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Big Tits

Day 1 — Friday

Los Angeles, California 2012 — But not our universe

Raymond Williams breathed a sigh of relief as the elevator doors closed, finally signalling the end of a tough day at work. Ray was a happily married, thirty one year old accountant who pretty much hated his job. Just as things had been for Ray at high school, at work he felt bullied and the butt of all the jokes. Not only that, he’d snuck a peek at his colleague’s payslip and the bastard was earning five thousand dollars a year more than him, despite the fact he’d graduated top of his class and worked his ass off around the office.

Ray sighed again as the elevator reached the lobby and he headed for the front door.

“Goodnight Jim,” he waved to the security guard as he went past.

Jim grunted unintelligibly in reply, he was a little distracted by the bobbing head in his lap as one of the hot secretaries from the law firm on level six was enthusiastically giving him head while he casually watched the security monitors.

Ray gritted his teeth as he stepped out the front door. That was another crappy part of his job, the secretaries at the accounting firm weren’t all that attractive, at least not compared to the legal secretaries downstairs. Occasionally when he was particularly stressed he’d get a blowjob from Daisy the receptionist, but she was a little flat-chested for his liking and had a big nose.

Ray sighed as he started heading for home. At least he had Melissa. His lovely wife was the one good thing in his life.

Melissa was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Way out of Ray’s league in fact. For her to have even considered marrying him was a miracle. And with what the firm paid him he knew she wasn’t after him for his money. She was absolutely perfect in every way, and she was all his. That was probably why, as much as possible, Ray kept Melissa hidden away. He didn’t want to share her with anyone if he could help it.

With thoughts of Melissa cheering him up a little, Ray smiled to himself and started whistling as he headed down the sidewalk towards the bus-stop.

Ray glanced at his watch. Five thirty-seven. He was running late as usual. He’d missed his bus and the next one wasn’t due for about twenty minutes. Typical! His mood soured once again.

When he reached the bus stop he saw that perhaps his luck hadn’t completely deserted him. Waiting at the bus stop was a rather beautiful looking young woman. She was tall, with long red hair and a slender, sexy looking body. She had generous looking breasts and a nice tight little ass. The woman was wearing a summery looking yellow dress, that was low cut over her ample breasts and short enough to display her long, nicely tanned legs.

Ray looked at his watch again as he approached the woman, the bus was definitely a long way off.

“Hi there,” said the redhead, turning towards Ray as he stopped beside her.

“Hi,” replied Ray, openly looking her up and down admiringly. He hesitated for just a moment, wondering if he should wait ’til he got home to Melissa. But it had been a crappy day and he knew he’d get bored waiting for the bus.

“Could I grab a blowjob?” Ray asked, turning back towards her.

Unsurprisingly, kaçak iddaa the woman cheerfully agreed, “Sure.” After all, it would have been extremely rude to refuse. It was considered good manners for a woman to agree to any request from a man for sex. They didn’t have to agree to things like marriage and commitment, but for any casual sexual requests it was unthinkable to refuse a male.

The beautiful young redhead knelt down carefully on the sidewalk in front of Ray as he unzipped his fly. Ray noticed she had a graze on one knee, probably from an earlier blowjob, but she didn’t complain in the slightest as she knelt on the hard concrete beside the bus stop.

The woman reached into Ray’s trousers and fished out his cock for him. He wasn’t erect yet, but there was definitely a little swelling and hardening getting underway as the sexy redhead pulled him out and stroked him in her soft hand.

“Cute dick,” she commented, giving his shaft a squeeze. The head of his spongy member just poking out from the top of her fist. Her hand felt great on his dick.

She leant forward and gave his semi-erect penis a lick, her tongue swirling around the head of Ray’s cock.

“That’s nice,” breathed Ray, feeling the stress leaking out of him and the obliging woman sucked his cock into her wet mouth. He just hoped he’d be able to get off before the bus arrived, although he supposed she could continue on the bus journey if necessary. The other day Ray had been receiving a handjob from a lovely petite blonde when the bus had reached her stop and she had to leave him hanging. There hadn’t been anyone else suitable on the bus, so Ray had gone home to Melissa with painful blue balls. Fortunately she had been more than happy to relieve him.

Ray sighed contentedly as the woman started to bob her head over his cock, which had now fully stiffened in her wetly sucking mouth. She was definitely a good cocksucker.

The woman briefly lifted her mouth off his prick as she regarded his now completely erect manhood. He was around four and a half inches long. Ray knew he was a little below average, but Melissa always told him he was a perfect fit for her mouth.

“Cute,” repeated the redhead with a smile before plunging her mouth back down over his cock and starting to suck him in earnest, her cheeks hollowing and her tongue working on his hard shaft as she sucked.

Ray frowned, he wasn’t completely sure he liked her referring to his cock as ‘cute’, but what the hell, she gave pretty good head. He glanced at his watch again, just over ten minutes until the bus was due.

Placing one hand gently on the back of the girl’s head to keep her mouth in place, Ray shuffled over to the left a little so he could lean back against the side of the bus stop while she blew him. He closed his eyes and relaxed back, enjoying the feel of the redheads talented mouth sliding up and down his erection, the sounds of his cock wetly squelching in her throat filling his ears.

Ray let her suck his cock diligently for a few more minutes before deciding he’d better hurry up and finish off before the bus arrived. He reached down and grabbed her head in both hands and began to fuck her kaçak bahis mouth in earnest.

Ray moaned as he shoved his erection roughly into the redheads mouth, forcing his cock right into her mouth, her lips pressing right around the very base of his shaft and his balls on her chin. The one advantage of a slightly shorter dick was that most women had little trouble deep throating him.

The woman moaned slightly as Ray’s hips thrust, his cock ramming it’s way in and out between her soft lips, but she made no sign of objecting to his rough use of her mouth.

It didn’t take much more than a minute of his vigorous fucking for Ray to cum. He gave a deep groan as his cock lurched in the woman’s mouth and hot sperm spurted across her tongue. Ray moaned, holding her head down on his shooting penis as he spent himself into her agreeable mouth.

When he was finally spent he released her head and zipped himself back up, breathing heavily. “Thanks for that,” he said. Even though a woman would never refuse a request for a blowjob, it was still good manners for the man to thank her. At least that’s what his father had always told him.

“No problem,” replied the redhead, standing back up with a wince as she brushed off her scraped knee.

“You give great head by the way,” added Ray. He was tempted to give her boobs a squeeze, she had a really nice looking rack, but before he could help himself to her other charms the bus arrived.

Instead Ray thanked the woman again and followed her onto the bus. There were only a couple of other passengers and no one paid them much attention. Ray sunk into a seat near the door and settled in for the ride home. The blowjob had definitely taken the edge off his stress, but he was still looking forward to getting home to Melissa and giving her a good fucking. As hot as the young redhead had been, his wife was even more beautiful. Not for the first time, Ray thanked the lord that she’d agreed to marry him.


Ray arrived home to an empty house.

At first he feared the worst. His wife had finally seen the light and realised she could do better than him and left her. Then he saw the note.

Ray breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Hi Ray. I’ve just gone out with Nick. Will be back by 7. Love Mel.’

Ray frowned. Nick? Who was Nick? Ray couldn’t think of anyone called Nick. Melissa didn’t have a lot of friends, and Ray liked to keep it that way. Who was this Nick fellow?

Fortunately Ray didn’t have too long to wait. He just settled down in front of the TV with a beer when Melissa arrived back at the house.

Trying to hide his concern, Ray casually took a swallow of his beer as his stunning wife walked through the front door.

Melissa was dressed casually, in a pair of hip hugging blue jeans and a tight fitting pink t-shirt that accentuated her large, firm looking jugs and looked great with her long, wavy blonde hair. She was walking a little strangely though, like she was sore or injured.

“Hi Ray, honey,” Melissa greeted him breezily.

“Hi babe,” replied Ray, trying to conceal his overprotective distress. “Where’ve you been? And who’s Nick?”

“You know Nick,” replied Melissa, causing Ray to illegal bahis be even more confused and concerned. “Nick Cooper. He said he was an old friend of yours. From high school.”

Nick Cooper… Ray’s blood ran cold at that name. Nick Cooper was the quarterback in the football team at his high school. He was a bully and a giant ass. He’d always treated Ray like shit at school. The ass.

In all the movies, the school bully grew up to be an unemployed loser, while the geeks inherited the earth. But not in Ray William’s world. Nick Cooper had more than landed on his feet. He’d married the beautiful captain of the cheerleading team and gone on to become a famous actor. Rich beyond Ray’s wildest dreams. What an ass.

Ray swallowed. “Oh right, I remember Nick…”. The ass.

Melissa smiled happily. “Well Nick came over to visit you,” she explained. “But when I said you were at work he came in for a drink.”

Ray nodded, a sense of dread growing in the pit of his stomach. Why would that ass come and visit him?

“He was really sweet,” Melissa continued. “I gave him a blowjob and then he asked me to come back to his place to meet some of your other old friends.”

“Other old friends?” asked Ray numbly.

Melissa nodded, “Yeah, there were four guys from your old football team. You were on the team with Nick right?”

Ray nodded dazedly, he felt like his life was crumbling around him. He’d told Melissa he was on the football team, but in reality he was the team’s waterboy, or more regularly the butt of their jokes and victim of relentless tormenting. They were all real asshole’s to him.

“Well they were all really sweet, and very handsome,” explained Melissa. “I ended up fucking them all.”

“Fucking them all?” repeated Ray quietly.

Melissa nodded cheerily. “It would have been rude to say no. And it was pretty fun. After they were all done Nick had got himself all worked up again so I let him fuck me up the ass. He’s got a really nice cock by the way. It’s big.”

Ray swallowed, trying to suppress his anger. It wasn’t her fault. She was right, it would have been rude to say no their requests. Unless a woman was accompanied by a man it was absurd for her to refuse a request for sex. Even a married woman was not exempt, unless she was already with another male. It was just common courtesy for Melissa to let those four footballers fuck her and let Nick stick his apparently large cock into her tight little asshole. That probably explained why she was walking strangely.

Despite all that, it still bugged the hell out of him. This was the very reason he always tried to keep her away from other people, men especially. And Nick Cooper, of all the people in the world, why did it have to be him that buggered Ray’s lovely wife? He was such an ass.

“I’ve never had sex with someone famous before,” added Melissa, looking quite pleased with herself.

Ray sighed. There was nothing he could do about it, it had already happened. He swallowed his anger. “I’m glad you had a nice day honey,” he said softly.

Melissa grinned and nodded and then waddled gingerly across the room. “I’m going to take a shower and get cleaned up,” she said. “I’m a little sore from all those big footballer cocks, so if it’s alright with you I’ll just give you a blowjob tonight?”

Ray nodded miserably. He’d been looking forward to his wife’s pussy all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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