopped into the chair directly across from me and just looked at me for a minute, I could not figure out whether she was mad or just upset about something. “You made a tape recording of us, of me!”

Shit! How in the hell did she know that? Since what she had said wasn’t a question I decided to not say anything but to wait so I just looked at her and took another sip of beer.

“Well, you did, didn’t you?”

I could not lie to her. “Yes, I made a tape of all of us. How did you know that?”

“What are you going to do with that tape?”

“Why, nothing. It is just for Karen and me. I haven’t and won’t show it to anyone. If you want I’ll give it to you to do whatever you want with it. I never intended for that tape to cause you any embarrassment.”

And here I did lie. “We usually make a tape when we have one of our little sessions with our friends and they know it. I had already set up the camera before you showed up and just forgot about it until we were ready to leave. When I remembered it I took it with us so that no one could ever see it. I’m really sorry that I made it now. But, I don’t understand how somebody else found out about it or how you found out about it.”

“Can I have a beer too?”

“Certainly, help yourself. Do you want something stronger?”

“No, just a beer.” She got up and went to the refrigerator.

My mind was in overdrive. How did someone else see the tape and how did Sarah find out about it. The only time we had seen the tape was……..Oh, shit. The cleaning crew! Damn, at least one of them was watching us from the studio when we were watching the tape. One of the cleaning crew knew Sarah and said something to her. Yes, that had to be it! Goddamn!

Sarah came back and sat down again and I let her take a few sips of her beer. “What happened Sarah? Tell me everything.”

She gave me a dirty look but then told me that last evening she was hanging out with some friends at the mall and had run into several other girls that they knew but not real well. One of these girls was Ann. They shopped for awhile and then decided to get something to eat. While they were waiting for their food Sarah had to go to the bathroom. When Sarah got up Ann said she had to go too. When they were in the bathroom washing their hands Ann told Sarah that she was on a cleaning job with her cousin that day and they had overseen two people having sex while watching a video. The video was about some older people messing around and having sex and there was a younger girl in the video that looked a lot like Sarah.

Sarah said her heart dropped to her feet but she tried to act surprised when what she really wanted to do was run away and start crying because at that moment she didn’t know if Ann might be trying to blackmail her or might tell her parents or even all of Sarah’s friends about it. Sarah tried to play it light by laughing and saying that no, it wasn’t her but she wanted Ann to tell her all the sexy details.

Ann seemed to accept that it wasn’t Sarah in the video and told Sarah that it would take too long and their friends would be wondering why they had been gone so long so she offered to give Sarah a ride home and tell her everything on the way.

Sarah had the feeling that Ann accepted that it wasn’t her in the video and she also found that she was beginning to like Ann as a friend and thought that Ann liked her as well so she agreed.

On the ride home Sarah urged Ann to give her all the details of what happened because she was interested in what Karen and I had been doing hoping that it would shift Ann’s attention away from her. Ann went into all the details. Sarah looked at me and admitted that she found it hot to hear Ann tell her about Karen and I sucking and fucking. By the time they got to Sarah’s house the two girls were becoming friends. They sat in the car talking about a lot of things beside the tape and what Ann had seen yesterday.

Sarah believes she convinced Ann that it wasn’t her in the video but she still wasn’t sure. Now she was very angry with me because the video existed at all and wanted to know what I was going to do about it.

I didn’t want to be mean to Sarah but I had to make her to realize that while I had made the tape it was because she showed up at all that she was on the tape. So we had to get past blaming anyone. What we had to do was make sure that neither Ann nor Kali said anything about the tape to anyone. Knowing that Karen was waiting for my call, I told Sarah that I was going to call Karen and fill her in on what she had told me.

I got another beer for Sarah and myself and picked up the phone, called Karen and filled her in. When I was finished she asked me to put Sarah on the phone and while they were talking I went to the bathroom to get rid of the beer. When I got back Sarah looked a bit relieved but also somewhat apprehensive. She handed the phone to me.

Leave it to Karen. This woman should work for the government’s pendik escort bayan Department of Dirty Tricks. She explained what she thought we should do. I listened and thought it might work, I agreed. Then she said that she was going to borrow Kate’s Jag and would see us in 30 minutes. The way Karen drives that Jag 30 minutes was an overestimate. When I hung up the phone I handed it to Sarah.

We sat quietly drinking our second beer. Sarah looked up and asked me, “Was the tape as hot as I remember Tuesday?

“Hot, but not nearly as hot as actually being there.” I smiled at her. “Are you sorry?”

“Sorry about being there? No! It was hot and I enjoyed it very much.” She looked at me for a minute and then dropped her eyes and said in a very quiet voice, “I’ve probably played with myself more yesterday thinking about it than I had in the past month.” She quickly picked up her beer and took a swig.

I laughed out loud.

20 minutes after hanging up the phone I heard the garage door go up and knew that Karen had arrived. When she came in she immediately went up to Sarah and hugged her and told her that everything would be okay. She stepped back and handed Sarah the tape.

Sarah stood there with tears in her eyes and thanked Karen. She put the tape on the table.

“Well, aren’t you going to destroy it?”

She smiled a bit sheepishly, “No, I think I want to see it first,” and she giggled like a little girl. She was beginning to relax.

“Sweetie, Ken was watching that tape and getting all horny and playing with himself and when I watched it made me all horny again too. Ken and I kind of got carried away and did the big nasty while we were watching it. Hon, if you don’t want to destroy it then I’m afraid that we are going to have to make sure that it never leaves this house. Frankly not only you but both Marie and Louise would be in a lot of trouble if that tape ever got out.”

“Why, because they’re married?”

“Yes, because they’re married. If you want to watch the video it will have to be here so that when you are done it can be locked up.”

About 10 minutes later the doorbell sounded and Karen and I went into the den.

Sarah went to answer the door and shortly came into the den leading Ann who, when she saw Karen and I sitting there almost went into shock. Her mouth flew open and her eyes bugged out and she looked at Sarah as if she could not believe what she saw.

Karen got up and walked over to the two girls. She said, “Ann, it’s nice to see you again, glad you could come over. Please, come in and sit down. We would like to talk to you.”

Ann looked like she was going to run but Karen kept smiling and turned around and walked over and sat down. Relieving the pressure on Ann at that moment was the wisest thing to do. Ann, instead of turning and running out of fear, was now curious and when Sarah walked past her and sat down and she didn’t feel trapped with anyone behind her she slowly walked over and sat in the chair closest to the door.

“Beer?” I asked and held one up.

She nodded and I handed it to Sarah who gave it to Ann.


She shook her head and took a swallow.

Sarah reached down and took the video and handed it to Ann. This I did not expect nor did Karen. We both looked at each other in surprise.

“I appreciate your telling me about the tape. I didn’t know that they had made one and I am pissed at them for doing that without telling me. I haven’t even seen it yet myself.” She looked daggers at Karen and me and we both sheepishly hung our heads in shame, somewhat theatrically. Sarah giggled which completely negated the stern tone she was trying for. How the girl could giggle at a time like this I didn’t know but she impressed me with her cool.

A very surprised Ann looked from the tape in her lap to Sarah to me and to Karen and back again to Sarah. She simply did not know what to say.

Now it was time to get down to business. I leaned forward and put my elbows on my knees, interlocked my fingers and looked at Ann. I explained to her how the tape came about and how Sarah ended up being involved. I held nothing back since she had already seen the tape. I also told her that Karen and I knew that someone was watching us yesterday from the studio and we were having fun putting on a show for them. At that time we didn’t know whether it was Kali or Barbara or her watching. I ended by saying that Karen and I didn’t much care what Ann knew or said about us but that we had to be sure that nothing was said to anyone about Sarah’s involvement. We thought very highly of Sarah and our only purpose was to keep Sarah out of any trouble. We needed to know who she told and if she knew if Kali told anyone.

Ann responded well. With a self-conscious but naughty grin she told us that she and Kali had watched and she admitted that they had gotten pretty worked up, enough so that they masturbated each other while watching. Looking directly at Sarah, she swore that she had told no one about what happened or about Sarah’s part in the video but she didn’t know about Kali. Still looking at Sarah she said that she didn’t want to see any of us get in trouble but especially Sarah because she found out how nice Sarah was and liked her. Sarah smiled broadly at that and I could see that she wanted to trust Ann.

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