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Warning: This text contains a consensual encounter between a transman and a cis male partner, if that’s not your thing then move along. CW: This transman is refers to his natal genitalia as his cock and his internal canal as his front hole or wet hole.

No portion of this story should be re-posted, edited, or copied in anyway without the express permission of its original author

All characters are 18+

Lastly – I’ve been a long-time lurker, but first time poster. Would love feedback in the comments.


Bryan and Dane Take a Risk

“Shit dude! Watch out!” I yelled at my friend Bryan while we played our favorite online game. The warning was too late though, and the screen went blank before flashing GAME OVER on repeat.

“Damn, I always fall for that one.” Bryan responded. Bryan’s a good guy, but he really does always fall for the hidden alien in this particular game.

“No sweat,” I say, “another round?” He hesitates.

“Nah, I’m good. Let’s get some laps in.” He gestures to my outdoor pool and starts to get up. Once outside we both remove our shirts having put on our trunks earlier in the evening.

Bryan and I are good friends and most nights we hang out and in the pool, or if our wives join the fun, in the hot tub. We met in college and wound up working for the same tech company out of school. You could say we’re an odd friendship. I’m definitely the odd one out of our IT team with my average build but great sports IQ. Even at 30, I stay in great shape and keep my body in the gym on our lunch breaks or doing laps in the pool. My wife definitely doesn’t complain. Bryan is on the lanky side, same age (30), his pale skin and red hair making his computer nerd persona complete. After some average chat about work and our wives, I noticed Bryan giving me a strange look.

“Let’s move to the hot tub. It’s chillier than usual tonight.” He said.

We almost never got in the hot tub together if our wives weren’t there, but it was closer to my outdoor bar and I was feeling parched. “Alright,” I replied, “want a drink?”

He nodded his head and I poured us both an ample glass each of whiskey before relaxing in the hot tub across from him. We sat in silence for awhile before he broke it by asking, “You and Trish going on 7 years, right?” I nodded. “That’s cool man. Brooke and I are hitting 4 this year. Shits changing.”

“What is?”

“She’s ready for kids and stuff. Part of me still wants fun. Are y’all trying?”

I looked away, we were trying but IVF was expensive and being trans I didn’t have sperm to just give my woman.

“Shit.” Bryan said after a pause. “Sometimes I forget about it, ya know?”

“Eh, no problem man, I’m happy for y’all” I raised and downed my glass at once before getting up for another round. The heat was nice and I could feel relaxed. My body floating, getting hot and loose. I felt the water shift and when I opened my eyes, Bryan was sitting closer to me than before. Our wives were gone on a 7-day all woman retreat in the mountains. Seemingly out of nowhere, I felt Bryan’s lips on mine as i closed my eyes again. My hands came up and shoved his chest.

“Wtf man?! What are you doing!?”

“Shit. Sorry, kaçak iddaa I have been thinking about doing that for a while, I think I’m bi or pan or something and i don’t want to freak Brooke out and you’re the only guy I’m close with.”

I just stared at him as he rambled on. Thinking about that quick kiss. I didn’t like it, did I? I’d only been with women my whole life. I didn’t like guys too. But as i looked at Bryan, maybe that wasn’t true. “I mean it was weird, but i get it. All guys think about it sometimes, maybe. he stepped forward until our chest were lined up and his bulge was pushing against the fabric of his trunks against mine. The fire in his eyes set my body a flame. My mini-cock hardening and my hole growing wet. He kissed me again, grinding his ever growing erection into me. The hot water was too much and I pulled back. I freed myself from our position and moved out of try hot tub onto one of the outdoor couches. Bryan took the hint and made to join me. The tent in his shorts enough encouragement for my next move. As he approached, i slid off the couch and onto my knees. His cock eye level with me. I gripped his member through his swim suit before pulling the wet fabric down. His pale shaft sprang free of its confines and glistened with water and Precum at the tip. As titled my face upwards from my position on my knees to make eye contact with Bryan as I leaned in closer to the tip of his shaft. Slowly, I extended my tongue to taste just a dribble of his sauce and savored the flavor on my tongue.

“I’ve never actually done this before, so no making fun of me if I fuck it up, B.” I had felt so brazen before, but now facing this thick shaft, I was intimidated. Letting the heat in my core and aching T-cock drive my decisions, I opened my mouth and slide the head of his cock into my mouth and tasted my first salty, sweet cock. His taste wasn’t exactly filet mignon, but I enjoyed the sensation of feeling his wet arousal on my tongue. Bryan left out a deep groan as I began to stroke the base of his shaft while moving my head back and forth from a few inches on his cock to the tip. His skin heated up in my mouth and his precum began to spill in earnest over my tongue and I drank it down. I felt Bryan’s hand come around the back of my head urging me to take more of his cock in my mouth. I obliged, leaning in deeper and closer to the nest of hair at the base of his shaft. After about half way down his impressive length I pulled back sharply coughing and wiping my mouth. Bryan looked down at me with a glaze in his eyes.

“Why’d you stop, D?” He reached for the back of my head again gripping it more firmly and guiding me back to his slick and hard cock. “Yes, that’s it. Come back to take this treat. Open up.” His tone was a mix of lustful and commanding. I couldn’t believe that my friend, who up until recently had never shown any dominant traits was pursuing this continued BJ. Even more surprising was how hot I found his voice and request. “Yes, you’re getting good at this.” He said as I opened up again for his shaft and took in as much as I could, my mouth stuffed. I swirled my tongue around his head every time I pulled back and continued stroking the base of his shaft. My groans kaçak bahis were trapped by his cock plugging my mouth, but I could feel my wet hole and throbbing cock making my trunks damper which each plunge. After a few minutes of letting me take it easy, Bryan took control holding my head still while he used the leverage to face fuck me. I spurted, coughing and choking slightly with moisture dribbling out my mouth. He stopped abruptly and pulled out of my mouth. His hand squeezed tight around the base of his shaft and his breathing was ragged.

“Fuck, I almost came in your mouth. But I don’t want to finish there. I need to fill you up.” He gripped my hand and pulled me up to face him and grabbed my lips in a passionate kiss. Our tongues dueled as his hands gripped my ass through my trunks before one hand slid down the front of my trunks. His middle finger hit against my wet t-cock first. Now I’m not huge, but I’ve had about 2 -3 inches of growth from my testosterone therapy and feel comfortable with my size. I’ve still got use of my front hole, which was now soaked and running down my legs in evidence. As soon as his finger circled around the head of my shaft, I let our a deep moan.

“Bry, shit. I mean, should we really keep going. We’re both married men.” I said in a gasp as a last attempt to snap my brain out of this haze.

“I mean it’s perfect,” he responded, “It’s not like I went out and found another girl besides Brooke. Besides, we’ve been friends for years and it’s not like we have to tell them. Or we could and see their faces. Both of our wives said they could do sharing when we were all drunk playing cards a few months ago. Just trust me.” He coaxing worked and I spread my legs further so he could have more access to rubbing along my shaft and slit. He removed his hand from my trunks and gripped the edges of my band, pulling them down. Our bodies now with no barriers pressed together in the nighttime air. He took a step back looking at my muscled form, light scars marred my chest, but my chest hair covered them mainly.

“Damn,” he said after a full minute of starring. “That’s it, I’m at least bi dude, you’re fucking hot.” Then he closed the distance again pulling me in and taking over the kiss once again. It was like a switch turned on and I could feel the commanding Bryan starting to surface again. He gripped me firmly and I could feel his cock sliding between my legs frotting my t-cock and getting wet with my copious fluids. It felt so good. I moaned for him, my best friend.

“I can’t take anymore. Fuck me Bryan. I want to feel you fill me up.” I said after removing my mouth from his. I looked down, creating some distance and could see him pale, wet and hard shaft coated with my fluids between my own brown muscular legs.

Bryan walked over to the nearby outdoor couch and patted the arm. “Get over here, bend over the arm.” He directed. I ambled over, the heady lusty sensation making walking straight difficult. I took up my position draping my chest over the padded arm of the couch, my ass and boy-cunt on display for him. He stood behind me. He stroked the tip of his still wet member through my folds and on to my dick, nudging our heads together. He kicked my legs illegal bahis into a wider stance and lined up his head with my sopping wet entrance. “Back or front?” he asked.

“Front to start” I said with a wink over my shoulder. “But take it easy I haven’t had anything in there in years.”

He eased the tip of his shaft in. I could feel my walls expanding and shaking to form around him. He pulled out again and repeated the action. After a few test starts, he slammed his shaft home filling me to the hilt and causing a gush of liquid to stream from me. Once inside, he didn’t relent. He began to fill me over and over again, pushing my body down onto the arm to tilt adjust the angle will he railed my thick frame.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” was all I could get out while he took charge of his pleasure and my own. His fingers gripped my hips in a bruising fashion and the thwack, thwack, thwack of our bodies audible in the yard. Thank goodness we don’t live in the city.

“D, your grip is so tight. You are milking my cock. Fuck bro, this shit is so hot.” Bryan gasped out between strokes. “Flip over.”

I moved on the extra large cushioned couch, but didn’t lay down. It was my turn to take back control, after all, we were friends. 50/50 right? “Sit down” I gestured to the open cushion next to me. Bryan obliged quicker than I expected. I came to stand in front of him, my jutting t-dick hard at his eye level. “Well?” I said, a bit of teasing in my voice, “Get one, give one.” Bryan quickly leaned forward on the cushion he sat on. His tongue reaching out as mine had before and licked at my swollen dick. He wrapped his lips around my shaft and began to suck. I came instantly. Built up from the earlier BJ and pounding. My body spasming and I drenched his face in cum. My dick throbbing in the best way. I backed away briefly before straddling him in earnest, lining my wet aching hole up with his cock and lowering myself on his pole.

“Ahhhhh, shit. You fit inside so tightly. Damn.” I began to raise up on my knees and lower myself, riding Bryan while my still sensitive cock his the base of his pubic bone on each downward sweep. His fingers came up to play with my nipples. Pinching and squeezing them on my chest until they were hard. I continued to ride my best friend. Feeling his prick grow inside me.

“Damn, D. I’m going to cum soon.” He flipped me onto my back using the momentum to push me into another kiss while he pistoned his hips in and out of me. “Who’s dick feels good inside your tight hole?” He gripped the base of my throat, not hard, but enough to make his presence known. “Who’s D?”

“Yours, Bryan. Fuck, you bastard. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I moaned as his hips continued to jack knife into me from above. I reached around gripping his pale ass and pulling him into me. I felt his cock grow larger inside me before a series of convulsions racked his thin frame. His cum shot into my open, drenched and clenching hole sending me over the edge into another orgasm of my own. His seed deposited deep inside of me thick and hot. He pulled out, his still dripping cock leaving a spread of cum on my pubic hair and thighs.

“Thank god for that hysto,” I said with a chuckle. “I just think this might be the best bromance I’ve ever had.” With that I stood and dove into the pool to clean off.


If you’d like more tales of these MMC, feel free to comment below. Hope you enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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