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In the middle of all this Russ Meyer level debauchery, I actually had a normal life. And frankly, it was boring the shit out of me. I was having a real hard time taking my acting teachers seriously when I was successfully manipulating a whole diner full of people to my will! I mean these guys were asking me to practice Neil Simon while I was living Marquis DeSade. Are you fucking kidding me?

I even broke up with my girlfriend. Yeah, the hot blonde who, according to her, is on track to be a news reporter for a Major News Network. Fuck that and fuck her too. OK, I don’t really mean that. She’s not a bad person, it’s just, well…damn. Ok, here it is. I can’t get Bianca Jacinto out of my head. And you can just shut the hell up, because I know she’s 69 and old enough to be my Grandmother, but damn! She gave me an amazing blowjob, I mean, a really amazing blowjob. And she wasn’t A Faked Out Palm Springs Senior Slutizen, like those Hollywood actresses who become addicted to plastic surgery. She was a lovely, petite, dark skinned Latina with piercing brown eyes and a smile that was wise and naughty at the same time. And she was 69 years old.

Did I mention she gave amazing blowjobs? She did.

And we both hated her daughter, which is important, as Lucinda was a total asshole. Bianca had three other kids who are all doing great, and all those kids also hate Lucinda because she is an asshole. Bianca, is not an asshole. She’s a nice person who I had to blackmail to get her asshole daughter out of my life. I felt a little bad about that. Bianca was reasonable and nice, wore cool clothes and it was boss as hell how she took such a huge hit of that weed ((EDITOR’S NOTE-this is 1980’s weed, and not the Hydro stuff we smoke….uh, I mean you smoke….at present in the 2020’s.)). I didn’t really know anything else about her, but I wanted to, especially after spending seven months with a girl who was so shallow that a thimble could call itself the deeper of the two.

So I asked Bianca out, and she said yes. And we had a great time. And since we didn’t fuck, what we talked about is none of your business. But I needed to set you up so you would understand the rest of the story, which has all kind of fucking.

We were ending the night at The Schroedinger’s Cat, my favorite bar. I was surprised to find that Helmut, the owner, knew Bianca. But after knowing Bianca for a few weeks, I stopped being surprise. Everyone knew Bianca, and everyone hugged her when they met her. We started in on two Quantum and Cokes and we eventually started talking about my blackmail plans concerning her daughter and the other Diablas, the group of mean and nasty waitresses at the Diner.

“I’m actually going tonight to, well, get a payment.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “No kidding? Right from a dinner with me to sex with someone else? That’s weird of you. I like that you told me thought. Mostly.”

“I wanted tonight with you and me to have nothing to do with sex. I really just wanted to get to know you better.”

She shook her head and chuckled. “What is your intent here, boy? Because I can’t…date…a 20 year old man. That’s too embarrassing. That’s what crazy putas on the Novelas do.”

“I get that. Maybe I’m just tired of being surrounded by the shallow and shitty. I might just need an anchor of decency in all this.”

She nodded sagely and pulled a joint out of her purse. As she put it to her lips, Helmut walked over, pulled out a lighter and lit it for her. Nobody else blinked about her smoking a joint indoors. It was a subtle display of power I remember to this day.

“That makes complete sense to me.” Bianca said, marijuana smoke flowing from her nose like two thin snakes. “We’ll see about that. So, right now you’re going to get a payment, eh?” She handed the joint to Helmut, who hit it and handed it to me.

“Yup, Helena.”

“Helena? Really? The prissy one? You looking forward to cracking that nut?” Bianca asked, laughing.

“Actually yes. She’s repressed as hell, and her tits are fabulous, so it will be at least interesting. “

“Pssshit. They’re big, not fabulous.” Bianca spat. “More than a handful is a waste of skin and just hurts your back. So, hey, let me come with you!”

I blew out the smoke I had been holding in a steady stream and leaned forward and peered at her like Jack Nicholson. “In what capacity?” I drawled.

She leaned forward and smiled like Salma Hayek. “Cameraman.”

“Cameraman? Really? So, are you in on this whole thing?”

She smiled wider. “Yeah, yeah I want in. Beats the crap out of watching The Price is Right and waiting to die.” She was totally vibing on the same energy I was.

I mustered the most serious tone I could. “So, you’re In?”

She paused just enough to make her voice even cooler than mine, “Si, compadre. I’m in.”

I laughed. “Done. Let’s ride chica.”

In ten minutes we were at Helena’s house. I didn’t take long to explain Bianca’s presence as a chaperone. Despite the what Helena had already been kaçak iddaa through, she was still a little skittish, and having Bianca’s matronly smiling face in the room seemed to make her feel comfortable. Her home was neat and tidy, and decorated like Aunt Bea from Mayberry lived there. It was so square it almost killed my boner. Helena was dressed in the same way. Long skirt and plain white blouse. Her massive tits caged in a tight industrial bra. Her small eyes hidden behind huge glasses, and her greying hair lazily put in what could be call a gibson girl. She was fidgeting a bit, and wringing her hands.

“You look nervous Helena.”

“Well…I….yes, I guess.” She tried to smile and failed.

“Say, do you like wine?”

“Oh, I don’t drink.”

“How about a cigarette? That relaxes people.”

“Okay.” She said without hesitating, reaching into a pocket and fishing out a pack. I stopped her. “Hey try one of these, they’re…French cigarettes. My Theater friend turned me on to them.” It was all I could to to not crack up laughing. I sounded just like the bad guy in an anti-drug After school special. I lit a joint and handed it to her. She took a practiced drag.

“Eeewww. That tastes funny.” She said squinching up her face. “I don’t think I like it.” I laughed easily and took the joint back. “No problem. Here, sit down next to me.” Once she had, I took her hand and looked deep into her eyes. “Now Helena, I want you to know, that I like you a lot. And I don’t want you to feel about all this. But you did some bad things, so you need to, well, not be punished, rather..give a forfeit.

“Oh, like in Jane Austin books when they play a game and have to give up a forfeit. I know about that.” She sounded a little ditzy. “I’m feeling a little ditzy.”, she said. “French tobacco is strong.”

“Okay, just like Jane Austen. Great.” She knows about Jane Austin? Shit, score one for not judging a book by its cover. “So Miss Helena, you will need to remove your blouse, and show me your chest.”

Her cheeks blushed pink in the sexiest way. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly, and removed her shirt, and sat facing me in her Soviet style brassiere. “Now remove your bra, please.”

“That French tobacco is really strong. I need a drink.” She got up and went to her kitchen, rattled about for ten seconds and came back with a bottle and three glasses. Without a word she poured three glasses of wine, drained hers in two gulps, repoured for herself and sat down.

“I thought you said you didn’t drink?” i asked Helena.

“I lied.” She said flatly.

Bianca, lounging in the corner with the camera laughed. “Oh my, this is going to be fun.”

“Now, Helena, take of your bra, slowly.”

She set down her glass and un did the clasp of her bra, which were in the front. As she opened her bra, her massive breasts seem to pour out of the brassiere cups, like a Horn of Everlasting tits. They hung down to her lap, but mostly because she was short. The had a good roundness and her tremendous nipples and areolas pointed forward, not down.

“Okay, those are fabulous breasts.” Bianca said appreciatively.

“Thank you.” said Helena with a little giggle. Helena’s eyes lingering on Bianca a bit. I made a note of this for later.

“Allrighty, I hope you remember what Mandy did last time?”

“Mostly. That French Tobacco is strong.”, she said in a happy tone. Man! She was higher than a Giraffe’s smile!

“So come on down here, and undo my pants.”

“Phew. Okay. Your penis seemed kind of big to me.”

“Me too.” said Bianca softly from behind the camera.

I put a pillow in front of me and helped her down and she began to unfasten my belt and pants, yanking them down around my ankles. She looked at my penis and blinked. “I put my mouth on it last time.” Apparently, Helena was in a No-Mental-Editor-High, in that she was declaring every thought she had in her head without hesitating. “I wasn’t suppose to like doing that but I kind of did.”

“I totally understand. I actually like putting my mouth on women’s parts.” I told her, trying to match her energy.

“You do!? Really?” She was smiling a little, and her hands were on my legs, unconsciously stroking my thighs while the bottoms of her tits rested on my knees. My cock twitched a little.

“Oh sure, lots of people do. Actually, most people do.”

“Nunh-unh!” she said, almost like a kid. Helena turned around to look at Bianca. “Do you like to put your mouth on it?”

“I certainly do.”

“Really. Hm” Helena’s eyes again lingered on Bianca, before turning back around to my naked lap. She needed to pick up her tits and put them back on my legs, the weight of which was an incredible turn on.

“Stroke my cock with your hands, Helena.” She took my dick in her hands and squeezed tightly. “Not so tight! Hold it loosely in your hands so your fists will travel over the shaft smoothly….Yes…Yeah that’s it!”

“It’s so strange how hard and soft it is.” She was staring at it, and licking her kaçak bahis lips. “And it didn’t taste like pee at all last time.”

“And if it ever does, Helena, you are allowed to ask me to wash up. And I will.”

“Really? It’s okay to ask that?”

“Sure.” I chuckled a little, like a Dad on a 1950’s TV show, which is exactly how I felt….actually since I had a stoned big titted granny in front of me with her hands on my cock, it was more like a Robert Crumb cartoon. “SO, does it still taste okay?” I asked her. She dropped her head down and gave my cock a hard lick, all along the shaft, just like she was licking a candy cane. She sat back up and smacked her lips, her brow furrowed as she gauged the flavor of my penis. “Yes, it tastes like skin. It tastes nice. Hm.” She thought to herself for a second and then leaned back down and put her mouth over the crown my dick,and sucked hard, and plopped it out again, making a popping noise. The sensation was nice, but jarring.

“How was that?” She asked me.

“Nice, but going, um, up and down is better.”

“Okay.” She went back down and with her huge glasses looking up at me she went down on me, taking about four inches and up again several times. She topped to ask me, “Like that?”

“Yeah, that was good, but try to keep your teeth out of the way if you can and close your lips around it.”

“Gotchya.” She went back at it, and applied my instruction adroitly, beginning a good session of cocksucking. Helena seemed to loose herself a bit in the act of sucking me, which became playtime as well. She slapped it against her cheek, delighting in the noise it made. She tongued every part of my cock, asking me “How was that?” Every time she tried something new. When she discovered that the underside of the head of my dick was a lot like the clitoris, she became happy as hell.

“Wow! So when I do this….” She wrapped her lips around the crown of my cock and fiercely pressed her tongue against that spot which made me hiss and almost jump in my seat with pleasure. She sat up and said, “It makes you do that!” She was proudly beaming.

“Yes, yes it does.” I said, returning to my seat. “But don’t get cocky. Let’s get to the tit job.”

“Do I have to?” she asked, her lips in an adorable pout.

“Well, I…is there something you would rather do?”

“Can I choose my forfeit Mr. Darcy?” she said airily. Shit, this girl was high as fuck. I leaned into it, pulling out a solid British Accent. “And where is the wisdom in that? If you were to choose a forfeit of pleasure, how should instruction be provided?” Her eyes shined.

“Oh sir, must a forfeit be an act of labor? Of drudgery?”

“A sacrifice, my lady. Is what I require from my forfeit.” I stuck a little Colin Firth on it and flared my nostrils. Shit! That french tobacco was strong. And, I was genuinely enjoying this. “Oh sir…” Helena barely stammered out as she trembled with desire. No shit, she was literally trembling with desire all over her body, and as her mammoth tits shimmered and shook, my cock cock even harder.

“Holy shit, is she really trembling with desire!?” Bianca asked from the corner. Both Helena and eye looked away from each other, turned to Bianca and gave her a loud “Shush!”, at exactly the same time. We turned back toward each other and then both said automatically…

“Pinch, poke, I owe you a coke!” and then we both laughed.

“Gringos.” Muttered Bianca, though she was smiling.

“Ahem. My forfeit, Miss Helena, is for you to stand before me, on your feet wench!”

She stood haughtily before me. “I am no wench. I am a lady.” She thrust her tits out with the bravado of a fictional character.

“We shall see, we…shall…see.” I stood and took her breasts softly in my hands. I ran my palms all over her tits, which made her wiggle just a little bit. “You will tell me if I happen to perform any actions that are… distractingly painful. Otherwise, you will succumb to my attentions.” I began to press my hands harder into her titsflesh, squeezing them together, pressing my hands into them, harder and harder I pressed and groped, seeking to make her say no. Digging my fingers deep into her breasts as she stood there solidly, without swaying at all as I got rougher and rougher with her tits. Her mouth hung open however, and her passionate eyes and hardening nipples told me this all was pleasure for her.


I sat on the couch and got close to her. My mouth was at the perfect height for her nipple. I flicked it with my tongue, and kissed it. She did not react very much. Later, I discovered that people with large breasts often have less sensitive breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. She took in a deep, deep breath. I sucked harder and she moaned out a low sound, from deep in her throat. I took her other nipple in my hand and softly began to pinch it. She squirmed a bit more as I pinched her engorged pink nipple tighter and tighter while I sucked on her other tit harder and harder.

Bianca illegal bahis had moved in with her camera, and was getting a shot from above, so the camera could see what I was doing with both her tits. Helena seemed oblivious to the camera at first, and then she actually looked into the lens, and fuck-mugged into the camera! She liked it! Hey Mikey, she really liked it! Bianca also smiled and gave Helena the thumbs up. Helena’s knees began to stagger with the ever increasing sensation on my sucking and pinching, so I lifted her skirt around her waist, thrust my knee between her legs, and got her to straddle my leg and then made her lower herself onto me. It gave her a rest but also put her pussy right on my warm leg, which made her gasp with pleasure. I felt the moistness on my leg from her pussy as she began to rub herself on me, riding my leg while I greedily suckled on her tit, making loud noises that filled the room.

I switched nipples then, to keep her balanced, and started sucking on her other nipple and pinching and pulling the the other. This time, I pulled outward on the nipple in different directions. She hissed and gasped at the turns and twists of my fingers, and her hips began to grind harder against my leg. Bianca was now behind Helena, shooting straight at her back.

“She has a lovely ass, Greg.” Bianca said, with that flat professional tone that took nothing from the energy of the scene. “Does she now? I would view this ass of yours, Milady.” I helped her off my leg and gently led her to a doggy style position, kneeling with her tits resting on the seat of the couch. I helped her off with her skirt, and almost tore off her granny panties, and revealed what indeed a nice ass. Not huge, not a bubble butt, but well curved and clear skinned. And as she was sticking her ass up in the air, it looked even better. I kneeled beside her, and began to run my hands all over her cheeks, cupping the skin and letting my fingers luxuriate in the softness.

“Excuse me sir, is that part of the Forfeit?”

Whoa. It was a good question for the character to ask. Well, allrighty then!

“This… is an inspection to help determine future forfeits.” I said, pulling the words out of my Jane Austen ass.

“Then, no hands. Inspect with thine eyes only. Now, come and receive your forfeit, sir.” This 59 year old nerdy waitress was putting a little iron in her tone, and I have to say it was hot as hell.

“Indeed.”, was all I said as I moved back to sit on the couch, and she placed my cock securely between her breasts. I should say invisibly between her breasts, as my cock completely disappeared in the chasm that existed somewhere deep down between her lovely globes.

“Now, let us complete our task.” She dropped down with her mouth and moistened my dick with her slick thin lips and tongue, and then put the now wet pole back between her tits. Then with her hands she moved her huge breasts up and down, slowly and with some hesitation, as she had never done this before. Her Jane Austen bravado slipped a little bit, as they never covered giving a tit job in ‘Sense And Sensibility’. “Does that feel…will that suffice?” She asked, forcing herself back into the classic English accent

“You shall know momentarily.” I grunted, my cock experiencing a number of great sensations. Her tit flesh molded to my dick as it was forced to move back and forth. It was a fuck like I never had before! It was stimulating the head of my dick in a way that usually gets me to come, but the loosely smooth warmth on my shaft and the stroking effect wouldn’t let me cum. Does that make sense? I was poised just on the edge of an orgasm for what felt like forever, but was likely no more than a couple minutes. My eyes were closed and I was rolling my head around. Then she suddenly stopped.

“You seem to be in pain my lord.” Her voice was full of smart ass satisfaction, with a twist of ‘I have you now’, that would have made Emma Thompson proud. It took every bit of actor’s training I had to stick to the accent and character, “Dear God woman, you have brought me to the brink, and I cannot find release!”

“Perhaps I shall have pity on thee, my lord. If you will grant me a forfeit of my own.”

“What sort of forfeit… arrrgh!” I groaned as she began to tit torture my cock with that damned stroke. My cock never felt so hard, so strained the the edge of explosion. The need to cum sent stinging pangs of desire up and down my legs and body as she relentlessly fucked my cock with her tits.

“My forfeit, my lord?” She asked me again.

“Oh, God…if it is within my power, yes, yes! Just give me release!”

“Done!” She said triumphantly and dove down on my dick and began to suck on my cock while stroking the shaft. That was pretty much all it took. She worked my dick for about fifteen seconds, and then I gave her a warning.

“Madam, remove yourself, prithee!”

She released my cock from the velvet cage of her mouth, and stroked me to an incredible orgasm. I almost screamed as I shot a huge load all over her chest. Bianca got in close with the camera to get it all. It took us both a couple minutes to get our breath back. Then she primly cleaned off my cum from her tits and stood up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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