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I leaned in instinctively, our lips met in a passionate embrace. My beautiful, longtime crush and I at last had our moment. As our tongues danced, I savoured the taste and the feel of his tongue on mine.

His hands ran around my neck as he pulled me more and more into him. He was always a gentleman though, gentle and romantic in his touch. I knew where he wanted this to go but what he didn’t know was that I wanted the same thing.

Sure, it was only our first kiss but I had dreamt of Robert fucking me since the first time we spoke. There was something about him something so handsome and enchanting. He wasn’t an asshole but he was confident and wasn’t quiet or boring either. He was a smart guy but still the hottest guy I knew. He was such a gent however that I knew he wouldn’t make the move and I wanted him to so badly.

We continued to suck each others’ faces and I was having the time of my life but the furthest that Robert’s hands got was my waist. My pussy was wet and I was secretly hoping it’d show through my tight tracksuit bottoms.

I then realised that it was going nowhere and so to neat things up, I launched into Robert’s neck. Sucking and nibbling on his soft skin, he threw his head back in ecstacy and then began reciprocating. He gently placed his lips on my neck and started to make my pussy feel as though it’d drown in its own juice.

Just then I knew I had to make a move but we were still in public. I crept my hand down from around his neck and firmly grasped the inside of his thigh. He paused his sucking instantaneously, only to recommence as he gave in to my touch. My fingers tickled the imprint of his ballsack and I could feel a hardness growing as he grinded his body up to mine.

I then took his hand from my waist and casino siteleri forced it onto my ass. He then got a firm grasp of my delectable ass. We both continued to feast on each other’s necks but we both knew that we were going to take things much further.

Robert then gently removed me from him and then clasped my hand and crept in behind a dilapidated, rusty gate near our bus stop. As I stood against the wall, we both grinned, me admiring his perfect smile. We then locked into each other again but he was much more enthusiastic with his hands. He grasped my ass again and sent his other hand to the underside of my boob, circling it ticklishly with his finger.

I let out a little involuntary moan and he grinned again.

“Hey sexy,” he said.

“Hey,” I replied coyly, keeping the moment sultry as I grasped his crotch.

There I caught my first touch of a cock, of a man. He gasped in pure delight. I then rid him of his coat and he gifted me with a nibble on my ear. Next, I undid his top button, my hands trembling with hornyness. I continued pulling his jumper over his head and using his tie to pull us together for a deep, sensual kiss.

I then undid the last button on his shirt and his upper body was revealed. He wasn’t bulky but he had commanding amounts of muscles, his chest wall pale and lightly freckled around the collarbone but two delicious, large, ruby red nipples lay either side of his beautiful physique. A defined torso and faint but still impressive six pack held pride of place on Robert and what was better was his he knew just how hot he was!

Robert then suddenly yanked down my tracksuit bottoms, revealing my sapping wet, baby pink parties.

“Somebody wants it,” whispered Robert seductively.

I really slot oyna did want it and I needed him to hurry up with it. He cupped and twaddled my clit from the fabric of my panties, making me moan and grunt but what I really wanted was his cock. Then, just as he did to me, I yanked down his pants but I also took his underwear.

His manhood was revealed, it was perfect. It was just flawless, not a blemish in sight, feint veins and a bulbous head at the end of his 8 inch manstick. It was nestled is a sandy blonde, forest of wispy pubes that defined masculinity.

I had dreamt of this moment for so long and now that it was happening, I was speechless. He looked nervous, as if he was waiting for approval, all I could do was smile.

At this point, Robert’s animalistic urges had taken over and he knelt down to me and gripped the lace of my panties with his teeth. I loved that he was finally beginning to act like a man. With one swift pull, my pussy was exposed.

He gave it a gentle, passionate kiss. I was so wet the juices were all over his a face. He then took off my top and got me down to my bra.

“You should know I’m a tits man,” he said.

I giggled and then allowed him to undo the button. He gasped as my firm, perky 32C boobies were exposed. He immediately launched his tongue on the erect nipples. Swirling it over and back while grasped the other. I was in pure ecstasy, after years of longing over this boy or any boy for that matter, he was going to take me.

I then felt as though he was doing too much of the work so I pushed him off me. He at first looked confused but knew exactly what was happening when I got down on my knees.

“I won’t bite,” I said as I beckoned him towards me. He looked nervous but I had always dreamt canlı casino siteleri of having a cock to suck. As it grew closer and closer, I again appreciated its mammoth size and girth. I flicked my tongue over the bulbous head, taking some precum from the pissslit. He let a groan of delirium.

I then put my lips over the bead and sucked as best I could. I slowly inched down more and more onto his piece of meat. I was just about to gag when he pushed my head down further, sending his cock into the depths of my throat. This wasn’t a Robert I had known before, and I loved him.

I savored the taste, the feeling, the sheer girth in my mouth, the intimacy of the moment as he stuffed my mouth with himself. I then took his manhood in my hands, the girth, the veins, the musty scent, it all sent me into overdrive.

I needed to have him. I gave him a look but he looked despondent.

“I’ve no condoms,” he said.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m on birth control and I want all that cum of yours up my sweet virgin pussy”.

“Well it’ll be virgin dick that gives it to you”. I had always assumed Robert would have gotten the shag at some point before this but maybe the other girls just weren’t as cock hungry as I was.

I arched my back to kiss Robert again. I loved him. I wanted him so bad.

“Don’t be gentle,” I whispered.

I lay on the wet, damp, grassy ground and braced myself. He first crouched over me, trying to find his entry into my vag.

As he entered me, I squealed. He gasped. Before I knew it, he was fucking me unmercifully. With each thrust I moaned deliriously, obsessed with the pain and the man on top of me.

I began to quiver, my body shuddering with pleasure. His cock was engulfed in my pussy’s seemingly endless flow of juices. His eyes were closed and he began to gasp. My vag tightened and I braced myself. Just as I entered my earthshaking orgasm, so did he. His cum flew from his big loverod and into my sweet little pussy. My life was complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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