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I saw Samantha for the first time on the first day of an Advanced Calculus class. It was my junior year at State, and we were waiting for the professor when she walked in. In my humble opinion, she was breathtakingly beautiful, white sandals holding up long tan legs that went up to her elbows, covered by a short denim skirt, a few inches of firm belly with jewelry, and then a white, spaghetti strap, tank top covering modest breasts with a hint of a white bra sticking out the top. She stepped in front of a window and the rising sun, which made her blond hair look like a halo. I was in love, and I knew I would never be able to speak to her. Sam was clearly out of my league. Sam had just transferred to State and was in many of my classes that fall since we had the same major. There were not a lot of women majoring in advanced math and none were in Sam’s league.

My older brother (Dave) and I both attended State. Dave was a senior that year and the god of baseball. He had a curve ball that made batters look silly. He had led our high school team to state champions four years straight and signed a contract with a major league team that summer on the condition they allowed him to finish college. Penn almost won the state NCAA championship the year before and they were expected to win it all this year and those hopes rested on Dave’s arm.

What Dave could do with a baseball, I could do with math, but being a wiz at math doesn’t get you laid. Dave would always joke that I would have the higher lifetime earnings, and I would joke back that at 19, all I wanted was to get laid half as often as he did.

I was attending a party at my brother’s frat house a couple of weeks into the semester when my brother approached me with Sam in tow. My brother always did his best to get me laid by introducing various women to me at these kinds of parties. Unfortunately, these women were interested in the future major league baseball player and not his brother. Once the introductions were complete, my brother would disappear followed quickly by whatever hottie I had just been introduced to.

Dave introduced Sam and told me that he was dating Sam’s roommate. After some small talk, my brother made his excuses, and I began counting the seconds until Sam would make her escape. As I lost count, I realized she wasn’t going to run away. Since we were in all the same classes, we had lots to talk about, and we chatted the night away. I believed that Sam was one of the smartest people I ever met.

After the frat party, I fell into the dreaded friend zone. Sam and I had lunch together almost every weekday and we started studying together. Sam never mentioned dating anyone else or any interest in any other male. I asked Dave about it and he assured me that no one else was in Sam’s life and I should just ask her out. Unfortunately, although we could spend and hour discussing differential equations, my tongue would get tied if I tried asking anything personal. I could barely ask her what time she wanted to get together at the library to study.

Did I mention that her eyes looked like sapphires?

I should mention here that once I started at State, my parents bought us a small two-bedroom condo to live in. They figured they would save a ton of money on room and board and hopefully make some money when they sold the condo. Shortly after buying the condo, my brother pledged to a fraternity and spent most of his nights there or at his girlfriend’s house. So, I essentially had the place to myself.

Finals that semester seemed more horrendous than usual. Even my brother spent most of that week at the condo so he could study and get a good night’s sleep. By the end of the week, I was mentally exhausted. While most people had plans to go out that Friday night, my plans consisted of a pizza with a bottle of wine, a joint and a porn movie. I had picked the movie up at a flea market I visited a few weeks earlier. Two of my favorite things, flea markets and porn. The title of the porn movie was “Women in Trouble.” I couldn’t wait to watch it.

I set the movie up in the DVD player and put the joint in an ashtray while waiting for the pizza. There was a knock on the door which I assumed was the pizza guy. It was, but right behind him was Dave, Sam and another woman who I assumed was Dave’s girlfriend, aka Sam’s roommate. After paying 1xbet yeni giriş for the pizza, Dave introduced me to Jacky and invited me to join them as they headed out to some local bar. I politely declined stating after this week, all I wanted to do was eat pizza, drink wine and watch a movie. Sam said that’s the best idea ever and took off her jacket asking if I would mind if she joined me. How could I say no to that?

My brother and Jacky left as Sam grabbed a couple of slices and headed to the living room. I watched her ass in a short black leather skirt as she walked away. My mind drifted as I opened the wine bottle. After pouring a couple of glasses, I headed into the living room and in slow motion, I watched Sam pick up the remote and hit play and then the sounds of sex filled the room. I tried to put myself between Sam and the TV while offering my apologies. As I was talking, I noticed that Sam’s dress had ridden up and I could see that her blue panties matched the sweater she had on.

Sam said, “Don’t be silly, I like porn and I would also like that glass of wine in your hand.”

After handing Sam her wine, I grabbed some slices for myself and joined her on the couch.

On the video, a young college girl was talking to her professor and asking for some extra credit. There were a number of similarities between Sam and the girl on the screen although the porn star had much larger breasts. Sam looked at me and smiled and I noticed the blue sweater she had on and how it made her blue eyes shine. God I was smitten.

After we finished the slices, Sam picked up the joint and asked if I had planned on smoking it. I said, “I was planning on smoking it, but we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Sam replied, “I haven’t smoked pot in a long time, mostly because I haven’t felt safe with the people I was with, but I feel safe with you so let’s smoke it.”

Two thoughts went through my head as I fumbled with the light, the first was that she had just pushed me back into “friend” territory; the second was that my loose gym shorts would do little to conceal my erection and between Sam and the movie, I could feel myself getting hard.

We passed the joint back and forth while Sam snuggled up to me. Our thighs were touching and when she wasn’t holding the joint, her hand rested on my thigh. On the screen, the professor finally caved and told the coed to strip and lay on his desk. The professor than told her to masturbate for him. Sam and I watched as she reached down, pulled her pussy lips apart and began to stroke her clit. Watching porn videos where a girl is masturbating is my favorite and a tent was forming in my shorts.

As Sam passed the joint back to me, I got some balls and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Sam kissed me back and we began swapping tongues. Soon, my hand had crept under her sweater and I began to fondle her breast through her bra. Sam’s hand was creeping up my leg and began to slide inside my shorts.

Sam broke the kiss in order to remove her sweater. Then she went to undo her bra and I asked her to leave it on. Sam asked, “why?”

It may have been the pot talking but I heard myself say, “I just want to watch you in your bra for a bit. You don’t know how many times I fantasized about seeing you like this.”

On the screen, the coed was still playing with herself, but now her head was hanging off the side of the desk and the professor was shoving his cock down her throat. Sam looked at the screen and said, “That gives me an idea, lets see how much you like watching me in my bra.”

With that, she slid down on her knees between my legs and began to pull down my shorts. She grabbed my cock with both hands and began to squeeze and stroke it. For some reason, pot always makes me last longer which was good because I think I would have come the moment she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the underside of my cock.

After teasing me with licks and kisses, Sam began to take me in her mouth. I watched as she bobbed her head up and down and soon had her nose pressed against my pubic hair. She started to pull back as she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I was in heaven, the most beautiful girl I knew was giving me the greatest blowjob I ever had. Sam took her time, and I was thankful. She would lower her mouth down and then would 1xbet giriş slowly pull back while maintaining a strong suction. The she would lick or kiss the head and then repeat the process. The girl certainly knew what she was doing.

I could feel the cum rising in my balls and tried to warn Sam that I was going to come. I glanced to the screen and watched as the professor painted the coed’s face with his cum. That was it and I felt myself begin to come. Sam felt it too and planted hew nose against my stomach and began to suck the cum out of my cock directly into her belly. She pulled back, opened her mouth and squeezed the last of my cum onto her tongue and then swallowed it.

Sam got up, polished off her glass of wine, hit pause on the DVD and headed to the bathroom. I slipped my shorts back on and refilled our glasses. On her way back, Sam asked if she could remove her bra now. I nodded yes. I watched as she reached behind her, undid the clasp and let the bra fall to the floor. In my mind, her breasts were the perfect size at probably a B cup. Sam took her seat on the couch, hit play on the DVD and relit the joint. We passed the joint back and forth as I stared at her tits.

On the screen, two women were arguing. They both had short skirts on and the taller of the two was really beginning to dominate the argument judging by her body posture. The tall girl grabbed the short girl by her hair, pushed her down to her knees and pulled up her skirt. Soon short girl was having her face pushed into tall girl’s pussy while being called a stupid slut.

I watched Sam’s nipples harden into diamonds. I was wondering who she was identifying with as the urge to suck on those beautiful breasts overwhelmed me. Soon I was on my knees sucking and licking but I wanted the grand prize. As I headed south Sam pushed me back. I stared at those blue panties as she began to slide them down. Once passed her knees, I pulled the panties over her feet and tossed them. I gazed at her pussy, at the longest and most perfectly toned thighs I had ever seen. Then, I brought my nose to he pussy and drank in her smell. I had made myself cum so many times thinking about this moment. Pulling apart her pussy lips and I began to lick her clit.

Sam had her eyes glued to the TV. I couldn’t see what was going on but by the sounds I could hear, tall girl was enjoying the licking she was receiving. Tall girl was also enjoying berating the pussy licker, calling her a dumb slut and hurling other, similar insults. Other girls had told me that I am pretty good at licking pussy, and after Sam’s blowjob, I wanted to do my best. Sam grabbed my ears and started to steer my face around her pussy. Her legs came up and her feet began to push my face harder against her pussy and then she began to buck and groan. My face was taking a beating and I was afraid Sam’s orgasm was going to leave me with a fat lip. As her orgasm subsided, she released the hold on my head, and I rejoined her on the couch. As I sat down, Sam leaned in and gave me a kiss and began to lick her pussy juice off my face.

On the screen, a man and a woman were finishing a dinner at a restaurant. In the next scene, the man was walking the woman to a door while she thanked him for a pleasant evening. I assumed this was a date and probably a first date. The woman was saying goodbye as she unlocked her door. As she entered, the man pushed her inside and followed her inside. The woman was trying to tell him he that he had to leave but the man grabbed her and began to kiss her. It appeared that she was trying to push him away, but she was also kissing him back. The man stepped back telling the woman he would decide when to leave. He then grabbed the front of the woman’s dress and ripped it open. I heard Sam gasp.

The woman had some sexy lingerie underneath her rather plain dress. The man said, “Just as I thought, dressed like a cheap whore.” The man pushed her down to her knees and said, “suck my cock slut.” He then pulled out his cock, grabbed a handful of her hair and began to slap her face with it. The woman just sat on her haunches with her mouth open while the man abused her face. He stopped for a second, lined up his cock and then shoved it into her mouth. With his hand still wrapped in her hair, she had nowhere to move. Quickly, his cock had disappeared into her mouth and 1xbet güvenilirmi her nose was pressed against his belly.

Sam was completely sucked into the movie with one hand caressing a breast while the other was squeezing her mound. I slide my hand down her belly and soon I had two fingers sliding up and down her slit. She was extremely wet, and my fingers easily slid in deeper. My fingers continued sliding up and down between her lips and clit. After several minutes, Sam took my two wet fingers and pressed them against her ass. Soon, I had those two fingers in her ass and my thumb was working her clit.

On the screen, the man was forcing his cock down her throat while pulling her hair. He continued to unleash a verbal assault of insults. Occasionally, he would pull his cock and smack her face with his hand while asking her if she would be his slut. When she would say yes, he would forcefully shove his cock down her throat. The woman was a mess, strings of saliva hanging down from her chin and black streaks of mascara were running down her face. The man then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the living room, throwing her over a chair. He kicked her legs apart, ripped off her panties and then shoved his cock into her cunt. There was an oomph from woman. I have watched a lot of porn, but this was clearly the most violent sex act I have ever seen. I was worried what Sam may think of me but the look on her face gave me other ideas.

I took my fingers out of Sam’s ass, gently grabbed her shoulders and pushed her over the coffee table. Once I was between her legs, I started sliding my cock over her lips and then began to push it in. From this position, we could both watch the TV and fuck at the same time. Sam was the girl of my dreams, and I was afraid of taking this too far but the scene on the TV was enthralling. I began to increase my strokes to match the man in the movie. I was trying to tell if Sam was enjoying it. She began to push back on my thrusts, so I continued to increase how hard I pounded into her. I was fucking her harder than anyone I had ever fucked before.

On the screen, the man had a handful of her hair, yanking her head back while slapping her ass. I mimicked the man on the screen. I grabbed a handful of her hair and started smacking her ass, lightly at first and then each smack got harder. When each smack was leaving a fresh handprint, I heard Sam hiss a yes.

I could feel the beginning of Sam’s orgasm building up inside her. I took my thumb and shoved it into her ass. As I pulled my cock back, I felt Sam’s cunt spray me. I shoved my cock back in and on the out stroke she sprayed again. Never have I made a woman squirt and here Sam was basically in continuous squirt mode. With one last thrust, I shoved my cock in deep, unloaded my cum and collapsed on top of Sam. We laid there, both spent as Sam grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. We moved into the bedroom and laid down on the bed. Within minutes, I felt Sam fall asleep and I was asleep soon after.

The next morning, I had already made coffee by the time Sam awoke. I brought her in a cup and noticed that she was looking a little sheepish. Sam looked at me and said, “about last night… I sometimes get a little wild after smoking pot and I haven’t smoked pot in a long time. It had also been a long time since I was with a man.”

I was thrilled that she referred to me as a man but became worried with the look she was giving me. I asked, “Do you regret having sex with me last night.”

Sam came over, wrapped her arms around me as she gave me a deep kiss and said, “Absolutely not. I was hoping you would try something soon or I was going to have to make the first move. I’m a little nervous on how kinky we got near the end. I don’t want you to think badly about me.”

It was my turn to hug and kiss her, and I said, “Are you kidding, that was the best sex of my life.”

Sam turned and smiled, “Listen mister, don’t get to use to that, I don’t like smoking pot that often.”

That was the beginning of our serious relationship. Regular sex with Sam was great too and she had quite the sex drive. By the end of the spring semester, Sam was living in my place and we were having sex at least once a day. Sam loved to wake me up with my cock in her mouth so she could feel it grow. Once or twice a month, we would get a porno movie, a joint and a pizza. The sex on those nights was always fantastic. Sam was always up to try new things, maybe not new for Sam but new for me. My favorite was to tie her to the bed with her butt in the air and fuck her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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