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We get in late from an eventful Saturday night in the city. We had a blast and I’m too exhausted to do much more than fall into bed and into a deep sleep.

You wake up before I do. You look over to see me sleeping peacefully on my side facing away from you. You roll over and wrap your arms around me. One hand snakes up and wraps around my throat while the other heads south and makes its way between my legs.

“Good morning, love,” you whisper as you bite and suck my earlobe. I let out a moan as your wandering fingers find their way inside of me and I feel your lips and tongue on the side of my neck. I gasp and my eyes fly open as you slide your big rock hard member between my legs and rub it against my lips while your fingers continue to tease me into consciousness.

“Mmm, and what a good morning it is,” I reply as I lean back into you and start grinding my hips against your pleasant intruders. You groan into my ear as I feel liquid drip out of the tip between my legs. Now that I’m awake your fingers switch from a soft, languid, meandering to rough escort sincan and passionate. You’re on a mission this morning and nothing will stop you from attaining your goal.

“Do you know how badly I wanted you last night?” you ask as your fingers work me into a frenzy and the heel of your hand massages my lady button with abandon. “I’m sorry,” I gasp between heaving breaths, I’m almost ready to climax. All of a sudden your hand stops playing with me and the other tightens on my throat.

“You’re sorry what?” you bark as I try to rub myself on your still hand. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” I groan and squeeze your throbbing meat with my thick thighs. “That’s right, now be a good little slut and ask Daddy if you can come,” you start rubbing the tip of one finger all over my lips letting me taste my own wetness.

I suck your finger into my mouth and moan. I feel you get even harder between my legs as I suck each finger individually into my mouth. “Daddy please let me come,” I moan between fingers. You reach back down and continue ramming your dripping ankara escort fingers into me.

You bring me right to the edge and just as the building pressure spills over and my insides tighten around your fingers, you take them out, lift one of my legs and jam your thick, rock hard cock deep inside of my cumming pussy. “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” I scream as you start slamming into me.

You hold onto my leg for leverage and tighten your other arm around me holding me in place for you to punish me for leaving you unsatisfied the night before. I come again all over your huge black dick and you rip it out of me and stand by the edge of the bed. “Lay on your back slut, I want to fuck that whore mouth now.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I reply and do as you ask. I stick out my tongue and you drop your balls in my mouth as I jack you with both hands twisting in opposite directions. I lick and suck on each one then take them both in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around them and juggle them in my hot, wet mouth to clean our juices off of them.

I can feel your cock twitching etimesgut escort bayan and dripping juices then you step back and guide it into my mouth. You squat down and cradle my head as you fuck my face. Sweat drips down your abs and you let go of my head to brace yourself on my tits as you work yourself in and out of my throat.

You flip me over and spit on my ass before you rub the slobbery head of your thickness over it. You slowly push inside and let out a loud moan at the tightness. You back out leaving just the tip inside and slowly push back in to recreate the sensation. You do this a few times until you can’t take it anymore and pound me as hard as you can.

You shoot a huge load deep inside my ass and collapse on top of me, out of breath, and still inside of me. You pull out and roll over and we both lay there breathing hard, covered in our mixed juices. “Thank you Daddy,” I breathe and roll onto my back to catch my breath. You get up and look out of the window to see a gray, cloudy day full of anticipated rain.

“Looks like we’re not going on any adventures today,” you say and make your way around the bed to grab my hands. You pull me into your arms and bite my neck. “Shall we continue this in the shower?” I nod and you slap my ass as you follow me into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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