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Edited by Rozezwild

My day ended up being a bust. I was at my studio apartment alone drinking cognac and coke, and listening some hot Jamz trying to keep my spirits high. I ran through all the digits in my cell, and even dug out my old black book. The only girl I in contact with had screaming kids in the background.

I cooked my self a fat steak and a potato, and sat at my table like I had company. I even dance with myself, but made sure I stayed away from the windows. I flipped through the TV channels and found a rerun of S Train, which amused me for a second. I was getting stir crazy. I stepped out on my balcony about fifty times. I turned on the projector and shined a slideshow of nude chicks up on the wall.

I jumped hearing my cell phone ring. I turned down the music and answered the phone trying not to show how anxious I was. It was my Aunt Nelly. She was coming up with my mother who had too much to drink. I turned off the projector. Hell, I didn’t have anything going anyways.

My mom was a party hound, but sometimes she ended up drinking too much. My mom was still ready to party, but it was more than my Aunt could handle. My Aunt didn’t even wait for me to get my mom in my apartment before she pendik escort was running back to her car.

My mom took off her shoes and turn my stereo up so loud that I had to turn it back down. For a forty-seven year old woman, my mom had some moves. I got my love for music and dancing from her.

I made some room and we started popping to the music. She was moving her body in ways that would have gotten any body. She was putting that ass on me too. I had to get back with it. That’s just the way it done. She was popping that ass and I was sticking it. I was all up on her as if she was a girl in the club.

It was like three songs before she poured her some cognac. A slow song came on and she got right up on my boy. I was like, “Damn!” She looked up at me and kept grinding. I grabbed her ass and dug in. Oh yeah, fucking with our clothes on.

A fast song came on and she moved away like it was nothing. I was crossed eyed. I made myself a drink and she turned on the projector flashing naked black women on the wall. She kept dancing looking at the pictures. She bounced over and turned off the lights, and then came back up on me.

Some hip hop lyrics make you want to fuck. This was my mom and she was finer escort pendik than any of the hoes I went out with. She was working me over with that booty up against my pipe. I was like, “Fuck it.” She look back over her shoulder at me and smiled. No wonder all my boys wanted to fuck my mom.

I went for the “tak’em to the parking lot moves.” I reached over touching the inside of her knee and on the next beat I slid my fingers up her inner thigh then around to her ass, while slipping my other hand under her short dress and coochie a pat. I was more surprised by that move. She didn’t even have pubic hair over her pussy. She twisted and bumped her crotch to mine before I could make my next move.

The tempo changed and she put her soft ass back up against me. I slid one hand to her boob and the other to her pussy. She grind back as I rubbed her wet pussy. I was more intoxicated by her than I was by the cognac.

She turned around in my arms when the music changed to a slow song, and kissed me fully on the lips. I mean, deep tongue kissing. All I could think was, “Fuck! Now!”

I pulled her tightly little up over her round booty as I walked her back over to my bed. She opened my pants and I only had to step out of pendik escort bayan them when we got to the bed. She grabbed my dick and pulled me on top of her.

We would have been bagging the head board if I had one. I think it was the best pussy I ever had because it was my mother that I was fucking. She was throwing that shit back at me too. I mean, we were grunting and sweating up the sheets. It got even better when she turned around doggie-style. I hit it with everything that I had. Most of it was because I wanted to impress her, the other was just pure lust.

I woke to the smell of bacon and eggs the next morning. My mom made up breakfast and was sitting it out on the balcony. I hit my mouthwash, and then gave her a good morning kiss on the cheek. Sometimes my mom would just let things go without talking about them, I thought this was cause for one of those times, and we could let things go back to normal.

She sat down and said, “Oooo my pussy is so sore.”

I laughed out loud, not because she was in pain, but it was the first time that I had ever heard my mother use the word “pussy.”

“It was the joint!” I said.

She said, “Well, don’t get too happy. It’ll be a week before you can get some more of this.”

“I can have some more?” I asked.

“Well, I want some more too,” she said.

I didn’t have any more problems finding a babe on the weekend, because my mom and I were going out getting ripped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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