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Night had settled in and you were one of the only cars on the road right now. Your cruise control has been on for the last 45 minutes and you don’t expect that will change for a while. He was asleep in the passenger seat. You suddenly started thinking about how hard he had fucked you before heading out this morning and began to feel aroused.

Steering with one hand, you found the other slipping under your pants and gently rubbing yourself. You crave his touch again.

You peek over at him. His arms are folded and his legs are kicked out straight, spread apart slightly. He wasn’t hard, but you could tell where his cock was. You take your hand from your pants and reach over and rub gently over his pants where his cock is.

He stirs, but you continue caressing the patch of denim concealing his manhood.

You can feel cock hardening and you give it a gentle squeeze. His eyes flutter and he stretches his arms and legs as he slowly wakes up.

You put your hand back down your pants and lightly circle around your clit.

His voice is groggy. “Hey. You finding some good stuff over here?” He rubs his quickly enlarging yalova escort cock softly and grins.

“Always.” You turn your head slightly and smile.

He shuts his eyes again and asks if you want him to drive.

“No, I’m fine.”

He opens his eyes again and looks at you. He notices you only have one hand on the steering wheel. He follows the other arm with his eyes.

“Whatcha doin’?”

You turn your head slightly again, grin mischievously and raise your eyebrows.

He reaches over and pulls your hand from your pants. “It’s not safe to drive with only one hand.”

You pout as he pulls your hand from your pants, but it quickly turns into a smile as you feel his hand replace yours. His hands are so warm.

His fingers trace awkwardly around your pussy. His hands are too big to fit in your pants very well while you’re seated.

You feel the button pop open and the zipper slide down. His fingers simultaneously tease your clit and apply gentle pressure on your opening.

After a few wonderful minutes, his other hand reaches over and with both hands, he tugs on the waist of your jeans. He struggles yalova escort bayan for a moment before asking “a little help, please?”

You raise your hips as much as you can under the seat belt. Before you know it, he somehow slipped your pants over your hips, past your thighs, around your knees, and off your feet. And your underwear too! Ninja.

His hand quickly darts back to your crotch and continues playing. Your hands clench and loosen on the steering wheel as he stimulates you.

He begins to lean over, and you turn your head ready to meet your lips to his, but his face moves down toward his hand.

As he buries his face between your thighs, you spread them apart and feel his warm tongue cover your clit. It circles around. Your legs twitch.

His right hand has joined in now, inserting two fingers inside of you, carefully sliding in and out, pressing firmly forward. His left hand and tongue continue circling and teasing your clit.

As he continues, your legs tense, your back arches, and your body shakes. Your hands clench and loosen on the steering wheel. Your feet are planted firmly on the floor – escort yalova thank goodness for cruise control.

A third finger presses inside of you and his tongue blankets your clit, licking firmly, but gently.

You let out muffled moans as all the muscles in your body contract and relax. You breathe deep and heavy.

His fingers and tongue don’t stop.

You turn off the cruise control and slow down as fast as you can, pulling to the side of the road. You rip off your seat belt and recline your seat.

He buries his face deeper into you and you feel his tongue slide inside of you briefly before returning to your clit, fingers still sliding in and out and all around. You can hardly tell what is happening where.

You grab the sides of your face with your hands, and moan loudly as your back arches wide, without the restraint of the seat belt. Your legs stiffen. Your body shakes. You feel an orgasm pulse through your body.

You grab his head and pull it to your, kissing him hard, and burying your tongue inside his mouth as he pushes his inside your mouth.

After your body has relaxed for a few moments, you take a deep sigh.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive?”

“You can drive if you want, but first it’s my turn.”

You climb over the center console, straddle his legs, recline his seat, and unsnap his jeans…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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