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My stepson Richard was a very nice quiet boy. Very shy. He was 18 years old but looked much younger. His mother was a bit of a slut and I loved her for that. However, she never really liked Richard and he came to me for love and attention.

She told me that he was a fucking looser, never be a real man and was in summer school so he could finally graduate from high school.

He would come home from summer school and give me a big hug and kiss. I loved his kisses. I guess I should mention that I loved the wanton nature of his mother but I found that his little kisses made my cock swell a little. Ok, a lot.

His mother turned me on to threesomes. How I loved to watch her pretend she was my cousin and pick up a guy at a bar, bring him home and fuck him. Sometimes she would fuck him in front of me and then let me suck his cum from her hairy cunt before I got my turn to fuck her.

Once we were all pretty drunk and she laughed when I sucked a man’s cock after he fucked her. That was the turning point for me. She never knew it but I loved sucking cock more than fucking her dripping cunt.

He didn’t get along well in school and needed more of my attention. He was short and slender and let his hair grow long. I’m sure the boys teased him because he was pretty, certainly not macho.

His mother complained that he seemed interested in her woman’s magazines and her clothes instead of man things. Of course, her idea of a man was a macho hunk of cum filled cock that could fuck her brains out. She further distanced herself from Richard.

This worked for me. He and I would talk for hours, he would snuggle up to me. He would turn his face to me and tell me he loved me and we would have a little kiss as I ran my hands through his long hair. He didn’t mind when I finally got up the nerve to give him a little tongue during a kiss. God but my cock was so fucking wet with desire for my beautiful stepson.

His mother spent more and more time out partying so we had the house to ourselves. I noticed that he would go to his bedroom and close the door after we talked and kissed a little. He said he had homework to do. I wondered.

One evening I peeked in his bedroom window and almost came in my pants. He was laying on his back nude, his creamy white skin bathed in candle light. His cock was bursa escort so hard and streaming pre cum as he leafed through a woman’s fashion magazine. Then he reached under his pillow and got a pair of his mother’s silky see through panties and rapped them around his prick and started masturbating.

I had never been so turned on. I let my dripping mature cock out and started stroking. I realized I was falling in love with my stepson. I wanted to take his panty clad prick in my mouth and suck him off.

He let the magazine go as he used his other hand to pull and pinch his nipples. Before it closed I could see women’s short party dresses. His back arched and he closed his eyes as he started to cum in the panties. He came and came until cum ran down his cock shaft. Then, after he recovered he put the cum soaked panties to his mouth and sucked his warm cum load.

I turned from the window as streams of cum shot from my wild cock head. I gave him a little time and then I knocked on his door, dressed in an old thin robe. He said to come in and he had the sheet pulled over him. The smell of cum was strong on his lips as I gave him a good night kiss. I mentioned that his mouth tasted really good as I left. I made sure that my robe pulled apart a little to give him a glance at my swinging spent fuck meat.

Several nights later while snuggling on the couch we both had our robes on. I let my hand fall on his bare thigh and felt the smoothness and warmth of his skin. He tried to hide his hardening prick and said he had some home work to do and kissed me goodnight. He sucked my tongue into his mouth before he left.

I gave him awhile before I took my place at his bedroom window. My God! This time he was standing in front of his mirror dressed in cum stained panties and black mesh stockings, showing off his milky white thighs. He even had on some of his mother’s high healed black party shoes.

With his back to me with his long hair and perfect ass and slender legs he could have passed as a young woman. As he turned to admire his panty clad ass his hand was in his panties jacking frantically. He threw his head back as he orgasmed and a stream of cum filled the panties and ran down his stocking clad legs. I came harder than ever before and nearly passed out.

He was in school and my wife was bursa escort bayan gone for a few days so I treated myself with a long bath and shaved my pubic hair and cock shaft. This made me so hard and horny that I had started to jack off when I heard the front door open.

I didn’t take time to dry and threw on an old short thin robe. I found Richard standing in the front room, head down, sobbing and holding a piece of paper.

My robe was soaked and my cock was still half hard as I put my arms around him as asked what was wrong. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes as I ran my hands through his hair and handed me the paper. He sobbed that his mother would kill him and I would hate him.

I read the letter from his school which basically said that he was caught masturbating in the boy’s toilet while wearing panties. I was to call the school nurse.

I kissed the top of his head and told him I loved him and his mother wouldn’t need to find out. And that he had a beautiful body and would look good in panties. I told him to undress while I called the school.

I sat on the counter stool while I called. He undressed and was only wearing cum stained panties and I motioned him to me and he stood between my open legs.

As I talked to the school nurse I rubbed his bare back and down to his panty clad ass. I could feel how hard with relief he was as I pulled him close. I know he could feel my big stiffening cock.

After I assured the nurse that this wouldn’t happen again I hung up and laughed. I told him the school could go fuck itself and he could wear whatever he wanted around the house.

As he stepped back I opened my robe and showed him 8″ of hard shaved man meat. I asked him if this looked like I was mad at him. I told him to go dress up for me. That his mother was gone for several days and I wanted to see how beautiful he is.

I sat on the couch, naked now and fucking hard and dripping with lust. He entered the room and I almost came. He did a little female type turn wearing see through red lacy panties, black stand up stockings to show off his milky white skin and high heals. His hair was pulled back, he had on red lipstck and eye shadow crudely applied.

My legs were spread and I was leaning back jacking my wet hard on as our eyes locked. I told him he was escort bursa so fucking pretty that I wanted to make love to him. He grinned and said that from the looks of my hard cock that I wanted to fuck him and he wanted that too.

I pulled him to me between my open legs and kissed his cock through the damp panties. He gasped and closed his eyes as I took his panty clad prick into my mouth and started sucking. Fuck but his pre cum tasted good as his panty covered prick swelled in my mouth.

Richard put his hands on my head and started humping my mouth. I felt up his stockings to his bare thighs until my hands were under his panties and I grabbed his bare ass and pulled him deeper into my mouth.

His ass tensed as he cried out and started shooting his load into the panties. I kept sucking through the panties and tasted his cum. I pulled the panties down and took his shooting cock into my mouth.

His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed so as not to choke. After he finished I stood up and leaned down and kissed his up turned mouth, letting him suck his own cum.

After we kissed our faces were smeared with his cum. He reached down and felt my throbbing wet cock and told me he had dreamed of sucking cock.

I sat down again and spread my legs and told him to wrap his pretty red lips around my hard fuck meat and suck me off. He knelt between my legs and started kissing all around my shaved pubic area and licking up my 8″ cock until he had the fat head in his mouth. I felt his tongue darting around and under the dripping cock head and told him I was going to blow my fucking load.

I took his head and started fucking his cock sucking mouth. Faster and faster until I released with a terrific orgasm. He gulped and gulped until he had to pull off and several streams hit him in the face.

We kissed and I licked cum from his pretty face and sucked some from his mouth. I told him to fix his makeup and find one of his mother’s dresses and I would take him out and show “her” off. With that his prick started to get hard. He picked up his cum filled panties and put them on and left for the bedroom to get ready.

After while he came back out and was a knock out. Hair back, makeup just right, little sundress with padding for the tits, black hose and high healed shoes.

He giggled and took my hand as we headed for the door. He told me how much he loved and needed me and said he wished he had a cunt for my big prick but maybe I could fuck his ass hole when we got back.

I am one lucky stepdad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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