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A few weeks after I had slept with Steve, I kept replaying the moment in my head and when I would get a moment to myself I couldn’t help but touch myself thinking about it. While the sex had been good what turned me on the most was I had sex with another man. It made me think back on my younger years and how bad I had been and how much I loved it.

From a young age I have always loved being the centre of attention. When I was a child it was doing silly things which got reactions from adults. When I got older and started to notice boys for the first time I loved the way they looked at me. Even before I had tried sex for the first time I would often daydream in class about what they would do to me. When I got a little older and was allowed to choose my own clothes I had always gone for outfits which would get guys to look at me.

I was at work sat at my desk. I worked for a company which sold and leased heavy duty mining equipment, it is as exciting as it sounds. I had started there at the age of twenty and had within a few years risen to the position of personal assistant to a regional manager. My boss was an older man in his early forties named Andy who was very attractive and charming. He worked out constantly outside of work and was muscular and in good shape. He also had a reputation as a major womanizer with a penchant for young naive interns. I had heard the rumors about girls rising the ladder in exchange for certain favors. klasbahis yeni giriş I had come back from lunch several times to find a young girl leaving his office looking flushed.

I had always resisted his advances despite the constant flirtation. Surprisingly I think he gave me the position because I wouldn’t sleep with him, that he was impressed that I had turned him down despite what he could offer me. I had often fantasied about him either him fucking me or watching him fuck another girl.

Today though was different. I wanted him and I was going to get him. I still loved Harry but Steve had shown me that I enjoyed being with other guys. I was dressed in a lacy black blouse and a matching mini-skirt. White stockings and a garter belt. My look was completed with five-inch black heels. My pussy was completely bare though as I had neglected to wear panties today. My skirt was just short enough that it gave just the slightest of glimpses of my naked ass.

It was late in the day almost the end of work. I had been finalizing some sales reports for Andy and touching myself under my desk. He was still in his office and right where I wanted him. I gathered them up in a folder and made my way into his office. Andy was sat behind his desk in a big leather chair browsing something on his laptop. He looked up at me for a moment as I entered the room. I walked round to the side of his desk and held the report out klasbahis giriş to him.

“These are the quarterly sales reports you wanted,” I told him.

“Just put them on my desk.” He replied gruffly.

I placed them down on his desk

“Actually, I need to see the figures from May.” He told me.

I decided to use this to my advantage. Despite the fact I could have easily just opened the file I instead choose to bend over the desk. I made sure my skirt rose up around my waist so my bare ass was would be on view. I spread my legs wider so my pussy would be exposed to him and faked struggling to find the report he had asked for.

I stood there for a moment wiggling my bum and was rewarded with my two hands on my bare arse. He groped my cheeks for a moment before a finger began to tease my asshole. I had overheard rumors that he had an anal fetish. His fingers slipped lower, exploring my pussy lips. Squeezing my clit between his fingers before pushing one inside me. He worked his finger in and out of my sopping hole for a few minutes. I moaned softly as he touched me.

I heard the distinct sound of a zip being pulled down. He grabbed me harshly around the waist and plunged his cock into me. I whimpered as he went fully inside me. His cock was really long and thick. I hadn’t had sex with a guy this size in years. He was really stretching me out, my pussy was wrapped tightly around his cock. He didn’t klasbahis güvenilirmi stop to let me get used to how big he was which turned me on. He speared my little pussy with his cock going deep inside me everytime.

Holding me tight he fucked me roughly. Slamming his entire length into my pussy with hard fast strokes. My moans became louder as he started to fuck me harder. He fucked me relentlessly driving me to a powerful orgasm. He kept going never slowing down his pace as he continued to make me take his large cock.

My second orgasm tore through my body leaving me panting. I felt his cock twitch inside of me. He forced himself deep into my pussy and just held his cock inside my pussy as he came. Feeling him come inside me made me orgasm again. He held me tight down on his desk as he continued to come inside me. Eventually spent he withdrew from my pussy. He pulled me up off his desk and made me sat with my legs spread.

He stared intently as he watched his cum drip out of me. I was glad I was back on birth control. I reached down and fingered myself, gathering his cum up and licking my fingers clean. His cum still dripping out and onto his desk.

“That will be all Riley,” He told me.

I stood a little unsteady and smoothed my skirt back in place. His cum dribbling down my legs as I made my way out his office. I gathered up my things and headed home. Stopping in the bathroom to clean myself up first.

The next morning Andy greeted me as if everything was normal as I brought him a coffee. As I got back to my desk I noticed a black box with a ribbon around it. Curious I opened it and found a small butt plug and a tube of lube. I smiled before putting it away discreetly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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