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I came up and stretched. “Lena?”

I heard nothing back, so I got up and looked at the bed to see I was alone. I wasn’t sure where she went, but I put my bra and panties on and went to the door.

I opened it and walked through it. “I still have no idea where Lena went, but I need some white pussy now. We still haven’t told our moms we’re fucking each other. After doing it with you so many times, I wonder what it’s like doing it with your mom. She’s definitely a MILF too, and I’m sure her pussy tastes just as good as yours,” I ranted, walking through the hallway. “Is there a light on, though?”

I saw that, but wasn’t sure what was going on. I stay quiet, not to startle anyone, and quietly made into the living room where the light was.

‘Do I hear kissing?’ I thought before I looked to my right. ‘Whoa, what the hell?’ I thought, going back into the hallway. “Did I just see that? Was my mom making out with Lena? Did my heart just break out of my chest?”

“I love you, Lena,” my mom said.

“I love you too, Kat, but I wasn’t done,” she made clear, before I heard kissing again.

I had to look in there again. “Now you’re kissing some more, and it looks like you’re getting naked too. What the fuck?” I asked, before skedaddling. ‘You stupid bitch, Lena, and Mom, what the hell? At least you two love each other,’ I thought before I went back towards our room with a disgusted face.

Although, I suddenly halted. “Oh, hi, Savannah.”

“I guess I’m not the only one that walks around in my undergarments at night,” she giggled.

“Yeah, but you…” I said, before a gap. ‘Maybe you had a crush on my mom, Lena, well, two can play that game,’ I thought before strolled towards Savannah. “My mom and Lena are in the living room for some late night chatting. Do you think we could have some potential step-mother/daughter time?”

She nodded and took a deep breath. “You think your mom is going to propose, Rosalyn?”

“Maybe, would you like that, though?” I pondered, closing the gap even more. ‘Even though your girlfriend is busy with someone else now.’

“Maybe, but sure, we can hang out now if you want.”

We both went into the bedroom and turned on a small lamp.

“Don’t you want to put more clothes on, though, Rosalyn?”

“No, I’m good, I don’t mind you seeing me, and you look pretty dazzling too.”

She looked to witness how much cleavage she had. “Are you interested in ladies?”

‘Just your daughter, and now maybe you too,’ I thought, checking out her body. “I think I could be at some point, but is it fair to say you’re happy with my mom, though?”

“Yes, I guess; why, did she say something?”

“No, I was just curious. So, you’ve never been with a man before?”

“No, I met Lena’s other mom, fell for her, and proposed. The next thing you know, I’m pregnant with Lena, but not in the traditional way. You know, I’m happy with your mom, Rosalyn. I’m not planning on leaving her if that’s what you’re worried about, I promise. I know neither you nor Lena was happy that we had sex on the first date, but you’re an adult; you can at least understand, right?”

I suddenly pictured Lena and my mom kissing. “Yes, I understand.”

“Thanks, because I know it’ll be awkward between Lena and me because I didn’t listen to her, but for you, it’s like a total ‘WTF,’ am I right?”

‘Yes, but for reasons, you don’t know about, though.’ I thought, before getting closer to her. “Yes, but it’s alright. We’re all living together, and it’s just water under the bridge now. I don’t think it’s worth being upset about, quite frankly. You’re too smoking hot to be mad at anyway.”

“You’re telling me that when I could be your step-mom sooner or later.”

“Yes, I guess. Now that you point it out, I get you.”

“I love you anyway, Roseayln,” she confessed, before leaning over to peck my forehead.

“I love you too, Savannah. I think we definitely should’ve had some more one-on-one time together, though. I guess right now we can make up for a little lost time,” I added, before hugging her. ‘Wow, you have a sexy mom, Lena. Maybe I should do something because just blabbing in the middle of the night would be too cheap,’ I thought, before sitting back down. “Well, of all the people of both genders my mom has been with since my dad, you’re my favorite.”

“Thanks; just to be clear, I had stiff competition, right?”

“Somewhat stiff, maybe that was the problem with the guys.”

“Okay,” she nervously giggled. “That’s a tad personal.”

“I guess, but would you feel better if I told you something personal about me?”

“Uh, if you need to get something off your chest.”

“I think you’re beyond stunning, and I’d love it to be with you if I got the chance.”

She leaned back and broke eye contact. “Okay, I didn’t need to know that.”

“I’m just saying, you’re a gorgeous older woman, and my mom definitely agrees. I don’t know how many different ladies she’s been with, but I think she certainly scored big time with you, Savannah. I’m sorry if that’s tuzla escort too forward.”

“Don’t worry about it, Roseaylin,” she assured me, feeling my leg. “I love you too, anyway.”

“I love you too, Savannah. I’ve licked one woman’s nipples, and with seeing how into each other both you and my mom are, I’ve just thought about at least trying it again with a woman. I know my mom had to put herself out there with her first girlfriend a few years ago. Sadly, it didn’t work out in the end, but you understand where I’m coming from, though, right? I don’t want you judging me,” I explained, breaking eye contact.

“No, I understand completely, Rosealyin, I swear,” she made clear, before hugging me again.

We both surely enjoyed our hug, but for different reasons. After a moment, she let go of me and sat back down again. I couldn’t help, but notice her bra came undone on the other side.

‘I can see her nipple just a tad,’ I thought, before looking away. “Savannah, your boob is out.”

“Oh, crap,” she groaned, grabbing her bra and redoing it. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“Okay,” she giggled, peeking at me. “So, you’re really interested in being another woman, and it being me too?”

“Yes, I guess,” I responded, breaking eye contact. “Maybe it’s wrong, but I’ve seen you underdressed before, and maybe that’s sparked some interest.”

“It’s been like that for you?”

I nodded, and she cheesed.

“Did I give you an ego boost, Savannah? I’m a barely legal young woman that’s complimenting you like that, and you certainly liked it. I know it’s wrong to cheat, but if I did officially ask you to have sex, would you do it?”

“No, of course not, Rosalyn. I’m not cheating on your mom; I love her,” she made clear, backing away.

“I know, and I love her too, but it might be good for us to get as close as can be,” I said, before a gap. ‘Shit is that what they’re doing. It’s not about the sex, but connecting on a deeper level?’ I thought, getting close to her again. “I love you, and you love me. You may look at me; it’s no crime, Savannah. We very well could wind up being stepmother and daughter in due time, so don’t you want to be as close we can be? I’m wearing this dark blue bra and matching thong too, but I’ll take them off if you want me to, that is.”

I got her to eyeball me, but she couldn’t drop a word. I surely cheesed and even shook my tits around as well as I waited for her to say something. I helped myself to check out the big crack in her chest as well.

‘You have a hot mom, Lena, fine. Get closer to mine, and maybe I’ll get closer to yours too.’

“Do you promise this can stay between us?”

“Yes, step-mommy.”

“Do you truly want me to be your step-mom, Rosalyn?” she asked, getting up on her knees.

“Well, my mom is rather happy, but let’s cement our relationship, Savanah,” I offered, reaching around her. “I love you; now give your future step-daughter a kiss.”

“I’m just curious, though. Does my daughter know about this?”

“No, and I surely haven’t told her that I think her mom is a total MILF either.”

“You’re weird, but in a good way,” she mentioned, before kissing me.

We both grabbed each other’s arms but didn’t clutch them. Needless to say, it was a weird, but hot moment. I found myself loving the pleasure, but for the wrong and right reasons, though. Even though Savannah was resistant, she helped her to kiss me for over a minute.

Once she parted her lips, she had to smile. “Okay, you’re definitely a special young lady, Rosalyn.”

“I’m glad you think so because I’m putting temptation out there now,” I confessed, bringing her hands to my back. “I got to see one of your breasts, step-mommy. Don’t you want to see mine?”

“Well, you’re certainly milking that idea now. Will you be my maid of honor if your mom proposes?”

“Don’t you want Lena to do that?”

“She can be the best man; she’s a little more manly than you, I think anyway,” she divulged, undoing my bra. “Okay, let’s bond, Roseayln,” she said, taking it off me.

From one second to the next, she got a view of my tits.

“I’m guessing you like them,” I observed, stealing her hands and bringing them to my melons. “We can be just close family; it’s only weird if we make it weird, step-mommy. If it’s all in the effort to get closer to each other, then what’s the harm?” I pondered, bringing my hands her bra clasp.

I took her bra off as well, and then I helped myself feel her hooters. So, we certainly took our relationship to a whole new level from one second to the next. She seemed more stunned than I was, but both of us certainly wooed.

“Oh, these are quite perky and soft, Rosalyn. Wow, whoever gets to feel these next will be one lucky guy or chick. Damn, I love them already.”

“Thank you, and I’m quite fond of yours too, Savannah.”

“Call me step-mommy, Rosalyn.”

“Okay, step-mommy, my thong is drenched now.”

“And my panties are rather wet too, hot stuff,” she added, before kissing me. “Maybe I taste your nipples?”

“Feast pendik escort on them, step-mommy,” I offered, lifting them.

She slathered her lips and eyefucked them for another minute. Then she finally leaned to them and placed her hands over mine. Obviously, my nipples were uncovered, and she helped herself to lick my left nipple.

“Oh, yes, you see, sometimes you have to try a little bad to feel some good; it’s no crime. Maybe slightly immoral, but still, it’s not like you’re getting anything, are you?”

“No, smart-ass. I love you, Rosalyn.”

“I love you too, step-mommy.”

She began licking my other nipple slowly, but rapidly as she kept eye contact. I let my hands stay with hers then, and allowed her to work me quite a bit first before I felt her head. She seemed more than okay waiting for that and surely focused on the task at hand.

I felt more than titillated in the first couple of minutes and tried to keep a lid on myself. The taboo hotness indeed fried us both, so to speak, and all we could do was pace ourselves because of that. Little did she know, Lena already gave me plenty of practice.

My juice surely escaped my thong and went down my legs too. I felt many drops flowing down, which made me vibrate even more. All the while, I knew that Lena was doing something sexual with my mom, so I had plenty of motives to love my situation.

Before I moved my hands, she switched between my black nipples at least five times. Each time she did, she got feistier with me. I swallowed several times and began trembling too, but for the best reason there was.

She failed to check with me if I was enjoying myself as she had the results right in front of her. If that wasn’t enough, she moved one hand to my crotch and felt my pussy. Even though my silk thong, I felt her fingers all too well.

“Move my thong to the side, you horny MILF; you may feel my soaked pussy if you’d like; I won’t scream.”

“You’re worse than your mom, smart-ass,” she accused me, taking me up on my offer.

I felt the tips of her finger come onto my bare slit. All the while, she kept licking my nipples too. So, she earned me feeling her head and certainly made it clear that she had no intention of losing that luxury ether.

I felt her fingering me slowly, but still somewhat hard, and she indeed achieved the results she desired. I shook and breathed heavily too, and it seemed like candy to her, and she certainly wanted more.

I fondled her head as much as I could, but as my pleasure threshold went up, the more intense, my reactions got. I had to start scrubbing her head, jolt around more and break eye contact too. Needless to say, she wasn’t just licking my nipples either; she sucked them into her mouth too.

“Oh, I love you, Savannah,” I moaned, angling my head back.

“I know,” she added, switching nipples. “I love your tits and cherry so far, naughty woman.”

“I bet, so feel free to touch me wherever you want. Even my asshole, if you really want, white step-mommy. Not that I’d judge you if you were black too.”

“If you say so,” she muttered, before kissing me again and stealing my hand.

She brought it to her twat as well, so we began fingering each other. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she clearly had a thing for me too. I might’ve just awoken that desire, but once it was awakened, I got the thrill of dealing with it.

“Kiss me again as we finger each other, Rosalyn. I guess there’s no true shame in getting closer to a woman that has the potential to be in my life until I die. Push your black boobs against my white ones.”

“Oh, was the ‘interracial’ thing a factor for you too?”

“Maybe a little, but don’t fall in love with me; I’m taken.”

“Dually noted, step-mommy.”

We both stayed on our knees and pleased one another in that position with the same moves for over five minutes. I surely remembered what was going on in the living room, but yet, Savannah made me forget about them for the most part.

I felt my heart about to burst, but I still loved it that way. We both let our fingers go over each other’s lips swiftly, and we certainly gave each other our juice as well. That fueled us both like wildfire, so we indeed had to stick our fingers up into each other’s slits.

We kissed each other numerous times and gained even more chemistry due to that too. The sexual things were awesome, but the intimacy was ironclad. I felt all the love and more I had with Lena, and surely enough, I couldn’t be that mad at Lena by then.

‘We’re still gonna have to talk, Lena, regardless of who made the first move or either of your motives. I certainly have some chemistry with your mom, and I should hope you have some with mine too.’

“Oh,” Savannah moaned, backing her face. “I love your mom, Rosalyn, but I love you so much more now. May I make sweet love to you?”

“Yes, if you want to, step-mommy.”

She kissed me again and brought us both down to the bed. She reached over to the end table and opened the drawer. aydınlı escort I watched her pull out a strap on, and she wasted no time putting it on herself.

Then she got on top of me. “Your mom doesn’t let me do this to her very often, and you’re hot as hell, so how can I not make sweet love to you now?” she pondered, before aligning the dildo with my cherry. “Again, I love you, Rosalyn,” she reminded me, before pushing it in there. “Feel your step-mommy anywhere you want.”

I grabbed her shoulders and felt her suddenly begin to thrust the dildo in and out of my pussy. She kept a small gap between us, and I witnessed her making us love one another a lot more in the process. I gripped her shoulders somewhat hard and took the emotional and physical gratification.

Our boobs were big and just enough to rub together with the gap still there, which slightly added an extra sweet sensation. I never did this with Lena, so it was brand new to me too; it was with a woman, and it was extra hot with our relationship.

Her tits were still bigger than mine, so she certainly made the thrills count perfectly. We looked at each other with loving and lusty faces, all the while, I tried to keep my pussy strong to take the big red dildo.

It wasn’t used to feeling anything in there for some time by then, but I was up for the challenge. I used her shoulders for leverage to keep myself up and to keep myself together, so to speak. We didn’t need to because the intimacy said it all for us.

She couldn’t help, but kiss me several times, which made it even better. So, she essentially had a lesbian love playbook at her disposal, and with her having so much more experience certainly came in handy as well.

She kept her hands on my thighs and held me tight as well, so she helped me stay calm too. I indeed wanted to scream for both physical and emotional reasons, but buried them for the time being. Although, she also shot me in the foot, so to speak, when she felt me up too.

I had to cheese and look at that then. Sure enough, I loved that sight when she squeezed my moneymakers a bit. I peeked up at her again to see her smirk right back, but she didn’t say a word. I blew her a kiss, and she returned the favor.

She saw a couple of tears on my face as well, but certainly knew what caused them, though. She wasn’t fretting, so she kept making love to me and even picked up a little speed. So, I needed to bite down on my bottom lip, but it was still an undeniably wonderful feeling.

I wasn’t sure how long the dildo was, but it was digging into my cunt deep. I also knew that my juice was lubing it up perfectly, and she obviously that would happen too, as she didn’t even bother to lube up the red dick.

After another couple of minutes, she put a bigger gap between us. “I’ll surely remember this forever, Rosalyn. I love you and your mom, and maybe I shouldn’t be making sweet love to you now. I don’t give a shit; you’re a sexy chick and should be a fucking supermodel too.”

“And you’re ‘SMILF model’ too, step-mommy.”

“Oh, thanks for that; you’re a sweet girl.”

“You should hear me when you take me bra and panty shopping.”

“Good to know,” she moaned, before feeling my tits. “I swear, these are to die for, oh, shit. If you get pregnant, you’re gonna have to let me feel them. They may even get into D-cup status, and that’s gonna be sexy as hell.”

“Okay, just don’t brag about it, got it?”

“Yes, I understand,” she made clear, before kissing me yet again. “I wouldn’t want to do anything to compromise the extra work we’ve gotten done here tonight. I’ve never felt so close to someone other than Rosealyin, your mom, and my hubby. Besides, it’s even better considering we just jumped so far.”

“Agreed, but be quiet; if I’m gonna have to make love to you, I want it to be as intimate as possible.”

She nodded and lifted herself a tad again. It still wasn’t enough for our tits to come apart, but I was still sufficiently wooed. My slit got used to the dildo, but surely enough, she still had me twitching a bit.

Between the two of us, we kept each other very satisfied and loved indeed. I felt the same way with Lena, but I still couldn’t tell her that. Nevertheless, I still found myself wanting to fuck Lena’s brains out even though I knew her misdeeds.

Then Savannah lifted herself a little more and let her boobs towards me. “Taste those nipples, Rosalyn. I hope you like white chocolate too.”

“I do,” I added, before letting my tongue out to her nipple.

She could thrust the dildo, but I still had her melons to play with then. I had to keep my head leaned up a bit, but it was still worth it. She wanted me to feel even better, she pushed herself a bit further to me, so I didn’t have to keep myself upright.

Although, in that position, we couldn’t look at each other. So, the intimacy took a slight hit, but still, I got to feast on her white knockers and enjoy every second of it too. I held those boobs, too, because they were still big and loved to dangle.

So, I kept them as still as I could, but sure enough, I was titillating her, and she was still taking a toll on my cherry, so we both had to jiggle. Although, with my tongue on the most sensitive parts of her body, I had the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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